Krishna is back…lol with you all even I missed my Krishna and Naradha. Wow finally Neil aka Naradha found a girl for him, will see whether what will be his fate. Now will see how Krishna made their life settle to get their Arjun. This is dedicated to all my Radhassssssssss.

And I am planning to end this in next shot. Hope you all support me. Lets get into today’s chapter.


Radhika and Neil is watching Jessie with Arjun going together for an event. Radhika is gritting her teeth seeing them walking close and smiling happily. Neil observed her behavior and smirks thinking, “Lord ji, now I will make you single…Ha Ha Ha TIT FOR TAT”

Neil make his voice sad and said, “See Devi, how Krishna ji is behaving so close with her, as if he hasn’t seen any other girls till now. Though it is a drama, he should be in limits na, how can he move so close with her. You should not leave this matter easily. Ask him when he is back. Don’t forget all this instances”

Radhika firmly nodded her head and goes from there, Neil also chuckles seeing her angry on Krishna and goes behind her.

When they come to their regular place, they find Krishna ji sitting in the bench and lost in his thinking. Radhika fumes in anger seeing him smiling, and marches towards her angrily. Neil blinks seeing his Radha devi in this much anger follows her swiftly where ever she goes.

Arjun gets disturbed hearing, “How can you do this to me?”

Arjun look at Radhika who is at the verge of crying and starring him angrily. He gets up asking, “What I did?”

Neil interferes saying, “What you didn’t do?”

Arjun gets confused what they are talking about and looks at Radhika who is starring him with tearful of eyes, “What happened? Why are you crying?”

Rads with emotional, “How can you do this to me?”

Arjun, “Please tell me clearly what I did ?”

Neil, “You are roaming with some other girls here and moving so close with them”

Arjun narrows his eyes, “Who told this to you?”

Neil, “No one said. We ourself saw that scenes, how you were drooling on the girls, what’s their is Dipika, then Shri, then this girl Jessie and the last one..mmm..i forgot her name”

Arjun raised his left brow and replied, “Sathya, her name”

Neil, “Haan, she is the 4th person. You were so happy being with these 4 girls and forgot your wife”

Arjun, “Wife?” with narrowed expression

Neil and Radhika gets shocked and stands in open mouth looking at Arjun who is looking at them suspecting and wants to know the real truth from them.

Radhika steps forward asking, “Don’t give that kind of expression for god’s sake. I never ever thought in my dream that u will cheat on me”

Arjun, “Why should I cheat on you? Who are you to me?”

Radhika opens her mouth wide and next moment she closed it by hands of unable to bear the shock he gave, Neil comes forward again and said, “You are asking us? The whole universe knows who are we? And Who are you? How we are related to each?”

Arjun, “I still did not know what you both are talking? I don’t have any wife”

Neil, “This is not at all going good. How can you tell a big lie to us?”

Arjun, “How do you say that I am telling a lie?”

Neil, “Because I know who your wife is, and the whole universe knows it”

Arjun, “Leave the Universe, you tell me. Who is my wife?”

Neil gets furious listening him and replied instantly, “She is your wife Devi Radha, And I am your Naradha. Lord Krishna now you cannot cheat us”

Arjun ties his hands cross to his chest now and said, “So you both are in Earth and following me, right?”

That’s the time Neil and Radhika realizes the foolishness they did, unknowingly they showed their real character to Arjun aka Krishna.

Both of them were blinking at each and bow their head down.

After sometime in a park behind the bush, the trio gets into their own self, dressed like how they were in Dev log, Krishna ji with flute in his hands walking right to left with serious face.

Radha murmurs to Naradha, “All because of you Naradha, what kind of a mouth yours? You blabbered everything and spoiled all my plan”

Naradha blinks and murmurs, “Did I spoil? You only cried seeing him going with other girls in the earth. Because of you only I got tensed and questioned him, you could have stopped me na?”

Krishna, “What are you both murmuring?”

Narada, “Nothing Lord Krishna. She is sorry for doubting you”

Radha blinks at Narada and look at Krishna who is serious now asking, “So you are not believing me Radha?”

Radha rolls her eyes left to right and vice versa and said, “Yes, I am not believing you”

Krishna and Naradha jerks listening her, Narada laughs suddenly saying, “Lord, she is saying the truth”

Krishna stares him angrily, “I know”

Naradha, “Good that you know”

Krishna walks to Radha and holds her hands asking, “What made you think like that?”

Radha, “Because I saw those girls, they were so beautiful. I scared thinking what if you get those girls here to give a tough competition for me”

Krishna, “How can you think of your Krishna to do like that?”

Radha, “Why not? I saw you were running behind me, I mean that Radhika. How you were chasing her and hugging her”

Krishna jerks and stammers, “Woh…Woh…its just….a time pass…I won’t cheat you Radha”

Radha, “Good that it was me, so I could catch you, if it was anyone else, I am sure you would have got her to our place definitely”

Now it’s krishna’s turn to blink and Naradha is laughing silently seeing them. Krishna signals Narada to help him, he comes to Radha and said, “Devi Radha, except you who can win Lord Krishna’s heart. Since it was you in Radhika’s disguise he fallen for you, else he would have not gone behind to any other girls”

Krishna smiles widely by patting Naradha’s shoulders saying, “100% True words. Radha why are you still miffed with me? I can’t see you angry on me”

Radha rolls her eyes and smiles slightly saying, “Ok then, will go to our place now. Enough of staying here”

Both Krishna and Neil is shocked, more than Krishna Neil is shocked with wide opened eyes.

