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How I met your mother
One shot

Hey guys, since I was having a little free time…I decided to write an one shot…this is my first single shot story…hope you like it….do let me how how it was….will update passion project soon 
It is year 2045.

Arjun was sitting in his living room, on the dining table. While his two kids, sia (19) and Aryan(22) are watching tv. Sia switches off the tv and turns to arjun.
Sia teased, “papa…it hasn’t even been two hours since mom left for rishikesh and you’re already missing her? Relax….she is just gone for a week..”
Arjun was bit annoyed, “sia…who says I miss her? I mean, it’s a welcome break….radhika was always around pestering me…now let her pester ankush for some time.”
Arjun’s heart knew that meant the exact opposite but he obviously couldn’t say that in front of his kids.
Aryan, “dad…seriously? mom cant lie but she has taught us how to catch when you are.”
Sia, “papa..i have seen you looking at her picture…for past half an hour….come on..”
Arjun looked on..
Sia continued, “ohhhh…it just clicked to me…papa we haven’t ever heard you’re and mom’s love story….tell us naa.”
Aryan too agreed.
Arjun, “sia and Aryan just stop being unreasonable …okay? What makes you think that I’ll tell you our story?”
The kids just stared at him and rolled their eyes.
Arjun let out a sigh, “okay fine….i’ll tell you…but you got to promise that you’ll never tell you mother that I told you…she’ll kill me.”
Aryan, “dad…now you are just exaggerating…mom is so calm…” Aryan teased him further.
Arjun smiled, “okay….your mom has a better temper than me…happy now? God…this kid cant listen anything against mom.”
Sia chipped, “neither can i.”
Arjun smiled. His kids were everything he had ever imagined them to be. They were perfect. Sia reflected radhika, she was beautiful, calm, giving, creative, intelligent and could do anything for her loved ones. and Aryan was just like arjun, loving and caring when it comes to family…but merciless for those hurting them. Arya had completed his management and now a days arjun was teaching him, the handling of a company… arjun surprise, Aryan had a natural talent for it. Sia on the other hand was doing fashion designing.
Sia’s voice broke arjun’s thoughts, “dad?”
Arjun loved how his kids called him dad sometimes and papa at others.
Arjun, “umm, yeah….sia go prepare some popcorn and Aryan go get some cola for all three of us. Its gonna be a looong night.”
After sia and Aryan returned, arjun, “u know kids, your uncle neil and your aunt samaira, were your mom’s best friends. I came in their life very later.”
The kids eyes widened, they had known them all four to be bestfriends…who just got married to each other.
Arjun, “those days, I hadn’t met your mom and neither were neil and sam in love. They were just best friends. Those days sam and radhika lived together and neil *arjun laughed a little*……and neil, he practically lived there as well. They had a small group of friends and they would hangout at sam and radhika’s place, and neil the lazy bones would always need up crashing on the couch, wishing he could teleport. He even had a bunch of clothes there.”
Sia, “how’d you meet mom?”

Arjun, “you remember the dog we had when you guys were younger….bonzo?”
Both of them nodded their heads in positive. They loved bonzo…and had cried inconsolably when he died.
Arjun, “well, one day…I took bonzo out for a walk early in the morning on the marine drive. Say, by luck or destiny…your mom also happened to be there. Bonzo started running and I was trying to keep up to him….suddenly my hand lost the grip on his leash and he ran. He ran to your mom and licked her. She started playing with him. And when I reached a couple of minutes later, I just got mesmerized in her, she looked so damn adorable laughing and playing. See looked at me and said if it was my dog….i just don’t know where all my confidence went and I just nodded. It’s a lovely dog, she said handing over the leash to me. And off she went jogging. Actually forgot her bottle which she had kept on the ground when bonzo ran to her. I saw it and picked it up. I don’t know what happened to me and I took it home.”
Aryan, “love at first sight…was it?”
Arjun, “yeah…it was… I just wanted to know her better…wanted to sit by the side and hear her talked endlessly for hours…I wanted to explore new places with her…I just wanted to lay on the ground looking at her while she looked at the night sky…yes, it was love at the first sight…..but I was hopeless…I didn’t even know her name..all I had was this bottle hers. I could nothing about it. I saw her no more and soon I forgot about her.”
Sia, “dad!!! What happened next? I mean, how’d you meet her again?”

