MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 39

Helloooooooooooooooo dearies….ok got some time and wrote this short one πŸ™‚ happy reading do let me know how was this πŸ™‚ happy Diwali

Chapter 39

Neil’s Residence

Arjun was bonding with Neil’s Uncle…they discussed about business world… job scenario …industries and better prospect….Neil watched the two and left them alone..he was never interested in discussing work out office…he watched Radhika going inside the kitchen and followed her…Radhika was helping Prerna with the dinner….his mami too was there chatting with Prerna …Avantika noticed how close Prerna was with Radhika…Radhika had all rights on Prerna what a daughter had….and Prerna was happy to be around Radhika….Neil made a bored face at female chitchatting and smiled wide looking at freshly prepared Aloo Kachori….Prerna was busy stuffing and Radhika was rolling and frying them…Neil went and lifted one of them quickly stuffing into his mouth…Avantika smiled watching jumping Neil who had stuff the hot kachori in his mouth; ”Neil you will burn your tongue” Radhika shook her head and handed him cold water

Neil smiled; ”I have my chashni she will take care of me….”

Avantika; ”WHat if Arjun feels bad…she is his wife first”

Neil ; ”No she is first my chashni and then his wife….and we both are champions in handling Arjun….” Radhika smiled and slapped Neil’s hand which was again moving towards the vessel to grab one more kachori

Radhika; ”That’s true…he is my first friend…but Now Sam will take care of you Neil … me and Prerna aunty are all free now….”

Sam who had just entered the kitchen made a horrified face; ”This is in justice how can you leave me alone with Neil…he will drive me crazy” there was a pin drop silence after Sam’s statement and after a second all four females burts out laughing and Neil made an angry face…all four were still joking when Neil grabbed the vessel and ran out…Sam tried stopping him but he doged her….Radhika picked a spatula and charged towards towards him…they were fighting around the dinning table…with Pratap and Arjun watching them all surprised…neil kept suffting kachories in his mouth angering Radhika…he ran on the other side and handed Pratap the vessel and sat next to him; ”See Mamu Radhika is already to hit you for stealing kachories” radhika quickly put her arm down all nervous…and Pratap was too surprise to react…Arjun picked one kachori and looked at Neil; ”Ummm…this is tasty…lets finish this Neil your Chashni can prepare more…” Neil puffed his chest up getting some support finally…..

Avantika asked Prerna; ”Isn’t Arjun jealous of what is between Radhika and Neil…”

Prerna; ”Initially yes….but now No…anyone who knows them completely is aware of this friendship…plus these two never care who thinks what” Avantika nodded and smiled…but her eyes would time and again go to Arjun…who was talking to her husband ….there was kind a attraction… her heart felt deeply connected to him…


SHiv had created a ruckus he wanted to leave early for a meeting and had put everyone on their toes early morning…Riddhima arranged his breakfast and called out his name…after good 15 min she walked inside… the view made her angry as hell and at the same time fall for her husband all over again….Shiv was leaning on the Pari busy rubbing his nose against her small one…only Pari or some alien could understand the language he spoke….Pari’s happiness could be easily measured by her sequels she ..would try and hold Shiv’s face…Riddhima huffed; ”Aren’t you getting late now”

Shiv froze…he puffed his cheeks and then lightly slapped them to let out the air making Pari squeal more…Shiv lifted her and Pari showered her love on his face…Shiv looked at Riddhima’s angry face; ”Meetings can wait…this is more important” Shiv gave Pari few pecks and turned to Riddhima; ”Riddhi We are going for shopping its Neil-Sam engagement and I want my doll to be the best”

Riddhima’s jaw dropped…for a moment she felt shopping was her …but it was for Pari she frowned; ”She has too many dresses…Radhika and Sam bought her many when they visited…no need for a new one”

