Hey guys, hope you have enjoyed this shot..and thank you so much for laughing and that’s what my intention too. So basically I intend to write this to pull our own legs where in i included my friends also here…and i am sure they won’t mind instead enjoying it with me. Love you guys 🙂

Here is the next shot:


Radha bites her nail worriedly and Naradha smirks at her reaction, he leaned towards her saying, “Devi Radha, looks like you have to give vacation to Krishna ji at times to visit The Earth..especially to meet this girl.” he giggles saying, “She is so sweet and looks like krishna ji impressed”

Radha glares him angrily, “What Naradha? You started your game is it?”

Naradha panics seeing her angry, “No No Devi…i was just joking”

Radha stops him by raising her palm towards him and says, “I will see you afterwards, Now where krishna ji will go?”

Naradha gulps, “I guess, he has to go to meet Radha?”

Radha, “What? Radha?”

Naradha, “I..mean..the girl who says she is Magadh Princess Radha right…he has to meet that girl”

Radha gritting her teeth, “Who kept her name as Radha?”

Naradha, “She herself”

Radha hits her head and tells, “God…i can’t understand this girls. OK leave it…change the signal to the place where that Radha stays”

Naradha adjusts the signal and it shows the place where the girl stays who represents herself as Magadh princess Radha.

@ Earth,

Lord Krishna Aka Arjun hears a voice from nowhere and it is from Naradha only who tells him that it is time for him to move to the place where Radha stays. Krishna makes faces murmuring, “This Naradha will never allow me to be happy anywhere” and he replies saying, “Send me the details Naradha”

Krishna gets the details and checks the girl’s picture in it, he gets impressed seeing the picture and says, “Naradha..At times, you are doing good…i will keep it in mind”

He looks into his watch and changes the destination and enables the GPS locator in it. He closes his eyes for a min and immediately disappears from there and appears in the place where the girl Radha is now.

He looks at the building and reads the name, “FENCING SPORTS ACADEMY”

He with a question look, “FENCING? Let see what’s there inside”

Krishna ji enters inside and once he gets inside he hears the noise everywhere and he looks around the whole place where the people are practising the Fencing sport.

He gets impressed seeing that and says, “Oh my god…ok i am the god…Oh my Krishna, this fencing is nothing but the sword fight which we do…crazy people keeping different names for the ancient ones and calling it as new. Hmm let it be who cares it…but my worry is how can i find that girl here”

He roams everywhere there and gets stuck in one of the ring where two people are practising doesn’t look like they are practising…they are both are looking equal in handling the rapier style swords and infact they are playing with the sword type called as Sabre one of the weapon used in fencing sports. Krishna ji gets impressed and stares the way how they are playing with it and finally he sees one person defeated the other and stands there proudly. Krishna wants to play with that and he enters inside the ring taking the Sabre from the lost one. The refree comes and stops him but krishna ji hynotised him and makes him agree to play with it. But before that he changes himself into the protective cloth as the opposite has. They both play the Fencing as if they are playing this for so long years.

Krishna ji is able to feel the opposite guy plays it very easily and at the same time efficiently making the Sabre floating in the air. Even at times he feels that he is not upto the mark but somehow he used his magic and distracts the other person’s concentration and locks him in his arms. Now they are in the position of Krishna locks the person from behind and have his Sabre around his neck and his another hand folds that person’s hand which has the weapon in it. So now he completely locks him in his arms and feels the heavy breathe from him.

The refree announces that Krishna ji won the game , so he leaves that person whom he locked and is about to remove his BIB (Fencing Mask) and cloths but stops seeing the person who is removing the mask…Krishna ji is in surprise mode seeing the person inside the mask is nothing but a girl…when she removes the mask and shakes her head, her hairs starts floating in the air coz of the mild breeze…krishna ji is standing as a statue having his mouth open widely. The girl is in angry mode now thinking about her lost with a new person. He comes to his sense seeing her and removes his mask and gives an seductive smile at her. Her anger rose to the peek seeing him smiling at her, she continues her fight again with him…Krishna ji did not expect this sudden attack but some how protects himself from gettig hurt.

She pours all her anger and again she gets locked in his arms now but this time the clever krishna locks her in his arms making her to face him. He tightens his grip on her and gives a lavish smile saying, “Princess Radha”

That’s it.and that’s enough for that girl to loose her confident, she looks into his eyes saying, “How do you know about that?”

