MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 43

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Chapter 34

Arjun’s house

Arjun followed Radhika to their bedroom…she stood with her back to him with arms crossed in the front….Arjun stood behind her and then slowly pulled her into hs embrace…Radhika did not protest…she closed her eyes …a drop of tear made its way to Arjun’s hand on her waist…he quickly turned her around; ”Why are you crying”

Radhika responded between hiccups; ”Why did you leave this way….I was worried scared…my mind was full of negative thoughts”

Arjun lifted her arms and kissed her knuckles ; ”Sorry love….I felt miserable…Neil is my brother….my younger brother ….and I was about to destroy is life…snatch his love…I am a monster”

Radhika cupped his face; ”we all have forgiven and accepted you…and I love my Monster….please don’t do this again…..”

Arjun pulled Radhika in a hug; ”Promise me this changes nothing…..I will always be your priority”

Radhika looked at his face; ”This should be my line”

Arjun smiled; ”you very well know why this is my line…. in order to give my parents happiness don’t you dare forget me” Radhika smiled and buried her face into Arjun’s chest

Neil looked around his house once so many memories were attached to this house… he was moving to Mehra Mansion with Prerna….he knew his uncle wasn’t fond of Radhika…her only fault was….that Arjun loved her more than his own life….she deserved that…infact even he and Sam loved her dearly…she selflessly went about sacrificing her happiness for them…a day before Sam had Neil had decided come what may they won’t let anything come between Arjun Radhika. Neil smiled grabbed his bag and walked out of his house to join his mother who was waiting for him in the car.

Mehra Mansion

Avantika decorated the whole house again to give her only son a grand welcome….this was the house she lost him…and this was the house which is going to welcome him again…she kept instructing the staff on all the arrangements….she would think and re think on different stuff she got done for Arjun..if he would like or not…Pratap watched her and smiled; ”Avantika calm down…he will like whatever you did”

Avantika; ”Still I want everything to be perfect….Í got his room done….hope he loves it”

Prerna smiled at her excitement; ”And what for your daughter in Law”

Avantika; ”everything she wants…she gave me my Arjun….”

Pratap cut them off; ”Radhika is lucky to have Arjun….she couldn’t ask for more”

Neil had had enough…he smiled and politely kept his view; ”No Arjun is lucky to have her …you will know soon ” The butler rushed into the room and informed them of Arjun’s arrival….Avantika smiled wide and rushed to welcome her son…

Arjun stood there on the porch looking at the gigantic mansion….he was still teaching his mind to call it home….but for him home was where is heart was….and his heart stood few steps behind him…Arjun turned around and extended his arm…Radhika smiled and joined her palm with his….Arjun walked to the front door…to be greeted by his ecstatic mother who was so overwhelmed that her happiness was difficult to be contained…Avantika was smiling wide with tears continuously pouring from her eyes…she did Arjun Radhika’s aarti to welcome them…and then hugged Arjun…..Arjun responded….Avantika cried holding her son….pouring her emotions….she caressed his face…his broad shoulders and his strong hands…she moved her head in a gesture asking him to come in…Arjun smiled and stepped in….radhika tried moving her hand out of Arjun’s grip..but he tighten it giving her a glare…Avantika moved to Radhika…she cupped her face and pecked her forehead; ”Thanks Radhika…and welcome home”

Radhika smiled and touched her feet; ”Don’t embarrass me Ma…”

Avantika; ”Come let me show you around” Avantika Prerna and Radhika left Arjun with Neil and Pratap

Pratap hugged Arjun tight holding him for good 10 mint….he let go him without showing any weak emotions; ”You two are joining Mehra group”

Arjun Neil looked at each other …Neil; ”mehra group belongs to Arjun….I am happy where I am”

Arjun; ”If you are not..then I won’t”

Pratap; ”I did not ask or request I gave my decision… lawyers will see you…we have few formalities to do to transfer everything …I need you two to take care”

Neil; ”I am on a break…common I am getting married”

Arjun; ”you can work half day” Neil glared and Pratap smirked he looked at Arjun…; ”I want to show you off to the world….your are my pride…we are throwing a grand party next week….all big names are invited…get ready both of you….world will meet my successors ” Neil and Arjun just rolled eyes at each other….


