MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Nia was out with Teji Zubin and Kritika….these four had made a gang and would hangout together quite often….they had planned to do shopping for Sam’s wedding…..Nia was busy doing cat walk infront of teji…and Zubin Kritika were watching love struck couple as if they were watching a movie…..suddenly Zubin’s eye caught someone ; ”What is she doing in Mumbai”

Teji turned; ”Bonnie ….???”

Kritika; ”Hope this time she doesn’t create trouble for Arjun-Radhika….”

Nia; ”What do you mean?”

Zubin narrated all….Nia turned to Teji; ”So you had feelings for her”

Teji stammered looking at Nia’s angry expression; ”Ahh….it was just a crush”

Zubin; ”OMG that means….she knows what Anuj is upto….she was dating him…but how to get things out of her”

Nia smiled; ”Ok ….you had a crush on her Teji…you will get the details for us”

Teji; ”What ??? No…..why and how will she tell me anything..why would she trust me” Teji looked at the three they were smirking at him….; ” no…No way” Teji gave up…ok ; ”Now I have to act like a love struck puppy”

Kritika laughed; ”that you alrady are..what say Nia…just that he have to pretend that Bonnie is your love”

Nia pulled his collar; ”Don’t get cozy or I will kill you” Teji blinked and the gulped

radhika was busy in doing Haldi preparations it was NeSam Halidi and Menhdi today…and the groom was throwing too many tantrums…Avantika and Prerna were sitting holding their heads they had to finish Neil’s ritual and go to Sam’s place…but Neil was acting all pricey ..he had put across a condition that everybody will apply just a little haldi for namesake… incase someone breaks the rule…he won’t complete the ritual…Radhika frowned….then smiled…everyone obliged Neil’s rules…Radhika looked at Prerna and smiled it was her turn…she dipped her two fingers in the bowl…as Neil was watching and touched it on Neil’s face…Neil relaxed…Radhika smirked dipped her complete palms in Haldi and painted Neil’s face….Neil was being made to sit inside a big metal tub…he spoke all annoyed; ”Chashni …you..”

But before he could think of a move Prerna poured the whole pot of scented cold water on him..making him shiver and huff…everybody clapped as the ritual got completed breaking Neil’s rule…Avantika wrapped a towel around Shivering Neil trying to control her laughter ..Neil looked at his aunt; ”Keep you DIL in check….I will avenge this”

Avantika; ”Its between you and her…no one will interfere now go change” Avantika asked radhika to change too as they were leaving for Sam’s place….Radhika pulled a pink saree out …she quickly changed , standing infront of the mirror Radhika was adjusting her pleats when Arjun wrapped his arm around her bare waist; ”My favourite color on my favorite person…you look like strawberry pastry write now”

Radhika smiled; ”And you look like a kadwa Karela ….please go hurry up before ma pulls your ear”

Arjun frowned; ”So this what I get in return of true affection”

Radhika turned around; ”WOW what a dialogue… Mr Mehra you are getting nothing…so be a good boy and get ready”

Radhika tried moving and Arjun gripped her ; ”Mrs Arjun Mehra…guess you forgot who am I … I am…..I have always taken what I desired….”

Radhika squeezed her nose and replied mischievously; ”Not Till I walked along destroying your plans…. and about getting what you desired….knock knock….I happened to you against your wish Mr. attitude” Radhika walked out of Arjun’s arms adjusting her bangles and jewellery….Arjun smirked pulling her back harshly

Arjun; ”do have any idea how much I wanted you then…trust me panoti had I shown you my desire …you would have ran away to the other end of the planet”