Krishna, “How can i not know? After all i am your Magadh Warrior Arjun”

She is completely flat now and whispers what he said, “Warrior Arjun”

(Again we will call him as Arjun from here)

Arjun smiles and she questions him again, “How can i believe you?”

Arjun, “Except Warrior Arjun, who can fight with you and make you lose like this?”

She raises her left brow looking at him with a proud smile on her face, she releases her from him and takes back two steps from him saying, “I believe you”

Arjun, “So are you not happy seeing your magadh warrior infront of you”

She replies spontaneously, “I always…but at the same time…now i am one of the common people and i don’t have a sign of being a Princess Radha anymore”

Arjun with a cute smile, “I know it already and that’s y i came here to find my you and remember you are always my princess” he extends his hand to her saying, “Arjun”

She is completely gets impressed and shakes her hand with him saying, “Shri Vidya, in short SV”

Arjun, “How about a coffee?”

SV smiles in acceptance, “I would like to”

They both leave the academy and gets comfortable in one of the nearby coffee shop. Both indulges in their talks where in Krishna aka Arjun couldn’t hear anything what Naradha is saying from Heaven.

@ Heaven,

Radha walks left to right and vice versa tensedly seeing all these. Naradha blinks seeing her and she starts her scolding session again.

Radha, “Naradha, what’s all happening in the earth? We asked him to just help them…but he himself is behind them. I don’t like whatever is happening now”

Naradha, “But krishna ji likes it seems”

Radha, “WHAT?”

Naradha, “I mean…mean”

Radha, “You mean nothing. Now i have decided”

Naradha, “What Devi?”

Radha, “Do arrangements for my travel from Heaven to Earth”

Naradha is shocked and clearly shows in his tone, “Heaven to Earth? But Devi, how come it is possible?”

Radha, “How come it got possible for your Krishna? The same way”

Naradha, “But is little tricky and more over we have to inform Krishna ji about this”

Radha, “No need to inform. You just do what i say. Rest i will see and yeah…you are also coming with me to Earth”

Naradha makes faces saying, “Me? Earth? Oh no…i can’t come there”

Radha, “Why u can’t come?”

Naradha, “Devi, i already have so many competitors in Earth. What i will do there?”

Radha, “You be my assistant and do whatever i say. Now no more questions and do the arrangements” by saying this she goes to her garden leaving Naradha in shock.

Naradha chuckels says, “Narayana…Narayana, Krishna ji..get ready for the war now”

Precap: Modern Krishna meets the third Girl and Radha is excited to travel to Earth.

That’s it guys….how is this second part of the Modern Krishna. It is purely a humor based shots. hope you all like it and pls silent readers give your comments.

Imagine Anchor Manish Paul in the Naradha character. He fits for that role perfectly.

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  1. Meen

    Gosh…..I swear just I was this abt this ff….& it came……..oooooooooooooooooooooooooooho…….I love it……& my ….my….sv is gonna Hv a heart attack….. Krishna….himself came to her…..that tooo in d form of Arjun….sv will do a happy dance after reading this……narada was perfect…..& now radha will come on earth…..girl u r perfect….. I loved it…..muuuuha

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Meen… And it really means a lot. She already got a attack lol.. Love u too dear

  2. Dev

    Satya…its sv dis time….huh….lucky grl got 2 know kishnaji really close??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dev dear… Yeah of course sv becomes lucky

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, love it to the core, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear..

  4. arti viswanathan

    Sathya yaar its so Amazing story….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much arti dear

  5. Myra

    Satz akka….your brains…man….how do you even manage to think of stuff like that…it was hilarious and i loved it….now radha will become radhika..right?

    Sorry di, for not being able to comment on ETL….it was a super se bhi upar update….finally, the truth unfolds……worried for radhika, though …please give plenty of ardhika scenes in the next….and most importantly update soon….desperately waiting…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra dear… Lol this plot I dedicated to my besties jaaaazzzz sv n dipu…. It came when we discussed about the handsome man obviously arjun…. Lol

      And no pbm thank u so much for ur comments on ETL… I ll update next soon

  6. Jessie

    Narayana..Narayana…hahaha…????morning dose..!!! Who kept her name as Radha…she…rofl ya…SatZ..awesome dialogues I tell you…naughty krishna..locks her twice n warewah1 scenes….lucky sv…oh my krishna!! Loved that one…and he is totally into the character before her..hayyye…wat a lovely moment..gps locator…heheeh….Radha comes to…and. …naradh1 has competitors…good one ya..?????Satz…super se upar…I loved one so lovely….oh my krishnaa…Love u loads…TC…

    1. Sathya

      Jaaaazzzziiiiiii…. My bestie… M flying seeing ur comments yar…. I m so happy seeing ur each words here… Oh my Krishna… Lol it will be now OMK…

  7. Bhabya

    Di thanks for the update. Oh woow sv di as radha!!!! its amazing… waiting for the nxt update love you diiiii.

