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MMZ – The Modern Krishna (Shot 6)

Next day, Krishna waits on the same place where he met Radhika…he looks restless thinking about her and looks here & there.

He is been watching by two people behind the bush and it is none other than RaNeil. Neil chuckles seeing him, “Radhika, look at your hero, he looks for you only”

Rads smiles but at the same time gets angry, “Now he too proves all men are same. Though he has a beautiful wife, still he looks for some one else.”

Neil, “Universal Truth it is”

Rads rolls her eyes and keeps starring Krishna who is doing the catwalk everywhere on that place. Neil looks at him and said, “Radhika, it’s time for you to show your play”

Rads, “Hmmm, Fine i will go and meet him. But what you will do once i go?”

Neil gets into thinking and widens his eyes thinking something and smiles widely. All his facial expressions are watching by Radhika who finds something fishy and said, “I know something is fishy in your mind…what are you planning for?”

Neil giggles, “I have to be bachelor for my lifetime right?”

Rads, “Hmmm, yes”

Neil, “But that is for Naradha…Not for Neil right?” raised his eyebrows looking at her.

Rads widens her eyes more and asks, “What you gonna do now?”

Neil, “Now i am in earth as a human…i am Neil and not any Naradha”

Rads with more shocking expression, “SO?”

Neil, “So…i am gonna start my hunt to find a partner for myself”

Rads looks at him with an extreme shocking look with her mouth wide open and before she says something he continues, “You carry on your hunt with lord krishna…i am going now..will meet in the evening here at the same place. Bye Bye”

Before Rads says something, he disappears by giving her a jerk. Rads still not come out from the shock given by Neil and thinks, “Will teach him a lesson after going to heaven”

Then she turns her concentration towards Krishna who sits on the bench nearby, she smiles and walks towards the direction but she makes sure that she is not watching him.

She walks fast past him but unfortunately her legs gets slow automatically which grabs his attention seeing his lady going crossing him. He jumps down from the bench and runs behind her.

He stands infront of her with broad smile on his face and greets her, “Hey Radhika…Arjun? Remember?”

Rads smiles inside but did not show it to him and with confused face replies, “Arjun? Sorry..i don’t remember” she continues walking away from him leaving Arjun appalled.

Arjun stands at the same place looking at her going and mumbles to himself, “How can she forgot me?”

He raises his eyebrows looking at her and says, “I won’t let you forget me Radhika”

He again walks to her behind her but soon he matches her speed and there in the front Rads smiles thinking about Arjun’s reaction.

Before she understands what was that..she is pulled by a strong arm..and yes it is Arjun who pulls her back by capturing her wrist, she pulls to his chest and hits her front with his. She looks at him shockingly breathing heavily.

Arjun grips his hands on her wrist tightly asking, “How can you forget me so easily? Guess now you remember me?”

Rads looks at him with her widely open eyes and blush seeing his gaze on her and their proximity.

She is trying hard to remove her hand from him but he is not ready to lose and she says, “Leave my hand…my brother will come at anytime”

Arjun chuckles, “I don’t care and what he can do to me?”

Rads rolls his eyes and sighs saying, “Fine…i remember you …leave my hand now”

Arjun smiles and leaves her asking, “Where are you going? That too alone”

Rads blinks what to reply stammers, “Woh…me…going…going…” she gets worried of what to say and exactly the same time, she see some two girls runs crossing them shouting, “College bus came”

Rads sighs lightly, “College”

Arjun, “Oh Nice. Which College?”

Rads points the bus to him where the girls are running to it. Arjun turns to look at the bus and Rads use that chance and runs from him towards the bus and gets in…just to show off. Arjun smiles seeing her and looks at her inside the bus…he waves his hands to her when the bus moves off.

Rads sighs and turns but gets shocked seeing the gang in the bus starring at her. She blinks looking at them and gives a sheepish smile. A girl comes front asking, “Who are you? Which Branch?”

Rads gets tensed thinking and replies, “I am new here”

Another girl, “What’s ur Name?”

Rads, “Radhika”

Girl, “So you are new right?”

Rads just nods her head. Another girl, “Then it’s time to rag you”

Rads, “Rag?”

