MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 44

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Chapter 43

Mehra Mansion was ready to welcome its guests for the grand party for the night….Pratap Mehra was making the world aware of his and his successors arrival….Radhika was supervising the kitchen..she was in a hurry she had to go to BS and come back by 5:00 PM any how…she quickly arranged the table…Prakash Avantika and Prerna took their places…Prerna smiled looking at Radhika; ”Where is Neil and Arjun”

Radhika; ”Arjun is getting ready…and Neil has already left…he had an important meeting in BS”

Avantika; ”Then how come you are here…as far as I know Neil is your boss”

Radhika; ”Yes Ma…I will leave after finishing the work here” Pratap gave one look to Radhika and went about eating

Avantika; ”Radhika this will be done….sit and have breakfast”’

Arjun came to table; ”Radhika why are you not ready yet….we will be late…this meeting is really important” radhika’s face fell hearing Arjun’s stern voice

Prerna and Avantika looked at each other…Avantika interfered ; ”Radhika have your breakfast and get ready….we have enough staff to take care of the house…and Arjun she is late because she gave priority to the family…respect that” Arjun opened and closed his mouth like a fish….this was the first time his mother scolded him…he sat their like a obedient boy and finished his breakfast

Pratap; ”Radhika…be home by 5:00 PM today” radhika nodded

After Arjun Radhika left Avantika turned to Pratap; ”Why all rules for Radhika and not for Arjun….Pratap she is handling A to Z for this party and Neil’s wedding….you should appreciate her”

Pratap; ”She is doing all this because its her duty…..her family is rich she can stay back home…there is no need for her to work”

Prerna ; ” there is no need for Arjun to work too….his dad is rich….”

Avantika smiled; ”Pratap….I sacrificed my career for you but won’t let Radhika do that…and if you want to keep your son…accept her as your DIL” Avantika left the table in a huff…Prerna could see that what Avantika said had no effect on her brother.

Bird SOng

Radhika had not spoken a single word during the drive to BS…Arjun did not see this coming…once they reached she quickly hopped out his car and went straight to office without waiting for him to join her…Radhika entered Piyali’s cabin; ”Aunty I am so sorry I couldn’t come the other day…but from now this won’t happen”

Piyali smiled ; ”No problem….but I like your and Neil’s plan to do things during the office hours…so here are the invitations…Manya too will be coming…she will help you in sending them out”

Radhika; ”What about the gifts for the guests”

Piyali; ”we have got it…just wrapping is pending”

Radhika; ”Aunty…that can be finished today itself…I don’t have much work…will pull Teji , Zubin and Kritika along and evenings Nia will come and help you at your place”

Piyali got and pecked Radhika’s forehead; ”Sam is right…you are just unstoppable”

Sam hugged Radhika from behind; ”Yes Mom she is unstoppable because she is my Chashni …and Chashni today your husband will pay for being rude to you”

Radhika blinked; ”Who told you…..Neil”

Sam; ”Neil…that Idiot is Arjun’s brother now…..and how do I know….well I can read your face sweet heart….come we will finish all this”

Neil came and wrapped an arm around Arjun’s shoulder …who was standing outside Piyali’s cabin waiting for his wife to come out ; ”WHat Bro …all good”

Arjun; ”Your Chashni turned Chilli….need to pacify her”

Neil; ”You or your dad must be at fault….”

Arjun raised a brow; ”My dad is your Mamu….and I am the reason….Mom scolded me already , still she isn’t talking…what should I do”

Neil; ”Kidnap her… girls love possessive partners….try it… my formulas never fail” Arjun thought and decided to try.


Manya was too busy …her hair were tied in a messy bun supported by her pencil marker..she was checking the final outfit….the fashion show was in a week…with Neil-Sam’s wedding in 10 days….she had promised her mother that she would reach BS by evening….Manya found the dress little saggy…she called the tailor and told him about the changes to be done…tailor asked her to mark it on the dress…Manya started searching for her marker frantically… turning her desk upside down…Akush watched this from the distance and walked to her; ”Any problem”

Manya looked up; ”Yes need to do some final changes in these dresses and my marker is missing….”

