MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Radhika woke up …but Arjun was already gone….she packed her stuff and checked out of her room…Radhika’s hear was feeling strange after yesterday’s night but she decided not to think about it …. When she came out Sam was sitting next to Neil…she looked at Neil… neil nodded and spoke; ‘’Sammy you should go with Arjun…you came with him…Chashni is my responsibility’’…

Sam gave Radhika a hateful glare…she felt Arjun is punishing Radhika and that is why she is running from him…she smirked; ‘’Socially she is Arjun’s responsibility and will go with him…’’ Neil was about to interrupt but Radhika gestured him to stop…she quietly walked to Arjun’s car and took place next to him…Arjun was more than happy…Arjun asked the driver to start the and pick up the speed intentionally to leave Neil behind…after half an hour he spoke; ‘’Why are you so quite …. Seems you miss Neil’’ Radhika did not respond and kept looking out

Arjun; ‘’Its impolite not to answer…’’

Radhika turned; ‘’yes Sir I am missing Neil…I feel happy around him…I see trust in his eyes…he never looks for an opportunity to insult me…are there more questions’’

Arjun; ‘’I never asked you to jump in other’s problem…you have this strange habit of poking your nose in everyone’s matter…don’t know why’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’because that’s how I was brought up to be there for people you love… I am doing the same for Sam’’

Arjun; ‘’Even if it means hurting yourself’’

Radhika; ‘’Once the truth is out….everything will be back to normal…we will be free from this marriage and you can marry Sam and live happily’’

Arjun suddenly screamed on driver to stop….he stomped out of the car irritated his POV ‘she only talks of Sam and ending this marriage…I will end Sam’s happiness soon…and drag Radhika away from everyone…will take her far where no one can snatch her from me’

Neil and Sam were quite..Teji decided to close his eyes…as these days he felt irritated around Sam…Neil kept on humming and messaging….Sam noticed him and asked ; ‘’who are you so busy with’’

Neil without looking at Sam; ‘’A dear friend’’

Sam; ‘’Is it Radhika….she seem to be dearest of all….I mean tell me what’s so special about her’’

Neil’s fingers stopped he didn’t like the tone…he smiled looked at Sam; ‘’Same question to you…what so special about Arjun…to me he looks like and arrogant fool…and nothing more’’

Sam; ‘’He is a good guy and don’t forget I love him’’

Neil; ‘’ Again same pinch don’t you ever forget…Chashni is my best friend and I trust and love her with my heart…no girl can will invite hatred of her loved ones even her family just like that…think about it…’’

Sam; ‘’She is just acting….she always stopped Arjun from coming close to me…because she wanted him for herself’’

Neil; ‘’To me it looks that Arjun wants Radhika and not you’’ Sam was boiling hearing that…but Neil had read the truth in Arjun’s eyes…Arjun was going mad for Radhika…and Neil was planning to use this in his favour…and then he will leave the last decision on Radhika either to live with Arjun or walk out on him.

After 3 hts of drive Arjun decided to take a break he stopped a restaurant on the high way….and turned to Radhika…but his words stopped she was sleeping leaning her head on the car window…with half of her face covered with her long hair…Arjun gently removed her hairs from her face and his heart raced… he gently smiled and softly patted her cheek….Radhika opened her eyes and quickly sat upright ; ‘’Come out Radhika…we will have something…and then drive back home…Radhika simply followed him….Arjun noticed that Radhika was not eating…; ‘’you arenot hungry?’’

