MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

After getting the hotel details from Teji both Sam and Arjun were equally anxious to reach there soon…Neil was in Radhika’s room she was sitting holding her head; ‘’Neil why am I suppose to act drunk…’’

Neil; ‘’So that Arjun stays back here and me and Teji will finish our work tonight’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam is also with him…what if he does something with her’’

Neil pulled Radhika’s cheeks; ‘’Chashni…you will act drunk … Sam will be drunk she won’t wake up before noon tomorrow…and ARjun will be your governess tonight…all the best’’ Neil thought for a minute and then he asked Radhika for the file related to shoot Radhika got up to get it …Neil quietly mixed some liquor in Radhika’s cold drnink …his POV; ‘sorry chashni…to face Arjun today you need to be little drunk…he might lose himself if you are sober but won’t hurt you noticing you drunk’ Teji called

Neil and informed about Arjun and Sam’s arrival…Neil directed him to be near reception and do as planned…he turned to Radhika; ‘’ Chashni your husband is hear…finish this cold drink you need energy’’ Radhika gulped it down in one go…Neil smiled…he was waiting for Arjun to bang open Radhika’s room door open.

Arjun went to the reception….and asked for two rooms quickly…as planned …the receptionist said there was only one room…Teji came to the reception singing…Sam noticed him she called out in a commanding voice; ‘’Teji!!!’’

Teji acted as told by Neil…he comes shivering to Sam and Arjun; ‘’Sam … here…Why?…I mean Wow!’’

Sam; ‘’Cut the crap…what is Radhika’s rooms no. they only have one room and since ARjun and Radhika are married he can adjust with her’’

Receptionist; ‘’Sorry ma’am you he cannot go to her room without her permission’’

Sam; ‘’He is Radhika’s husband…Teji tell them now’’

Teji; ‘’But hers is a single room…how will Arjun sir stay there’’

Arjum masked his excitement; ‘’Yes Sam…this marriage is a sham…I can’t ‘’

Sam cut him off; ‘’you have to…till we prove her wrong…and I want you to keep an eye on her…Teji do it if you love your job’’

Teji’S POV; ‘Soon we will prove you two wrong….and Arjun sir don’t worry we will make sure your marriage ends with Chashni she deserves a lot better than you’ Teji was brought out of his thoughts by Sam’s voice ; ‘’Radhika’s room no… ‘’

Teji stammered ; ‘’417….but she is not alone…Neil is with her in a meeting….you can wait in my room’’

Arjun glared at Teji….Sam without waiting for Arjun ran to the lift…she had called Teji 3 hrs back since then Neil radhika were together…why ?

Neil got Teji’s message he smiled and looked at Radhika…she was already in the effect of alcohol…Radhika hiccupped and said; ‘’Neil can I have more want to sleep’’

Neil smiled, sprinkled some on his clothes…gently unlocked the door..and gave Radhika a glass of soft drink…before Radhika could finish the door banged open…Arjun’s eyes went straight on Radhika who was getting constant hicupps due to the drink…Neil started acting drunk…’’Sammmmyyyyyyy….are you here or am I dreaming….then why am I dreaming of your lover boy’’ …..Neil pretended falling and Sam caught him…and helped him stand…she looked at Arjun; ‘’will see you in morning …. ‘’ Arjun nodded and locked the room…he controlled his anger and turned to Radhika…she lifted the glass to take a sip again…Arjun snatched it and smashed it on the floor…Arjun pulled Radhika up by her shoulders; ‘’Do you have any idea what are you drinking’’

Radhika; ‘’Energy drink…I wanted one day without any tension and pain…but no you can’t see me happy …you followed me…and why are you here…to check how am I going to spoil your plan’’

Radhika’s blabbering was fueling Arjun’s anger he pushed her with a jerk and she fell on the bed…Radhika rubbed her arm…she was under the influence of alcohol but not completely; ‘’please keep your hands off me …. You cannot hurt me physically’’

Arjun pulled her up again to his chest; ‘’You were drinking with an unknown man…what if he would have taken advantage of you’’

Radhika laughed; ‘’Unknown Neil??? No we are just 2 broken souls….both by you if we like each other’s company…whats your issue with that…and you should be happy…I am anyways a burden on you…a sham you have to bear …Right Sir?’’