Girl, “Yes, we will do this for freshers” and they all get into a thinking what they can do to her.

Rads too gets into thinking how to escape from them and suddenly an idea gets flash in her mind and she says excitedly, “I know Magic”

The gang in chorus, “Magic? What Magic?”

Rads, “I will show you. I will do magic now in this bus”

Girl, “What you will do?”

Rads, “By Magic, i will get disappear in a matter of seconds”

Chorusly, “WHAT? How come it is possible?”

Rads, “Like this” by saying this she smiles at them and before they think anything else, Rads gets disappeared from the bus by leaving them shattered.

Rads appear in the same place where she supposed to meet Neil and sits on the bench relaxingly.

@ Fencing Sports Academy

Shri is practising the Fencing fiercely, but she loses her concentration often and gets scolded by her coach. At one point she withdraws and goes to take a break. She sits on the bench leaning her head backwards looking at the ceiling and slowly close her eyes.

She jerks open her eyes hearing a manly voice beside her and when she sees the person nearby her, her world becomes so colorful. Unknowingly she smiles seeing him and asks, “I thought to file a missing complaint for you”

“Why so?” he replied instantly

Shri, “Then what? You just absconded leaving me there in the coffee shop. I couldn’t trace you back too. Then what else you want me to do?” she pause and continues, “Mr. Arjun”

Arjun smiles seeing her and holds his ears saying, “Actually, i got an urgent call, so i had to leave. But i promise, it will not repeat”

Shri smiles and shrugs her shoulder. Arjun, “You look dull?”

Shri, “Actually yes…i am looking for someone who can help me in my dream”

Arjun, “Dream? What’s that? If possible, i am ready to help you”

Shri, “Leave it .. You can’t..” she abruptly stops seeing him and reminds his fencing fight with her the previous day and keeps starring him.

She smiles widely looking at him and screams happily saying, “Yes…Yes…yes…you can do it. can i forget you”

Arjun smiles with her asking, “If you could explain me what i m supposed to do…i will be very happy to do it for you”

Shri, “Simple…You should act in a play we are conducting from my office”

Arjun, “Play?”

Shri excitedly, “Yes…We are taking a bit from one of the historic novel and going to enact it in our Office function.”

Arjun, “Will you be the part of it?”

Shri, “Ofcourse, I am in”

Arjun, “Then, i am fine with it”

Shri squeals happily and takes him with her. They both drives in her scooty to her Office and reach the Auditorium.

She introduces him to all and starts explaining him the script which they have taken to enact from the novel.

They all get dressed into a royal attire and Soon arjun also comes in his attire which was given to him.

Arjun waits for Shri to come out and soon she too comes in a proper royal attire, adorning her with the jewels from top to toe.

Arjun is mesmerized looking at her, she looks diva for him, he keeps starring her as if he will swallow her.

Shri notices his look and wides her eyes to control him with a cute smile on her face. Arjun too smiles and winks at her. Shri blushes and turns otherside to hide her blush.

The program head comes to them and explains them the script and dialogs and takes some 3 to 4 rehersals. Arjun excels in every time where in Shri does mistakes often of unable to have his gaze on her.

Now they are done with the final rehersal and ready to play it at one final time.

The stage background and settings shows it as a Private room of a princess. Arjun walks in the room looking for someone…Before he realize, a sword comes to his neck stopping him moving further.

He looks down at the sword on his chest and his extends his sight towards the hand which is holding it and slowly he lifts his eyes to look at the beautiful and elegant lady who handles it just like that.

The courage, brave, mischief, affection, love everything he could see in her eyes and smiles looking at her eyes.

Shri, “How dare you came inside my room without my permission?”

Arjun, “Just like i came in your heart” he smiles seeing her.

Shri puhes the sword forcibly on his chest saying, “That’s different. But now, it is a big sin that you have done by coming to my room. You have to bear the punishment”

Arjun again push the sword on to his chest more by himself and looks at her face daringly saying, “I am not afraid of any punishment. I am dare enough to face any kind of punishment you give to me”

Shri’s eyes lower down a bit and smiles but she immediately hides her blush and says in a brave voice, “Don’t think that i will let you go so easily. Your punishment is confirmed”

The girls behind her chuckles seeing them and Shri looks them just sliding her head to their side and they all nods their head and leaves from the room leaving them alone.

