MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Radhika was anxiously waiting for Ankush and Nia….she would time and again check the food she prepared for them , then would look at arrangement on the dinning table…and finally at the clock….she kept pacing the room….when she heard Arjun’s car moving in….she ran to the door and pulled it open….Ankush was smiling at her and Nia just dumped everthy thing on Ankush running to Radhika for a hug….Radhika staggered to balance herself when Nia jumped on her….it was hard to control her….she was jumping hugging Radhika and continuously blabbering….Ankush finally moved forward and lightly slapped Nia’s head…he looked at Arjun; ‘’think again….find her a good PG and you will saved of all the noise pollution’’

Nia pouted; ‘’Di you will really send me out’’

Arjun replied; ‘’Ankush is just pulling your leg , you will stay here with us….now lets get in ‘’

Ankush gave Radhika a warm one arm hug holding her for a while… ‘’I am happy to see you smiling….stay like this forever’’ Radhika asked them to freshen up and served dinner….they enjoyed together and Nia described enthusiastically about her training …. Arjun was just looking at Nia with his mouth hung open…he was wondering which planet she landed from and from where she draws energy to speak so much….After dinner…they moved to the hall ….Radhika brought desert for everyone and asked; ‘’Bhai how is everyone back home’’

Ankush ; ‘’All good’’

Radhika smiled wide; ‘’So Di-Jiju issue has been sorted?’’ Radhika’s question bought everything to halt….Nia turned and looked at Ankush….Arjun just stood near Radhika….Ankush closed his eyes for a second and responded; ‘’Yes choti all things have been sorted….Riddhima divorced Suraj’’

Radhika was left shocked…her feet wobbled and heart sank….Anjun caught her before she could fall….tears started flowing her eyes….she was trying to speak…but grief caught her throat…all she could remember was her sister and small Pari….Arjun made her sit handed a glass of water….Radhika refused…she was sitting gripping the couch hard….Ankush got up and sat next to her…he wiped her tears and spoke; ‘’Whatever happened …happened for good…I wouldn’t have let Riddhima return to that house after the way SUraj and his family behaved…riddhima took this decision for Pari….think choti do you want Pari to grow up in a forced confinement … I know its painful….but it freed Riddhima from all pain she would incur in future’’

Radhika; ‘’This is all because of me’’

Nia; ‘’No its because of that stupid lawyer Shivansh’’

Ankush warned; ‘’Nia speak when your opinion is asked … go and sleep now …its your first day of training’’ Nia left the room annoyed….Arjun felt weird on Nia’s reaction….Ankush asked Radhika to rest and retired to his room….Arjun wrapped his arm around Radhika’s shoulder and took her to their room…

Manya walked inside the house smiling….all she could recall the way Ankush helped her…he lifted the heavy wheel with single arm….Manya was a head turner…but he didn’t even flinch ….forget noticing her…she liked that….he was simple…but his simplicity was so attractive….he wasn’t all muscle and abs… he appeared to be someone who didn’t care about his looks….yet he was tall fit and strong….Manya thought herself with Ankush …she would just come upto his shoulder…that made her smile. Manya quickly switched on her laptop and fired a search for Ankush Mishra on FB and after few minutes she found his profile….his dp had his B&W picture sitting leisurely on the rocks…with his legs inside the following water… it seemed someone clicked the picture without him noticing it….he looked handsome….she went to his albums but found it locked…Manya was little frustrated…she suddenly recalled the girl sitting at the back….her POV; ‘who was she…I can get some clue from radhika’s profile…she is added to my list…’ Manya quickly clicked on Radhika profile…there were not many pictures….Manya paused and watched all the pictures which had Ankush in them….the more she watched the more she liked….while browsing she came across a group pic…appeared like a friends get together…it had the same girl….but the pic wasn’t tagged and Radhika’s friend list was private…Manya just forced shut down her laptop on being unsuccessful in getting the details on the girl with ANkush….