Arjun was speechless he tighten his grip …pressing her flesh mercilessly ….he couldn’t understand how to make her believe that he loved her…cared for her and wanted her…Radhika pushed Arjun away and walked to the balcony…to get some air…her eyes were getting heavy…but she had to stay awake till Neil and Teji leave…

Sam bought Neil to her room and pushed him to bed….she locked the room and turned to him; ‘’you were drinking with Radhika? How could you Neil…we were drinking partners you promised that I will always be the only girl you will get drunk with…then how can you break your promise’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Sammy …will you drink and roam with me after marrying your lover boy….no right even I need a good partner…Chashni is exactly like me ….I like her company…we trust each other who knows it might click between us’’

Sam eyes started pouring…thought of losing Neil that to Radhika killed her ….Sam called reception and ordered drinks… Neil smirked Sam went to Neil ; ‘’today there will be no one between us ….no Radhika no Arjun…only Samunder Singh and her Idiot’’ Neil was extremely happy…to signal Radhika he messaged her sweet dreams…Radhika heard the beep ….but didn’t move…her movement would get Arjun alert…

Sam and Neil started drinking….or only Sam of drinking and Neil was just pretending…Sam was completely drunk in half an hour …Sam came and hugged Neil; ‘’Idiot…I hate Radhika for snatching Arjun…but I will kill her if I lose you…’’

Neil; ‘’No Sammy she didn’t snatch me…you threw me out of your life…now I am looking for my new best friend who will stay with me for life…and who knows it might be Radhika’’

Sam was hurt she leaped and hugged Neil tight; ‘’I am your only best friend…no one will take my place…no one’’ Neil hugged Sam…and rubbed her back…after blabbering for some 10 min…Sam dozed off in Neil’s arms…Neil tugged her to bed kissed her forehead….and messaged Teji…to be ready…and intimate Radhika too…Teji went and knocked Radhika’s door…Arjun answered with anger; ‘’Now what…couldn’t you see the do not disturb tag’’

Teji stammered; ‘’Sir …just wanted to meet Chashni…only one minute’’

Arjun moved ….Teji went to Radhika ; ‘’Chashni…Neil was asking about you… are you fine? Arjun fisted at Neil’s name Radhika nodded… she understood …and smiled…Teji left her room…stammering and dashing with the furniture….Arjun …walked to Radhika and caught her by her neck…Radhika let out a painful groan; ‘’Sir you are hurting me’’

Arjun; ‘’What is between you and Neil…?’’

Radhik with jerk removed his hand; ‘’Something which is not between us….Trust!’’ Arjun pulled Radhika up to his eye level glaring her with anger….the cool breeze from the hills hitting their bodies was turning into vapors due to the heat between them…Arjun’s angry eyes moved all over Radhika’s face and then settled on her lips…staying there and turning greedy…Radhika sensed the danger…she dropped her eyelids and left her body lifeless pretending to faint…Neil-Teji were out…Sam was safe in her room…now it was time to be safe around Arjun…Arjun got worried as Radhika fell lifelessly …he held her close to his chest worried…called her out few times and then lifted her…he gently placed her on the bed…Arjun caressed her face and covered her…he moved out to the couch and settled there watching her…after few minutes of acting Radhika finally fell into deep slumber…with Arjun on the couch still watching her…he wanted to be awake watch her all night…but slowly consciousness left him and he slept off .

Neil and Teji reached near the property….it was a big house with a garden around…the walls around were not high…seemed to be a safe place…they found the guard sleeping and quickly climbed the wall from the opposite side…Neil and Teji slowly reached the house and tried the windows …Neil found one small window open…may be it was the one to the kitchen…he pushed Teji in and asked him to open one for him…once they were inside…they quickly started searching…Nandini’s bedroom drawers were full of her pictures with Samrat…Teji clicked them…but Neil found something more important…her plan…the contacts who would execute it….Sam’s murder plan…during her honeymoon with Arjun…Nandini had written everything down on lose paperes and it was scattered around …Neil collected everything….he found pictures of Khanna family crossed and picture of Radhika too…pinned do the board and crossed..Neil asked Teji pick some pictures as they would need it…he searched more and found her land line…Neil checked for recorded messages…it just had 2…about Arjun successfully getting in to Bird Song… Radhika meeting an accident due to which they had to halt their plan and which made Nandini come out of hiding…Neil quickly took his smart phone out he needed this message…they locked the room completely and then played again to record it…they did this 3-4 times…but teji suggested they should take the phone…Neil slapped him for suggesting late…they had what they wanted…they left the way they came…and crashed on their beds all happy…now it was time to share it with Radhika.

Radhika woke up stretched herself like a baby she looked around as if in a dream world ….and then realizes she is in Panchagani…she checks time its 8:00 Radhika jumped of the bed…to freshen up…she felt relaxed not to find Arjun around; ‘’Thank god he left my room’’…she goes inside the bathroom to freshen up…Arjun enters the room and hears the shower he orders tea and breakfast …leans on the couch and closes his eyes..Radhika comes out humming…drying her hairs in a robe…she sees Arjun and screams…Arjun is jolted out

Radhika starts her drama; ‘’Sir…what are you doing in my room…how did you come in…please go out’’

Arjun smiled realizing she was drunk yester day…he looks away not to embarrass her; ‘’this is my room too…now rather than screaming on me get some clothes on’’ Radhika quickly grabs her clothes and runs again to the bathroom…leaving Arjun amused.