Shri then notice him saying, “Have you noticed it? Just for my one look, all will be on my feet”

Arjun smirks and says, “I am ready to give my life for you…bowing my head infront of you doesn’t matter for me”

Shri raises her brows, “The great warrior is ready to bow his head infront of a girl…how shame you are?”

Arjun smiles, “As a warrior i am respecting my Princess of this Kingdom”

Shri smiles seeing him and walks to him, she throws the sword on the floor looking at him, “Your place is not on my feet..instead it is here” by pointing her heart and continues, “I don’t want to be the princess of this kingdom…I just wish others to call me as a wife of the great Warrior Arjun”

Arjun holds her hands and keeps it in his chest saying, “You can hear the beat right…You are my life, You are my everything and this will never change untill this beat stops its rythm”

Shri keeps her another hand on his saying, “Even it stops beating, it will never change…the truth is I can’t be claimed by anyone else other than you in this world. I born for you…i am always yours”

They both hugs each other tightly and stays in the same position for sometime but gets jerks and moves apart hearing a loud applause around them.

Arushri looks embarrassed and hides their blush. Shri is completely fallen for him and the words she said for the play is not just the written’s her heart who blurted out everything.

Neil left from the place leaving Radhika and roams on the road aimlessly looking here and there. Some girls started drooling on him seeing his handsome look. He too enjoys the sudden attention from girls and excitedly walks on the road.

He sees some people running to catch a bus, he don’t know what to do…he too runs behind them and tries to get in the bus…but before that it starts moving and Neil keeps his leg on the footstep but gets slipped and is about to fall but he gets hold by a soft hand and within a second he too grab something to hold it tightly.

He looks at the hand which is holding his hand and he sees the girl who looks at him worriedly asking, “Hey….Are you alright?”

He snapping his eyes slowly with a smile on his face, and keeps starring her from top to toe. She keeps asking him and snapping her fingers on his face to get him some sense.

He comes to reality and smiles seeing her and she continues, “Are you hurt?”

Neil nods no and says, “Thank you”

The girl changes her look and starts shouting at him, “Are you out of your nuts? Can’t you step in carefully? If you don’t know all this stunts they y can’t you wait and catch another bus. Don’t do all this stupidity again. Idiot”

Neil blinks at her who moves further inside the bus and gets a seat for herself. Neil goes behind her and stands next to her seat and keeps watching her.

He continues watching her untill the bus conductor comes and shakes him to take tickets. Neil gets confused of not knowing what he is asking.

The conductor starts scolding him of travelling without taking tickets, the girl who hears this gets pity on him and gives the money on behalf of him asking, “Where you want to go?”

Neil thinks fastily and says, “Same as yours”

The girl takes the ticket on the same place as her and gives it to him to keep it carefully.

The stop comes and she gets down, behind Neil too gets down and starts following her.

Neil follows her untill she stops sensing him behind her, she gets angry and goes to him asking, “Why are you following me?”

Neil blinks and says, “To say Thank you”

Girl, “What?”

Neil, “Yes, you saved me in the bus, again you gave money for me…i have to thank you right”

Girl, “It’s ok” and is about to walk but Neil stops her, “What’s your name?”

She narrows her eyes looking at him saying, “Why should i tell my name to a stranger like you?”

Neil, “Before you know me..i was a stranger. But by now, we both know each other…y can’t we be friends. You helped me a lot today and i have to remember you and your kindness. Can we be friends?”

She nods no, “No. I have already enough friends. I don’t want any new entries”

She starts walking away but Neil continues his talk, “OK..atleast tell your name na..if next time by any chance we can meet and just have a normal conversation right”

She looks at him and he extends his hand to her saying, “I am Neil”

She did not give her hand and says, “Gowri” and turns to walk

Neil, “Beautiful Name”

Gowri, “I know”

Neil, “You are also beautiful like your name”

Gowri with a small smile, “Indeed…I am “ and walks fastly without wasting a min there again.

Neil keeps starring her with a broad smile and mumbles, “Beautiful”

Precap: Arjess and Ardhika meeting

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