Hi all, I am back again to trouble you all with my Krishna here. So how are you all? It’s been a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time I met you all like this. I missed you all so badly and ofcourse your comments too.

I was busy in my work so couldn’t write up anything and even couldn’t read also. A very biggggggg sorry for that. Hope you all understand my situation and supports me. But don’t worry I won’t leave any story incomplete. You can always see a perfect ending in all my stories. So don’t worry about my pending ffs. I will definitely finish it off. Now we shall move to our Krishna. He is waiting for his Radhasssssssssssssssssss. 😛

Gauri….this is for you. As I promised you, my come back FF is your favourite Krishna. Happy ya….love you girl 

MMZ – The Modern Krishna (Shot 7)

Neil stares the way Gauri went and keeps smiling like a mad. Suddenly he gets an alert from Radhika asking him to meet her at their meeting point.

Neil rubs his hairs murmuring, “Lord and Devi is not leaving me in peaceful life. Always disturbing me and my romance. Atleast now I got a girl and thinks to follow her but see now Devi is calling me. First thing I should do after going to Devlog is resigning my job as a Naradha. I can’t be staying single anymore after seeing this angel.” He makes faces and goes from there to meet Radhika.

Radhika appears in the same place where she left after escaping from the college girls. She waits impatiently for Neil to join her and finds him walking relaxingly while sight seeing the girls on the roadside.

Rads opens her mouth in shock looking at him walking with so much of attitude and style, she stares him without blinking her eyes. Neil comes to her with cute smile on his face and greets her saying, “How are you Radhika?”

Radhika is still in shock but manages saying, “We met an hour before and you are asking me how are you?”

Neil has his smile sticks to his face replying, “But for me it looks like 1 whole life”

Radhika, “What happened to you Naradha? Why are you talking like this? Have you gone Mad?”

Neil, “Neil…I am Neil now. Not any Naradha. And yes, I became mad….mad seeing my angel”

Rads opens her mouth widely, “What are you saying?”

Neil, “I mean, I found my girl. Yoooohoooooo I am seeing the real heaven now. Till now I was not in heaven but now I feel the real one”.

Rads is about to faint now seeing Neil jumping in happiness and talking about a girl. She thinks to stop him now and says, “Naradha, what are you blabbering? You are supposed to be bachelor for your life time. You should not think about girls. It’s an offense”

Neil shuts his ears tightly shouting, “NO NO NO. I am not any Naradha now. I am Neil, the handsome guy. Who set the rules for me to stay as Bachelor? It did not happen in my wish…it happened automatically. So now I am gonna change the rule again for myself. I won’t stay as bachelor from now….as I told you I found a girl for me and in fact I was following her but you disturbed me again.”

Rads, “Naradha…You” Neil stopped her again saying, “Neil….Call me as Neil”

Rads rolls her eyes saying, “I am sure you will get nicely from Krishna”

Neil, “Will see that later, now we will find his whereabouts”

Rads mind immediately changes thinking where he would be now and said, “Neil, now he should be with that 3rd girl right…and what’s her name?”

Neil thinks, “Mmm….haan Jessie”

Rads murmurs saying, “Jessie. Now I have to see what he is doing with her”

Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder, she jerks and turns to find Arjun aka Krishna standing behind her with a smile on his face.

She gets shock seeing him, even neil too shocked seeing Arjun there but composes himself normally.

Rads stammers, “You….You here”

Arjun, “Haan, I am here. So what? Any problem?”

Rads, “No No . I just asked”

Arjun, “Actually I should ask you, you were running and got the bus, but now you are here”

Rads blinks of not knowing what to say, Neil looks at her struggling, he jumps to her help saying, “I got my sister for some personal reasons. What’s your problem?”

Arjun, “Oh you are also here? I dint see you”

Neil, “I know, you won’t see guys when you see girls”

Rads rolls her eyes understanding what neil is saying, she controls her laugh and looks at Arjun Face.

Arjun smirks at him saying, “Because I am smart enough to attract the girls, which few don’t have….like You”

Rads closes her mouth to suppress her laugh and look at Neil whose face becomes pale listening him and when he is about to reply, Rads stops him and asks Arjun, “You were going somewhere in the morning right”

Arjun, “Yeah, I supposed to go but I sent an alternative to do that job. So no worries”

Neil whispers in rads ears, “How can he send an alternative to impress Jessie. Something fishy, we should follow him”

Rads agrees for it and says, “We have some other work. We are leaving. Vl meet you later”

Arjun gets disappointed hearing her, but still let her go from there. Radhika and Neil moves from there and hides in bush nearby thinking to follow Arjun, but before they hide behind the bush, Arjun vanishes immediately. They both gets into a thought that he might gone to Jessie to meet her.

Venue; Jazz Event Management

A guy stands outside the event management office and looks inside desperately to meet a special person, I mean his special person. He then after a long hesitation walks inside the office and finds a girl who talks to her staff about a decoration to be done in the bday party. He goes near to her and stands behind her watching her with a cute smile on his face. She finishes explaining everything to him and is about to turn but gets hit by him who stands so closely to her back, she is about to fall but he catches her in the nick of time.

She blinks seeing her and stares him for a while then comes to the reality asking him, “You?’

He replied, “Arjun…Thank god you remember me. Hi Jessie”

Jessie frees herself from his arms and stands little far saying, “What are you doing here?”

Arjun, “I came here to meet you”

Jessie, “Meet me? Why?”

Arjun, “I don’t have any reason, just thought of seeing you. So I came”

Jessie rolls her eyes and moves from there but he stops her asking, “Won’t say anything?”

Jessie looks at his eyes straight saying, “What you want me to say?”

Arjun, “I came here to meet you, but you are not saying anything”

Jessie, “I did not ask you to meet me, you came by your wish. I have nothing to say”. She just walks out from there going to her room, but once she enters inside her cabin, she hides her from his view and blushes seeing him standing outside starring her room. She hides behind the wall and smiles seeing him there murmuring, “I never thought that you will come and meet me this soon. It looks like a dream for me.”

She immediately moves to her chair seeing some one approaching her room. Her staff comes and tells her the timing for the bday party and they have to leave now. Jessie takes all her stuffs and goes out with her staff but again encounter with Arjun waiting for her.

Arjun, “If you don’t mind, shall I join with you today?”

Jessie with a shock replies, “I am going to do my work. What you gonna do there”

Arjun, “I will also do the work with you. I can do some help”

Jessie, “It’s not required”

Arjun, “Just give me a chance. Please”

Jessie looks at his pouting face and smiles lightly seeing him but hides her smile and keeps her face seriously saying, “Okay, just one chance” by saying that she walks front having a cute smile on her face and Arjun follows her with again a cute yet romantic smile on his face.

How is it today’s episode guys? Hope you like it. See you all in another episode soon.

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