MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 3)

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So Radhika hates Arjun to the core and she has given two days time to decide about her marriage with Arjun. Will she accept the condition kept by Arjun? Or what will she do to make her brother happy?

Saral is a very good friend for Radhika and loves her deeply but secretly. Will his love stay like this and keeps him calm or will he turn wild coz of Arjun trying to snatch her from him.

About Ardhika’s past, Will Arjun stay quietly after getting insult from Radhika, his junior?

I think i am giving so much hook on this story…ok pls keep on reading to know more further about their story.

MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 3)

Episode 2

Recap: Arjun kissed Radhika and first look on Ardhika’s past.

Ardhika thinks about each other and gets drowns themselves in their past. Radhika remembers Arjun’s condition on Marrying him makes her more angry on him. Both gets a tough time in remeniscing their moments and after a long struggle, they slept thinking of each.

Next day, as usual Radhika gets ready for her office and finds Neil in tension and Prerna in upset seeing him. She understands what it could be and she silently goes to dining table and starts having her break fast. She did not even look at Neil for once, even she feels guilty seeing her brother in sad coz of her, her blo*dy past stops her brother’s love and she is helpless in uniting his love. Before she leaves from there Neil himself calls her, “Radhika, will everything turn good?”

Rads feels bad seeing him, she goes to him, hugs him saying, “Keep faith. All will set right”

Neil smiles at her and both leaves to office, Prerna as an emotional mother shed tears seeing her kids supporting each other in their tough phase.

Neil drops Radhika in her office and drives to his. Radhika is stalking by someone which she feels some sharps glares on her, she turns towards the road and looks at the surroundings to find someone but she couldn’t find anyone. She shrugs he shoulder and goes to her office which is on 5th floor. She is upset from morning and couldn’t concentrate on any of her work. Saral who also works with her in the same office, observes her dull face, he goes to her place and drags her to the Adda to talk to her peacefully.

He makes her sit opposite to him and holds her hands in a way of supporting, “Radhu, what happened? Y r u looking so dull? I can’t see you like this yar. Pls what is happening in your life? And who is that guy, who came and dragged you forcefully? What’s your relation with him? Why he said that you are his family?” he is shooting his question continuously to her which makes her irritates more.

Rads holds her head and shouts,”Enough Saral. How many questions you ask? Infact, you are making me more upset and irritate with your questions”

Saral face fell listening her and he did not utter a word after that but just starring her sadly. Rads notices him and felt very bad seeing him, she rubs her forehead once and says, “ am really sorry Saral. I just spoke in angry…pls don’t keep it in mind. I understand your care for me … but pls don’t ask me anything , i can’t tell you all and it is my problem and i will solve it. I am sorry for saying this but i don’t want to say anything now”

Saral again joins his hands with her saying, “Look at me Radhu”

Radhika also looks at him instantly and he continues, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA” with a smile on his face.

Radhika is shocked listening him and stammers, “You…love..someone”

Saral, “That someone is none other than you”

Radhika is now speechless and immediately takes her hands out from him and gets tensed. Saral looks at her tensed mode and gets worries seeing her, “Radhika, relax. I just told what is there in my heart and i am not expecting you to reflect the same. Just calm down. Don’t get tensed”

Rads, “Saral, i don’t have…that kind of feeling on you”

Saral, “I know it. I know it Radhika. I am not asking you to love me back but i just spoke my heart out. Is there anything wrong in that?”

Rads, “I don’t know but i am not in a position to think anything now. I wanna go from here”

Saral without objecting her gets up and shows the way, “Come let’s go. Even i have some work”

Rads feels guilty of seeing him gives a fake smile and walks with him. After they goes, a pair of eyes watching them from nowhere, comes and sits on the same place where radhika sat and it is none other than Arjun sipping his Ice coffee while starring Saral & Radhika going.

Soon, Radhika, Saral and other their colleagues has been informed to gather in the conference room for an important meeting. All gets puzzled seeing their chairman there, he greets everyone and waits for them to get comfortable. All are surprised seeing one more new person beside their chairman, except two.

Radhika and Saral are the two persons seeing the new person who sits beside their chairman starring them with a cold attitude. Radhika feels like her whole earth is spinning around her and Saral, his face becomes pale seeing Arjun starring Radhika continuously and Radhika who is standing in shock looking at him.

