MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Aftre reaching hrishikesh the guys decided to discuss on the case….Arjun wanted to get over with it…Ankush took them to main hall and started to discuss the case…. Shiv ; Ankush Arjun be prepared….they are going to throw dirt on you guys…for making Saral mentally unstable for committing the crime’’

Ankush; ‘’I am worried about Riddhima and Choti….its difficult for a girl to take things on her charater…and what if they go upto Pari…the way they disowned her ….I doubt the worst’’

Shiv Clenhed his jaw…Arjun coughed to make him aware for his sourroundings and then spoke; ‘’Radhika is meantally ready…Shiv can we have a close court discussion’’

Shiv; ‘’Yes…we will have that…I am on to it and Ankush…if they raise a finger on Riddhima Radhika or Pari….they will pay a heavy price’’

Neil frowned; ‘’And how’’

Shiv; ‘’I am planning to put a defamation case on them…they will have to pay the penalty through their nose’’

Neil; ‘’Good one….plus… I and Sam are the witness how he tourched Radhika during the time they were engadged ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Shiv will this be over in one hearing’’

Shiv nodded positive…..they turned quite when Radhika and Sam bought them tea and snacks….Sam happily told neil…. ‘’Neil if everything goes well… Mala aunty is planning a small Pooja along with Pari’s ear piercing ceremony she is already 5 months now…it will be fun’’

Shiv coughed over hot tea…he was horrified with the thought…he just wanted to grab Pari and run to mountains…all Mishras appread like sadist to him….and Neil was no less…he gulped looking at Sam’s happy expression; ‘’Almost… not yet 5…she is just 4.5 months old….Are you a sadist or what…you are talking about piercing her tiny small soft eras with a needle and then celebrating it…God woman…you are scaring me’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Neil its common….and its good to get it done when they are young… skin hardens as they grow’’

Arjun pleaded ; ‘’Radhika I guess it can be done once she is one….I mean…think of the pain’’

Before radhika could respond SHiv got up; ‘’Excuse me….I think I am dizzy of driving can you show me the wash room’’ radhika Nodded and took him to daddaji’s room which was the closest….Arjun just rubbed his temple…he knew SHiv was over thinking now….Shiv splashed water on his face…he mentally scolded himself and ordered his heart to be in control….but no way he could handle this…he came out and started looking for Riddhima….instead he saw Pari on a bed lying on her stomach busy with her toys… Shiv peeped outside and found no one…she quickly picked Pari up and whispered smiling wide; ‘’Hi angle…’’ Pari smiled letting out a happy squeal…Shiv gently held her tiny head with one palm as she kept looking at him…Shiv’s eyes were locked with her…he forgot everything…he gently pulled her to his chest….she mumbled before gripping his shirt…Shiv’s arms cocooned her completely….she pecked her forehead; ‘’There is no way I am loosing….this case or you….you are my angle now…I won’t let anyone take you from me’’ Pari seemed to agree as she started rubbing her her small face on to his chest….before laying it on his shoulder…Dadaji saw this from the door his smiled because he understood all…Shiv laid Pari on the bed and arranged the pillows so that she doesn’t fall….he sneaked out without noticing dadaji ….Dadaji kept studying Riddhima and SHiv every now then during the dinner…asking Riddhima to serve Shiv….Arjun understood…Shiv had blown his cover off…he gave Dadaji a smile which he returned with his experienced one….…. SHiv left for his hotel after dinner…


Nia had told Prerna that she had a office party over the weekend….Prerna agreed without a doubt….Nia dressed herself in a beautiful olive green dress….twisting her hair into messy plait…she approved her look greeted Prerna and left….Rishi was waiting for her at some distance from Neil’s house….he smiled looking at tip toeing Nia….she looked beautiful…fresh like a morning rose…he got down and opened the passenger seat door of her…Rishi took the wheel; ‘’You look beautiful’’

Nia blushed; ‘’So where are we going’’

Rishi; ‘’Rock concert and then dinner….may be a small walk if time permits’’ Nia clapped in happiness…but she was little hesitant about rock concert as she never liked rock music…she thought ‘so much for a date with a dream guy’ But she was still happy….she was with her crush….they drove off towards the concert

Teji’s house

Krikita was angry on Teji she was prowling like a tigress ; ‘’You love Nia…and you didn’t tell her…how stupid….do your think she has some antenna fixed on her head that she will catch your mind signal….All men are idiots’’

Zubin; ‘’Excuse me !!!’’

