MMZ- Misconceptions Sneek Peek and Sorry note from Sweetie

Salaam everyone… How are you all??? I’m really sorry for not updating any of my stories… Firstly I was busy with counselling, as you people know that already… Second, I had an accident and got hair line fracture to my leg… I was instructed not to move my leg for about two weeks, so you have to wait for another two weeks or so, so sorry about that… After my plaster got removed, the first thing I’m going to do is to type Misconceptions next chapter, pakka promise…
Next about the Misconceptions next chapter, here is a sort of sneek peek: What will happen when Radhika open her eyes to find herself in unfamiliar surroundings? (As you know Radhika is just adjusting to the new surroundings and it is only one day of her marriage…) What will she do to wake Arjun up who is like cousin brother of Kumbhakaran?? What will be Arjun’s reaction to find Radhika in his bedroom?? How will the first ritual of kitchen go with these two strong heads and not to forget with Radhika who has null knowledge of kitchen except preparing instant food??
As you all know I like to give endearments that hero and heroine call each other after the journey of love has started, what do you think the names should be for Radhika and Arjun respectively? As of now Radhika calls him as copy kitten… What should Arjun call her for the present scenario?? Pawan got his share as Mr. Spoon and what about Hitesh?? I’m thinking about ‘Red Bull’ for Hitesh, what say!! 😉
Another thing I didn’t read any of the stories that were updated from earlier of this month so will not be able to provide any of my reviews either… God!!! Feel so horrible to just lie on bed and not do anything, anyone share this feeling with me???
Replies to the reviews for Misconceptions- chapter 6:
Roma di- Thank you so much for those lovely words and you have to miss me for another two weeks, so sorry for that… 🙁
Ritu- Thank you so much dear… 🙂 Counseling went fine but for a change, my head was spinning that day… Checking officer didn’t leave a chance to make me run from one end to other… 🙁
So this is it peeps, I’m not going to leave any of my stories in half way… Please miss me for another two weeks… 😉 Love you all and have a great day ahead…


  1. arti viswanathan

    Sweetie dear take care of ur health and fracture also. I know how it feels when b u are bedridden…I liked thecstory very much… and will wait for u to get well soon.

  2. Myra


    |Registered Member

    Soul sister….tum bhi naaa…..get well soon….misconceptions is always worth the wait….first, get your leg straight…

    Get well soon….
    Love you loads and loads 😘😘😘

  3. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Manaaassaa…my darling sissy…take care of ur health ya…we will will bring the of now..jus eat well..sleep well…get well soon…love u loads…TC…

  4. Dipika


    |Registered Member

    Ohhhhhh wht it is sweetheart.. U had an accident…n fracture too..god pla take care of urs..we will wait to read awesome words by u..n red….thts fab…n i think i can’t suggest catchy nickname like u so i will njoy whtevr u will decide for aradhika..n m soo damn eager to read their reaction.. of kumbhakaran..hahaha….sleeping handsome.
    Hahahahah….get well soon..n take rest as much u u..muhha

  5. Gauri


    |Registered Member

    Sweetie darling health comes first take care of your self and get well soon and will miss your stories 😀 load so of love stay blessed 🙂

  6. Roma


    |Registered Member

    Sweetie my lovely sissyyy. ..please take very good good care of yourself my dear. ..your health is most important honeyyy. can wait…n want u to be fine n healthy alwaysssss. …I hope u recover soon…..the sneak peek was very awesome. …ardhika as married couple their nok jhok n funny names….lol….I’ll miss you soooooo muchhhh my sweetheart…just take care…n get well soon…love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug n lots of kisses ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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