MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 36

Hello there all the lovely people…so here is the next one 🙂 I am planning to give it a good ending would like to know your suggestions on the same….enough talking…please have a look and let me know how was this 🙂 keep smiling friends

Chapter 36


Shiv sat in the main hall of Mishra house surrounded by his would be family….The Daring SHivansh Dutta was looking like a meek kitten now….Sam and Radhika kept giggling looking at his nervous rubbing of hands….Dadaji gestured Radhika and she moved to him handing him Pari….Shiv’s mood changed he smiled wide taking the little bundle in his arms…Pari was drifting between slumber and consciousness…Shiv made her comfortable on his shoulder and she slept off….his stance was broken by Dadaji; ‘’Answer this honestly….you want Pari or Riddima’’

Shiv kept patting Pari gently; ‘’I started meeting Pari to gain Riddhima’s confidence…but guess now I want Pari more….even if Riddhima says No….I would want to be a guide and father figure even if she dosent call me her father’’ Riddhima was standing out of the room…with her back to the wall…she covered her mouth to hide the emotional stifle…

Dadji; ‘’When can you marry Riddhima and take her and Pari home’’

Shiv smiled….pecking Pari’s tiny head; ‘’As soon as you guys are fine….I am looking forward to adopt Pari legally…Since Suraj has already stated that he has nothing to do with her….I want her to be my daughter’’

Dadaji; ‘’She will know the truth someday’’

Shiv looked at Dadji and gave him a confident smile; ‘’I will myself tell her…and I know she will not give my place to anyone’’ Pari mumbled getting disturbed …SHiv hushed her lovingly rubbing her small back foregetting everyone….bringing smile to all faces

Dadji; ‘’Mala Dilip…Riddhima and SHiv will get married tomorrow morning in the temple As Chotti is leaving in the evening….and SHiv…you can squeeze in with Neil today…I don’t think Pari is in the mood to let you go’’ Dadaji gestured to the small fist which clutched Shiv’s shirt on either side…Neil poked his toung out at Sam who was looking forward to have Pari all to herself….and with Shiv he had Pari with him

Sam; ‘’Dadaji not fare…we are leaving tomorrow…Shiv will have her all his life’’

Dadaji; ‘’Its not fare with me too….these days no one is paying attention to me…Pari is turning VIP… try Sam if Pari agrees …you can take her…’’ Sam made a face as Pari was in deep sleep…and there was no way SHiv was giving away his precious to anyone.

Morning Riddhima and SHivash were married off in a simple way…but what irked Riddima was that SHiv never looked at her the way he should…and then she mentally cursed herself for her expectations…this was just for Pari….after completing the rituals…first thing Shiv did was to extend his arms towards his darling….she squealed a laughter before jumping in…now he had all rights on her and he was determined to make it legal…Shiv softly spoke to Pari; ‘’Angle now you are my princess….Pari Shivasnh Dutta’’ Shiv pecked her cheek …making a perfect picture which Neil captured in his camera.

It was time for Radhika to leave all four greeted Radhika’s family….Sam after a minute spoke; ‘’Can I request something Ankush’’

Ankush; ‘’Why request..just ask’’

Sam; ‘’Manya had done her course in fashion designing…and is more suitable for this kind of job…will you train her so that she can do something of her own later’’

Neil leaned on ARjun’s ear; ‘’Poor Ankush’’ Arjun just maintained a grim face …he didn’t wanted to get thrashed again’’

Ankush was thinking…he had heard a lot about Manya’s behavior…he wasn’t sure….plus Neil who was standing behind Sam…was making some weird gestures pretending to throttle himself telling Ankush he was dead…but Before Ankush could answer Mala jumped; ‘’No need to request Sam… he will…Manya can join him any day she wants’’ Sam hugged Mala thanking her….they took a cab to Delhi as they had a late night flight to Mumbai.