Teji; ‘’What should I tell her…that I love her…knowing that she likes someone else…I don’t want to lose her friendship’’

Zubin; ‘’So you have decided to ruin your life’’

Kritika; ‘’No….Nia has to come back to teji…will plan something…’’

Zubin; ‘’And what lady Einstein ….do you have any plan in your head’’

Teji ; ‘’Guys leave it ….Nia is Chashni’s sister and I don’t want to loose my friendship with Radhika because of all this’’ Zubin Kritika looked an each and screamed in happiness…..teji eyes darted from Zunbin to Kritika back and forth he got up; ‘’did you guys just lose your brains’’

Zubin pecked Teji; ‘’We got the solution….Chashni….I know her…she will do something’’ Teji banged his head at the exclusive idea.


Radhika had a sleepless night she got ready quickly and stood infront of the mirror watching her reflection…trying to convince herself that she wasn’t worried….Arjun watched her for a moment …he understood ….Arjun walked to her and held her from behind…kissing the top side of her head; ‘’It will be fine’’

Radhika; ‘’I know I am just worried about di…..Arjun…Ma told me Suraj is remarrying…their family has been spreading rumors about di and me…I don’t want di there…’’

Arjun; ‘’That’s fine…there is no need for Riddhima to come… but can you handle….it can go worse…’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I have you….and when you are there next to me holding my hand…I can fight the worse…’’

Arjun turned Radhika around…he looked straight into her eyes…all they had was immense love and trust for him…Arjun cupped her and pecked her forehead; ‘’ I must have been blessed by an angle to have you as my life partner’’

Radhika made a naughty face; ‘’Offcouse…otherwise girls like me are rare to find…and they don’t say yes to guys like you’’

Arjun’s smirked his eyes turned dark he whispered in her ear; ‘’In that case…girls like you get abducted by guys like me….and then caged for life….remember your Samudra adventure…I made you come back to me ’’ radhika Blinked and then smiled…yes he left her no choice and even brought the curtains down on Samudra….Arjun again spoke; ‘’Wifey if you don’t move then many more things can happen….so lets just move …’’ radhika lightly slapped his arm and walked out….with laughing ARjun behind her.

SHiv with Ankush NeSam and Aradhika was waiting outside….Saral approached the room with his family and lawyer…he gave a lustful look to Radhika…making Arjun fist…Neil held his arm; ‘’Arjun…we will nail him…just calm down’’ Sam came and stood next to radhika

Saral; “you girls are really good friends…always swapping partners…first Arjun-Sam then Arjun-Radhika , then Nei-Radhika and now Neil –Sam…aren’t you ashamed Sam…always settling down on Radhika’s leftovers’’

Sam was hardly affected; ‘’Oh poor baby Saral….you seemed like a lost child…helpless stranded in darkness…don’t worry…next few hours we will make it a reality’’

Saral got irritated; ‘’Wait Radhika….you will know what happens with you…whole world will know how characterless you sisters are…good my brother got divorced…who knows … who the father of that child is’’

Radhika girted…she wanted to punch him…but Sam stopped her…Shiv after a minute spoke; ‘’You will know all your answers and so will your family….get ready Saral…for the worst’’ Shiv gestured all of them to move in…Saral family was dumb found ….it was a closed court case discussion….with only the two parties their lawyers court officials and the judge…once the discussion started as expected…Saral’s lawyer accused Radhika trapping Saral and the ditching him…making him lose his mental stability…they blamed Mishra family for Saral’s condition….Shiv gave a counter statement presenting the people who had set Mishra Market on fire …witness identified Saral….Shiv gave the CD proving that Saral was man with bad temper and this was the reason Radhika broke of f him….Sam Neil testified against him…and Arjun in the last gave his statement about Saral forcing himself on Radhika….that was a little shock for Sam and Neil…as Radhika never spoke about it …she never got a chance…she got married toArjun the same day….In his closing statement Shiv said that he would be filing a defamation case against Joshi’s for mental torture of Radhika Mishra and family asking for a compensation of 5 cr….Joshis got a heart attack and Ankush could hardly hide his smile…Saral was convicted…Judge decided to declare his sentence in two days…Saral was handed over to the police…