Chairman, “Welcome my dear employees, i am here to inform you all about the changes happened in our company at management level. I am so happy to introduce you all our New Managing Director of this company, Mr. Arjun Mehra who bought almost all the shares of this company and becomes the whole sole owner of this company. Please give him a warm welcome in our family”

All gives him a huge applause except Radhika, even Saral understands the situation but Radhika is completely lost in starring him knowing his plans to get her at any cost. Arjun smirks and gets up saying, “Thank you so much for your applauds. I am new entry to this venture and hope you all will support me in acheiving the target. I expect each and everyone’s coordination and team spirit in your work. All the best for you and for me to get what i want”

Arjun finishes his speech and glares Radhika without any expression on her face and she only knows the complete meaning of what he meant at the last. Soon all dispersed from there to their work. Radhika rushes out, takes her seat breathing heavily remembering Arjun’s face. Saral goes to his place but his gaze is on Radhika all the time. Soon, she completes her work and gets ready to leave…Saral comes to her and offers his company till parking. She agrees and both leaves together which is watching by Arjun from his cabin. All the time, his gaze is only on Radhika and her activities. He too immediately leaves from there and follows them to the parking area.

Saral, “Radhu, i guess you should come with me. I will drop you are not in a position to go alone”

Rads already in irriation replies him, “Saral pls, don’t treat me like a kid. I know how to handle myself and pls leave me alone”

Saral holds her hand saying, “I won’t leave you alone Radhu”

Rads, “For god sake, leave me Saral. Why are you behind me like this? I really need to be alone”

Saral, “But Radhu..i can’t see you in pain”

Rads, “Please Saral, leave me..leave my hand”

Saral, “No”

Saral and Radhika both gets jerk listening another voice beside them, “Leave her hand Saral”

Arjun who shots him angrily looking at his hand on Radhika’s wrist, his body gets stiffen seeing it and he folds his fist to control his anger.

Saral is shocked but still he holds her hand and more tightly than before which makes radhika winces in pain, and that’s enough for Arjun to provoke his anger. He rushes to them and pushes Saral from her and takes her hand in his and looks at the place where she feels the pain.

Radhika immediately removes her hand from his and is about to walk but this time Arjun stops her saying, “Come with me, i will drop you home”

Rads screams, “For god’s sake, why don’t you let me leave peacefully. I don’t want to go with anyone and just leave..PLSSSSS”

Rads started walking and Saral calls her name and try to go behind her but Arjun stops him saying, “Leave her alone Saral. I don’t want you to be around her from now on”

Saral is shocked seeing his warning and Rads stopped listening them, she turns back seeing them and walks towards Saral. She takes Arjun’s hand from him telling, “You have no right to stop Saral. He is my friend and pls maintain your limit with us. Now you become our boss and that doesn’t mean that you can control us anywhere. PLs be away from me”

Arjun smirks, “The only reason i bought this company is just to be with you Radhika, otherwise i don’t have any plan or wish to buy this poor one which is running at loss. How can you ask me to be away from you?”

Rads fumes listening him and walks away from both cursing her fate. Arjun turns to Saral and warns him again, “So you love Radhika is it? Keep it as one sided only, she will never gonna be urs and do remember that don’t be around with her always”

He goes to his car and drives from there leaving Saral at loss of words.

Radhika is seen walking towards her lane which is little isolated but she doesn’t think anything and lost in her own thoughts. She gets scared when she is grabbed by a a strong arm and dragging behind the tree. She struggling to get herself free from the grip but she couldn’t and she realised that the hands are moving on her body in a disgusting way and she wants to push him from her. She sees the man in hooded sweatshirt and his face is not even visible in that dark, she tries to remove it but he holds her hand tightly at her back which makes her screams in pain.

They both hear a vehicle sound there and soon rads biting his hands on her mouth and he immediately takes it out from her, Rads pushes him on the ground and runs towards the vehicle, she waves her hands in front of the vehicle which turns out to be the car and the person gets down is none other than Arjun. After seeing him there, she feels immense relax, runs to him and hugs him tightly, clutching his shirt tightly so that he will not move away from her and in sobbing voice calls his name, “Arjun”. Arjun’s body gets stiffen hearing his name from her mouth and he too reciprocate the hug rightly.