Radhika was woken up by her buzzing phone….she checked the number …it was Mala…Radhika answered… ‘’Hi ma….why did you call so early’’

Mala; ‘’Chotti….you are still in bed….its 8 am get up’’ Radhika just hummed …and Mala went on and on…she was praising Shiv and how lucky Riddhima was to have him how much he loved Pari….Radhika kept smiling….she felt happy…..but her sleepy eyes suddenly flew open….Arjun was drawing patterns on Radhika’s back…..Radhika tried getting up but ARjun arm held her tightly…..Arjun pulled her close…rubbing his nose and lips on her back….Radhika’s breathing turned hard…it was getting difficult to concentrate on what Mala was saying

Mala; ‘’Chotti are you running….why are you breathing so hard’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes Ma….I have started going for a morning walk with ARjun…just came back was taking a power nap when you called’’ Arjun bit her ear lobe..making her squeak…which she masked by pretending coughing Radhika removed ARjun’s arm…but he continued….he enjoyed her discomfort to the core.….she was getting distracted….finally she disconnected the call and turned towards Arjun all furious; ‘’What were you doing’’

Arjun made an innocent face; ‘’Distracting you’’

Radhika sat upright; ‘’Ma was on line…how can you be so shameless’’

Arjun turned his body on the back…kept his palms behind his head smiled mischievously at Radhika; ‘’Ok did you think about me…when you kept spanking me infront of the whole family’’

Radhika’s jaw dropped; ‘’SO this was all about revenge’’

Arjun; ‘’Arjun Mehra never leaves anything mid-way….mission revenge accomplished’’ Radhika poked him and Arjun jumped….Radhika smiled; ‘’you are ticklish’…OMG…run Arjun Mehra….run for your life’’
Radhika went on ticking Arjun…..he jumped off the bed and she ran behind him…..Arjun kept on warning Radhika …but she was in no mood in leaving him…Arjun ran inside the bathroom and locked it….Radhika; ‘’Noooooo…we had decided I will go first

Arjun ; ‘’go on….I am not coming out so easily’’

Radhika; ‘’Think about it….I will lock you from outside an go to office….Nia will be coing back in the evening…so be a good boy and come out…..’’ Radhika was happy when she did not receive any reply…but suddenly she was pulled inside and pinned to the wall…

.Arjun watched Radhika lovingly; ‘’So Mrs Mehra…I have a better plan….lets us get locked her for whole day’’

Radhika asked innocently; ‘’And do what’’

Arjun; ‘’ummm…Let’s plan …Pari’s younger brother or sister….or may be both’’

Radhika blinked and blushed…but then something hit her mind; ‘’Ok…but before that let Pari’s uncle grow up’’ Arjun opened his mouth and then closed it….he moved closer ….Radhika kept looking into his eyes….Arjun’s grip loosen and Radhika tickled him again before running out.

Sam got up and found Manya holding a tray with 2 cups of coffee; ‘’Morning Manu….and thanks’’

Manya; ‘’No need …it has been years since we had coffee together…missed you so much…and mostly due to my stupidity’’

Sam gave her a lovely hug; ‘’ its ok…. Leave all that…I have a good news….you will be working for Ankush’s label…I have spoken to him and he is fine with it’’

Manya beamed…but controlled her happiness; ‘’Thanks Sam….you are a life saver….I had no interest in BS and advertising…’’

Sam; ‘’you are welcome….your joining is next week….and one more news…Prerna aunty is coming to meet mom and dad’’

Manya squealed; ‘’That’s awesome Sam….finally you two can be together’’

Sam’s smiled faded; ‘’I wish Mom-Dad end their differences soon….its so difficult to watch them like this and behave as if nothing has happened’’

Manya kept her palm in Sam’s hand gently squeezing it; ‘’Sam may be your marriage can bring them closer…lets keep the finger crossed’’ Sam just nodded silently wishing for the same