When Saral was takenby the police…Sam came and stod infornt of him…; ‘’you were talking about us swapping parterns right…now all the best to you …you will be SWEEPING and MOPPING the prison floor….this was for breaking my freinship with Radhika….never ever cross our path again’’

Ankush gave Shiv a warm hug;’’Thanks a ton…do radhika have to be here for sentence’’

Ankush; ‘’No…you are there that’s enough’’

Ankush; ‘’Ok now…since all went as planned lets go home quickly…by this time Pari’s ear pierecing ceremony must have been done…and Ma must be waiting for all of us’’

Shiv felt dizzy…all he could recall little Pari cry in pain…Arjun found it hard to hide his laughter a man like Shiv making faces….he took Shiv aside; ‘’I think you should go back to the hotel’’

Shiv; ‘’I think the same….Arjun please update me if my angle is in pain’’

Shiv decided to leave but Akush held him by arm; ‘’You are hero…no celebrations without you come with us and don’t refuse…because I won’t budge’’ Shiv agreed after they reached home….Sam was super excited looking at the delicacies….Neil just rolled his eyes….Arjun could understand Shiv’s anxiety he asked for Pari….Riddhima brought Pari dressed in pink with a flower headband…but she was annoyed….not ready to go to anyone…her face looked like a sad smiley…Shiv was in a mood to kill Riddhima…..he extended his hands and Pari after a second went to him…shocking everyone…Sam smiled; ‘’Seems like Pari loves are lawyer friend…’’ Riddhima flinched …Dadaji and ARjun shared a smile…Shiv stroked her cheek and she looked up….Shiv gently removed the flower head band from her head….and after few minutes Pari gave a squeal when Shiv tickled her tummy.

Arjun; ‘’So our angle didn’t like the head band…and no one understood…other than SHIV’’ Shiv gave Arjun a murderous glare…Riddhima just left the room…it was too much for her….Dadaji had a quite discussion with ARjun….Arjun told him about Riddhima-Shiv’s past and SHiv’s unconditional love for Pari….which had become too evident…even Mala Dilip couldn’t help but notice that Shiv was too lost in Pari…and the girl who was pissed since morning due to the ceremony was all happy now…she refused to go into anyone arms and if someone tried Pari would give a deafening annoyed squeal…
Once the food was served Mala asked Sam; ‘’Sam when are you and Neil getting married’’

Sam’s mouth was stuffed with food…she lifted her palm gesturing she will answer….Neil looked at her and answered; ‘’Aunty we had thought of getting married this month…but Sam no more fits into the wedding attire…o we had to postpone it’’

Sam gave Neil one angry look she swallowed her food and answered; ‘’Aunty engagement sure this month and I am planning to buy a king size outfit…so that no one questions my diet’’

Mala patted her cheek; ‘’Bad Neil…Sam no one can question your food… and you are not fat you are cute’’

Neil whispered in Arjun’s ear; ‘’Ask me how fat she is when she keeps on jumping on me thinking me to be a Kurlon mattress’’ Arjun coughed all his food out…Neil quickly rubbed his back now talking loudly ; ‘’I know Arjun its hard to digest that Mala aunty is calling Sam cute…when she isn’t even a bit’’ Arjun froze…..Sam gave Arjun a you are so dead look…Arjun just shook his head vigorously stating he didn’t say a thing it was Neil…but it was late…Sam and Radhika started hitting him with pillows…Arjun dragged Neil infront of him as a shield…but he had to take beatings at the back…which Radhika took advantage of…by spanking him every now and then….Arjun decided to get his revenge on her later.

Once Shiv left for his hotel….Dadaji called everyone to his room…he looked at Riddhima and asked; ‘’Do you know SHivansh Dutta…not as your lawyer….and please speak the truth’’ other than ARjun everybody was confused…..Mala was looking at Riddhima…Riddhima was looking at the floor…she didn’t knew how to answer….she knew now this question won’t die….Riddhima took a deep breath and narrated all….once she was done…the room was as dead as a grave….Radhika got up and hugged Riddhima…..Mala after a minute spoke; ‘’Why didn’t you tellus when we were fixing your marriage with Suraj’’

Riddhima; ‘’I felt Papa won’t agree’’

Dilip; ‘’Even without speaking how could you conclude that….had you told this to us long back…you would have been saved from the pain’’

Riddhima kept quite…Dadaji spoke; ‘’Will you marry him now’’

Riddhima was shocked; ‘’What???? No ….I have Pari…he won’t be able to accept her’’

Dadaji ; ‘’Its you who needs to accept Shiv….Shiv and Pari have already accepted each other…think about it he never married…loves your daughter like his own…give your life a second chance…’’ Riddhima had had enough….she just refused and left the room…locking herself in the room.

