MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 10)

Hey guys, Mr & Mrs. Mehra is back. Enjoy reading and let me know your views.

MMZ – Mr & Mrs. Mehra (Episode 10)

Radhika gets shocked seeing Sanjeev and Arjun greets him happily inside. Sanjeev too is dumbstruck seeing Radhika in Mehra’s house…he blinks his eyes twice and pinch himself to make sure that he is not dreaming seeing Radhika with Arjun in his mansion. He looks at her and him alternatively and keeps walking towards her with unbelievable face.

Radhika gets tensed seeing him approaching her, but before he talks to her Arjun stops him saying, “Sanjeev, Meet Mr. Neil Malhotra…Sam’s groom and she is his mom Mrs. Prerna Malhotra, and she is Ms. Radhika Malhotra…Neil’s Sister”

Likewise he introduced them to Sanjeev. Radhika fakes her smile seeing him and leaves a sigh relief. Sanjeev couldn’t believe it what Arjun said, he too just give them a fake smile and drags Arjun from there to a corner asking him, “Arjun What is happening? I seriously couldn’t believe seeing Radhika with you here in your home. For a second I thought something else and you said she is Neil’s sister. What about your relation with her then?”

Arjun smiles seeing his tension and pats his cheek saying, “My relation is still alive Sanjeev, I won’t let that die so easily. After my doomed 5 yrs, I found the light of my life…I found her…I found Radhika. You know what, I never thought in my dreams too that I will see her again, but I found her”

Sanjeev, “How you found her? We too tried a lot to find her place, but we couldn’t achieve in it?”

Arjun smiles at him saying, “In fact, she herself got caught in my eyes”

Sanjeev, “I dint understand”

Arjun keep smiles at him, Flashback

Arjun keeps punching the boxing bag mercilessly, sweat beds all over his body and face. He breathes heavily but still keeps punching the bag harshly by showing all his frustration, anger on it. He gets disturbed by his maid voice, “Sir, Phone for you”

Arjun receives the call, “Hello”

Nandini, “Arjun, how are you?”

Arjun, “I am fine mom. Anything to discuss?”

Nandu, “Shouldn’t I call you if I have nothing to discuss? Do you expect me to talk to you if at all I need something is it?”

Arjun, “Mom, pls don’t irritate me in the morning itself. Just say what you want to?”

Nandu in a sobbing voice, “Why are you behaving so rudely to your mom? What mistake I have done?”

Arjun rubs his forehead, “I was in some other tension, Sorry.”

Nandu, “Arjun, I want to see you. It’s been 5 years now and you haven’t turn to India. I am craving to see you Arjun. Why are you avoiding us? “

Arjun sighs, “Mom, You are wasting my time. If you have nothing serious to talk, then I am done with the call”


Arjun stops her, “I haven’t agreed yet. I will tell you whether this will happen or not”

Nandu, “But Arjun, Sam is mad about him”

Arjun, “I don’t care….i will do my responsibility as a brother for Sam. I can’t easily accept him without doing a proper enquiry about him. Sam should be in a safe hands….i will tell you my decision soon. I am getting late now, vl talk to you later mom. Bye”


Arjun gets busy in is office work, his PA knocks his cabin and enters inside after Arjun permits him.

PA, “Sir, we got the information you asked for”.

Arjun keeps nodding his head and the PA continues, “His Name is Neil Malhotra, done his MBA in Business Administration. Previously he worked for an IT sector and then quit that job to start a business venture on his own. And he quite succeeds in his attempt, he is now becoming a successful young entrepreneur. He is a TeeTotaller, a good son and a very good protective brother too. His mother is a house wife and his sister is working in some other IT concern”

Arjun listens his convo but concentrates on his laptop but just keep nods his head and he continues, “Her name is Radhika”, and the very next moment, his hands stops working and he jerked listening the name from his PA’s mouth.

PA got scared seeing his look and blinks at him. Arjun holds his shoulder asking, “What’s her name?”

PA stammers, “Ra…Radhika”

Arjun breathes heavily hearing the name again and gets into thinking, PA hesitantly asking him, “What happened Sir?”

Arjun, “I need her picture”

PA gives him a pen drive saying, “All their family details and pictures are there in this pen drive sir”

Arjun hastily gets the Pen drive and injects it in his laptop and waits restless to see her picture. He moves others pictures and finally halts at Radhika’s picture. He stares the pic continuously, his gaze shows how much he missed her, how he turned miserable of losing her from his life. He rolls his fingers on the Laptop screen over her face and a smirk appears on his face, he smiles rubbing her lips with his fingers murmuring; “Now you cannot run away from me Radhika. Finally I got you”

Flashback over,

Sanjeev is stunned and looks at him with wide opened mouth and asks him, “Did she know that you are Sam’s brother?”

Arjun, “She did not, but later she got to know”

Sanjeev, “How?”

Arjun, “I refused for this Marriage, so automatically she came to convince me and got to know that I am Sam’s brother”

Sanjeev, “I can guess her reaction seeing the beast after a long time”

Arjun gives him a glare and Sanjeev turns his look to other side asking, “Anyway it’s good that you both met at least by now. I am happy now. But why she looked tensed seeing me?”

Arjun, “No one knows here that I and Radhika already knew each other”

Sanjeev, “What are you saying? You both seriously will make me mad one day”

Arjun then tell him how he blackmailed to make her agree to marry him and their deal to make Nesam one. Sanjeev is jaw dropped listening all this and says, “Arjun, You are one dangerous Business man…you simply made you deal successful by risking her brother’s love and personal life. Do you think, she will forgive you for this?”

Arjun, “I don’t mind, whether she forgives me or not, I just want her to be with me and I will do it by hook or crook. I don’t care about it. And now you have to shut you blo*dy mouth and come down to me, behave normally as if you don’t know her already. Got it?”