Bird Song

All four got busy as the work had piled up due to their absence…they had got an assignment on Male Deo brand ..the client had asked to give something different compared to what other brands were presenting….Sam decided to research…she downloaded the different commercials of the top brands trying to know the theme ruling the market…almost all had one theme that was girls getting impressed….Sam rolled her , She finally decided to do some international research…Radhika walked in but Sam never noticed her…Radhika stood behind Sam watching her completely engrossed in the laptop….Sam was watching some international commercial….and one of them was very raunchy….Sam’s eyes popped out she started chewing her pencil…and Radhika’s jaw dropped…. Radhika spoke; ‘’Isn’t he too hottttttttt’’

Sam; ‘’Seriously Chashni…if you get someone like him…any girl will willingly do everything whatever this lucky one is doing’’ They kept conversing without looking at each other or anywhere but the Man on the screen whom Sam had paused…

Radhika; ‘’But we aren’t that lucky’’

Sam; ‘’Yes you stuck with khadoos and I have to settle with Idiot’’

Radhika pulled a chair close to Sam and whispered; ‘’Better luck to us in next life….and in this life…’’

Sam completed for her; ‘’Lets devour this hot aloo chat onscreen…what say should I play it again’’

Radhika; ‘’Why do you think I decided to take a chair….Sam Aloo Chaat??’’

Sam; ‘’Chashni that’s our secret code….don’t slip it out…wait I have chocolate…we can watch him munching on that…and don’t think it to be chocolate think it to be him ‘’ Radhika and Sam giggled and then straightened their back to look really busy in the work….

Teji knocked on Neil’s cabin door… Neil was with Arjun discussing extending their operations….Teji walked in and both Neil and Arjun noticed his gloominess…his face had turned pale and eyes were red….they knew he hadn’t slept Arjun; ‘’Take half day off Teji…you need rest’’

Teji; ‘’No I am good’’

Neil; ‘’You look like a walking ghost…go and take rest…if are scared to sleep alone…I will send Zubin along’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’And kritika will murder you Neil….Teji I know what’s running in your head…its good if you take a break’’

Teji; ‘’I need to divert myself this is why I am keeping myself busy….I don’t want to think about it’’ Before any of them cloud make Teji understand his phone beeped….Teji read the message and spoke; ‘’I think I will take rest of the day off…I need rest’’ Arjun nodded and Teji quickly left …Arjun-Neil had noticed colour returning to his face…they knew message was from Nia

Neil chuckled; ‘’Love thy name is misery’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes Mr philosopher…your sentence is to be announced today evening all set’’

Neil; ‘’You tell me…which side are you coming from’’

Arjun; ‘’The opposite of what Radhika chooses’’

Neil; ‘’you are safe till the Chashni makes her choice…..she will chose me’’

Arjun; ‘’Don’t be so sure those two have been in a discussion for almost 2 hrs….and don’t know about what….I called but Radhika said she was busy…’’

Neil; ‘’That’s great…let them be busy…we will go for a coffee’’ The two passed across Sam’s cabin…both gave a glance…and found two girls completely buried in the laptop screen…lovingly devouring the chocolate…Neil; ‘’I guess they are taking work too seriously’’

Arjun; ‘’But chocolate….and who eats it like this…. yuck’’ Radhika noticed them and pinched Sam…both changed the expression immediately and started discussing seriously ….they burst out laughing after the guys walked off

Khanna Residence

Prerna was having a light discussion with Piyali and Samrat…..they finally decided to fix the engagement date…Piyali ; ‘’Prerna let’s have it this month end…and marriage next month…’’

Neil knew things were not well between Piyali and Samrat…he softly spoke; ‘’Me and Sam want it to be sweet and simple’’

The parents looked at each other confused…Prerna; ‘’Neil you are my only son… I had some plans some expectations regarding your marriage’’

Samrat; ‘’Prerna is right…we want to keep it grand’’

Neil wanted to interrupt but Arjun stopped him; ‘’Neil we can respect our elders request…’’ Neil nodded …Sam kept quite but she didn’t knew how will her parents behave in the wedding ….they kept fighting on small things…Sam was worried how will they pass this phase of all marriage functions being amicable to each other….Sam was nervously cracking her fingers….Radhika held them; ‘’We are together in everything….don’t worry …just enjoy the phase…’’ Sam felt relieved.

