MMZ- Married by Fate – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Shiv was restless…he had to leave for Hrishikesh and he wouldn’t be able to see Ridhima and Pari..Shiv wanted to finish off Saral’s case in one hearing…and be back soon…so he could continue meeting Pari…but before leaving he wanted to see her once….Shiv smiled he wanted himself to be Pari’s habit but instead she was his habit now….he pulled her toy out and recalled Pari’s big toothless smile…he kissed it and kept it back…Shiv leaned on his chair thinking about Pari….he smiled …all his tension and stress would evaporate thinking about that one smile….Shiv was still in thoughts when he heard the door bell…his servant answered and brought the guest to his study….Shiv was dumbfound….infront of him was Riddhima…with Pari in her arms….he was confused ; ‘’Riddhi ….you at this hour…all good’’

Riddhima laid Pari on the couch…Pari squealed looking at Shiv and he smiled; ‘’Shiv are you going to Hrishikesh for Saral’s trial….Shiv Saral will drag everybody…specially Choti….I know him he is a cunning guy’’

Shiv noticed the restlessness on Riddhima’s face; ‘’Riddhi we are prepared for everything….Arjun will prepare Radhika mentally’’

Riddhima; ‘’If he tries harming her’’

Shiv; ‘’Riddhi….I will nail him bad….and Radhika has Arjun….don’t worry’’

Riddhima; ‘’You don’t understand he will try to malign her character….hrishikesh is a small place…and no one believes a girl to be right even if she is… gossip becomes the truth Arjun-Choti’s marriage was also in unusual situations….I am scared’’

Shiv turned Riddhima to him; ‘’trust me for once….I will not let anything wrong happen in this case…Saral will not get a chance ’’ Riddhima looked at Shiv…she calmed but for once she forgot everything and hugged Shiv…. Shiv froze….he did not hug her…. Riddhima realized what she did and moved back

Riddhima; ‘’I am sorry…’’ Shiv nodded and offered to drop her home…..Riddhima moved to the couch and lifted Pari….Shiv’s heart was itching to hold the little angel….he smiled looking at her….Pari blinked smiled wide and extended her arms….Riddhima softly spoke; ‘’don’t mind…she thinks every new person is here to play with her…and sorry to disturb you’’

Shiv wasn’t listening his eyes were locked with Pari’s….now kid was annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention to her….she screamed….Shiv moved and extended his arms….Pari leaped..shocking Riddhima…Shiv hugged her …Pari kept her head on his shoulder….Riddhima looked at him; ‘’….I don’t know how what’s wrong with her…sorry…..’’

Shiv smiled he wasn’t looking at Riddhima…he was looking at Pari who inturn was trying to eat his cheek….Shiv looked at Riddhima; ‘’No problem…I understand your concern….and Pari is too adorable to bother anyone…’’ Riddhima smiled Pari was holding Shiv’s Tshirt with both hands…busy in her attempt to eat his cheek….Shiv was smiling wide….and whenever he would chuckle Pari would give her baby squeal thinking she was doing something great….Riddhima forgot everything ….the view infront of her was so beautiful that her smile was accompanied with tears….Shiv lifted Pari up in air…and then threw her up catching again….Pari trusted him her laughter happiness proved it…Shiv cuddled her tickling her bit…and realized he is blowing his plan off….he moved to Riddhima; ‘’Let’s go’’ During the drive…Riddhima kept looking at Shiv….and Shiv was busy talking nonsense with Pari…making her squeal with happiness


Arjun asked Neil to pick Radhika up….as he will be dropping Nia himself today….as they started the drive….Arjun without wasting a minute asked; ‘’Why do you hate Shivansh so much…and answer me straight Nia’’

Nia ‘s expression changed…anger was evident but she decided to reply; ‘’That Shivansh got Di divorced for his benefit….he is di’s ex…still not married….he did it on purpose’’

Arjun applied quick breaks and looked at her; ‘’Tell me everything from the beginning….’’ Nia narrated about Riddhima’s past her relationship and marriage’’