Radhika blinked…Arjun now resembled the old Arjun…stubborn mad…she tried moving out…Arjun grinned pulling her close; ”I wanted you inside that lonavla lift…I wanted you when you wore that blue dress….I jerked and walked away from you in the hospital because it was difficult for me to control myself while holding your you in my arms… I was mad when you introduced Saral as your fiance ….I wanted you the day you wore that orange saari…..I wanted to punch him the day he was flaunting you,touching you in Sam’s house …had you not stopped me I would have punched him hard for misbehaving with you….I interrupted your temple wedding because the thought of you marrying someone else was pricking my soul….. ” Radhika’s heart was beating mad….she blinked a couple of times looking at Arjun…Arjun smiled and spoke again; ”I was happy about marrying you….I never wanted to sign those papers…I asked you the reason for not signing…but you said it was for Sam….I turned cynical when you decided not to come back…I really wanted to throw you over my shoulder and bring home….listen to me carefully Radhika ….I have you because I wanted you …” Radhika gulped…her throat turned dry…she was about to open her mouth when Avantika asked her to come down….

Radhika; ”I need to go…please leave me”

Arjun; ”first say I love you Arjun”

Radhika; ”I do…now leave me”

Arjun; ”Say it Radhika….”

Radhika; ”fine I love Arjun….happy now let me go”

Arjun tighten his grip; ”with real emotions”

Radhika huffed…she looked up straight into Arjun’s eyes….smiling she pecked his cheek; ”I Love you Arjun… kadwa karela Arjun” Arjun gave Radhika a bone crushing hug before letting her go”

Sam’s house

Sam was dressed in a yellow Sari…she was busy eating chocolates ….Manya came to call her out; ”Sam..stop now…this is the 5th you want to put on weight”

Sam spoke mouthful; ”Who cares….in 2 days I will be married…now no need to maintain”

Manya; ”Ok then maintain for 2 days…or you want to crush Neil on the first night itself”

Sam pouted…then smiled; ”So how did you feel when Ankush hugged you on the day of my Sangeet”

Manya blushed she tucked her hair; ”Sam I think its time…lets go ”

Sam; ”Awww blushy blushy” Sam was teasing Manya when radhika entered ; ”who is blushing”

Manya blinked ; ”Radhika please bring Sam….I will go and help mom”

Radhika watched Manya running out; ”Sam is Manya in love….if yes who is the guy????”

Sam; ”You will have to wait for that…for now….its my day….” Radhika held jumping Sam asking her to behave like a bride….

Mumbai Airport

Nandini walked out of the Airport…she made a call a call. Soon a man came and took her luggage guiding her to the waiting vehicle ….her POV; ‘After almost a year I am back in this city …. last time I lost my battle ….this time everything will go according to my will…I will twist things in my favour ……this time no one will be able to stop me….Nandini’s phone buzzed ; ”yes I am on my way…will see you in an hour”

Sam’s Mehndi function was being organised in Mehra Mansion….ladies had occupied the hall…chit chaatting and signing wedding songw which seemed boring to Sam… Riddhima picked hyper active Pari and called out for passing Zubin; ”Please give her to Shiv” Zubin nodded and took Pari from Riddhima…by the time Zubin reached the lawn area where gents were having their gathering…Zubin’s hair were all messed up…as Pari kept pulling it because a stranger was holding her and wasn’t letting her down…

Neil laughed at Zubin; ”Wow Pari is a brave girl….thumbs up to little warrior”

Arjun frowned; ”Shiv what the hell is she wearing…..”

Shiv huffed; ”something her mother thought would made her look pretty” Shiv took Pari from Zubin…she was wearing a fluffy dress with many frills made of net…making Pari look like a fur ball…Shiv removed the frills covering his face …Pari gave him a sad look”

Samrat; ”Shiv get her rid of it…she is annoyed”

Shiv; ”I want to too…but who will tacckle Riddhima”

Pratap smiled; ”I can related to you Shiv….once Avantika dressed both Neil and Arjun like baby girls….becuase she believed they looked cute” Neil spat his drink and Arjun coughed making others roll with laughter . Pratap again spoke; ”Shiv let her be…she dosen’t want to be in your lap write now”

