MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 37

Hello dearies here is the next one…since you guys wanted MMZ to go on I have introduced a new plot….do let me know if you like it 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂 Pls ignore my mistakes

Chapter 37

As the alarm went on Arjun stretched his arm to the other side of the bed….but found it empty….he opened his eyes and looked around….Radhika never left the bed without waking him up…. He called out her name but she didn’t respond….Arjun’s heart started pounding….a fear of loosing her engulfed him….he quickly left the bed and walked out of the room…he knocked on Nia’s room but got no response…he pushed open the door even Nia was not there….Arjun pulled his hair out of frustration , he took a deep breath…’’ Calm down Arjun…Radhika can never leave you….she must be here only’’ Arjun started sweating…he rubbed his palm over his face…his heart was still hammering….his eyes started filling up…just when he was about to break down…he heard a soft humming; ‘’Happy Bday to you…’’ Arjun turned around and found Radhika and Nia…holding a cake decorated with candles….Nia jumped and gave ARjun a bone crushing hug…Arjun patted her head ; ‘’thanks Nia…’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun me and Nia made this for you ….please do the honours’’

Arjun smiled and bowed down to blow the candles he lifted his eyes up to meet Radhika’s ….hwe smile was brighter than the candles….Arjun blew them and cut the cake….he fed it Radhika and Nia…pulling them in an emotional hug.

Nia; ‘’Jiju were is the party’’

Arjun; ‘’Where ever my cute SIL wants’’

Nia; ‘’Then we will go over the weekend as a family….today you are free to take my di on a date…enjoy you two…and di I am leaving for office’’ Nia wished Arjun and left….

Radhika smiled at him; ‘’I will get the breakfast done’’

Before she could walk away…Arjun pulled Radhika in her arms… ‘’I have told you not to leave me alone on the bed….you were suppose to wake me up…..I was scared’’

Radhika rubbed his back kissing his shoulder..; ‘’Sorry was planning a surprise for you….’’

Arjun; ‘’I don’t even know if its my real DOB….this is why I never celebrated it’’

Radhika; ‘’I wanted to so I did…because for me all dates related to you matters’’

Arjun lifted Radhika in Bridal style; ‘’Time for my gift’’

Radhika; ‘’That’s in the cupboard and put me down…w…we have to leave for office’’

Arjun; ‘’Panoti you find Aloo chaat hot…let me show you how hot your husband is..’’

Radhika blushed wrapped her around Arjun’s neck hinding her face in his neck; ‘’My husband is super hot…Aloo chaat is just a timepass….ummm like tom and jerry’’

Arjun raised an eyebrow; ‘’you never devour a chocolate in the s*xiest possible way’’

Radhika whined like a child; ‘’Arjun!!!!!!!! For how long will you tease me…you are pulling my leg as if you never watched that kind of stuff’’

Arjun carried Radhika to their and made her sit on the bed; ‘’THAT KINDOF STUFF….wow …so my innocent wife knows about THAT KIND OF STUFF’’ Radhika was irritated and Arjun was having….she turned her face around…Arjun pulled her in his arms… ‘’my beautiful lovely innocent wife….I love to tease you…and watching your cute angry face makes me tease you more….you make me feel alive….I love you wifey…’’

Radhika cupped his face and gave him a big hug….; ‘’I love you husband…’’


After collecting her stuff from her uncle’s place Shiv and Riddima drove off to his house he never spoke a word to her….Shiv and Riddima were welcomed by an elderly couple who were the care taker of his house….Shiv introduced them; ‘’Kaka and Kaki used to work at my maternal grand parents home….when I became independent brought them here…and she is Riddhima my wife and she is my daughter Pari’’ SHiv pecked his angle who in turn banged her head lovingly on SHiv’s face squealing happily…

Shiv brought Riddhima inside and unlocked the door of a room; ‘’This your room Riddhi….make yourself comfortable…and this crib I got done for Pari….’’ Shiv turned around to leave but them stopped and said without looking at Riddhima ; ‘’you can lock the door if you want’’

Riddhima was speechless…she never expected that she would be given a different room….she couldn’t understand… was he ignoring her intentionally or punishing her for refusing his proposal…she looked around …the crib was beautiful….decorated with beautiful pink baby beddings….there were two doors attached to the room…she opened one it lead to the wash room…but when she opened the other one her jaw dropped…there were toys…baby toys and a lot of them….Riddhima thought; ‘’Since when was he doing this…why is this man such a mystery ..and above all he isn’t even looking at me’’

Riddhima walked out to find whole staff in a jiffy..she looked around and asked; ‘’Kaka what’s happening’’

Kaka smiled; ‘’Shiv wanted whole house to be mopped by a good disinfectant….so that Pari shouldn’t catch any infection’’

Rihhima rolled her eyes and turned around she found few cartons…she asked again; ‘’and what are these’’

Kaka; ‘’Shiv had ordered baby chairs online…’’

Riddhima; ‘’But why 3?’’