Neil and Sam went to talk on the terrace….Neil found her in deep thought…Neil smiled; ‘’I know what are you so worried about….Sam don’t worry’’

Sam; ‘’Neil you haven’t seen them quarreling….they do that for small things….even over a bowl of rice….you don’t know what me and Manya are going through daily….previously dad kept quite being guilty but now he thinks mom is intentionally hurting him….Neil it’s a circus..’’

Neil turned her around and cupped her face; ‘’Don’t worry….we will keep them so busy that they won’t be able to find time to fight…’’

Sam smiled; ‘’not that easy…’’

Neil; ‘’but possible….by the way I read your chat with Chashni accidentally…who is this aloo chaat….’’

Sam blinked and then pressed her lips together to hide her smile; ‘’Neil bad habit….and its all girly talk stay out’’ Neil held his ears apologetically …Sam smiled dreamily thinking about aloo chaat…so did Radhika…

Radhika-Sam kept chatting over aloo chaat…annoying Arjun to the core…he snatched her phone and Radhika whined; ‘’Arjun give back…’’

Arjun; ‘’Radhika this is my time….I don’t know what is so important…’’ Arjun tried reading the chat but Radhika jumped to get her phone….Arjun lifted his arm up making Radhika jump more to reach it…Arjun kept reading the chat annoying her ….and just then Sam send her the video…with a caption…enjoy aloo chaat…Arjun waited for it get download…and his jaw dropped….he played the video and turned to Radhika; ‘’This is Aloo Chaat!!!!!!! Panoti didn’t knew this side of yours….Ah so you and Sam were devouring chocolate thinking it to be aloo chat….’wow…This is a front Page news’’ Radhika wanted to get swallowed by the ground….she had turn crimson….she turned her face way pretending all upset …Radhika angrily spoke; ‘’Sleep on the couch’’….but she failed to notice that Arjun messaged the video to Neil….who watched with his mouth opened wide open…his POV; ‘Sam…this is going to be fun’

Rishi had been trying to reach Nia…but she ignored …he her called again….and this time she answered ; ‘’yes Rishi’’

Rishi; ‘’thank heavens…finally you answered..Nia can we meet please’’

Nia; ‘’only as a friend …I am not interested in anything more…..’’

Rishi; ‘’Nia I like you….fine as a friend agreed ….when’’

Nia; ‘’tomorrow beach café at 5:00 PM’’ She disconnected and messaged Teji Zubin and Kritika asking them to join her for coffee all agreed instantly…her POV; ‘first impression is the last one for me….I will close this for ever’’

Khanna Residence

Manya smiled thinking about joining Ankush….she was twisting and turning on the bed….her heart was so happy that she felt it will leap out of her chest…Manya got up and stood near the window…she smiled looking at the moon….her POV; ‘whenever I looked at Neil…. his love for Sam always made me want him….but actually I wanted that pure love…I don’t know what I feel for you…but Ankush with you I don’t expect anything….I had seen your gentleness that day…I will try and make myself perfect for you…please god help me.’

Next; ‘’Neil teases Sam….Shivansh creates a ruckus in Pari’s day care…the engagement preparations’’


  1. Sathya


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    Ufff….Gauri myd arling…love u so much for giving this tremendous episode. The whole episode makes me smiling and blushing like hell. RaSam is awesome in watching the Aloochat and Chocolate..that was ultimate funny. Arjun distracting Rads it is so lovely yar. Then he found the video and fwded to Neil ha ha ha..extreme one LOLOL. Last but not least Parinsh is adorable and i am so impressed on Shivansh that when he told dadaji he is more interest in Pari than Riddima…that was so lovely and it is an example of being a perfect father. You rocked it Gauri…love you lot..stay blessed. 🙂

    • Gauri



      Sathya you will fail oxford dictionary …and google too 🙂 well thanks a ton sweety for making my day 🙂 loads of love to you stay blessed 🙂