Shiv; ”I know uncle…but this little Sumo wrestler of mine…hides in corners and breaking vases and other delicate items is her favourite job”

Pratap; ”then let it be” Shiv nodded and got Pari rid of her fluffy dress leaving her only in her diapers and white inner …he gently placed her on the grass… Pari squealed happily…making everyone smile…she crawled from one person to another becoming centre of attraction…she tumbled few glasses….threw Neil’s mobile…gave Arjun some grass blades ….snatched Samrat’s specs…she couldn’t reach Zubin hair so tried hitting him…then turned to Teji who quickly hid his specs …and all tiered she demanded a cuddle from Shiv before going for a second round of mischief …Pari crawled to Pratap and held his trouser she was attracted to his silver finger ring….Pratap locked his eyes with hers …Pari gave a wide smile….and that second the tough Pratap Mehra was someone else…he lifted her up …cooed her tickled her…..spoke to her in her alien language….Arjun and Neil’s jaw dropped…they had never seen Pratap so chilled out…. Pari extended her finger towards Zubin… uttering something….as if complaining about Zuibn…he gulped; ”Shiv why does she hates me”

Arjun; ”you should have let her play with your hair”

Zubin; ”she pulled half out of roots….I don’t want to be bald before getting married”

Pratap ; ”Shiv…Arjun told me that whenever you visited Mumbai you would stay with him…then why not this time”

Shiv; ”yes I did…but this time I had promised Ankush that I would stay with him”

Arjun; ”Ankush because of you we are devoid of Pari’s antics …..not done”

Ankush; ”Please keep her…she already pushed my laptop of the bed…bad girl” Ankush pinched Pari’s cheek…she gave him angry scream….

Riddhima came to the lawn area she looked at Pari and then at Shiv; ”Shiv…why did you take her dress off…she anyways doesn’t like wearing any clothes…and now you are spoiling her” Riddhima went on and on…Shiv tried interfering but then gave up….he kept nodding his head accepting his defeat…while others watched blinking

Arjun whispered in Neil’s ear; ”This is what happens after marriage…welcome to the club of poor husbands”

Neil; ”yes bro….lets take a vow never to leave each other alone” they shook hands promising each other their support

Pratap pecked Pari and gave her to Riddhima; ”Riddhima she is a beautiful child let her be free…and it wasn’t Shiv who took her dress of was me…” Riddhima went quite….Pratap caressed Pari’s cheek; ” she is seriously an angle ..and you guys are lucky o have her…”

Anuj’s Apartment

Bonnie was restless…Anuj pulled her to him; ”why are you so restless”

Bonnie; ”Today I met Teji in the mall…I mean meeting all these people scares me… Teji had a crush on me….he would just wag his tail behind…and today again he was trying to get me come with him on a date…I confused him and came home ”

Anuj; ”why don’t you date him then….who knows he might help us in destroying Arjun”

Bonnie looked at Anuj teary eyed; ”I love you and you want me to date another guy…Anuj this obsession of yours to destroy Arjun will destroy you….”

Anuj; ” this time he will be destroyed….I have someone who will help me achieve this”

Nandini walked in; ”Hi Bonnie long time”

Bonnie looked at nandini with blank eyes; ”I don’t believe that you agreed to harm Arjun”

nandini casually Sat next to Anuj; ”guess you forgot…I used him….but my plan failed….this time he will pay for betraying me…Anuj is right you should befriend Teji” Bonnie looked from Anuj to nandini and back…she felt trapped and used…but she had no where to go

The Wedding Day

Sam got dressed in golden and red combination wedding lenhga …Riddhima decided to be on Sam’s side as Radhika couldn’t…manya and Piyali were over whelmed looking at Sam as a bride….