Arjun; ‘’Answer this… who is the best choice for Riddhima a man who divorced her and refused to give any rights to his daughter or the man who loved her unconditionally…and if you are blaming Shiv for this divorce…blame me too..because I am the reason for breaking Saral Radhika’s marriage’’

Nia was quite…but not convinced; ‘’Jiju…he will do everything to have di back…Shiv is an arrogant man…he will never be able to love Pari….he just wants di’’

Arjun; ‘’Shiv is a man deprived of love since he was a kid…believe me…even if he is not able to accept Pari…he will never hate her…but I understand your concern….I promise you Shiv will not be able to get Riddhima if his feeling aren’t true…but if they are true….I will do everything to bring them together’’

Nia ; ‘’Jiju…this is about Pari….’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes and I will do everything to give that angle a beautiful life….One last thing…till we are back you will stay with Prerna aunty….I don’t want you to meet Rishi…I hope you will not disappoint me’’ Nia was little embarrassed…she had already received a warning from Ankush on Rishi….and now Arjun….

Bird SOng

Radhika was little tensed….she kept to herself in office….Sam noticed this and came to her…‘’Chashni…speak up it will help’’

Radhika sighed; ‘’Sam Joshi’s are rich people and my family is righteous…I don’t know what will they do to bring us down’’

Sam; ‘’Nothing….wrong never gets the victory…and leave everything on your husband….he might be a hero to you…but he is villain no.1 to everyone who troubles you’’

Radhika chuckled; ‘’Sam you are too much…let’s finish our work’’

Sam; ‘’Chashni can you forgive Zubin and Kritika….they did wrong…but I am the main reason they reacted that way…please’’

Radhika; ‘’You know what Sammy… are a great friend…I will and now’’ Arjun who heard this from outside smiled and walked off to his cabin.

Sam entered Neil’s cabin and sat opposite to him….she was quite and in deep thoughts….Neil noticed this and spoke; ‘’All good’’

Sam; ‘’Thinking how can I help Chashni in nailing Saral…..that moron was also the reason I doubted Chashni…her pure intentions…I am not sparing him…tell me something ‘’ Sam again looked at Neil; ‘’Think Neil…what can we do to nail Saral…I want my revenge from him for messing up with my brain’’

Neil thought and smiled; ‘’remember the day we were practicing for your so called sangeet… Radhika had decided to quit…and Saral created the scene…he even tried hitting her…that was the day when Chashni broke her engagement…and that day itself Mishra Market caught fire’’

Sam; ‘’So???’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Saral created a scene in office…means under CCTV surveillance….we can give that to Shivansh…proving his intentions’’

Sam got up and jumped on Neil’s lap making him scream….she looped her arms around his neck and said…; ‘’You are a genius idiot’’’

Neil raised his eyebrows; ‘’Wow that was the most contradicting yet loving statement I have ever heard…and how about you take the chair…my jeans is new’’ Sam’s jaw dropped….she scowled …threw her shoes and pulled her legs up..making herself more comfortable on Neil’s lap and gave him a proud smirk….Neil locked his arms around her waist…; ‘’that’s even better…’’

Sam; ‘’Let’s go with Chashni to Hrishikesh’’

Neil; ‘’Sam…if all four of us vanish who will take care of work’’

Sam; ‘’I will think of something…just 2 days Neil and I want to see Pari….she must have grown up enough to play’’

Neil; ‘’Why not…by the time we reach Hrishikesh she would have grown up enough for you hire her for Bird Song…Sam Pari is not bella’s daughter that she will multiply’’

Sam; ‘’Who is Bella’’

Neil chuckled; ‘’Bella…from twilight…’’

Sam threw 8-10 punches at laughing Neil; ‘’fine you don’t go I am going to Hrishikesh…’’

Neil; ‘’Riddhima is in delhi….what will you do in Hrishikesh’’

Sam; ‘’fine I will call her and ask her to come for the weekend…’’ Sam happily hopped out his cabin…

Radhika was still dull….she was working on a Hair care Brand….the brand has always associated beauty with Hair….Radhika thought for a moment and made a change…she decided to to associate beauty with being your own self….her concept was based on loving yourself…doing right things for yourself and being beautiful…she finished her presentation and mailed it to Arjun neil and Sam…Radhika dropped Arjun a message that she was leaving and wanted sometime alone…Arjun understood