Kaka; ‘’One for the living room…one for his room and one for his study’’

Riddhima’s POV; ‘Wow Pari….you got a grand welcome…you can join him in his study …and he isn’t even looking a me…not even as a friend’

Riddhima walked to his study and found him sitting on his chair…playing with Pari….he looked so happy…and Pari..she seemed to love him more than her.. Shiv would lift her and then bring down…Pari would squeal showing all her excitement Shiv pecked her nose and Pari started chewing his cheek…Shiv hugged her leaning on the chair closing his eyes….Riddima POV; ‘some relationships are really made by God’…Riddhima walked out towards the kitchen….there was a time when she wanted to be a part of his house….but she lost the chance….but this time…she will make their bond strong…even if it was just as Pari’s parents…she wasn’t expecting more.

SHiv was busy on a call..and Pari was happily sitting in his lap….chewing whatever she could take in her mouth….Shiv switched on his laptop and downloaded a video clip…..he had requested the CCTV recording of Pari’s creche …he fumed got up and walked to the living room….Riddhima was surprised to find him all ready…Riddhima asked; ‘’Shiv where are you going’’

Shiv’s face was grim; ‘’Pari’s crèche ….those people will pay for manhandling my daughter’’

Riddhima was still processing…’’Shiv relax….we can sought this out amicably…that place is closest to my work place….if you create a scene I won’t be able to leave Pari there….and.. ‘’

Before she could finish SHiv interrupted; ‘’Get that straight riddhi…Pari will no more stay in crèche …your work starts at 8 AM mine at 10:30 AM you are back 2 PM…till then Kaki will take care of her…but no more day care for her’’

Riddhima saw the old Shiv…she calmly replyed; ‘’Shiv….Pari is a handful child…she keeps everyone on her toes…Kaki will be troubled’’

Shiv; ‘’She is an angle… and she troubles no one…no more discussions’’ Shiv gave Pari to Riddhima he left pecking her head…Riddima knew she will never be able to keep her daughter in the day care again….her POV; ‘I had a handful daughter and now a impossible husband’ She looked at Pari…who blinked at her mother before giving a toothless smile…Riddhima just shook her head and pecked Pari smiling

Bird Song

Neil was waiting for Sam ….he had asked her to reach early….on the pretext of urgest meeting….Sam barged into her cabin and found Neil sitting on the chair wearing a cow boy hat and hi legs up on the table….Sam ; ‘’Now what is this Neil….are looking for Aliens’’

Neil pressed play on his phone…and the song Papi chulo started so did Neil’s dance….Sam made a face and then gulped Neil’s expression were turning dirty…with each beat …he would move towards Sam biting his lower lip….the song had some weired breathing sounds….and Neil would express each breath with emotion plus hotness…Sam gulped a whole glass of water in one go

Sam; ‘’N..Neil…this isn’t our first night…its yet to come’’

Neil; ‘’I was just being the Aaloo chaat baby….eager to devour me’’

Sam opened and closed her mouth like a fish…this was embarrassing …she pressed her lips looked side ways and then at Neil…Neil pouted giving her a flying kiss…Sam blushed and hid her face in her palms…she mumbled without removing her hands; ‘’Neil you are a jerk…this is so unfair’’

Neil; ‘’Oh you being committed drooling over some unknown guy is fair’’

Sam now glared at him; ‘’you are saying its unfair…and you guys keep commenting and ogling at the girls 24/7 married or not…is that fair’’

Neil sat crossing his legs; ‘’When did I drool over other girls….since I have met you…I have been a horse having side flaps over my eyes…I can only see what’s infornt of me and that has always been you’’

Sam giggled; ‘’Horse ???? ok then what about the girl you brought to the party where Radhika exposed Nandini’’

Neil; ‘’She is my friend and committed….she agreed to do a little drama for me’’

Sam complained twitching her nose; ‘’some friend of yours…and I never knew such close dances were allowed between just friends’’ Sam said annoyingly making a quote sign for just frinds