Neil got dressed in an off white sherwani….Prerna took off the evil eye from him…Avanatika called Radhika asking her to make Neil wear the turban( sehera) …..Neil looped his arm around Radhika ‘s and took a selfie with her….; ”Chashni don’t change the party….I am your first and bestest best friend….don’t forget that”

Radhika folded her arms to chest; ”what if I do”

Neil; ”Then I will give you a tattoo on your arm stating Neil is my best friend” Radhika giggled and pushed Neil out of the room….The wedding was being organised in a five star hotel…Pratap wanted to have a destination wedding as Neil was very dear to him….but to help Samrat Arjun Neil convinced Pratap to have it in Mumbai….even this was no less…the decorations …arrangements were expensive one…menu had….Indian continental food…and as a return gift each guest was given a gold coin….Mala was full off happiness after seeing her daughter living like a queen… Manya took Radhika along to the dance floor….Radhika Manya Nia and Riddhima danced with full energy…Ankush gave a big smile and Manya blushed….Nia noticed and started dancing in a way blocking Ankush’s view ….Nia smiled and Ankush tried threatening Nia…but she enjoyed irritating…

Sam and Neil exchanged garlands..moving forward to do other rituals….Neil-Sam completed the rituals promising each other life long friendship support trust understanding time and lots of love ….Sam was so excited that she had to held down to look like a bride…Avantika watched a different Pratap…he was busy talking to Pari…whose face was smeared with ice-cream which she decided to have it on her own …Prerna smiled; ”I guess Arjun should think now after all he got promoted to big brother….now he should promote us to grand parents as well”

Avantika; ”I wish….but don’t want to push them…they have gone through a lot..I just want them happy” Prerna gave Avantika an arm hug

Sam got a teary farewell from her parents and sister….Samrat was very emotional parting from his strong daughter…Neil assured him that he would take a very good care of Sam…Sam drove off to her new family with little excitment and few tears…she got a grand welcome from Avantika and Prerna…after few games which Sam won….Radhika took Sam to her room…when Radhika was about to leave….Sam pulled her hand; ”Chashni stay”

Radhika looked wide eyed; ”Sam what will I do in your wedding night”

Sam; ”I am nervous”

Radhika raised an eyebrow; ”You weren’t nervous squeezed yourself in his lap in his cabin or kissing him in public….now what” Sam gave Radhika a puppy face….Neil came and Radhika excused her self wishing him luck… Radhika turned around to walk away….but then smiled and kept her ear on the door…Arjun tapped her shoulder….Radhika slapped his hand….Arjun shook his head lifted Radhika up and carried her to theri room

Sam and Neil sat on the two corners…Sam watched from the corner of the eye…Neil was wiping his face ….Sam forgot all her nervousness and started laughing…Neil frowned ; ”what”

Sam cupped his face; ”O my baby …take it easy I won’t force myself on you…lets take this slow”

Neil held her hands throwing her on the bed…he pinned her down; ”guess I would like fast forward a bit” Sam giggled wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him down…she smiled ; ”So shall we start” Neil rolled over bringing Sam on the top; ”Ladies first” Sam giggled threw her jwellery off ..and stretched her arm to switch off the light….rest were ooh ouch from Neil and giggling of Sam.


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      Thanks a ton Meen πŸ™‚ you know you read my mind πŸ˜‰ darling you made be feel like a princess by your comment πŸ™‚ loads of love stay blessed πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Manolove πŸ™‚ yes darling I will be writing Radhika’s pregnancy and a grown up Pari πŸ™‚ loads of love darling stay blessed πŸ™‚ waiting for the name πŸ˜€

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    • Gauri



      Hi my darling…you never fail to bring smile on my face ….thanks a million tons for such an amazing comment…you will see Aradhika as parents soon …..thats coming next πŸ™‚ loads of love dear stay blessed πŸ™‚

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      Thanks a ton Ramya πŸ™‚ I am on the moon now πŸ™‚ your words are like prize I am getting for writing these FFs….. One more OMG😲 I don’t know …. I am writing DPO2 and Last Love….may be in future but as of now nothing is coming to my head πŸ™‚ thanks again… love u

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