Radhika sat on Marine Drive watching the waves…after half an hour she felt a familiar arm around her shoulder she huffed; ‘’you can’t even leave me alone’’

Arjun replied innocently; ‘’well I married you to torture you…how can I forget that’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun I am not in a mood of fun right now’’

Arjun squeezed her hand; ‘’Share with me….I would love to hear even if its nothing….Radhika all my life no one ever bothered to ask my opinion or share things with me…this is why I am so stubborn…’’

Radhika kept her other palm on his hand and looked at him; ‘’Dint mean to hurt you….I am worried about Saral…the trial date is Monday….4 days from now….I know he and his lawyer will throw questions on my character…stating that I had affair with you during my courtship with Saral…and that provoked him to commit such a crime….but I am not worried about that…I am worried about Di and Pari…..I know she will come….none of us want her to be in Hrishikesh for few months…Arjun I won’t be able to take any word against my di….Suraj has already claimed that he has nothing to do with Pari…what if even he accuses Di of infidelity ….its a very small place….and society never believes females’’

Arjun thought for a moment; ‘’Do you think Riddhima should remarry’’

Radhika was shocked; ‘’What are you saying…her wounds are still fresh…plus who take the responsibility of someone else’s daughter…and mark my words daughter ….with daughter comes extra responsibility’’

Arjun; ‘’If there is bad then you have good to….we all are born with are own fate…if Pari had father’s love written in her fate….she will get one…and regarding Saral….don’t worry…Shiv knows what to be done..’’

Radhika ; ‘’you trust him a lot’’

Arjun; ‘’He is someone to be trusted…once he decides no one can make him lose…’’ Arjun bought Radhika a candy floss plus some balloons getting giggles from other couples…Radhika stared at him with mock anger and then finally smiled. Arjun locked his fingers with hers; ‘’Radhika I have never said this but I hated when Saral use to claim his right on you….I always believed you to be mine…but couldn’t realize that clouded by my revenge… the day you went to marry him…if not for my revenge act…I would have killed him and abducted you from the temple….you don’t know how angry I was on you too…I was murderous when that scoundrel asked me to leave your hand….how could I leave the hand which was mine….only mine’’

Radhika ; ‘’ wow …you had all the plans to scare me….and I thought you were a good man’’

Arjun chuckled; ‘’I am at my best only for you….and my worst is for anyone who even dreams of hurting you….you will see in Saral’s trial’’

Radhika; ‘’Don’t tell me you moving to your old self again’’

Arjun gently pressed her hand with his ; ‘’I never changed….and why should I …when I got what I wanted without even changing a hair on my head….I said I am best only for you….an edition exclusively available for Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra….love my name….my right on you’’

Radhika smiled and moved his arm to circle her waist; ‘’let’s move Mr. Husband we have to pack….and drop Nia to neil’s house….and I heard that you and Bhai threaten Nia to stay away from rishi…’’

Arjun walked with her to his car; ‘’Yes …I did …She is here to make a career and should focus on that…plus I hate him for hugging you twice’’ Radhika just shook her head on his impossible nature….

Arjun radhika reached home and packed their stuff..they were leaving with Ankush in the morning….Riddhima had asked Ankush to pick her up as well from Delhi on their way to Hrishikesh…..Arjun asked Nia to pick her bag and he drove her to Neil’s house….Neil and Prerna were warm and welcoming as always…

Arjun; ‘’Aunty…thank you so much for allowing Nia to stay’’

Prerna; ‘’Now you are being formal…fine yoyr thanks accepted….nia go rest your room is ready’’ Nia greeted everybody and walked towards the room with her head hung low…she was scared…as she had accepted a date with Rishi over the weekend….she didn’t know how to refuse him

Neil walked Arjun out to his car..Arjun spoke; ‘’Neil keep an eye on her….I don’t want her to be involved with Rishi’’

Neil smiled wide; ‘’Papa Arjun…I will if I am in Mumbai’’

Arjun was surprised; ‘’now where are you going’’

Neil; ‘’Smrunder Singh wants to meet Pari….and watch Saral getting punished….so she is off to Hrishikesh and I will follow her as usual’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’that’s great…ok fine then meet you in the morning….I will ask Kritika to tag along with Nia and keep her busy’’ Neil simply rolled his eyes.

