Promo for The Modern Krishna

Scene 1: Ardhika + Neil

Modern Krishna mesmerized seeing Radhika, but gets tensed seeing her in the half mid of the road and the vehicle behind her. He pulls her towards him and she falls on his chest and slowly lifts her face to look at him. Both gets into a cute eye lock.

Neil looks at them and gets alert seeing Krishna there with Radhika in his arms. He adjusts his get up walks keeping his face straight says, “Radhika, what happened?”

Radhika and Krishna gets jerked and Neil signs her to come beside him. She too obeys him silently. Krishna gets tensed seeing him and says, “She was about to hit by the vehicle..that’s y i pulled her”

Neil in his mind, “Lord Krishna, now it is my turn” he smiles evily in his mind and keeps his face serious towards Krishna saying, “Ok thank you and for that you no need to keep her in your arms like this. Keep distance”. Radhika is shocked listening his speech and looks at him but Neil didn’t turn to her side.

Krishna gets angry but controls seeing Radhika, “Who are you for her?”

Radhika and Neil looks each and he says, “Her Brother. Do you have any problem?”

Radhika rolls her eyes and looks at krishna who stares her lovingly…without her knowledge she automatically reciprocate the smile at him. Neil looks at them and thinks to disturb their romance. He interrupts, “What’s your Name?”

Krishna thinks for a second, “I used Arjun’s name for other’s sake, then why can’t i use it for my sake then.” then he gives his hand saying, “My name is Arjun”

Radhika and Neil looks each other with wide open eyes and Neil silently gives his hand saying, “I am Neil”

Arjun gives his hand to Radhika but Neil grabs it saying, “She is Radhika” and gives him a sheepish smile.

Scene 2: Arjun aka Krishna sits alone talks to himself, “How can i meet Radhika tomorrow, i have to go to other girls also…Yaar..where i am stuck now. Hmm she is so beautiful like my Radha. I should somehow convince Radha to get her with me.” He looks at his palm and he gets an idea to handle his situation. He smiles brightly.
He raises his hand and extends the palm pointing the five fingers on different positions and says, “Now i am creating 4 Arjuns and will be sending them to those 4 ladies. Now on they are their Arjuns and i will go behind Radhika peacefully.

Scene 3: Arupika (Arjun + Dipika)

Dipika comes to music shop believing that she can see her Arjun today also. She looks for him in and out of the shop, she is not finding him. She goes to Gazal section and picks up some CD’s but happened to see Arjun behind the shelf and smiles at her. Dipu’s heart skips a beat seeing his signature smile.

Guys, for now, i have decided only upto this. Dipu you like this name or u wanna change it…tell me if u want to?

The ship names for the rest pairs are and the credit goes to our great Manha 🙂

Arushri (Arjun + Shri)

Arjeya (Arjun + Jeya (Jess))

Aruthya (Arjun + Sathya)

Do you all like the Promo? COmments pls

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  1. Like the promo??? I love it…. Can’t wait to read the next epi post soon…. ?

  2. Oh my god.radhika ve correct panna radhika kittaya convince panna poran and aruthya aiyoo superb.oru vishayam mattum nalla theriyuthu.neengalum enna maari aham sharma voda diehard fan.thank you akka love you take care

  3. Sangee

    Superb promo yar… And those newly coined names for the couples wah wah… Sema Ponga… So 4 Arjuns… Each one had their own version of arjun…. Waiting for next one.. . Take care ?

  4. Sulbi

    I loved it sisy…. Neil’s reaction was awsme… my buddy always rocking…. superb promo… curious to know more… update soon… tc…

  5. S.v

    yoooo hooo the second part made me jump….. yooo hooo im having my version come on my tiger u are my love…. woo hooo appada oru vazhiya avan avannukku oru aal thanks lol
    enaku indha dealing pudichurukku he he he thank u thank u thank u

  6. arti viswanathan

    Sathya excellent episode. I loved it… All scenes are excellently written….

  7. Jessie

    SAtzz….Promo.. 5 Arjun… what you get such like..hhaha..kalakunga…am falling for the cover pic itself…I liked Ardhika krishna ku shock when his radha is radhika…eager. for that….He creates 4 arjuns to tackle the issue just to romance with gosh,,and then decides Radha to help to get her… What a love god!!!

    ship name….Satz…ena ma nee ippadi paniriya ma… “Arjess”…for demand..Rak lo.varna i will run away from…

    1. Sathya

      Okay Jaaaazzzziiiiiii…. I remember this name when Manu kept.. I ll change it don’t worry…. U can’t run away from arjun.. He will not leave u so easily baby….

  8. Shree

    wwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!! semma.. hehe narada revenge.. love you neil..haha connvince.. 4 arjuns… uff..

    waiting waiting.. seekram ka.. love you

  9. Dipika

    Goddddd satzzzz why did you stopped yarrr.. I was started blushing uncontrollably… Like… No… I LOVEEEEEEEEDDDD this…. God.. My romance Queen… You brilliantly put my music passion here…. Ohhhh.. arjun smiling at me.. His smile.. God.. That dimple filled smile.. I can die for that smile…
    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE TO MEET MY VERSION OF ARJUN.. ARUPIKA.. Wow… How romantic to pronounce.. Lol.. Honestly i liked it soooo. Much…. Plssd keep it as it is…. M soooo on cloud 9 or at heaven… M flying… Ohhh god i couldn’t able to come down on earth so soon.. I think today i gonna hav this dream of meeting with arjun…

    Coming to story.. It is a one the fabulous n beautiful story.. I like the radz n krishna’s encouter.. Neil dialogue.. Haha.. Brother.. Now krishna uses arjun name n made four more arjun for each girl.. Wow.. What imagination darling… You stole my heart.. M sooo eager for next.. Pls pls plsssss.. Pretty pls.. Update soon… Love you my senorita
    ? ? ? ? ? ?

  10. Brin

    Awesome promo, awesome couple name, well done, waiting for the episode. 🙂

  11. Viprida

    Sathya ji, superb promo that was!! Narada had his revenge for leaving him a bachelor!! Superb heroic for Arjun, though!! And, beautiful twist by creating different Arjuns!! I’m seriously curious to know what will happen in the end!! Looking forward for the next one!! Take care happie day!!

  12. Gauri

    Sathya….I want more 🙂 🙂 Promo looks awesome …now please post soon

  13. Sammy

    I just saw this now …..wao akka …….me like waooo .again …???????lovely epic ?????

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