Dadaji; ‘’Give her time….Choti take Pari with you for night…Mala please talk to Riddhima…and Arjun please talk to Shivash ….’’ Radhika lifted Pari from the couch and walked to her room…Arjun decided to talk to Shiv right away…he told Radhika he was leaving…Neil decided to accompany him….Ankush wanted to but Dadaji asked him stay back as Shiv would be more comfortable with Arjun more…Arjun thought for a moment then took Pari from Radhika….

Shiv was going through the case documents….he was preparing a closing statement which he had to give on the day of senrence…he heard the knock and opened the door…Shiv opened the door and beamed…he paid zero attention to ARjun…and took Pari from him…Pari was half awake…..but she knew whose arms it were…she clung to him like a mangnet…Shiv forgot to call Arjun-Neil inside…they invited themselves…Arjun; ‘’Shiv even we are here’’

Shiv; ‘’Oh yes Hi to both of you….Angel I was missssssssssiiiiiiiiing you soooooooooooo muccccccccccch’’ he spoke in an animated voice.

Neil; ‘’Will you marry Riddhima’?’’

Shiv froze….his eyes darted from Arjun to Neil all surprised …Arjun smiled; ‘’Riddhima’s family knows all…they want to know if you are ready to marry Riddhima and can you accept Pari as your own’’

Shiv; ‘’I and Pari have already accepted each other…right my Babbbyyyyyy’’ he pecked her cheek.
Neil and Arjun looked at each ….Neil got up and took Pari… ‘’Get ready SHiv…you are wanted at Mishra residence for your sentence’’ Neil spoke so seriously that Shiv gulped and Arjun juste controlled his laughter…Shiv got up got ready and left with them.


Nia tried her level best to enjoy the rock concert she was glad it ended….her heart was happy that she will get a chance to converse with Rishi….but all her hopes crashed…when she entered the resutarnt it was a group dinner with his friends….Nia decided to be at her best…Rishi’s friends greeted them….as the conversation started….Nia tried her best to get involved…one of the females asked her; ‘’So Nia…are you a model too’’

Nia smiled; ‘’No I am into pharma industry’’

Female 1 smirked; ‘’Oh the ones who sit at the pharma stores right…..Rishi which Pharmacy store did you bring her from’’ All laughed at that…

Rishi ; ‘’Hey guys don’t be mean….’’ Nia was shocked..he did not stand for her….one of the other friends asked Nia; ‘’so how do remember so many medicines name….do you mug it up’’ Nia was about to respond …but another friend commented; ‘’may be this why she started dating Rishi…what say Nia’’

Nia had enough….after all she wasn’t some damsel is distress she smiled; ‘’I will answer all of you….but first a game…can any one of you spell Lactobacillus acidophilus…and tell me what it is’’
Nia looked at each one of them…they were looking at her like idiots….

Female 1; ‘’Some weried medicine name’…what else’’

Nia; ‘’May I know you education qualification’’ Rishi tired stopping but Nia stay put…the female flinched…; ‘’12th…after that I made my career’’

Nia made a sad face; ‘’Oh [oor baby…you are not even a graduate…well looks like none of you are including Rishi…oh you did distance learning…now the answer to my question….Lactobacillus acidophilus is a good bacteria living in human intestine helping in digestion…and my qualification I am a Masters in Biotech Delhi University….a gold medallist and a researcher …but none of you will understand….you know why….and Rishi….a person is known by the company he keeps….and I would want to be in company of people who are educated like me….and not show pieces like you…. Rishi next time you have a date learn to keep her respect’’

Nia got up and stormed out…Rishi followed her…; ‘’Nia stop…I am sorry….but you overreacted they were just joking….lets go for a drive’’

Nia; ‘’I need to leave…and please don’t push’’ Nia took a taxi and left leaving frustrated Rishi behind.

Precap; Thinking


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