Ankush held Manya by her upper arms sending electric waves through her body , he made her sit and pulled the marker out from her hair; ”Here….and you could have borrowed from someone else…what’s wrong”

Manya; ”Nothing…its my first fashion show…by my luck or bad luck my dress has been selected as show stopper dress…plus Sam’s wedding….I don’t want to disappoint anyone…” Manya covered her face with her palms”

Ankush smiled watching her and pulled her palms down…he kept holding her wrist; ”Manya…don’t try to please others…just work not to fail yourself and everything will fall into place… The dress you designed is amazing and about Ne-Sam wedding…we all there to help…so chill…take a break…” He patted her cheek and left… Manya blinked twice and touched her cheek …she smiled all blushing….but her bubble was broken by the tailor who was still waiting for Manya to mark the outfit…Manya just rolled her eyes

Radhika looked over the final arrangements and updated Avantika…Avantika smiled and pulled Radhika to her room; ”Here you are wearing this…today I am going to dress you up”

Radhika looked at the expensive sari and the diamond droplings …; ”Ma these earrings are too expensive…what if I lose them”

Avantika; ”your husband will buy a new one….now no argument go change then I will put some makeup on you” Avantika made Radhika’s hair and id her make up…Prerna watched this smiling….

Prerna; ”Avantika…I think we should keep her hidden till the party starts…this way we can punish Arjun was raising his voice on her”

Avantika smiled; ”good idea…and then we he will head on heels mad on her…we won’t let him speak to Radhika” Radhika tuned beet root red hearing all planning against Arjun…she just lowered her eyes waiting for the session to get over…but to her dismay Neil added to it…he entered AVantika’s room…and acted as if hit by a lightning bolt looking at Radhika…

Prerna; ”She is looking beautiful right”

Neil walked to radhika holding her by shoulders; ”Chashni …today there will be a nuclear war for you…you husband will definitely going to scoop the eyes of men ogling at you…”

Radhika was now too shy…first she had never dressed so glamours and second…her family was having fun at the expense of her as they all knew that Arjun was mad about his sweet wife…all this was making her more the way angrier on Arjun

The Party

Arjun and Neil were dressed in black and Grey crisp Armani suit….All big names of Mumbai were invited. Arjun was restless..he handt seen Radhika since she left from office….plus when he went to his mother’s room she shooed him away…Pratap was introducing Neil and Arjun to his guests….Neil smiled looking at anxious Arjun ….Neil teased him; ”who asked to scream on her….now face it”

Arjun; ”Since the day you got o know I am your brother…you are acting more like my enemy…help me…she will listen to you”

Neil bargained; ”what will I get”

Arjun; ”Do you want to marry Sam or not” Neil pouted like a baby….right then Mehra females made an entry….Radhika looked ravishing in a red net sari…her hair tied into a beautiful twisted bun …she was wearing dazzling diamond earrings….ARjun smiled and then frowned….all most all men including Neil were looking at Radhika….Sam walked ahead and hugged her; ”God was missing you”

Radhika took a sigh of relief; ”I was so nervous….now I am better”

Sam whispered; ”Don’t worry…now I am here I will handle all even you khadoos FIL….by the way I heard that Arjun scolded you… he will pay” Avantika introduced Radhika and Sam… Pratap was busy digging his business prospects…Arjun was lost in his wife….and no one was allowing him to talk to her….Arjun gave Sam a pleading looks but she gave him a royal snub…Neil; ”Boss they are one party now”

Arjun wrapped an arm around Neil; ”you better stay on my side ”

Neil gave him a cute smile; ”Now watch how I push your wife into your arms” Arjun smiled….Neil quickly took the stage and made an announcement inviting everyone to dance floor….once the music started people started joining…Neil took Radhika’s hand and took her to the dance floor….Prerna smiled she knew what Neil was upto….Sam decided to askArjun….Arjun froze he understood…Sam was countering Neil’s plan….Neil winked and Zubin pulled Sam….Sam tried tomoved out but Zubin twirled her to Teji….in meantime…Nia pulled Arjun…dancing her way close to Neil and radhika….Neil spun Radhika to Arjun and Teji spun Sam to Neil….Teji extended his arm to Nia…she smiled and took Teji hand locking her eyes with him….

Arjun held Radhika close; ”Sorry Panoti…..forgive me”

Radhika smiled; ”Forgiven….don’t behave rude with me” Arjun lifted her chin brushing his fingers on her cheeks….Radhika smiled…forgetting all around her

Sam ; ”Nice move…you changed your preference”

Neil; ”He is my brother…plus Chasni is too is smiling and you are in my arms….all is well that ends well”

Sam wrapped both her arms around his neck; ”Idiot you are turning smart…I like it” Neil gave a dazzling smile but lost looking at the guest Pratap was interacting with… ”what is he soing here?”

Sam turned around; ”this can’t be happening… Neil …” Neil walked to Arjun and whispered something….Arjun turned and froze….” Anuj…” Radhika grabbed his arm hard….Arjun gently squeezed her hand …..Neil looked at Sam; ”you two stay here ”

Arjun Neil walked towards Pratap who was busy speaking to Anuj….Pratap looked at Arjun; ”Anuj meet my son…Arjun…and my nephew Neil”

Anuj’s eyes widened…he wasn’t expecting Arjun to be this lucky ….he knew ARjun again had an upper hand but he decided not to show….he extended his hand; ”Glad to see you….AGAIN!”