Arjun looks at her once, her torn dress on her hands, nail marks, her messed up hairs, he guessed it what would have happened? His anger rises in peak and removes her from his embrace asking, “Who the hell did this to you?”

Radhika is crying badly and in between her sobs, “I..i..don’t know. Some one pulled me towards that tree…he was forcing himself..he..he” and she finished the last sentence after bury her face in his chest.

Arjun holds her so close to calm her down and takes her to the place where she points keeping herself in his embrace still.

They did not find anyone there, he takes her with him and makes her sit in the front seat comfortably and covers her body with his jacket and he takes the driver seat. Radhika is still in fear and her hands are shivering, Arjun holds her hands tightly saying, “I am here with you. Nothing will happen. Just Relax”

Radhika just nods her head and suddenly her face expressions changed and asks, “BTW, how you are here? At this time?”

Arjun now finds answer for her question and before he does, she continues, “Are you following me?”

Arjun raises his eyebrows saying, “Well, may be and that’s y i came on right time to save you”

Radhika smirks at him saying, “Who knows? It might be your another plan in getting me? This is not new for you right”

Arjun’s expression gets changed listening her, his nerves becomes so tight and he is burning in anger.

Rads observes him and turns her face to outside saying, “Don’t react much. I said the truth only.”

Arjun has get enough of all her taunting and he drags her to him so closely by holding her shoulders tightly, she is pulling herself away from him, but he make it very tought for her to get released from his grip. He almost gets her close and he leans on her almost completely which makes her to lean back on seat.

Arjun whispers angrily, “I won’t stoop so low to get you. You are precious for me Radhika, i won’t allow anyone to harm you and you know that too. How can you say that i did this? and do you really think that i permit that guy to touch your body? I would have separated his hands from his body if i found him there. And you too very well know about this, but still your blo*dy ego and hatred on me doesn’t allow to think anything good about me right”

Rads still in his embrace and in his strong grip replies, “You haven’t done anything good to remember”

Arjun’s lips covers with a small curve and he says, “I have done Radhika. I have done one good thing which we both can remember for our whole life”

Radhika blinks at him in a shock and she understands what he tries to mention, she slightly struggles to get free but he leans on her more saying, “Don’t forget that you became Mrs. Mehra long back”

Radhika’s body gets freezed listening him, her views just stares only on him and tears oozing from her eyes. Arjun feels bad seeing her tears, wipes it saying, “Give me one chance radhika, i will set everything right”

Radhika, “Betrayer will never get another chance in their life. You betrayed me Arjun. I will never ever forgive you in my life. I just hate you from the bottom of my heart.”

By saying this, she pushed him back when he loosens the grip and gets down from the car, with no delay she started running to her house without even looking back.

Arjun is shattered hearing her hatred towards him, he felt bad and says, “I will not easily accept my defeat Radhika. I will make you Mrs. Mehra again infront of our family again and that’s my promise.”

He consoles himself and says, “You need some shock treatment Radhika. Let’s get ready for the shock tomorrow”

He smirks and drives to the way radhika ran and sees her from distance that she is rushing inside her house. He relaxes seeing her safe and drives back to his home.

Precap: Radhika gets worry seeing Neil on talking to someone about his loss in business. Saral kisses Rads forehead and Arjun beats Saral.


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    • Sathya


      Thanks for commenting Likii 🙂 am glad seeing your comment and yeah pls comment for all writers and it is a boost for us to write more and more. Thanks a lot dear 🙂
      Love you too

  28. S.v

    |Registered Member

    Aaahahhaaa super super super andha oru scene enga avan avala hig pandrala adhu dhan and avan companyey vangitana avalukkaga I mean enakkaga again we are in ardhika mode and haaa saral dai velagi nillu enakku nalla nalhaye unna pudikadhu idhula nee propose panna adhuvum arhun irukkumbothu een arjhn irukkum bodhu…. dai odj poidu loosu payaley…. kalakkal arjjn nee eppomey ipdi iru eena enakku adhu romba pudichurukku all shades of u dear ….. muhhhhhaaaaaaaa loveu my dear

    • Sathya


      SV darling…thank u so much…we always in ardhika mode only 🙂 lol. Saral arjun ah vida unkita adi vaanga poran nall. :). Thank u so much dear 🙂

