MMZ – The Modern Krishna (Shot 5)

RaNeil walks on the streets looking at the shops, people … all are new for them and they find it odd when the others stare them.

Neil, “Devi” Rads glare him angrily but did not respond for him.

Neil bites his tongue and says, “Mmmm…Radhika”

Rads smiles and turns him saying, “Yes Neil”

Neil giggles and continues, “Where we can find our Krishna?”

Rads, “Where there are girls, there we can find Krishna”

Neil, “Very good understanding”

Rads, “Don’t waste time..just the check his signal, so we can find him easily”

Neil makes faces saying, “You deactivated our signal right…then y r u asking me”

Rads rolls her eyes and try to track Krishna’s signal through her device. They find him walking on the streets with full of smile.

Neil chuckles, “Krishna is happy without you” and pokes his tongue out.

Rads fumes in anger and says, “Shut up. Will go there now”

They both suddenly disappears from there and jumps infront of the park, a guy who walks there gets scared seeing them jumping from nowhere and falls back and crawls as if seeing the ghost and he runs away from there.

RaNeil blinks at each other seeing the guy ran away and shrugs their shoulders as if nothing happened.

They look for Krishna but couldn’t find him. Neil, “Radhika, you sure that our Krishna is here only?”

Rads, “Hmm yes, the signal shows this place only…but he is nowhere”

Neil finds ice cream shop and seeing the people eating it happily. He pass his tongue over his lips as if he is tasting it and continue starring them.

Rads checking the device of her and starts walking without noticing Neil’s statue position.

She looks at the device continuously and walks ahead, and did not notice the vehicles approaching on the busy road.

Krishna who walks aimlessly on the road, happens to see a beautiful girl with little worry on her face, walking towards his direction.

He mesmerized seeing her but gets tensed seeing the vehicles behind her approaching, he runs fast as he could and pulls her in his strong arm.

Rads gets jerked coz of the sudden pull, and hides her face in the chest where she is in.

Krishna keeps her in his embrace and breathes heavily, slowly rads lifts her eyes and looks at him, but gets shock and surprise seeing Krishna there.

She gets mesmerized seeing him so close and both shares cute eye lock. Krishna did not even know her as his Radha but he is completely bowled over by her beauty.

Neil comes to his sense from his icecream, he searches Radhika around him and finally sees her with Krishna in his embrace.

He freezes for a second and thinks, “Krishna ji, how many times u insulted me…now it is my turn. Ha Ha Ha” and try to laugh like a villain and smirks evily.

He walks to them, adjusts his get up and asking, “Radhika, What happened?”

Radhika and Krishna gets jerked hearing a disturbance and Rads find Neil there and he signs her to come beside him.

Krishna gets irritated seeing him and says, “She was about to hit by the vehicle .. that’s y i pulled her”

Neil smiles evily thinking, “It is my turn my lord” and says, “Thanks for that but in the saving her, you no need to keep her in your embrace”

Rads shocked listening him and turns to look at him but Neil turns his face to other side. Rads blinks seeing Krishna’s face becomes red in anger but he controls it.

Krishna, “Who are you for her?”

RaNeil looks each, “Her brother, you have any problem?”

Radhika rolls her eyes and looks at krishna who stares her lovingly…without her knowledge she automatically reciprocate the smile at him. Neil looks at them and thinks to disturb their romance.

He interrupts, “What’s your Name?”

Krishna thinks for a second, “I used Arjun’s name for other’s sake, then why can’t i use it for my sake then.” then he gives his hand saying, “My name is Arjun”

Radhika and Neil looks each other with wide open eyes and Neil silently gives his hand saying, “I am Neil”

(Arjun from now on)
Arjun gives his hand to Radhika but Neil grabs it saying, “Radhika…Her Name” and gives him a sheepish smile.

Arjun glares him angrily but smiles at Radhika who bows her eyes down of unable to meet his eyes.

Neil adjusts his throat saying, “Shall we leave my dear sister”

Rads don’t want to go leaving Arjun but she has to, she grits her teeth saying, “Yes my dear brother”

Neil chuckles and looks at Arjun who looks them weirdly and Arjun asks, “Why you both talking weirdly?”

Neil, “Because our Family is weird”

Radhika wants to bang her head somewhere for this reply but controls it. Finally they bid bye to each and walks further.

They stops listening Arjun asking, “Where you both are staying?”