Neil and Sam were having a good dinner at a road side dhaba with Sam hogging like a hungry dinosaur….everytime Neil ordered bread…she would be the one to grab it….he frowned and kept looking at her….a thought struck his mind….and he leaned supporting his body on his arms…and leered at Sam in the cheapest way possible….Sam noticed Neil fingers had stopped picking up the food she frowned and looked up….Sam was about to say something ….but Neil eyes made her super conscious …she averted her gaze pulling the t-shirt neck up….Neil moved his gaze to her waist….Sam saw that from the corner of her eye….and pulled her t-shirt down…Neil was enjoying her discomfort….Sam quickly got up and went to wash her hands…she got inside the wash room to recheck on her clothes…

As soon as Sam left Neil jumped on the food patting his back….Neil ate at the super jet speed…inviting shock glare from the people around….he finished the food and burped loudly rubbing his tummy… ‘’Aha this feeling is so heavenly….good job Neil’’

Sam rechecked …everything was fine….she decided to confront Neil and walked out….but the view gave her all answers….all plates looked as if they have been washed…and Neil was there…with his head on the table happily snoring….she noticed his wallet peeing out of his back pocket…Sam smiled wickedly and poked Neil….he didn’t move….Sam knew he was enjoying his slumber as his tummy was full…she quietly removed his wallet….emptied its content…and went to counter to pay….she cleared the bill and gave an extra 100 from the Neil’s wallet to the boy serving there and whispered something in his ear….the boy smiled and went towards Neil…Sam hid herself behind the wall ready to watch the drama ….The boy vigorously shook Neil; ‘’Sir get up…are you fine’’

Neil wiped his drooling mouth and looked up; ‘’Where is the girl who was with me’’

Boy; ‘’Sir she left stating that you will pay the bill’’

Neil; ‘’What??? She ate everything and asked me to pay the bill….Almighty what world are we living in….fine I will …but one suggestion to you my friend…never get into a relationship with a fat foodie girl’’ Sam’s jaw dropped…her POV; ‘you are dead how dare you call me fat’

The Boy knew Sam was hearing everything…he gulped looking at the direction of the wall…Neil tried searching his wallet but it wasn’t there…The boy acted angrily; ‘’If you don’t have money you will have to wash the utensils and the kitchen today’’

Neil was alert now…no way he was washing utensils he knew this was Sam….and understood she was around…he quickly took off the watch gifted to him by Sam and said; ‘’Keep this buddy…it will remind you of me and my unfortunate life’’

The Boy took the watch when Sam nodded …he looked at Neil with pity; ‘’May your soul rest in peace’’ Neil walked out and Sam took the watch from the boy another 100….she gritted her teeth ….fisted and darted towards Neil when she came to the main road… Neil and no bike…..Sam was shocked…she wondered how will she go home now….it was late…she was still thinking when a bike came from behind and the rider slapped her head….Sam turned to find Neil laughing hard….that was enough, she dragged Neil off the bike…threw him on the ground and started punching him…. ;’’Idiot I thought you left me….and you called me fat how dare you ’’

Neil held her arms and locked it with his hands; ‘’Sammy its fun to fight you than being romantic with you…what say’’

Sam moved away annoyed; ‘’You gave away the watch so easily…that hurt Neil’’

Neil; ‘’You ate all my food that hurt too….ok sorry jokes apart…I saw you hiding behind the wall’’

Sam; ‘’Pacify me’’

Neil; ‘’Ok then just hop on …and we will drive towards the highway will find an old fat tree or thick bushes….and I will pacify you there for good 1 hr .’’ Sam’s cheeks heated up….anger had long left her….she was smiling with her back to Neil he held her from behind keeping his chin on her shoulder and whispered; ‘’Ok 1 hr isn’t enough then how about whole night’’ Sam turned around and punched him; ‘’ Drop me home’’ Neil smiled held her hand and they drove off…
Radhika changed into her night clothes …Arjun watched her as she arranging some stuff in cupboard….he knew she was crying….Arjun got up locked the cupboard and brought Radhika to bed ….he made her lie down….and caressed her head; ‘’Radhika I can’t handle your tears….they break me piece by piece…please’’ Arjun gently touched his forehead to hers closing his eyes…