Neil smiled; ‘’well we had many close dances….but then we were just frinds’’

Sam; ‘’we were different’’

Neil; ‘’How….please elaborate’’

Sam; ‘’Can’t something between you and me…was always different….I never felt uncomfortable around you….I was always myself with you…so its different’’

Neil got up and cupped her face; ‘’And I want it to be the same for ever…so next time you want Aaloo chaat just let me know…I will happily do a cabret for you and you can devour me’’

Sam innocently said; ‘’But Aaloo chaat was kind of joint account between me and chasni…so can I call her for the cabret show’’

Neil folded his arms to chest he knew Sam was teasing him..he smiled and replied; ‘’She will faint at my dance ….Chashni has a different taste she loves spicey pepper Aaloo Chaat…and Arjun will do just perfect…’’ Sam laughed at Pepper Aloo Chaat and Neil renamed Arjun as PAC. (Pepper Arjun Chaat)

Radhika was in a deep thought it was Arjun’s Bday…yet he wasn’t very keen about it….Neil found her lost and knocked her head… ‘’All good’’

Radhika knew Neil was the best person to discuss this…she asked; ‘’Neil…is there a possibility to get the records on orphan people’’

Neil frowned; ‘’You want details on Arjun…but Why? ‘’ Radhika narrated Arjun’s response to his birthday…and his confusion about his real Bday….Neil thought; ‘’even I have a doubt….why didn’t Nandini gave him her surname….where does Mehra surname comes from….this means there are records….but what will you do finding this truth’’

Radhika; ‘’Don’t know give him a closure…or may be his parents are alive…may be they lost him…may be someone took him away…he just remembers his parents died…how ??? when??? he has no clue …may they weren’t his parents at all…I don’t know but want to try…will you help’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Can I refuse you…no right…so where to start’’

Radhika; ‘’Panchgani….and I will get details from Rana kaka…’’ Neil nodded and both shook hands

Somewhere far

A lady in her late 40s was sitting on a large chair next to fire place…holding a photo frame in her had….she was staring at the picture….a man dressed in business attire entered the room and said; ‘’we are leaving for Mumbai…its Neil’s wedding….’’

The lady looked up; ‘’but you never wanted to go back’’

The Man took a deep breath ; ‘’Yes ….but Prerna is my only sister…she never asked any help …she brought Neil up single handedly….I want to be there for her’’

The lady smiled; ‘’May be we can find him too’’

The man got angry; ‘’He died….we all know that….now please go and pack’’ The lady slowly got up at moved to the door she turned at looked at her husband; ‘’No …he is alive…I feel it’’ She walked off without waiting for his response.


After creating a good scene at the day care and threaten them of legal consequences…Shiv returned home all victorious and satisfied… as he entered the hall his eyes only searched for Pari….he looked around and then found her playing alone in Ridhima’s room…lying on her stomach….she was busy talking to herself…Shiv smiled …he slowly went and caressed her tiny head…she expressed her joy with so much excitement that SHiv’s heart was filled with emotions…he lifted her up and stretched out his body on the bed…Pari was throwing her hands and legs in excitement…he pecked her small hand…hugging her; ‘’Do you know why I love you so much….because its you who taught me unconditional love…you returned my fake attention with your true attachment…Pari your dad loves you more than anything and anyone…I can’t see a life without you’’ Shiv placed Pari on his chest patting her back….Pari lay there still…sometimes moving her face to have a view for her dad…Riddhima watched this she had come to take Pari out for sometime…but then decided to leave Pari and Shiv alone….she walked towards the kitchen wiping her happy tears…her POV; ‘Sorry Shiv that I left you 5 yrs back…but I am glad I have you back…’ Riddhima then pouted; ‘I am slightly jealous of you Pari….all his aatentin and care is for you…’ She laughed at herself for competing with her small daughter…but blinked when she found Shiv standing next to her …staring at her as if she lost her mind; ‘’Are you talking to yourself???’’

Riddhima; ‘’ummm…Yes I do sometimes…now since you have brought her…I will take her out for sometime’’

Riddhima extended her hands but Shiv moved Pari away; ‘’Even I can take her…why you???’’

Riddhima; ‘’because from tomorrow I have to do that…and why do you have to argue’’

Shiv; ‘’I will make time for her…and you are arguing I am not…’’ He looked at Pari; ‘’Come baby time for fun…tell mumma she can join if she is done talking to herself’’ SHiv left smiling leaving a pouting Riddhima behind.