Sanjeev blinks and nods his head like a kid and follows him.

Radhika happily greets everyone there, and gets ready for Nesam’s engagement. Neil and Sam exchanged the ring and share their happiness by hugging each other. Arjun stare Radhika and sign her to see Nesam, she makes faces and ignores him.

Arjun smirks at her, and goes from the stage. He takes the mic and gives an announcement, “Hello everyone, A warm welcome to all who came down to my home to wish my little sister for her engagement. In this beautiful occasion, I want to share my wish to my parents…hope they won’t refuse it and accept it whole heartedly” he looks at Nandini and Samrat.

They both looks him suspiciously and nods their head positively. Then he turns his gaze to Radhika who looks him shocked and tensely.

He continues, “Mom, you were asking me to get married right, and I was refusing for that. But now, as you wish, I decided to get married”

Nandini gets excited and express her happiness, “Arjun, You are not joking right?”

Arjun smiles, “No Mom, I am damn serious about it. I am ready to marry, but…”

Samrat, “What?”

Arjun, “I myself found a girl for me”

Nandini, Samrat & Sam are at their extreme shock and it is clearly visible in their face and they say in chorus, “ARE YOU IN LOVE?”

Arjun chuckles seeing his family’s reaction and nods his head saying, “Well, Yes…I am in Love…with”

Nandini out of curiosity, “With whom Arjun? Tell me fast…I want to see her”

Arjun looks at Radhika whose face becomes pale by now, he walks towards her and looking at her nervous state. She is crunching her dupatta coz of the tension he created, he takes her hands off and pulls her in to the centre and makes her stand towards his and her parents.

By now, everybody guessed and he continues, “She is my love”

Both the families are in shock and couldn’t utter a single word including Radhika. Though she expected this action from him, but still she couldn’t do anything but simply starring them with her wide eyes.

Samrat, “Arjun? “

Arjun, “Dad, initially I don’t have any idea, but after seeing her, working with her and knowing her as Sam’s friend, I got a chance to understand her well and her charming character, helping nature made me fall in love with her. In fact, even she also don’t know about this”

Everyone looks at each other’s face and kept silent. Arjun lost his patience and with annoying tone, “Someone say something”

Samrat manages himself from the shock and walks to Radhika asking, “Radhika, You like Arjun? “

Radhika is dumbstruck and she remembers his condition for Nesam’s marriage, his agreement with her, She blinks at Neil & Prerna of not knowing what to say.

Arjun side hugs her and press her shoulder slightly asking, “Say Something Radhika. I know you too like me, Now I am asking you directly…Will you marry me Radhika?”

Radhika looks into his deep brown eyes, she could see the desperate love in his eyes, her past comes in front of her eyes, without her knowledge she utters the word “Yes” which makes Prerna and Neil shocked.

Arjun smiles widely and looks at everyone, Radhika comes to sense and hesitates to look at her brother and mom. Neil comes to her and lifts her chin to make her look at him and asks, “If you are really happy in marrying Arjun, I don’t have any problem. I want only your smile and happiness throughout your life”

Arjun tights his grip on her shoulder and says looking at Neil, “Neil, I promise you, I will take good care of your sister more than you do for my sister”

Neil narrows his eyes and glares him, Suddenly Sam jumped in between them saying, ”How can you say that bhai? I am damn sure that Neil will take good care of me more than you do for Radhika. Will do a bet on this?”

Neil & Arjun look at each other and Sam & bursts out in laugh to ease other’s mood. Neil goes to Prerna and Arjun goes to his parents leaving Sam with Radhika.

Finally after a long discussion, Nandini, Samrat and Prerna agreed for their marriage happily. Arjun gets more excited coz of his successful effort in getting Radhika forever.

Everyone in that hall are sharing their happiness to each other except one person, Radhika, who lost herself in a deep thoughts. She stands at the corner staring outside through the window and gets disturbed by a familiar voice, it’s none other than Sanjeev.

Sanjeev, “Hello Radhika. How are you?”

Radhika in a dull voice, “I am fine. How are you?”

Sanjeev, “I am good”

Both spend a minute in silence and Sanjeev continues, “Are you not happy in this marriage?”

Radhika, “Do you really feel that I should be happy with this marriage?”

Sanjeev, “Yes, I do. Because Arjun loves you a lot”

Radhika gives him a vex smile, “Love? He blackmailed me and made me to agree for this marriage. Otherwise he won’t let Nesam’s marriage to happen”

Sanjeev, “I know that”

Radhika, “Still you are saying I should be happy?”

Sanjeev, “Radhika, he blackmailed you is just to get you in his life. He is not that bad to spoil his sister’s happiness just for his selfish motive”

Radhika, “He is not that good person also, to sacrifice his love for his sister’s happiness”

Sanjeev, “Radhika, you don’t know how much he worried and suffered a lot after you left him”

Radhika, “All happened because of him. Even I suffered a lot for believing him and suffering for loving him still”

Sanjeev, “I know you still love him and he too does that…infact he always does that”

Radhika, “More than love, I have hatred in my heart for him. I can never forget and forgive him for what he did to me”

Sanjeev, “I really don’t understand, why do you hate him so much?”

Radhika smile at him saying, “Because you are also one of the person, one of the reason why I hate him so much”

She leaves from there leaving Sanjeev in shock. He stares the way she goes and gets lost into his past with Ardhika.

Precap: Ardhika’s past. Nesam + Ardhika Sangeet ceremony.

Hope you all like today’s episode. Guys, I cannot write regularly for some time, I am trying to post whenever I am getting time, hope you all understand. Thank you so much for supporting me. Love you 

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