Shiv was taking Riddhima Pari out of dinner…Shiv asked Riddhima to get ready and himself got busy in dressing Pari up…when Riddhima came inside the room…neither Pari nor Shiv was ready…Pari was simply sitting in her diapers…squealing and jumping …enjoying all the affection SHiv was showering on her…he was showing her the dress and then discarding…Riddhima gave one look to the floor and the wardrobe; ”Shiv!!!!! What the hell are you doing”

Shiv made an innocent face; ”she has no good dresses …need to shop for her…”

Riddhima’s jaw dropped; ”we just shopped before Neil’s engagement…”

Shiv; ”So she need more….rightttttt myyyy babbyyy…” Shiv picked Pari and pecked her….Pari went about copying SHiv which he loved…

Riddhima raised an eyebrow all angry; ”Shiv get ready this instant and give her to me….” She snatched Pari from him and pushed him into the changing room….Pari went all quite….little startled about her favourite person getting scolded….Riddhima pulled out a sky blue dress and got Pari dressed; ”you are enjoying all the attention…you are turning naughty day by day…daddy is spoiling you bad” Pari kept blinking all she knew was Riddhima wasn’t in a good mood…Shiv came and stood behind her with arms folded ….he didn’t like Riddhima’s stern attitude

Shiv; ”Riddhi I created the mess…why are you scolding her”

Riddhima frowned ; ”I am not scolding ….I was just talking”

Shiv picked Pari up ; ”She was squealing and giggling a minute back…now she is quite….tell me Riddhi …do you have a problem with me pampering Pari”

Riddhima; ”Shiv she is yours too…why do you feel that”

Shiv; ”Then why do you keep saying that I am spoiling her”

Riddhima smiled; ”Because she should learn to value every small thing”

Shiv; ”She will…but she is a princess …and will be bought up like a princess….Right my baby !!!” Pari squealed throwing her hands on her father…Shiv watched her innocent face and pecked her forehead hugging his doll. Riddhima decided to stay quite….she knew Shiv had an emotional connect with Pari …..he wanted to be a father he never had….and Pari she seemed to love him more than she loved Riddhima….true…she only squealed when Shiv was around….Riddhima kept her head on SHiv’s shoulder…Shiv looped his free arm around her; ”Ready to rock wifey” Riddhima smiled and nodded her life was now complete.

Samrat’s house

Samrat was now tensed …previously his daughter was marrying a simple guy working in his company but now he was Pratap Mehra’s nephew….and now he had to do everything according to Mehra family status….Piyali made sure she talked what was required….she walked to Samrat; ”Please talk to the caterers…”

Samrat; ”Are we doing enough….he is Pratap Mera’s nephew…they are throwing a party next week all big names are invited….I am worried”

Piyali was thoughtful; ”We can use some deposits….and we can take a loan..BS is doing good”

Samrat; ”I don’t want to compromise BS again….we will go with savings and deposits” Piyali nodded in agreement….Sam who heard this was now worried…they had worked their butts out to pull BS up….plus savings were not that great as Samrat had been investing to save BS before Arjun tookover the role….she decided to speak to Neil about this…there was Manya after her she clearly couldn’t think of burdening her parents.

Sam dialled Neil and asked him to meet her urgently……Neil got up to leave…..Prerna called; ”Neil dare you step out…its just 15 days and we have a lot to do”

Neil; ”Mom I have an important meeting”

Prerna; ”Radhika are you aware of it”

Radhika understood he was going to meet Sam she nodded innocently ; ”Yes Neil had told me a couple of days back”

Neil gave Radhika a thankful smile and Radhika winked…Neil turned to leave but dashed against Arjun….he looked at Neil; ”Where are you going…?”

Avantika; ”He has some meeting”

Arjun frowned at Neil…..Neil gave a puppy dog look…Arjun understood….he nodded …Radhika and Neil both let a breath of relief ….Prerna looked at both of them ….Radhika got up; ”I will prepare tea for everyone”

Prerna smiled; ”These two are partners in all the crimes….right ARjun”

Arjun smiled; ”yes they are ….and I love their friendship”

Avantika; ”Aren’t you jealous…..”