Shiv without caring for a response gave Pari one more loving peck; ”Those are two months old…she will not wear them…and don’t be jealous..I will buy you one too ….. riiigggghhhhhhhhttt my baby…mumma is all jealous and pouty ”…..Riddhima just rolled her eyes at the Alien conversation…Shiv laid Pari carefully in her crib and walked to riddhima he locked her to the wall and gently placed his forehead against hers; ”you look so adorable with that mock anger of yours…be ready by the evening…I am taking my wife and daughter on a date…” Shiv pecked her forehead and then kissed her hard…knocking day lights out of Riddhima …she blinked at him…he made her feel like a teenager experiencing the first kiss….Riddhima blushed and smiled…Shiv wrapped his arms around her and whispered; ”Have a great day at work….and I want you too prepare and appear for entrance to grow in teaching field”

Riddhima looked at Shiv quietly….with Suraj she wasn’t suppose to have dreams…and here this man was pushing her to live her dreams…she smiled; ”Pari is too small… may be once she turns one I will”

Shiv; ”We both will take care of her simultaneously….this should not affect your career…” SHiv turned his eyes to the crib and spoke in animated voice; ”plus my baby is too understanding”

Riddhima; ”you and your baby ….now better you leave for office…” Shiv hugged Riddhima and took a deep satisfying breath…..he patted her cheek and walked out of the room…

INK Office

Manya was working on the final layout of her designs when a name stopped her heart….Ankush was greeted by everyone as he walked in…he knew every body by their names ….he humbly greeted all moving towards her department….Manya suddenly had frozen…her legs had refused to move…she couldn’t even turn herself around….it seemed her nervous system was jammed…her body was confused which command to follow….Manya was still fighting when Ankush greeted her; ”Hi Manya …you seemed to be too busy”

Many finally turned; ”Hi Ankush…how are you?…good to see you”

Ankush noticed Manya’s pink cheeks …it just wasn’t her cheeks ….but her forehead her ears all had turned red….her hands were shaking….Ankush went alert; ”Hey take a chair….guess you are not well” The moment Ankush placed his fingers on her shoulder to help her sit…Manya fainted….when she woke up…she was in the office dormitory with Sam by her side….Manya got up; ”Sam what are you doing here”

Sam was all worried; ”Thank god you are fine….you collapsed and Ankush called me….doctor checked on you…your BP had dropped…”

Ankush walked in; ”Manya take rest of the day off…”

Manya cursed herself for collapsing …she faintly spoke; ”I have my designs to complete….the show is in a week…I can’t”

Sam was happy hearing Manya ‘s love for her work….Ankush smiled and patted her head; ”you can work from home and mail the designs eod today..we can discuss tomorrow…Sam please take her home” the moment Akush patted Manya’s head…she felt like fainting again….her head went dizzy again….she was about to fall back when Sam held her; ”Its better you come home”

Sam made Manya sit in the car…Ankush came to escort them out…he waved at both…and left….Sam drove out of INK prmises she watched Manya’s angry face; ”What???”

Manya; ”I wasn’t dying….why do you have to come….I agree I was a bone in your relationship earlier but I never thought you will go for revenge…”

Sam applied quick brakes; ”Manu what’s wrong…bone…revenge I am not getting anything” Sam’s expression changed as realization dawned on her ; ”OMG ….you like Ankush….God I need fresh air I can’t drive” Sam quickly got out scarchted her head …paced around …drank some water and the laughed….passerby stared at her with a doubt….many just took the other side to avoid walking close by her thinking her to be mad…Sam got in and pressed her lips; ”Manya why did you faint”

Manya; ”I turned nervous when he greeted me…he thought I wasn’t well…he tried to help me ..but the moment his fingers touched me….my stupid Idiot waste body gave up…I am seeing him after so long….and now I have spend time at home when he is here in Mumbai….I hate myself”

Sam was laughing hard now…confident Manya had turned into a jelly now…Manya glared; ”Laugh more…I am know I am pathetic”

Sam pulled her phone out; ”I will tell Chashni…she will help you”

Manya snatched her phone; ”No ….I will do it my way…please let it be a secret…”

Sam; ”Ok…and Ankush is in Mumbai till my marriage ….so chalk your plan out” Manya’s face lit up hearing that Ankush was staying for a month….she leaped on Sam planting numerous pecks….Sam wiped her face…..; ”yuck….Manya keep that for Ankush…”