  2. Jessie


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    Alooo chaaat!!!! Am rolling on the floor… Gauri.. that’s a FANTASTIC one…gosh!!! U dont know how hard it was for me to read tat part with a straight face…!! 😂😂😂😂😂. Video got downloaded hahahh…. ‘don’t think it to be choc.. think its him’ sam’s dialogue.. OMG!!!! 😉😂😂

    Shiv the sweeto!! Got married!! Yippee..! Clever boy I say.. he dint acknowledge Riddi..too much man!!! Teji..cute… Ardhika..Awesome…!! Neil’s wedding super… eager for next update… The Best u give every time.. abt ending…!!! Hmmm…noooo.!!! Kuch chappies aur plss… love u loads… TC…

  3. shreya

    I was waiting for u ……finally ridhansh married ……aaloo chat seriously ……omg …….todays topic was I think shameless .. …..loved it

  4. Sangee


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    fantastic episode Gauri though i read this ff regularly this is the first time iam commenting..
    sry for not commenting before….hereafter i gonna comment regularly……comming to the epi rasams convo was hillarious to the core…’dont think it to be chocolate…think its him ‘ omg i was literally rofl …. and secret code aloo chat super….i was reading again and again and every time i was laughing..Arjun:.i dont know this side of yours….
    seriously fantastic ….arjun forwarding the video to neil ha ha ha …i was laughing like anything
    waiting for next epi take care

  5. Dhara


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    Omg omg omg. Radhika-Sam’s also chaat is soggy now. 😉😉😉

    Shiv got pari along with Ridhima 👍👍👍

    Superb episode.

  6. S.v


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    Di rocked it again. U know what its really hard to keep my face normal and read it. Irs really haed to control my laugh when I read aloo chat and arjun baap re he us making rads go all mad and when he was being tickled and rasam woo .this is the best when it comes to have some girls talk. If anyone hears tgat they will faint he he he and neil makibg faces from the behind of sam when she was speaking with ankush I thought that scene and rolled and laughed didi u give so realistic updates I love u for that too and haa my fav shiv and pari are now father and daughter. Yippiee she is only his only his and ridhima didi should speak her heart out na always silent and didi my request to u pls come upto 50 updates aleast and I want another ff on original manmarziyan after this hmm what say ?? Nia come back to teji pls and what will shiv do in the caretaking centre super before he will do anything fir pari and now she is his daughter super finished they are. Next part eagerly waiting for your next update. I love u soo much didi and ur words. Take care. Love u soo much. Bear hugs and infinite kisses too. Muuhhhaaa.

  7. Brin


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    Outstanding episode, I love Shiv’s attachment to Pari, but will Riddhima get jealous? I thought they were drooling over a man but never thought Aloo chat to be a chocolate, good one Gauri, you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

  8. Aasthu


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    This is simply amazing……….Shiv-Pari moments were really cute……….ardhika….what was Arjun doing ?????????? I was controlling my laughter………..Rasam aallo…………..omg that was really funny……….I was trying to keep a composed face coz my mom was in front of me……….di I want even more arhika scenes and Neil teasing Sam scenes and Manya trying to impress Ankush scenes Samrat-Piyali patch up Shiv-Pari-Riddhi scenes…………..and not to forget Nia and Teji too…………… when’ll u update CR???????? Tue?????? or Thur???????? can u update it even mre earlier??????????? I’m really addicted to it……………..

    • Gauri



      Thanks Aasthu 🙂 so dear you want everything 🙂 well will try to put everyone in one update 🙂 next one on wed thurday 🙂 love u

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    diiii, it was marvelous…..
    why are you thinking of ending it ….just don’t…
    zindagi bahar likhte rho…..
    am loving it…
    aloo chaat….hahahah!!!!!!
    di, what are you doing in HR… should be writing…
    trust me, you are that good.
    love you loads…..and update soon 🙂
    take care

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    Di di di…u posted it..I am so so happy…loved it so so so much….I always read this ff twice and even sometimes thrice too…OK u may think I am crazy…but this is true…I will never get bored reading it….love you so much di and take care….a tight loving hug….