Arjun smiled; ”I was very jealous….but their bond is so pure that it cleared all my doubts”

Avantika smiled; ”So you decided to be the third partner in crime….we all know that there is no meeting….and you let him escape”

Arjun smiled and wrapped an arm around his mother; ”That’s ok mom….let him go…anyways if he stays we will not let us do any work….am I right Bua….”
Prerna smiled hearing the address ..she caressed his face; ”Yes my dear nephew ….but my first preference will always be Radhika…so stop buttering me’

Arjun ; ”in that case also I am benefited as I am Radhika’s first preference ” Avantika was just watching Arjun….the way he smiled …the way he talked….she was just in a awe of her son….Radhika came with a big thaal (plate); ”these have to be send to Sam’s place….shall I take them my self”

Pratap walked in; ”No….these can be send by anyone…you are the daughter in law of this house…you should not be doing all these mere tasks…and from now on there is no need for you to go and help at Sam’s place…if they need help I will provide them with it.” Radhika just lowered her head….Avantika knew Sam was Radhika’s friend…but there was no going against pratap’s word

Arjun watched for few minutes; ”Dad is right Radhika…..I will go and give this myself and I have something important to discuss with Samrat uncle” Radhika lifted her brown eyes to meet Arjun’s …thanking him silently…….

Coffee House

Sam was waiting for Neil in a cafe…..Neil walked to her with a loving smile and hugged her….Sam did not respond with full enthusiasm Neil cupped her cheek; ”What are you worried about”

Sam; ”Neil your Mamu is planning a high profile wedding….he has changed the guests list….Neil we won’t be able to take this sudden expense”

Neil understood; ”Do you trust me” Sam nodded….Neil smiled ; ”then it will exactly we planned …don’t worry”

Sam nodded; ”Ok I will leave ……Radhika will be coming to my place ….I have to meet her”

Neil turned serious; ”I don’t think Mamu will allow Chashni….she is now his son’s wife….his daughter in law…and he would make sure..she stay and does all the preparations from his family’s side…and not for the bride side’

Sam made a face; ”She was my friend before she became Arjun’s wife….and do you think this will stop her”

Neil; ”No….but for now…I don’t want Chashni in tight spot….so we will do things behind his back”

Sam; ”So your mamu is more khadoos compared to Arjun…”

Neil; ”He had to be after all he is Arjun’s dad….but soon he will understand…that we all are best friends”

Sam; ”I guess I should come to your house soon….my Chasni is precious…she did so much for everybody’s happiness…..your Mamu needs a different flavour of Bahu…” Neil smiled and gave Sam a hifi.
Precap; The Party…..a shock….The wedding ….Ankush walks as showstopper in Manya’s designed outfit…


  1. KK(Krishna)

    It was awesome…everything and everyone are behave normal and just pratap himself being arrogant jerk.😞.anyways…he will learn how to be good…soon…I hope…can’t wait for next one…thank youπŸ€—πŸ˜š

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    Outstanding episode, love it to the core, Gauri you nail it as always, eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

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    Wow…just wow…!! Superb…Arjun speaking Rads lines and lovely….!! Kitna acha bandha hai….loved the family moments… Arjun n his dad convo and he asks Neil to work half day…..
    expenses…Sam….so realistic.!! Pratap uncle is turning a rock star now…hahaha….Arjun is gonna treat him with his medicine….lol am waiting……he doesnt know his son is behaving like a puppy only coz of his bahu…Avantika…prena..Arjun part sweet.ya…..Neil heheehe..lets see man…!! How u gonna stop ur uncle…Sam says ur mamu needs different flavor of bahu…hahaah….so nice one….

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    • Gauri



      Thanks a ton Jessie 😘😘😘😘😘 thanks for your constant support and encouragement 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Hey gauri fantastic episode… Ardika convo.. Super… Pratap is more khadoos than arjun πŸ˜› He need different flavour of bahu πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜› before that he will see different flavour of his son… He didn’t aware that his son is a tiger tamed by his bahu.. Anytime he will back to his wild mode 😝 Pratap gonna taste his own medicine😊 superb One yar waiting for next … Take care 😘😘😘😘

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    Shiv and pari was great compo … Pari my darling… I wish to be pari nowπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

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    him good man and love him unconditionally .. love the way arjun hold
    radhika’s hand showing that she is his life … raneil’s scene was so cute .. arjun help neil to escape too … raneil are always remains as patners of crime … awanthika always doubts about raneil’s bond ..but arjun gave her the best answer…. A least prerna values radhika … I really loved conversation between arjun and prerna … arjun said the truth … he will be radhika’s first preference… I hate pratap alot when he stop radhika going to meet sam .. he also prohibited helping sam too… so much attitude .. he should learn to value other’s feeling and bond .. his mind is clouded with his status and his ego .. arjun is really understanding .. nesam’s moments very really cute .. sam gave right definition to pratap .. he is super kadoos .. I know nesam will be there supporting radhika with her every moment in her sasural.. shiv’s and pari’s moments were adorable .. plz update soon … waiting for the next update eagerly … stay blessed di πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ love you a lot gauri diβ™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯

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