Neil instantly, “Platform” and bites his tongue..Rads glare him angrily for his stupid answer and replies, “I mean he said…currently we are in platform but our house is nearby only”

Arjun smiles at her and nods his head, she too did the same and goes with Neil further.

Arjun sits on the bench inside the park and lost in Radhika’s thoughts. He remembers her cute face and eyes and smiles thinking about her.

But suddenly he remember his Radha in heaven and thinks, “Somehow I have to convince Radha to accept this girl and to take her with me to heaven. How can I meet her now? I have to go to other girls also..can’t spend my full time with her…” he worries and again radhika’s face comes to his mind and he smiles saying, “She is so beautiful like my Radha”.

Suddenly he gets an idea and looks at his palm. He just stretches it in 4 different directions and says, “Now I am creating 4 Arjuns for Dipika, Shri Vidya, Jessie & Sathya. From now on, these 4 handsome guys will handle those 4 beautiful ladies. And the 5th one is me..i will go and handle my Radhika”

He smiles widely thinking about it and jumps out from the bench and starts walking on the road happily enjoying the surrounding.

Next day,
Dipika walks into the Music Shoppee her favourite shop till now to get all kinds of music cds and the collections they have which no one have it in that city. Whenever she feels low or sad, or wanna spend time alone, she will come to this shop first and hears her favourite music collections alone in the audio room, and happily spend her time.

But now she is very happy coming there, not for the music but for some one else. She feels so tense thinking whether she can find him today also or not.

She steps in the shop and roams in all the music sections, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. She gets sad and sits on the table worriedly, her eyes keeps strolling the whole place but suddenly stops at one place and her face becomes bright when she finds the music collections of the great singer Kishore Kumar. She immediately rushes there and picks up the CD happily, but after that her face becomes crimson red seeing the person on the opposite rack.

Dipika is rooted there at the same place starring the guy who is also watching her with a cute smile on his face, he waves his hands from other rack to her and whispers, “Hello”

Dipu’s feels something blocked in her throat and she couldn’t open her mouth, her eyes becomes widen seeing him moving to her right and disappears…within a min, he appears again infront of her giving a shock to her.

She steps back seeing him walk ahead. She keeps rolling her beautiful eyes left to right but not starring him. The guy who admires her tension and nervous leans to her face saying, “You came here for me only right? Then y r u not looking at me”

Dipika still looks at the ground and not ready to look at his face, but he is not ready to leave her and maffles near her ears, “DIPIKA”

Dipika is like..anytime ready to faint on that place. She looks blank at him and he continues, “I know you remember me..but why r u so tensed. We met yesterday right…Arjun….don’t say you forgot and I very well know you did not”

Dipika is blushing like hell, now her face becomes like a deep red color of beets, he smiles seeing her antics clutching her stole end and crushing it by her hands.

Arjun, “Ok leave that stole, it will cry if it has mouth”

She instantly drops the stole from her hand and looks at him once with lot of courage, he smiles at her immediately and she too reciprocate the smile now.

Arjun, “Thank god, finally you smiled at me. So Shall we sit somewhere and talk”

Dipika just nods her head and Arupika walks to the nearby table and sits opposite to each other.

They both keep quiet for some time and he looks at the Kishore Kumar’s CD on her hand and grabs it saying, “Even I like his songs much. Shall we hear it?”

She gets happy and says, “Yeah sure”

Arjun, “Now you spoke…your voice is so sweet” she smiles and he continues, “like you” and now again she back to her beets color.

Arjun giggles seeing her color swings (like mood swings) and laughs then both get into the Audio room.

They placed the headset and plays the romantic song of Kishore Kumar “Mere dil mein aaj kyaa hai”
Translation link is given below
(Here )

Arupika looks each other and she moves her vision to other side of unable to see him. Looks like the song speaks their heart out and she hardly controls her blushing having her dream man with her…just beside her. Oh god, bechari how she stands steadily having him near her.
I pray god should save her somehow from not fainting.

Precap: Ardhika meeting and Arushri meeting

How is the chapter guys, hope you like it. Pls pour all your precious comments here…expecting eagerly.

Dipu you are the must person to put a loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg comment…lol  what still blushing is it…becareful , your face becomes beet color when you blush, aunty will mistakenly slice your cheeks thinking it as beetroot 😛 😛 :P.

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  2. arti viswanathan

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