Arjun picked up his in laws from the Airport…they had come down to attend Sam-Neil’s engagement …which was in 2 days…Ankush was looking for a place for himself he didn’t wanted to bother Arjun with his frequent visits….but Arjun refused…he never had a family …and Radhika’s family was his own…he was happy to be around them….Mala was asking Arjun to suggest some good girl for Anksuh ….Arjun smiled in assurance but his eyes would time and again go on his BIL ….who was behind Mala…Ankush was nodding negative at Arjun behind Mala and Nia was jumping infront of him with a paper…YES YES…YES JIJU lets Nail Bhai…Arjun just kept a straight face….he had a hard time controlling his laughter…

Radhika finished her daily chores and joined Arjun in the bed…she kept her head on his shoulder and palm on his chest….Arjun pecked her forehead and gently pressed her temple to ease her tiredness ; ”Thanks radhika….you gave me family….I always wished I had parents who would pamper me …a sibling to annoy yet love me…but nothing was my fate until you cam along…. if had a mother she would have been proud of my choice”

Radhika moved closer to him…; ”are you sure she would have liked me…may be she would have found someone more beautiful”

Arjun rolled over to face Radhika; ”who said you aren’t beautiful….and no one can hate you….if they hate then the reason is that they can’t have you”

Radhika loved this adoration…….she smiled at him… and changed the topic; ”You seemed to bond with Pratap uncle quite well”

Arjun; ”Yes….we have same views on business politics and Neil”

Radhika; ”Neil…??? now what did he do”

Arjun; ”me and praatap uncle were discussing that Neil has amazing talent to do big in something of his own….but he isn’t serious”

Radhika frowned; ”Arjun this why we like him….he is serious but for right things…now don’t bad mouth my friend” Arjun mumbled a soft sorry before pulling Radhika in his arms and switching off the lights”

Sam was out on a long drive with Neil….Neil noticed her continuously fidgeting…he smiled mischievously ; ”Sammy how many times should I tell you to eat less and lighten your stomach before going out for a drive…we should be responsible towards the environment…we can’t go about adding to air & noise pollution due to your noisy stomach”

Sam gaped at neil all angry….her expression were as if she was punching and kicking Neil in her imagination…she smirked ….but Neil popped her bubble; ”That will happen only in your dreams…now tell me what is the secret you are hiding”

Sam blinked; ”No …nothing”

Neil; ”Sam speak…I can’t afford you to have an upset stomach on the day of our engagement”

Sam frowned…then gave up..she spoke in one go; ”ManyaisinlovewithAnkush”

Neil; ”What language was that”

Sam; ”Manya is in love with Ankush”

Neil’s car came to a screeching halt….he blinked stared at Sam …and then laughed like a maniac….Sam watched him curling her lower lip; ”Neil Manya is my sister and you are laughing on her not fair”

Neil controlled and lifted his arms in a surrender; ”Ok sorry but I am laughing on Ankush….he isn’t aware…what specimen has fallen for him…” and he started laughing again”

Sam; ”Neillllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! she is not a specimen…you are being mean”

Neil; ”Ok sorry….does he know” Sam nodded negative….Neil huffed; ”Let it go by its own pace Sam…don’t interfere….if its destined it will happen…now can we focus on ourselves”

Sam; ”Ok…but one thing more….I don’t know I may be wrong…but your mamu and Arjun are equally Khadoos”

Neil smiled and nodded in agreement…but Sam’s sentence made him think…..he brushed his thoughts aside as his mamu never had children …so there was no chance Arjun being related to him….neil had requested Arjun’s childhood pictures from the orphanages he had stayed with….he was waiting for them after that he and radhika had decided to some how get their hands on the old records of missing children …now they just needed Arjun’s childhood pics ….which they decided to match with police records

Prerna watched Avantika in a deep thought she gently touched her shoulder ; ”what’s wrong…”

Avantika; ”Nothing was thinking if my Ajju was here he would have been of Arjun’s age”

Prerna squuezed her palm; ”we know that will never happen”

Avantika; ”Prerna he is alive ….I feel it….and when I was packing for Mumbai….I felt I am going to see him…”

Prerna; ”If he is I pray to god to make him come to us before Neil’s wedding….I want Neil to have his elder brother by his side” Avantika nodded and Neil who overheard this conversation was shocked…he decided to speak to Prerna alone


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