MMZ- Mother’s diary Chp-3

J.C Elementary School

I was at school hanging with my friends when suddenly Tiffany come over and blocks my way….

Tiffany: “I know something about you that you don’t know.”

Nithika: “And what is it that you know.”

Tiffany: “Your father is keeping a big secret from you.”

Nithika: “What secret is that.”

Tiffany: “Your identity.”

Nithika gets angry…

Nithika: “You are wasting my time, if you don’t mind, my friends and I need to get to our class.”

Tiffany: “I heard it when your father was talking to my father.”

Nithika remember her dad wanted to talk to Saral privately, but Tiffany could also lie, what did she mean about my identity, did she know about my mother being illegitimate, if so I didn’t want my friends to here it, so I told them to go so that I could talk to Tiffany privately.

Nithika: ” Look here what ever your father told you about my mother, you better watch your mouth.

Tiffany started laughing…

Tiffany: ” You are so clueless, I wasn’t talking about your mother, I was talking about you.”

Nithika: “What do you mean?”

Tiffany: ” Here is a shock for you Arjun Mehra is not your father.”

Nithika: “Of all the cruel things you said this one was hurtful, take it away, your lying.”

Tiffany: “If you don’t believe me go to your father’s office, look for the contract paper, which will reveal the truth.”

Tiffany leaves to her class leaving Nithika with a shatter face.


After what Tiffany had told me, my mind was on finding out the truth, so after school I went to my father’s office, I saw Sweetie auntie and ask if my father was here, she said he left for a meeting, so I decided, it was a good chance for me to fine the contract paper, I looked every where that I could think of, but there was no contract paper, could my father have taken the contract paper with him, if so the contract paper would be at Tiffany’s house, the meeting that my dad has is at Saral house.

Saral house

Nithika quietly sneaked at Saral’s house and there was her father..

Arjun: “As promise, your to keep your mouth shut if the truth his revealed you owe me million dollars if you do not pay, you will go to jail, if you agree with the contract, sign it and the million dollar is yours.”

Saral: “Don’t worry, I won’t reveal to your daughter that your not her biological father.”

Nithika: “Then who is my biological father.”

Both were shocked to see Nithika here at Saral’s house.

Arjun: “Munchkin what are you doing here.”

Nithika: “To fine out the truth, I guess Tiffany was telling the truth or else I would have been in a dark.”

Both Nithika and Arjun had tears in there eyes. Arjun felt he was going to loose his daughter, and Nithika felt her whole life was a lie, she had so many questions without any answers, who was her father, why did mother marry Arjun when she was pregnant with another man, and why did Arjun marry my mother when he loved Radhika, there were so many question that could be answered by reading mother’s diary.

Arjun: “Munchkin what ever you heard is true, but that doesn’t change how much I love you, you will always be mine daughter.”

Nithika: “Who is my father, my biological father?”

Arjun stayed quiet…

Nithika: “Fine I will fine out the truth on my own.”

She runs away, while Arjun looks on.

Saral: “I guess I don’t get the million dollars and lucky me, I didn’t sign the contract yet.”

Arjun leaves the house shattered…

Sweetie house

Nithika knocks on Sweeties door, Sweetie opens her door…

Nithika: “Sweetie auntie could I stay at your house.”

Sweetie: “You don’t need to ask, come, did you tell your father where you are?”

Nithika: “Arjun Mehra is not my biological father, I found out the truth today.”

Sweetie: “It looks like you need a hug.”

Sweetie gives Nithika hug while she is


Nithika: “You know when my mother died,

she gave me her diary, I read the first half when she was a child, it revealed that she
was illegitimate, that makes me illegitimate to.

Sweetie: “I don’t know what happen to
your mother’s past but if she gave you the diary, she wants you to know the truth,
however awful it might be. I think if you want the answer it is in your mother’s diary, read it or ignore it.

Nithika: ” Your right I will read it all until the end.”

Sweetie: ” I have to go to the office, while you read the diary.”

Nithika: ” Thank You Sweetie auntie, for
encourage me.

Sweetie: ” your welcome, now start reading that diary.”

Sweetie leaves the house and makes a call to Arjun telling him that his daughter was safe with her, she told him to just give her time, she’ll come around.

Mother’s diary

Oct 20, 2004

It has been 10 years since Radhika came to my life, we are still best friends. We have another friend her name is Bonnie. She’s really good with us but her boyfriend is a creep and his name is Saral, he has a big secret that me and Radhika know…

It started with the modelling agencies where Bonnie told me that Saral was working, well I went there and found out that there was no Saral working there.

The next day me and Radhika followed Saral what we say shocked us he drugged the girl, he was going to rape her and make a movie out of it…….

Precap: Bonnie doesn’t see the truth she is blinded with revenge, she promise Saral that she will break there friendship….

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  1. Dipika

    Brin darling its so Awsome… Yarrr that tiffany girl…. I want to scolds her hard… Now nithi knw the truth.. Who might b her biological father.. So many questions.. You wrote it amazingly.. Her turmoil… Waiting for nxt.. Love u lots ? ? ?

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Dipika, your a great support, I will update after the holiday, a big bear hug to you, stay blessed. 🙂

  2. Brin

    I also posted jealous, betrayal, mistake, redemption, it will be updated..

  3. arti viswanathan

    Brin darling it was superb yaaar …. I liked it….. Sometimes the truth is always bitter. Same with nithika’ s to find her biological father who left her mother… I feel sad that arjun married her mother but still he loves radhika…. And i will be waiting for next episode…. It’s super excited episode. I enjoyed reading it. Plz come soon…. Tc loads of love and teedy hug too u….

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much arti, Nithika will bring Ardhika together, I will update after the holiday, a big bear hug to you, stay blessed. 🙂

  4. Awesome dear.

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      Thank you so much Devika, your comment means a lot, I will update after the holiday, stay blessed. 🙂

  5. Brin di this episode was awesome.actually now only started reading this.but it was superb.keep on rocking

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      Thank you so much Shree, I will update after the holiday, a big bear hug to you, stay blessed. 🙂

  7. Sangee

    Hey Brin super one… Now nithi gonna find the truth… That saral creep ?…what bonnie going to do… Waiting for next one… Take care ?

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sangee, your comment means a lot, a big bear hug to you, stay blessed. 🙂

  8. Superb… Wait 4 next…

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      Thank you so much Saran for your comment, it means a lot, I will update after the holiday, stay blessed. 🙂

  9. Sulbi

    Brin… super duper chapter… now Arjun is shattered and niti too… Who is niti biological father? So curious dear.. update soon waiting… tc…

    1. Brin

      Thank you so much Sulbi for your comment it means a lot, I will update after the holiday, stay blessed. 🙂

  10. Kavina

    Loved it

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  11. Jessie

    So is that saral niti’s father??? Tiffany baby did something good unknowingly…Niti asked at ri8 moment..I was like what if she cries and run away..but not…bold girl…eager for next….Love you loads…Brinzzee you rock..!! TC..

    1. Brin

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  13. Rossy

    Di u r fantastic writer…i think I only read prologue..can u plz provide me previous chapters link?

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  14. Gauri

    WOW WOW WOW….this is just what I can say after reading this…..Brin you are really good 🙂 love u 🙂 sorry for being late 😀

  15. Sathya

    FABULOUS SHOT BRIN 🙂 i just loved it. my guess is it could be Saral. He is so creep everywhere lol.
    Yar, i like the way Nithi came out and confront them and decided to find out the truth. I am so eager to read the next part. Will wait for u

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