Arjun wanted to punch him but Neil tapped his back…Arjun held his arm in a tight grip; ”yes again….wish I could be as happy as you are”

Pratap walked off to meet another guests ….Anuj looked over Arjun’s shoulder towards Radhika; ” I had heard long back that love make people glow but I didn’t know they turn breath taking ”

Arjun covered Radhika’s view to Anuj…..Arjun whispered a warning; ”You escaped that time…this time one mistake and you will struggle for your breath”

Neil; ”Anuj…its better you leave because we won’t hesitate asking the security to push you out”

Anuj smirked; ”Scared kittens..Tch Tch Tch ….Now I am in your turf…stop me if you can…” Anuj gave Radhika one long glance before walking out making Radhika un comfortable….Sam wrapped an arm around Radhika comforting her…..from then till the party ended Arjun didn’t leave Radhika for a second…all the four stayed close…

Sam ; ”Why that creep had to come back”

Neil; ”Because we hadn’t put an end to it then”

Radhika; ”don’t know what will he do now….he was so comfortable with papa….he is targeting all of us…”

Arjun was shaking all he could remember was Anuj’s eyes on Radhika ; ”This time I will crush him to dust…..”

Neil; ”And in this I am with you”

Arjun was disturbed angry….Radhika walked into the room and found him sitting in dark….she was about to switch on the light when Arjun stopped her; ”Let it be….come to me Radhika”

Radhika walked to him and stood infornt of Arjun….Arjun leaned and hid his face in her bosom wrapping his arms around her middle; ”you looked like nymph today….”

Radhika kept caressing his hair; ”I know….your eyes said all”

Arjun pulled her close with jerk..making her sit on his lap; ”And you enjoyed my adoration ignoring and driving me crazy”

Radhika shrugged her shoulders; ”That was a punishment for being rude to such a cute wife”

Arjun took her by surprise by kissing her suddenly…Radhika pushed him..Arjun smiled; Punishment for not speaking to me” Radhika blushed and hugged Arjun…..but Arjun was worried now…..Radhika was his life…and Anuj will target her to hurt him…

Sam and Neil were sitting in the now empty lawn of Mehra Mansion….Sam was biting her nails; ”Why can’t life be smooth…why this man had to come back ….and the way he looked at Chashni I felt like scooping his eyes out”

Neil; “Sam you are scaring me….I think I should buy an armour if you are turn this dangerous”

Sam; ”Neil I am not joking…..this is serious….he will target Radhika to husrt Arjun”

Neil; ”No he is confusing us…..he might or not target only Chashni…..he was broke….someone is helping him”

Sam thought ; ”wait a minute…..can this be Nandini”

Neil moved his fingers through his hair; ”you are smart my girl…..but till we both are sure” Sam nodded Neil pecked her forehead…and drove her back to her house


Riddhima had cleared her exams and was now eligible to teach higher standards….Riddhima wanted to share this news first with Shiv and then with est of her family….she reached home and found Shiv working in his study and Pari seated on the floor busy with her toys….she would call Shiv in her language and show her toys….Shiv responded to every baby call of hers… Riddhima felt blessed…..she held her wedding locket tightly….Riddima walked to Shiv and sat on his lap pecking his cheek; ”Love you my husband”

Shiv; ”So the result is good I suppose”

Riddhima; ”yes it is….even if it handt been great I would have been happy to be here with you”

Shiv pulled Riddhima by her waist; ”your motives are doubtful wifey”

Riddhima; ”and dangerous you look mouthwatering…..” Shiv moved close and kissed Riddhima….”thank you SHiv for coming into my life and giving me a second chance and giving Pari a father she could have never dreamt off….”

Shiv; ”Riddhi stop thanking me first….and Pari made me a human…..I was just an emotionless criminal lawyer…who turned rouge after losing you….but then a small angle smiled in my arms…awakening my soul” Riddhima and Shiv suddenly turned when they heard a thud…Pari had managed to crawl to one of the corners and had pulled a small show piece down….Shiv quickly pushed Riddima off his lap..and ran to Pari.. ;Are you fine”

Riddhima just shook her head getting off the floor ; ”you should be asking me this just pushed me….” Shiv looked at smiling Pari…and then gave Riddima a side hug trying to hide his laughter.


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    • Gauri



      Thanks Angeline πŸ™‚ ok I like your suggestion…will think and write on this πŸ™‚ thanks dear stay blessed πŸ™‚

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      Thanks Rg πŸ™‚ I will try to include more romance πŸ˜€ Pratap is an arrogant butt ….he thinks his son deserves better …he will improve πŸ™‚ yes nandini is back πŸ™‚ thanks for being so supportive

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