Precap; Thinking


    • S.v


      |Registered Member

      yippiieeee pari and her papa awww they steal the show as always. His love for her and her cute squeal they are treat to watch. Arjun as always has his fear when he did not find radhika. It has become his fear for not seeing her. Nia and Radhika made a cake for him but he is dumbo not enjoyed the moment. Aloo chat god that is making the day. nesam and ardhika lol neil pac ha ha ha he is one piece. And is the couple who are related to prena aunty is they parents of arjun ?? coz i can sense that she said i can sense that he is still alive and raneil is searching for them so when nesam’s engagement comes i guess they will make sure that arjun and his mehra’s may see face to face.

      Didi u made it as again. Im soo jumping to see pari and shiv and ridhima didi he he he she is jealosy on pari thats natural and i love them so much. Love u soo much didi. i am so happy that i am first love u so much didi i made it again love u and ur words as always. Bear hugs and kisses. Muhhhaaaaaaa……………..

    • Gauri



      Love you my cutie pie 🙂 you are a darling making me smile with your words … u too are shiv fan 🙂 next time some shiv-riddhi romance 🙂 stay blessed and love u

  1. Sathya


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    Gauri darling….a bigggggg hug and lots of kisses for you. You are a genius girl. This episode is SPECTACULAR dear. Wow you made a plot of finding about Arjun’s origin. That’s superb. Yay…finally Arjun gonna meet their parents and Neil & Arjun are cousins…that really sounding superb. Gauri you are simply superb dear and the way you portrayed Parinsh and Rivansh bond is amazing. I started liking Shiv more than anyone now. Oh god i couldn’t control my blushing when Arjun said to Rads that he will show her how hot he is. lol. And finally NESAM is always fun to watch. Ha ha ha Neil in cow boy get up he is a superman who makes everyone happy. I LOVE YOU DEAR for this wonderful chappy 🙂

  2. Brin


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    Outstanding episode, I like the new plot of the story, Radhika trying to fine Arjun’s biological parent, is it possible that Neil and Arjun could be cousins? Eagerly waiting for the next update, you nail it, well done. 🙂

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    • Gauri



      Thanks for the amazing comment Vini 🙂 I am there on wattpad…my id Abha3006 will post crossroads soon 🙂 loads of love

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    Diiiiiii tis epi is jst fab. U knw what bt plz dnt laugh at me after seeing pari even i want a daughter like her. Altleast i want a sister like her asap. Awwwwww look how cuteeeee she is. I do have a brother who is 10 months old. I have a spl attachment wth him as he was born on my birthday last year. So basically we bth share the same bday and i have taken him in my arms when he was jst 3 days old. U dnt even knw hw happy i was looking at this guy. I was jst staring at him. The happiness i felt whn he was in my arms i cant even explain it. He lives in muskat and i am missing him lyk hell ryt nw. Esp after reading ur epi. Jst for him to have his food all of us used to dance around him and do all weird things. And thn when he used to smile it used to give us so much of energy. Pari badly reminds me of him. I missinggg my cutieeeeeee pieeeeee soooooooo much.

    Arjun is scared. Poor guy. Bt assure him di that his radhika is nt gng to go anywhere. And aloo chat lolllll. That was the funniest part. Neil is jst impossibleee. He and his antics neevr fail to amuse me. And what was that they named argun as peeper arjun chat? Arjun shd come to knw of tis. He wll break the bones of neil. And the teasing part of nesam and ardhika – i jst adored it. And any new plot u wll brng i wll read it wholeheartedly. Hw can smethng u write be not read by us? I seriously wish that every ff of urs shd be extended till infinity. I dnt get tired reafing ur ff any number of times. Ur ff litrally energises me. U r jst fab di. Day by day my admiration and love fr u and ur ff jst keeps growingggggggg.

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    • Gauri



      Thanks a ton sweety 🙂 babies are so honest and true that their simple gestures fill us up with energy 🙂 oh I love them 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Dipu 🙂 yup you are right Riddhi deserves all…and she will get it … 🙂 yup they are ARjun’s parents 🙂 thanks for supporting me everytime 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love u to moon and back

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      Thanks a ton Manolove 🙂 I am so happy to read your comment 🙂 😀 … Aloo Chaat did u devour It 😛 😉 loads of love to you stay blessed and keep smiling 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Ritu 🙂 these antics were done by my niece….I loved when she would just chew my hands cheeks ….and once she started teething god I was her fav biting toy …everything she did was so innocent that just would pep my mood 🙂 love u

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