Radhika; ‘’No… just want to go back home’’

Arjun; ‘’Why do you look upset…or I should say you don’t like my company…I have a solution…lets get divorced…you can have your life and I will have my revenge’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir I never asked for this marriage …you married me forcefully now divorce will happen when I prove my point…I promise you one thing you will not have to bear me for life.’’ Radhika wiped her mouth …got up and sat inside the car….Arjun ‘POV; ‘every sec of my life craves for you…and you want to walk out…I need to finish all this soon’ arjun cleared the bill and moved out…he couldn’t find Radhika in the car and looked around she was standing under a tree talking over the phone…he smiled and quietly walked to her but her words to the person on the other side made him furious

Radhika; ‘’Neil I want to end this soon…’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni I know….we have proofs…but need a solid plan which should not backfire…once in Mumbai we will sit and discuss’’

Radhika; ‘’I want to end this marriage….can’t mock such a relationship anymore…please understand’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni I know and I understand trust me we together will make things fine….I will never leave your hand ‘’ Neil disconnected …he knew he had to do something before nandini plans to harm anyone

Radhika turned around after finishing the call and found Arjun glaring at her…she looked away and started walking to the car..Arjun held her hand and pulled her close; ‘’You want to end this marriage…so you can be with Neil right’’

Radjika twisted her wrist; ‘’Sir are you even hearing yourself…few minutes back you wanted me to sign the papers and be free….but when I spoke the same thing…you are throwing daggers at me…please decide what do you want and stop hurting me ‘’

Arjun who was holding her wrist instead of leaving dragged her to the car and pushed her inside…and himself got in next to her…he asked the driver to start …but did not leave Radhika’s wrist till they reached their house…Nandi was shocked to find Arjun dragging Radhika to his room….before nandini could say something Arjun locked his room and pushed Radhika to the bed…she tried getting up but he locked her to the bed…’’listen one thing very clearly…till you are with me …you are not permitted to roam about with Neil’’

Radhika; ‘’Because of your reputation…then pls check yourself too…you are married but still continuing your affair with your ex-fiancé …and please answer this why does it hurt you so much…when all this is sham’’

Arjun was about to blurt his heart out but Nandini started banging the door ….Arjun left Radhika to open the door….Nandini’s gaze darted from Arjun to Radhika..she noticed Radhika correcting her posture and got an idea of proximity…’’Arjun I want to speak to you…please come to my room’’ Arjun nodded after Nandini left he again went to Radhika ; ‘’Stay here…till I am back’’

Neil dropped Sam home and drove to his place…after 2-3 hrs of rest….he started compiling the proofs…but since Nandini had planned two murders …and its was best to involve police…Neil had few friends in working there …he called his friend and explained him everything…and asked him to catch hold of people who were involved … Neil was worried for Radhika too…he wanted to help Radhika have a happy life…he decided if Radhika wishes to leave Arjun he will do everything possible to help her…Prerna watched Neil….scribling plan on the paper ; ‘’Neil you are doing this to save Sam…’’

Neil; ‘’and Radhika’’

Prerna; ‘’I want everything to finish soon….so that you can have a good life with Sam’’

Neil; ‘’No Mom…not anymore…I will marry the girl of your choice….Sam will only be my friend I am done breaking my heart’’ Prerna just smiled
Arjun followed Nandini …bothe were angry Nandini locked the door and screamed; ‘’What the hell you were doing?’’

Arjun replied with equal aggression; ‘’I was about to tell her that I love her …and want to keep my marriage’’

Nandini was shocked; ‘’You are betraying me for that girl…I thought at least you will sooth my heart but you just left me’’ she started sobbing Arjun melted

Arjun; ‘’Nandu…I will take your revenge…but I love Radhika…I won’t be able to divorce her there can be some other way to get your revenge…’’

Nendini spat; ‘’what is the other way…go on’’

Arjun; ‘’Till I am done with Sam I will send Radhika to Rishikesh’’

Nandini; ‘’and she will listen to you’’

Arjun; ‘’yes she will…I know what to do’’

Arjun walked off Nadnini was going mad…her POV; ‘’ I will not let anyone destroy my plan…if needed…I will eliminate Radhika’’

It was morning ….Radhika got ready for office…she was combing her hairs and Arjun kept watching her …Radhika quickly moved out of the room…but stopped when Arjun called her ; ‘’Radhika from today you will come and go with me….wait for him and inform Neil too…he should not be taking the pain for MY WIFE’’