As breakfast arrived…Arjun waited for Radhika to join him…she came out picked her phone and moved to the door to leave..Arjun; ‘’Radhika I ordered breakfast for both of us…’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir…I am going to Neil’s room …we had decided yesterday itself to have breakfast together’’ Arjun leaped locked the door and pushed Radhika to the wall…she winced; ‘’Sir this hurting please leave my arm’’

Arjun; ‘’Sit quietly and finish your breakfast with me…I don’t want lose talks about my wife’’ Radhika wanted to answer but before that someone knocked…Arjun opened the door…and found Neil standing there…Neil looked at Arjun hand gripping Radhika’s arm…he knew it was time to pull Radhika from Arjun…he gave Arjun a hug…’’Good morning Boss…Sam is waiting for you…go I will take my chasni with me’’ …Arjun had to let go…Neil grabbed Radhika’s hand and took her with him…with Arjun’s jealous eyes following them…once out..Neil wrapped his arm around Radhika’s shoulder gently rubbing the place where it pained…’’Are you fine…sorry for all the pain’’ Radhika simply nodded.

Arjun knocked Sam’s room…she answered half awake holding her head; ‘’Good morning Arjun…’’

Arjun; ‘’What’s wrong’’

Sam; ‘’I got drunk with Neil…so how is your wife and what new drama is she creating’’

Arjun didn’t like it; ‘’She was drunk…she slept off…and now is in Neil’s room having breakfast with him’’ Sam burned…she remembered what Neil said…that it might click between him and Radhika

Sam huffed; ‘’Seems Neil also likes her…he feels something may click between them…leave all that please order coffee we have to leave for shoot…I will get ready in mìnute’’

Arjun after hearing Sam’s words was restless….POV; ‘…I can’t let her close to Neil…after the shoot…I will take her back to Mumbai…by hook or by crook’

Arjun Sam left for Shoot…when Neil update that he is leaving with Radhika and Teji…once at the location Radhika was standing and enjoying the scenic view Neil came to her ; ‘’Isn’t it beautiful CHashni’’

Radhika ; ‘’Yes …and more beautiful because that Khadoos is not here’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Your Khadoos will be here any min’’

Radhika; ‘’he is not my kahoods…’’ Neil teases Radhika again and runs Radhika follows him and slips but Neil catches her in the nick of time…Sam who came there searching for Neil burns looking at Neil arm around Radhika’s waist…she angrily walks off and sits next toArjun , Arjun looks at her angry face and asks her; ‘’What happened Sam’’

Sam sarcastically; ‘’Your wife seems to know some tricks of making guys fall for her…I thought they are here for shoot…but looks to me a romantic outing…’’ Sam turned her head towards the direction making Arjun turn too…they saw Radhika Neil giggling happily… Sam felt a void in her heart….and Arjun…his heart was breaking every sec.

After the shoot got wrapped up Neil praised Radhika for her work…and then made an announcement; ‘’Everyone…since we completed our shoot in one go we still have a day lets party tonight…and today’s star Chashni…is going to dance with me…’’ Everyone clapped and moved back to the hotel… Radhika quickly went to her room she was about to lock the room…but Arjun kept his foot in between…Radhika moved back…and went inside…she quickly freshened up and got ready for the party…wearing and emerald green body hugging knee length dress…which Neil had selected…Neil wanted Arjun’s attention away from Sam and to hurt him he was himself keeping Radhika away from him…Radhika was ready to leave….Arjun stopped her; ‘’for the world you are my wife…I am requesting you…please accompany me’’ Radhika agreed only to stop him from going with Sam

Neil got ready…he was about to go to Radhika’s room but stopped when Sam stood infront of him dressed in a red backless gown…Neil gave her an appreciative look…Sam smiled and extended her hand; ‘’May I have the pleasure to accompany you Mr. Neil Melhotra’’ Neil smiled and nodded he had more things for Sam and Arjun

Arjun extended his arm and Radhika looped her around Arjun’s arm…when they entered Party was in full swing…the dj invited everyone on the dance floor…Sam started dancing with Neil and Arjun with Radhika…he was happy to have her close to him…Neil winked at Teji…and in few minutes DJ announced sudden change of partners…Arjun’s grip turned tight on Radhika taking her by surprise….but to avoid a scene he rolled her and Neil caught her hand smiling at her…Sam got Teji…she was not happy of RNeil dance..Radhika danced more freely with Neil…smiling continuously…Arjun kept dancing in a way to be the first one to grab her hand again…as the song changed Neil rolled her to teji…but Arjun’s arm pulled her to him.. Arjun looked at Radhika and ushered a command; ‘’We are going back to our room…we will leave early morning and you need rest…and don’t protest’’ Radhika nodded…just to pull his attention away from Sam… Sam watched everything she pulled herself out of dance and called Arjun; ‘’Arjun can we meet now’’