Sam was packing and Manya was helping her Piyali watched and asked; ‘’Sam…you love Pari so much’’

Sam huffed; ‘’Mom there is a similarity between me and Pari… our parents are not together….and I want to be with Chashni in every step…I am still guilty of not trusting her’’

Piyali turned away; ‘’Its not easy to forgive Samrat….I am sorry….have a wonderful vacation and give my wishes to Radhika and her family’’ She left without a backward glance

Sam looked at Manya; ‘’Take care of Mom and dad’’

Once in Delhi all five of them went to pick riddhima up…she had just finished her hours at school and had come back after picking Pari from Crèche…Sam was over joyed looking at Pari…she squealed so loudly that Pari kept on looking at her confused and then Pari smiled… Sam forgot everyone….she had bought toys and clothes which were too big for Pari…but Riddhima took them looking at Sam’s sad face…Ankush asked Riddhima to pack as the vehicle would arrive any time…but Riddhima was left shocked when she found Shiv already seated in the vehicle….it was Arjun’s idea….he wanted to understand the emotions between Riddhima and Shivansh…it was an SUV and could fit 8 people easily…Shiv himself decided to drive….Sam picked Pari up and Riddhima followed her silently….she was so silent that all her body cells could hear her hammering heart… Once all were seated they took leave from Nia’s parents and started their journey….Sam Neil and Radhika got busy with Pari…who was enjoying their attention to the core….squeal and mumbling something…Arjun smiled….he was seated next to the Shiv he turned around and asked said; ‘’Guys Pari belongs to me too….so please now its my turn’’ Radhika smiled and handed Pari to him

Arjun lifted her up to his face level and pecked her forehead….Pari blinked trying to acknowledge him…..Arjun tickled her she smiled and attacked his face….making everyone else to laugh….Shiv was watching Arjun playing with Pari his heart carved to hold her….Pari turned her head..and saw Shiv she squealed throwing her hands and leaned towards him…Shiv knew this would blow his plan….but breaking Pari’s heart was the last thing he would do….he applied brakes and looked at Arjun; ‘’I am tired will you take the wheel’’ Arjun nodded and changed places

Shiv took Pari from him and started playing with her…Arjun observed how happy Pari and how lost Shiv was in her antics…Pari leaned on him resting her head on his shoulder… and slept off….Arjun caught Riddhima and SHiv stealing glances at each other from the mirror….he smiled turning on the other side…they took a short break and Arjun walked to Shiv ; ‘’Since when have you been meeting Pari..’’

Shiv was surprised….but he knew it was waste lying to ARjun; ‘’ a month or so now….she is so adorable’’

Arjun; ‘’Nice plan to get Riddhima’’

Shiv; ‘’Yes I thought so …but now I want both….I want my angle to be Pari Shivansh Dutta…’’

Arjun; ‘’What if tomorrow you have your own kids’’

Shiv; ‘’I don’t know about tomorrow….but I know one thing…no one has ever trusted me the way her little heart does…when ever I am around her…her squeals little smiles and the way she keeps trying to chew my face my clothes …I just love it…and its heavenly feeling when she sleeps keeping her head on my shoulder …the way her little heart beats…Arjun…I was deprived of love even when I had a father…Pari will not end up with same fate…I will be father to her….help me’’

Arjun looked keenly at him; ‘’Ok ….lets see what we can do…but control yourself… everything is so obvious when you hold Pari…and I don’t want to put riddhima in a tight spot’’ Shiv nodded they got back into the car to resume their journey.