  11. Hemalattha


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    awesome.radhika ans sam chat it really nice.and then arjun sent that video to neil that whole part really funny.arjun raised his hand radhika couldn’t get her phone that means radhika is short.i really love that scenes.

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    • Gauri



      Dipu my sweet hrt u made my day….abt aloo chaat…even girls need some fun yaar… Riddhi-Shiv you will see them bonding fighting…and falling in love over Pari…well in short Riddhi will go mad….ANkush lovestory is abt a mature infront of imature….,,Nia and Teji will be little diff cute types ….thanks for lifting my spirits up 🙂 love you

  14. Jewel


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    amazing chaptr gauri…. atlast shivansh got pari… now pari is pari shivansh dutta…. and now ankush manya story will start…. arjun try to distract radhika and that aloo chat, that was too funny. i was trying very hard to control my laugh infront of my room mate. now i am waiting for next part neil teasing sam with that video. and waiting for more pari shivansh and ridhima scenes…. and gauri plz don’t end this…plzzz….

  15. Manolove


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    Gauri cute update.. I really want pari more than Radhika.. I feel pari more awesome than any one.. sweet treat…

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    Please make my wish come true😫😫😫😫

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    • Gauri



      Thanks Manolove 🙂 can’t promise but will try…. I dont get time with office…but next one will be a lot of pari 🙂 stay blessed

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    Gauri..dont end it dear..I am happy you continue it with more lovely episodes..I expect some scenes between Ridhima and shiv.and more romane between aradhika and Nesam..From past one month onwards i am on bed due to one surjery.. and my timepass activity is reading manmarziyan updates…Initially my husband scold me for always reading in mobile..later onwards he understood how bore i am staying in house without anything..But i completely edicted to MMZ page….thanks for your postings…

  17. Shubhadha


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    Gauri..dont end it dear..I am happy you continue it with more lovely episodes..I expect some scenes between Ridhima and shiv.and more romane between aradhika and Nesam..From past one month onwards i am on bed due to one surjery.. and my timepass activity is reading manmarziyan updates…Initially my husband scold me for always reading in mobile..later onwards he understood how bore i am staying in house without anything..But i completely edicted to MMZ page….thanks for your postings…take care buddy

    • Gauri



      Shubhadha take care and get well soon …ok let me think how to extend it ,,, please dont stress and keep smiling 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love u

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    Amazing gauri di ..lovely ..mind blowing ..superb …😍😍😍😍😙😚😚…aloo chat…mymouth is watering too😋😋😋😋hehe ..shiv …great step ..ignore Riddhi and get attention …ardhika as usual hot 😉😉😉

  19. Rossy


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    Aslo chat and…what will i do??? Saliva running in my mouth all over ..mamma looked at me as m drooling…lol…pari is super awesome girl…awww cutie pie…shivansh and was too good he will be a perfect father and partner…u r ending it.okkk every story has an end…but can u plsss say me if u will write another one or not

    • Gauri



      Thanks a ton Rossy 🙂 not sure on writing another right now as I am writing one on wattpad as of now plus cr …will take a brk 🙂 love u

  20. roshini

    this was so refreshing….I kept laughing reading about aloo chat…no one replaces girl friends
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  21. Sweetie


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    Firstly I’m all going crazy today with all my fav FF’s updates and Di,you made it more exciting for me.. 🙂 I like Shivansh more in this FF..I like his protectiveness and being all possessive for Pari.. 🙂 Lovely one again,waiting for the next..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  22. Fanficoholic


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    Di never think of ending tis. Its jst fanatstic. And yah finalllyyy ridhimma andshivansh togetehr and shiv has got his angel, his pari. Well a lil busy. So cant comment mre. Bt posted a lng one in cr

  23. Aadia


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    First of all sorry for late comment di..
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  24. Anu-Annie


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    wow gauri di..
    rasam was just so outta world. still smiling.

    shiv pari bond was cutest of all. riddima feeling bad.. aw..

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    and sry for the so late comment. i havent commented on crossroads too but u know it was superb.

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