Arjun suddenly recalled his revenge and agreed …Radhika heard and stood in front of him; ‘’What will stop you from ruining Sam and forgetting your revenge’’

Arjun smiled walked towards Radhika making her retreat ….Arjun locked her to wall and leaned; ‘’Be my wife and I will leave Sam…say yes now and I will leave everything’’ Radhika looked at him dumbfound thinking what to answer…Arjun smirked and walked away….but before he could leave Radhika spoke; ‘’I am ready to be your wife’’ Arjun closed his eyes he never expected this he pulled her close and whispered; ‘’Do you even know the meaning of what you said…you are ruining yourself for a girl who keeps commenting on your character…look at me and answer ‘’

Radhika ; ‘’I am ready sir…’’

Arjun cupped her face and kissed her forehead out of affection; ‘’you are a good person…stop giving yourself pain for people who don’t value you…go from here…you can have a beautiful life’’

Radhika; ‘’you asked a price and I am ready to pay…please leave Sam and you revenge…’’ Arjun wrapped an arm around her waist brushed his knuckles on her face…Radhika shivered…Arjun moved his face close to hers and rubbed his cheek on hers …he watched how uncomfortable she was…he lifted her up and brought her to the bed in his arms…he knew she wouldn’t protest , he touched his forehead to hers and softly spoke; ‘’Sleep…and I will be here…I am not a monster to ruin a girl like you…I will not meet Sam tonight…but will not give up my revenge’’ Arjun sat there patting her head…and thinking…’you were ready to give yourself to me for Sam…will you do this if I tell you that I love you’ Arjun slept off in sitting position next to Radhika…with his hand on her forehead…and after sometime…he was sleeping next to her holding her close to his heart

Precap- Sam insults Radhika…Arjun pacifies her… Neil confronts Sam…Arjun fails Nandini’s attempt to harm Radhika

Credit to: Gauri


  1. lavanya

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    di I have a doubt…is your name abha dikshit…
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    • Gauri

      Thanks Lavanya 🙂 Arjun will hopelessly fall for Radhika and she will too develop feelings for him…but will not confess … I am planning it to make difficult for him 🙂 Arjun will go mad for Radhika becoz she will avoid him… 🙂 yes darling my name is Abha Dikshit …. double dhamaka not this week… may be next week 🙂 love you stay blessed 🙂

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    • Supriya

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      Thanks Supriya dear 🙂 now your answers …yes Arjun will burn more will turn him into ashes 🙂 dinner date in upcoming updates 🙂 I am not making easy for Arjun or Sam….becuase Sam refused his love for so many yrs claiming to be in love with Arjun…. in real scenario no guys would take her back easily and Neil will be doing the same 🙂 right now I ahve just started not ending any soon 🙂 Rads will not trust Arjun easily 🙂 rest answers in coing updates …loads of love question bank 🙂 next on saturday

      • Supriya

        Thanks di for the wonderful answers….m a question bank srsly???lol…..di plz try double dhamaka for this one if possible…..loads of love my answer sheet?

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      Thanks a ton SV darling 🙂 well I guess if sp wloud have given them the time they would have thought better than me… but the stupid channel … thanks for lifting my spirits high 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Awww so sweet of you:) love you dear 🙂 may all mighty bless you with lots and lots of happiness 🙂

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      Thanks Dhara 🙂 yes Radhika will vanish from their lives even I feel that should happen 🙂 loads of love 🙂

      • Dhara

        Gauri I asked you that Radhika should not run away than why are you vanishing from their lives?

      • Gauri

        for some time she will … to find some peace and then she will be back… she will not hide but wont be a part of their life 🙂 she deserve to be angry with them 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Thanks RG 🙂 yes Radhika feels awkward when Arjun comes close to her… Arjun will not get a chance to confess before … Neil and Radhika will be exposing Nandini in coming 3-4 chapters before that Nandini will try harming Rads…becoz I felt if she can plan Sam’s or Mala’s murder she wouldn’t have Radhika untouched….Arjun will himself accept that he forced Radhika to marry him …. you will see all this soon and next one on Sat 🙂 love you 🙂

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      Thanks for such a lovely comment Harani 🙂 will make Arjun work hard for Radhika 🙂 loads of love 🙂

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      Thanks Aastha darling 🙂 What Arjun would have done hadn’t Rads fallen I leave it to ur imagination 😛 Nanidin will be exposed may be in next 3 chapters 🙂

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