Arjun, “sia, my dear…I know you are excited, but I am getting to it. Have patience. You know changed companies that year, I joined birdsong as the marketing head. Radhika, sam and neil also worked there. It was a small but highly efficient company. The employees were like family. I don’t know…maybe it was destiny that I joined bird song out of all the companies in the world. I guess, I was just meant to meet her. Well, I was thoroughly shocked seeing her there. But she didn’t remember me. I introduced my self and went to my cabin. We all worked together. I used to watch radhika work from my cabin, she had a strange calming effect on me. Soon, I befriended neil and was introduced to their group, radhika, sam, teji, neil, kritika and zubin. After a couple of months, I too started hanging out with them. I even visited radhika’s home and was pleasantly surprised to see the way she had decorated her home. Everything about her made me fall even more for her. She was perfect. Well, after about an year, kritika and zubin got married to each other and left to live in Canada. This just left nesam, me, radhika and teji. Now, radhika and me started hanging out more together…well, at times neil and sam had work and teji was busy. It just left me and her. I admired her beauty, she was confident of herself. Kids, your mother is a big foodie. Whenever we hung out she used to took me to a new eatery each time and then demanded that give a treat and she gave the most incredible reasons for it. At times, even nesam joined us. I just loved her constant blabbering and seeing her talk so passionately about food. She used to cook for all of us and believe me, her food was lip smacking, even then. You know I was harbouring feeling for her for almost two years. Yet I couldn’t do anything about it. I was frustrated, she was so close yet so far. I pained me to see her with another guys……you know it had kinda become a ritual with us, we used to rate each other’s counterpart and if we found them inappropriate the other person would break up with him/her. We are family away from family. Radhika used to bring guys and ask for approvals. I never dared to go first…it always had to anyone of the other three…I just didn’t know what to say…I found no guy upto her match. She was mine and someday I would claim her. It pained my heart to see her with other guys. And kids, between you and me I was even the cause of her breakup with some of the guys, I was scare them or would pay them to break up with her.”
Aryan, “woah! Dad…I didn’t know you could do stuff like that….its like your feelings were totally messing u up….when did you finally confess??”
Arjun, “well, one day it was raining heavily, she walked in our usual coffee shop with a guy named saral. He was the biggest jerk ever.That day I lost my cool…dragged her out…leaving everybody else bewildered, I shook her asking whats wrong with her…couldn’t she say the guy was a jerk….he just kept checking other girls out in front of her. I told radhika that she was very innocent and saral was just taking advantage of her. I was so harsh that her eyes welled up and tears started to stream down her cheeks. Before i could say anything, saral came out and held radhika by shoulders. I was burning at the sight of them together. I don’t know what came over your mom and she removed his hand and slapped him hard, yelling curses at him, by now even neil and sam had come out. All of us were drenched. Saral looked around and saw that he had been publicly humiliated, he raised his hand to slap radhika back. But I and neil both stopped in the nick of him. And we just ganged up on him and kids, I don’t encourage this, but we just beat the shit of him.”