Radhika took a sharp intake of breath…turned towards Arjun wrapping her arm around his chest…she clutched his t-shirt tightly hiding her face in his chest ; ‘’please hold me…and keep me close ….I want to feel you close’’

Arjun; ‘’I am here…..wont leave you…just calm down or you will fall sick’’

Radhika in a broken voice; ‘’How can someone be so heartless to leave his infant daughter’’

Arjun looked into her eyes; ‘’They are called fools Radhika…he is an unlucky man…I know its easy to speak…but we should trust Riddhima’s decision ‘’ Ajun cupped her cheek and lifted it up so she could clearly understand what he said; ‘’We all are there for Pari….she will get the best in life…I promise you that’’ Radhika kissed Arjun’s palm…and hugged him tightly….Arjun responded with love he adjusted her head on his shoulder and held her tightly to his chest…he knew the tears were still flowing…he patiently kept wiping them giving Radhika small pecks every now and then…finally when slumber took over her….Arjun covered their bodies with a thin blanket holding Radhika tightly to his body….he watched her sad sleeping face …he pecked her lips and then her forehead…his POV; ‘Riddhima’s decision has made my path easy….everybody responsible for her tears will pay….and it starts with you Saral’ Arjun closed his eyes tightening his grip around Radhika and kissing her cheek deep.


Riddhima was sitting on her bed with her eyes wide open…it was past midnight….but how much ever she tried sleep had left her long back …she watched her infant daughter sleeping ….in an hour she will be up…all charged up ready to play…Riddhima thought; ‘Its good you don’t understand many things Pari….innocence at times is a gift…I know it will be difficult… you will have questions about your father …but I promise…I will answer everything….I will make you something I could never be…a strong women…so that instead of getting rejected you hold the power to reject…to fight and to triumph .’ Riddhima kissed Pari’s forehead….little girl did some funny movement with her lips…before settling down in deep slumber again

Shivansh finished Saral’s case file….and went through his notes again…he had good proofs against him… Arjun had instructed him that Saral should not be spared…..even Shivasnh wanted him behind the bars…he wanted to hurt people to have hurt his Riddhi….but he hated them more because they snatched her from him….when he saw riddhima with her daughter…somehow…he couldn’t take it…that should have been his kid in her arms…but it was some else’s….SHivansh closed his eyes….he knew the kid was innocent but some how having that kid around reminded him of his defeat…his loss his pain… Shivansh; ‘I know its not your fault Pari…but can’t come to like you…I don’t know what am I thinking and why ….but I want you back Riddhi….it pains deep in here’’ he rubbed his chest…. ‘’it had been paining for 5 yrs ….I want it to heal now…you will have to accept me back…either by your will or by the situations I will create…it will happen and soon’’


Radhika got up with the sounds coming from the hall….she looked at the watch it was 8:30 …she sprang from her bed freshed up and moved out….Arjun Ankush were busy preparing breakfast and Nia was sitiing on the table having it instructing them to improve…Nia saw Radhika at the kitchen door; ‘’Good morning Di ….See I am teaching your husband to cook’’ Arjun rolled his eyes…..Nia turned to Arjun; ‘’Jiju can I come to your office….want to meet Neil Sam and Teji’’

Arjun hands stopped hearing Teji….he wasn’t against it but he just wanted to be sure…Nia was family…he just smiled; ‘’Sure….but keep me informed’’

Radhika moved forward; ‘’Bhai Arjun….move please I will cook’’

Nia came went on her toes and kissed Radhika’s forehead; ‘’no need di… they are awesome cook….bhai Iwill be ready in 15 min….you better be ready’’ Nia walked out….Ankush walked towards Radhika; ‘’you should think less choti…’’ he too pecked her forehead….and last was Arjun ….he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pecked her forehead; ‘’if you want take an off….you husband is the boss’’

Radhika; ‘’What is up with everyone giving me so many pecks….’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’because your smile matters to all of us ‘’

Radhika; ‘’No I will come with you ….bhai will be going out to meet his frinds and Nia too will be out on her training…..atleast I can be with you in office’’ Arjun looked around and hugged her tight before running to the room to get ready.