Radhika quietly walked out and messaged Neil…Neil smiled…’’Arjun Mehra…you love her….now its your turn to experience the pain’’

Radhika entered office with Arjun…which made Sam angry…she called Radhika to her cabin… Radhika knocks and Sam gestures her to come inside…Radhika takes a chair…

Sam; ‘’What did that mail mean’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam it’s the truth…please trust me’’

Sam; ‘’Trust???? You married by fiancé on the day of my marriage…now you are roaming about with my best friend….even he seems to be interested in you….and Teji too…I mean how do you do that…so many guys running behind you…give that formula to me too…and yes I have brought something for you…all the gifts which cam for my wedding…you can keep them as a favour …and the best gift this is a collage of my and Arjun’s moments together…hang it in your bedroom…so whenever Arjun is around you…it reminds you of your betrayal…’’

Radhika silently takes everything….whole office watches this Teji feels disgusted…Neil feels like slapping Sam…Arjun couldn’t take more…he moves forward grabs her hand; ‘’Come with me Radhika’’

Sam smirks; ‘’Wow so you finally won the king’’ Arjun drags Radhika out…she jerks his hand picks her bag and leaves…with Arjun behind her…

Neil barges into Sam’s cabin; ‘’Do you need more proofs…Arjun Mehra…took her with him and now followed her …leaving you behind its Radhika who is running away from him…and why do you have to insult her’’

Sam screams; ‘’Do you even care how hurt I am ….or will just rant Radhika all the time’’

Neil fisted…came close and whispered; ‘’We had decided 3 months you will not do anything to hurt her…and I won’t say a word to Arjun…now I will make sure that you are sorry for what you did today…you insulted yourself…’’ Neil turned to leave …but then stopped and said ; ‘’The best way to demean a girl is to point on her character…Wow Samaira Khanna….you insulted a girl being a girl yourself hats off’’

Radhika went inside her house and went straight to her bedroom…sobbing vigorously ….she throws herself on the bed and cries…Arjun follows her …his heart pained to see her like this…he locks the door…sits on the bed and caresses her hair; ‘’Radhika go from here…people for whom you sacrificed everything are the one hurting you…they don’t deserve you’’

Radhika quickly moves back; ‘’Sir please keep your distance…you have no right on me and you are no better….you are the reason for my suffering…so better don’t show the fake concern…I am not going to fall for it’’

Radhika gets up to move but ARjun pulls her; ‘’do you think I am enjoying giving pain to you…no…I don’t punish innocent’’

Radhika; ‘’Then why Sam…did she break your sister’s heart…no yet your sister planned her murder’’

Arjun tighten his grip; ‘’Are you nuts…why would she kill someone…we just wanted to give Sam some pain’’

Radhika realises either Arjun is lying or he is not aware of Nandini’s plan completely…she pushes him; ‘’you are a liar like her…all this sympathy is to move me away…I will never trust you…stay away.’’ Radhika moves out she goes to the kitchen occupied with her thoughts…

Teji comes to Neil cabin; ‘’Boss once we prove Chasni innocent…I am leaving Bird Song..’’

Neil; ‘’Now what?’’

Teji; ‘’Since Sam commented on radhika’s character …everyone seems to have stories how she was an overfriendly person since the beginning…I am done ‘’

Neil closes his eyes; ‘’We have enough proofs…I wanted to speak to Chashni but this drama happened…I will talk to her in person…I am leaving…let me know if there is something important’’

Neil dialled Radhika; ‘’Chashni we have to meet now…tell me where’’

Radhika; ‘’Pick me up from my place’’

Arjun boils when he see Radhika leaving with Neil…his POV; ‘Sam you shouldn’t have broken my Radhika’s heart…won’t spare you’ Arjun called Sam; ‘’Will you dine with me…’’

Sam; ‘’Sure why not…I thought you must be angry on me’’

Arjun; ‘’No just I didn’t wanted you to spoil your mood…that’s why I dragged her out….8 pm…sharp…I will message you the venue’’