Krishna, “How can we go, without finishing the work completely? And Narada, Why you are so shocked?”

Narada, “Woh…Krishna ji…woh…a girl”

Radha laughs saying, “He likes one girl here and he wants to take her with him to our place”

Krishna is shocked listening that and turns to Naradha only to find blush and drawing a line by his Thumb. Krishna, “Naradha, Is this true?”

Naradha nods with a shy smile and Krishna continues, “But Naradha, you are not allowed to get married and you have to stay single forever”

Naradha is shocked and Radha is laughing saying, “That’s what even I told him. But he is not listening me”

Naradha, “But why lord? Why only me?”

Krishna, “That’s written in your fate Naradha. I can’t change it”

Naradha, “I won’t accept it Lord”

Krishna, “If you agree or not, living as a brahmacharya like you and living as a apple of woman’s eye like me, all this was written by Brahma already. You can’t even think to change it”

Radha started laughing badly hearing Krishna and Narada makes faces seeing them teasing him.

Naradha, “Enough, stop your laughing. Virgin men curse will be very bad”

Krishna, “Will see that later, now will try to make the last girl’s relation strong”

Radha gets upset and Krishna noticed her face and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t go to her”

Radha, “Then?”

Krishna smiles, “It will happen automatically. Do you wanna see that?”

Radha and Naradha nods their head, Krishna shows them where Sathya and her Arjun are doing a dance practice.

Radha and Naradha gets shocked seeing Krishna with them and finds another guy with Sathya.

Krishna smiles and signs them to look at the scene.

Sathya and Arjun are involved in the dance practice. Arjun looks at her who is so serious in practicing the steps, and asks, “So are you happy now?”

Sathya while dancing, “For what?”

Arjun extends his hands to her, she holds it and he pulls her towards him by twirling her and replied, “To reach up to this level”

Sathya breathes and stares his face with a cute smile and twirls back to move from him saying, “NO”

Arjun gets shocked but continue his dance steps and stands behind her holding her waist and said, “Why u r not happy?”

Sathya hold his hands on her waist, moves forward by holding it and twirls again to face him, immediately he pulls her to him, she hits his chest and said within the breathe, “We should win the finals”

Arjun lifts her and performs all the zig zag around him and puts her in front of him asking, “We will win”

Sathya, “Let’s see. There are 3 more talented dancers in the finals”

Arjun, “Don’t worry about that. I promise you, I will make you win the finals”

Sathya smiles, “Thanks”

Arjun, “Just a thanks, I expected more”

Sathya, “What you expected?”

Arjun, “I thought you will propose me”

Sathya looks him speechless and starts performing her dance steps without replying him, Arjun pulls her to him again asking, “why you became silent?”

Sathya pushes him back saying, “First we will concentrate to win the title”

Arjun, “Ok, then be ready to propose me, be ready to open up your heart, be ready to be mine forever”

Sathya smiles, “Don’t be so overconfident”

Arjun, “It’s not over confident, it’s my faith on my love”

Sathya smiles seeing his antics and said, “ok, so no more discussions, let’s concentrate on our dance”

Arjun, “I am ready” by saying that he extends his hands to her and she happily grabbed it to practice.

Radha and Naradha looking at the scene with their open mouth and still surprised seeing Krishna with them and some other person with that girl.

Krishna laughs seeing their pale face and explains them how he created their respective Arjuns and why he did that.

Naradha, “Narayana…Narayana, my lord, I have never seen this kind of intelligence in you when you were in Dev log. You started thinking like a humans once you landed in earth”

Krishna shrugs his shoulder saying, “What to do, it’s a Habitual Dose”

Radha, “So will they win the finals and she will propose him is it?”

Krishna, “I don’t know, we have to wait and watch”

Naradha, “But what about other girls story?”

Krishna, “Don’t worry, we will leave this earth once we settle all these girls with their respective arjuns”

Naradha gets sad but did not say anything. Krishna understands why he is upset, he goes to him and wrapped his arms around his shoulder and said, “I know why you are upset? You can’t change the Fate Naradha. But I will give you sweet surprise”

Naradha, “What’s that?”

Krishna, “Your Girl”

Naradha, “What? You gonna get her for me”

Krishna, “No, but I have my own way to make you happy”

Naradha and Radha did not understand anything what Krishna said and he continues, “Will wait for the last episode, even I don’t know what this author has in her mind”

Precap: Happy ending and Naradha’s sweet surprise

Hey girls, how are you all? Hope you all are doing good. So finally after a long back, Krishna is back with a bang. And yes, next episode will be the last episode in this FF. Now Lord Krishna is settling up all the 4 girls with their partners. So you all can see a happy ending and do yu have any guess for Naradha’s sweet surprise? Ok continue your guess and let me know what’s ur guess. If anyone said correctly, I will try to give a cameo role in the final episode. Love you all 

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