Precap; Joshi’s label Mishra daughters as characterless….Saral gets Jail in attempt to murder….Neil-Sam engagement planning


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    fault. exams or not one definitely takes out time for our loved ones. and i am a li’l bit glad that i did it today.

    anyways leave my sob story.

    about the part, u know it was usual dhamaka. u write so well and i feel like i have to learn it from u.

    donno what bullshit i am writing but one thing is for sure. I love u and ur ff and ur writing. and this all is straight
    from my heart.

    get well.soon. i hope my lack of appreciative words won’t hurt u. cos I am as dumb as i am. and i suck at complimenting anyone.

    i can praise a little. but that’s with others. with someone i really appreciate from my heart, it becomes a little hard to o compliment.

    yeah. i have that idiotic logic.

    and please. please. please. pretty please with a cherry and a strawberry at the top, do take care of yourself. catching disease be it cold though, is not a good thing.

    take care. smile. enjoy. laugh. and be healthy. and stressfree.
    we all need and love you..

    sry again for hiding behind the pillars for so long.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Gauri



      Anu darling no need for sorry …its ok absolutely ok … and you write quite well I keep checking wattpad for your story to get updated …pls update when ever you have time 🙂 and thanks a ton for your lovely words tc and keep smiling 🙂

  20. Vini

    Wow .. this is so nice gauri.. just loved this to the core … I loved the part of pari and shiv .. they both are sooo adorable . Radhika and arjun . It was delight 😊😊😊 that was really a wonderful episode.. take care of your health.

  21. Rossy


    |Registered Member

    Very nice…superb dear…i love Pari …awwww…Shiva n Pari n Riddhi when will they together??? Sorry for the late n short comments…get well soon…tc😃

  22. Aadia


    |Registered Member

    Di….how are you feeling now??please take care of yourself..
    Shiv and Pari..they became made for each other father and daughter.. How beautifully you narrated their bonding! So nice di…..get well soon..

  23. aarathi

    hi gauri,it was an amazing one…………i just read this one 3 times nw……..and pari she is such a darling……….and that part made me remember my daughters habits……..she ws also loves to eat everybodys cheeks……..may god bless u always wd ur wrtng skills and tc.get well soon………….

  24. Roma

    Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeet darling friend. …first of all, I just want to say take very good care of yourself…I know you are feeling better now but still don’t be careless……take full rest…n thx for spreading your love to us…we all love you equally n pray for your success n happiness alwaysssss. ….now coming to today’s episode. ..sorry…I’m late again….the epi was mind blowing. …shiv is getting habitual of Paris n missing her a lotttttttttt.….she is such an angel…..ridhima’s doubts were true…saral is real jerk…but shiv n arjun both bigger villains than saral….lol…they will very gonna let saral insult rads n ridhima. …neil’s point of saral’s office fight n cctv footage was really awesome. …nesam were very cuteee….Nia promised rishi for date…ohh…what she will do now…everyone restricted her to meet him…lol…..ardhika moments were veryyyyyyy awesoooooome n their sweet convo was very beautiful…..wowwww arjun observed shiv’s sincerity for pari n satisfied with shiv’s reply…awww…shiv loves pari n ridhima so deeply, immensely n truly….loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …abhaaa my sweeeeeetheart gauriiii…you nailed it my honeyyy again as always…. I’m so proud of you…thank you soooooooo muchhhhhh for updating this marvellous story……keep it up honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii. .. 😉 ♡♡♡ 🙂 take care…. 🙂 stay blessed

    • Gauri



      Roma …..I think I am out of words to tell you how blessed I am to have you as my frnd….everytime I read ur comment I am motivated to write more….thanks a ton darling for being a constant support 🙂 love u

  25. Sree_deeksha


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    Hey gauri Di… I’m the last one to comment… I kept waiting for ur FF when will u update the next one.. and please keep pari and shivs part more… I read it three times going to read it again… u updated it in 21 god Di.. I kept waiting like an idiot I saw it today when I searched ur page… update fast Di please…… u already know I jabra fan of urs see getting mad by waiting plese update soon…

    • Gauri



      Thanks Deeksha 🙂 pari and shiv seem to have more fans ok done 🙂 loads of love dear next one on thursday evening 🙂 stay blessed keep smiling

  26. _Ritu


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    Amazing Gauri 🙂 Pari nd Shiv stole d scenes today.. 🙂 Saral…waiting for his punishment…as usual u rocked it.. 🙂 loads of love nd take care of urself 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.