Neil and Radhika sit on the beach and discuss how to expose Nandini; ‘’Neil I think Arjun’s Sir is not aware of Nandini di’s plan to kill Sam’’

Neil; ‘’Are you kidding me he is just acting in front of you because he has fallen in love with you’’

Radhika with shocked expression; ‘’Shut up! Nothing like that give me two days I will confirm my doubt…now I should leave …its getting late’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni Mom is out of town I am alone…please have dinner with me….pls pls pls’’

Radhika; ‘’Ok now get up otherwise we won’t get a table’’ Teji messages Neil that Sam and Arjun are planning a dinner date …he is following Sam and will update the venue in sometime…Neil moves his hand through his hair his POV; ‘ Sam loves to be in trouble…God just keep her safe…’ after 20 min Teji messages Neil the venue…Neil smiles ‘’Get ready to burn Arjun Mehra’’

Arjun invites Sam for to a famous pub cum restaurant…they take their reserved table and Arjun offers Sam champagne …they enjoy romantic glances at each other when a hearty laughter and cheering catch their attention at the bar table…Radhika and Neil were competing each other on the dart board…with people cheering for Radhika as she was wining …both looked happy …Neil was trying to cheat by pushing and distracting Radhika…but still she was winning…as the Radhika threw the final dart..everyone clapped….Neil made her stand on the table and she waved at everyone as if she was miss world..Neil again brought her down ..they went to their table and ordered dinner…but by this time Sam-Arjun’s dinner was completely spoiled both were now gulping their drinks out of jealousy and anger…all romance seemed to have vaporize …Neither Radhika nor Neil gave them a single glance being busy stealing food from each other….Sam was hurt to see Neil’s bonding with Radhika….and Arjun was turning into ashes watching Radhika all herself happy with a different man…they quickly finished their dinner…Sam left before Arjun…Neil messaged Teji to keep an eye on Sam so she reaches safely…Arjun moves to the bar table and starts drinking waiting for Radhika Neil to leave…Neil clears the bill and walks out with Radhika singing sholay song ‘Yeh dosti..hum nahi todenge’

Arjun by now was completely sloshed…he wasn’t in a state of driving …he took a taxi back home…and walks into his a pendulum… Radhika had changed by that time…she gave him a glance picked her pillow to move out…Arjun pushes her to bed and pins her down…leaning on her…Radhika turns her face away growing immensely uncomfortable…she cloud make out Arjun was drunk…and the way he looked at her was dangerous …Arjun was completely lost having her so close…but he was sunnedly brought back to reality by Radhika’s pleading voice ; ‘’Sir…please move… this is wrong’’

Arjun keeps watching her face… holding her wrist; ‘’and its right when you are with Neil…answer me’’

Radhika gives him a hurt look; ‘’I never expected this from you….you also are pointing at my character
…thanks for breaking my final thread of trust on you’’ Arjun watches her watering eyes…he leans kisses her forehead and touches his forehead to hers…’’I don’t want to hurt you…they are using you….please trust me…once’’

Radhika moves her face away crying; ‘’Sir please…let me go’’ Arjun gets up and moves away…Radhika quickly moves out of the room and Arjun punches the mirror hard….shattering it into pieces…Nandini who had noticed drunk Arjun was frustrated to the core her POV; ‘need to eliminate radhika’ she was still thinking when she got a message from Rana ‘someone broke into your Panchagani house’

Nandini calls Rana; ‘’I will go to Panchagani tomorrow…and tomorrow we will remove Radhika from our way…no one will doubt …it will look like an accident…I will tell you what to do’’

Precap – Neil warns Arjun to stay away from Sam & Radhika …Radhika convinces Neil on Arjun’s innocence….Arjun saves Radhika’s life

Credit to: Gauri


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    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Aastha 🙂 I am better today 🙂 will be posting tuesday and wednesday 🙂 loads of love 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Hi Rg…thanks for the wishes 🙂 I am still writing will try to update by tomorrow but will positively by tuesday 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.