  29. Mercy

    Sathya comments don’t come close to describing your amazing talent. That’s why mostly we read and feel as well as admire the good stories you write. Nothing is greater than the reader’s feeling after reading a story. Don’t ever underestimate your amazing talent. When you felt the adrenaline flow while you where writing then you don’t need comments to stamp or approve your talent. When the reader can feel it you also know you did justice to your talent. Salute to you and hats off to your incredible writing skills 😘😘😘😘😘🙌🙌👍👍👍👍

    • Sathya


      Thanks for ur lovely words Mercy…my only point was we are not completely aware who is reading and who is not? We don’t have any way to know whether people are reading or not and the only way is to comment. That’y we all are asking the readers to comment. It just gives a hope thinking that ppl like our work…we cannot be in a blind hope right… 🙂 how do i know whether you get adrenaline flow or not unless you comment about it.. 😛 and yeah many many thanks for commenting and pls do comment for all updates you read.

  30. Mercy

    Sorry for not commenting but I feel the adrenaline when I read what you write. Your vocabulary is so amazing. I am Zulu but did English as my first language at school as well as English literature so I know what am talking about when I say you’re good am not buttering you to make you feel good but am telling it straight up😉

    • Sathya


      Lol Mercy..pls dont joke..i m just writing in a colloquial way…i am not that good in vocabularies yar…pls dont bully me. 🙂

  31. Dev

    |Registered Member

    Hey satya…ha i kept my promise……..even though late
    D epi was osm…n rads is mrs mehra..o my gosh….n i think its saral who was d intruder.
    Waiting 4 d nxt yaar….love u

  32. shankari

    Sathya akka, awesome update…i mean Mrs. Mehra??? Tats a shocking revelation… Tat guy who harassed radhika …who would it be??thinking may be saral?? And y dont u post it wattsy??this story is amazing… And it deserves much more appreciating readers…

    • Sathya


      Thanks a lot for ur amazing words shankari 🙂 Watty for this..i am still thinking on it. Will post soon dear and thanks for encouraging me a lot

  33. Chashni

    Akka may be this will be the altime record in fan fiction .you are obviously right akka.our comments shows that how much we love you and your story.

    • Sathya


      Chashni….altime record is already set by our darling Gauri for her DPO. If not, pls go and read that FF, you will just go crazy reading it and that was the first FF in TU history which crossed more than 100 comments and she deserved it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Aastha

    Sathuuuu di.. awesome awesome
    Arjun purchased Radz CO to get her… how lovely…
    Saral confessed his feelings..but sorry sAral you don’t have any chance….
    And who was that guy ??
    Radz still has feelings for Arjun but her hatred always overcame it… and what’s that..” you already has become Mrs. Mehra..???
    Di update soon.. I wanted to know their past.. ?? Why so hatred ??
    Di…am happy my comment made smile and will take OS story from Wattpad..
    Love you di…😘😘😘

    • Sathya


      Thank u so much Aastha dear :). lol Saral vl never ever get any chance of Radhika. about the intruder,vl reveal little later. Ofcourse she badly want to hate him but she couldn’t. I will update dear 🙂 keep reading. Love u too 🙂

  35. Roma

    Wowwww Satzzzz….I’m soooooooo happyyyyyy to see soooooooo manyyy comments. ..105… congrats!!! 😀 ….kudos my darling…..the chappy was really superbbbb. …arjun n saral fight n rads anger this scene was quite interesting. ….n somebody is trying to hurt rads…but who if that’s not arjun….arjun consoled her so lovingly…n she too found her solace in his embrace n broke down….but soon she again doubted on him….but the major shock for me was that she is already Mrs. Mehra. …that’s really a big news….is that hooded guy could be Saral? Or some other enemy of ardhika? ….omg I’m so curious to know. …loved your note to our silent readers….ur words made the impact
    …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug. .. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 😀

    • Sathya


      Thank u so much Romaaaaaa darling…whoooo :)yeah romaaa…its really surprising for me too. yep some intruder is hurting her and soon Arjun will find it. Yep her solace is only on Arjun. but her anger again arised and hurts him. Yep vl reveal that little later or may from the past u can get it. all the secrets vl be revealed slowly dear. lol i liked the imapact too 🙂 love u too 🙂 teddy hugs muaaahhhhhhhh

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