Radhika was scared, sam was holding her. I didn’t know what to do or how to do…for once in these three years, my feelings overcame. I just prayed that it wouldn’t cost me, my friendship with her. Neil looked face and saw that I was lost. Your uncle neil is my best friends, he was even then. He could just understand by looking at my face that I was hiding something. He instantly took charge, taking all of us back home…into warmth before anyone catches a cold…I saw radhika shivering, she was completely drenched. Moreover her white top was turning shear, I gave her my jacket. She gave me a grateful look. Back at home , neil roared like an angry lion….he ordered radhika and sam to change and dry themselves. we both changed as well. Radhika came out wearing my t shirt with her jeans. She looked so adorable. Neil caught me looking her which earned me a glare from him. He asked the girls to cook dinner from all the available resources present, see, he spent most of the time with us at rasam’s place. So, his place was really stocked up.
He dragged me out with him and took me to a early by café, ordered coffee for both of us. He looked at intently me and asked, whats wrong. I hesistated at first. Neil lost patience and screamed at him. I quickly told him the entire story as to how I met radhika at the marine drive…till day.. I even told him that I loved her from the bottom of her loved and wished to marry her. Your uncle kept quiet so for time , as if analyzing me and my feelings, his silence was freaking me out. He finally smiled and approved me for her. He further elaborated on plan to propose to her. It was the best. I thanked him and he smiled saying that getting two of my best friends hitched for life is the most wonderful feeling.
Neil somewhere down the lane could see a strange affection in radhika’s eyes for me.
Sia, “see? That’s why I say my neil is the best….*she showed her tongue.*”
Arjun rolled his eyes, “your ‘uncle’ neil.”
Neil told sam and teji who both approved of me and promised to take part in his plan whole heartedly.
The next day we all made a plan to go out for a movie. This obviously was a background cover up for neil’s actual plan. Sam made an excuse and went out, she came to the house i and neil shared and called up radhika saying that she’ll meet her directly at the theater as she was stuck somewhere. Radhika called neil asking if he could come pick her up. But neil lied saying he had to pick sam and would send me. I went to pick her up…I stopped short in my tracks, seeing her…she looked so amazing in a knee length dress all ready. I came inside and she asked me, how do I look….gorgeous I replied. Just as we were about to move out, the door clicked close and was locked from outside, no matter how hard your mother tried to open the door she couldn’t. I too fake tried with her. The lock up was obviously done by teji on neil’s say. Radhika dialed both neil and teji asking them to come to her rescue. Both of them were standing outside but told her that they would take some time to reach.
Your mother and I sat on the floor besides the door talking. Slowly and slowly I told radhika how much I loved her. Her eyes welled up looking at me in disbelief. Just when I thought my world came crashing down, she hugged me saying that I didn’t even had any idea that for how long she was waiting for me say that, I love you arjun!
A couple of months later I saw myself standing a black tuxedo, smiling broadly looked at radhika who was dressed in a white bridal dress. While the minister pronounced us husband and wife. All the while neil and sam kept looking at each other and this didn’t go unnoticed by your mother,she knew how they both loved each other dearly but were afraid to express. she made them confess their feelings and got them married then and there.”
Aryan was smiling wildly and sia had tears of joy in her eyes, this was the most beautiful love story she had ever heard.
Arjun hugged them both and whispered“and kids that’s how I met your mother.”
That’s it guys, do let me know how it was. I wanna check whether I pass or I fail at one shots. 

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  1. Brin

    Obviously you pass, love the way Arjun was telling the story of how he met Radhika to his children, you nail it, well done. 🙂

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      Thanks brin…i m so glad you liked it 🙂

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      Thanks gayu 🙂

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      Thanks bhabya ….will surely think about one on nesam..since you mentioned….stay blessed 🙂

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  7. Nita D

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        Plz msg me when u write more such os…..

        Actually i don’t check this page frequently so n i wouldn’t like to miss any of your os….n if u have written earlier than plz give me the links….

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      Thank you so much nishi….but dont you think most brilliant wouldnt be a bit of exaggeration…huh?….just kidding…so glad you liked it…stay blessed 🙂

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      Thank you so much thena…you cant even imagine what your made my morning means to me….i on the moon now….i m so happy you liked it …thanks 🙂

  13. Hey Myra…..this is lovely cute n awesome really enjoyed every bit of it and u passed with flying colours
    kids excitement and teasing Arjun very cute
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      Aastha….i passed with flying colours….really??? I am so glad you feel that way…stay blessed 🙂

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  15. Dipika

    Ohhh wow myra dear its soooo cute fairy love story…i was lost..aradhika kids..sia n so adorable…omg arjun hesitate to share his feelings to rads for 3 years..haha..nesam too cute…neil is always plays role of crystal… But i want rads at the end to come n listen the story arjun telling their kids..pls come up with nxt shot u..

    1. Myra

      Dipika dear…..i am so glad you are happy with this….to be honest..while writing i wasnt really sure about whether you guys will like it or not….it was a different story…non conventional…..i am thinking of writing a one shot on nesam nesam next….what say?….love you. 🙂

      1. Dipika

        Thats good idea dear..go on
        …m excited for nxt shot..

  16. Jessie

    Fantastic Myra.. u made my mrng with this sweeeet ff.. i loved it… u included ma1 fav bonzo…love u loads.. TC

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      Really jessie???? I am dancing here that i made your morning……just kidding….okay….you know what….bonzo’s my fav too….love you…and thank you so much ❤

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      Thank you so much rossy…. 🙂

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    Myra dear.. 🙂 Such a cute love story.. 😀 Obviously you pass yaar..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

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      Thanks sweetie 🙂 ….glad you feel so.

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      I surely will ritu…currently i wanna complete the next part of passion project…i’ll see after that.. Stay blessed. 🙂

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      Shruti dear….i dont think you get it….its a one shot….the story just ended….there is nothing after this.

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