    1. Sathya

      Thank I so much Bhabya dear… Love u too

  8. S.v

    Iye jolly jolly super intro for me lol radha devi is angry to hear my name lol and krishna awwwww he locks me twice wish to get locked for eternity he is my fav god yaar cant help it. awwww he is flat looking at me he be be and praises naradha manish paul thank u thank u thank u for giving my pic was I nice in that ha ha ha ba ayyayooo gone im gonw totally gone wow sword fight he he be never knew that I posseessed that quality lol thank u so kuch sathya love u love u muhhhhhaaaaaaaa.

    1. Sathya

      Lol… Ennama innum kuthichite irukiya… Seekirama Kela irangi vaa… Unaku intha scene eluthum pothu… Enaku evlo burning ah irunthuchunu enaku matum than theriyum… Chinna ponnu aasapattaale nu than eluthiruka… Polachu poven

  9. Nayan

    Nice and cute update … I was feeling like watching a movie … l’m excited to watch radha’s travel to earth … poor naradha .. he is going to face consequences of his deed for provoking radha … enjoyed it lot .. plzzzzzzzzz update soon … stay blessed ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    1. Sathya

      Thank u do much Nayan dear … That’s a great compliment I got…

  10. Now that’s it!!! I was desperately waiting for this only. Narada well said, Krishna ji, get ready for the war. Your RADHAa is COMING!!!!! You rocked it Sasha keep it up. Post soon?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much we…. Yes now Krishna Ji has to face radha n there is a twist

  11. Gauri

    SV ki lottery lag gayi……Sathya kya kar dala yaar…..I cant even tell you how much I am enjoying this fun ride of Krishna…Radhha jealous…she is going to earth….ab Krishnaji phasenge ….icing on the cake Narad’s line… ” I have so many competitors on the earth….” LOL …I am laughing like hell….but this one is your master piece…Stay blessed 🙂 ??????? love u

    1. Sathya

      Gauri… My darling… I m just flattered reading ur words… M so so so happy… Lol yes Naradha word is so true that in Earth it is difficult for him to survive… Thanks a lot dear for ur enormous support

  12. Aasthu

    haha its superb !!!!!!! wonder what Radha is gonna do nw…….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much aasthu… Now it will be more fun to see radha in Earth…

  13. Vanshika

    OMG…. Hhahaha rofl what an amazing fanfic I swear I haven’t read such an amazing fanfic till now… Hare Krishna,,, love u… Jai shri Krishna;;!!! So superb u have maintained the smile ? on my face…

    1. Sathya

      Thank I so much vanshika n that’s a huge compliment I got. I m so happy that I maintained ur smile… Thank u so much

  14. Jewel

    nice one sathya, couldn’t read ur first chapter before, now only i read both. a different and funny plot sathya, liked it… thinking that what is radha’s plan?? waiting for next one…. sathya, plz post must be love also…plz

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel dear 🙂 LOL Now Radha will make Krishna mad…u have more funny scenes round up in upcoming episodes.

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    My lovelyyyy Satzzzz. was really superbbbb. ….hilarious n out

  16. Roma

    My lovelyyyy Satzzzz. …it’s really superbbbb n awesome, outstanding marvellous shot…I’m laughing so bad…..Narada n radha convo is so lovely. ….she is so annoyed n Narada getting amused but scared from her too…hehehe…Krishna got GPS watch….lol..princess radha n Krishna sword fight was very awesoooooome. …n their convo soooooo cuteeeee. …radha feeling jealous n planning her visit to earth accompanied with narada….wowwww……Narada is enjoying so much….lovely narration n awesoooooome dialogues. …..amazing shot….loved it to the coreeeee….now third girl is Jessie???. ..keep it up honeyyy. ….love you loads…..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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