Sam greeted Radhika with a hug but got worried looking at her glommy face…..Arjun gestured that he will talk later….Radhika quickly got herself busy… she spoke very little….Arjun updated Neil and Sam about Riddhima’s divorce….Sam felt bad about it ….her heart pained for Pari….she turned around; ‘’Guys it’s a lesson for all of us….one revenge affected so many lives….Mom and dad they don’t speak to each other…Manya is all rebel…and now Riddhima di….may be its for good….but what about Pari…I know how it affects someone when there parents are not together….I will go to chashni…she needs me’’

Radhika was looking out …Sam came and hugged her from behind…. ‘’You need this jaddu ki jhappi Chashni’’

Radhika ; ‘’Do you think this is because of me’’

Sam; ‘’No its because SUraj ….he didn’t understood the worth of di and Pari….you know Chashni Pari is still small….she might adjust…but your heart breaks when you see your parents living under same roof…and being strangers to each other…’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam is this the reason…Piyali ma’am and Samrat Sir are no more seen in the office’’

Sam; ‘’Yes…first it was because of Bhai’s death and now Nandini….Chashni I don’t feel like going home…’’

Radhika; ‘’and this why you work late’’ Sam nodded ….Radhika hugged Sam; ‘’together we will make things work’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Now that’s like my Chashni….come you need to work on LANCOME project’’

Radhika…was left shocked; ‘’But that went to Samudra’’

Sam smiled wide; ‘’You won it for Samudra…..and Arjun never leaves what belongs to him….’’ Radhika just shook her ahead…Sam laughed looped her arm around Radhika’s shoulder and brought her inside….the day went along in work…and made Radhika a little calm…evening suddenly bought a chaos in Bird Song….Neil was addressing a meeting in the board room with Sam Radhika and Arjun….but the commotion at the reception reached their ears….they got up to check and Radhika banged her head…Nia had been pestering and threatening receptionist in ARjun’s name….she saw Sam walking to her and jumped on her…Ankush was sitting in one corner with his ears covered….Neil noticed Teji his cheeks were turning pink…..Nia after giving Neil a bone crushing hug gave one to Teji…who was so dumbfound that he couldn’t respond or breath…instead he collapsed….shocking everyone accept Arjun and neil….Neil looked at Arjun who made a face….Neil smiled… ‘’poor Teji…’’ Neil turned to Ankush; ‘’So bro for how long you are here’’

Ankush; ‘’A week Neil…some work related to Dad’d business and got to catch up with an old friend…you guys must have heard of him…Rishi he is a model’’

Sam pressed her lips and looked at Radhika….who looked helpless looking at Arjun’s grave expression….Neil chuckled; ‘’Yeah….he is coming to BS tomorrow….come down….then we can all have dinner at my place’’

Ankush; ‘’Why trouble Prerna aunty’’

Neil wrapped his arm around Radhika and Sam; ‘’Chashni and Samrunder Singh will help mom….and nothing doing we are having dinner at my place’’ Ankush nodded and pulled Nia’s arm to walk out of BS…..Neil glared at Teji and asked him to come to his cabin…

Once Teji was in he looked at neil; ‘’I am sorry Boss’’

Neil; ‘’Teji….I understand your feelings but don’t forget she is Arjun’s SIL and Radhika’s sis ….’’

Teji asked a little irritated; ‘’Are you asking me to backout’’

Neil; ‘’No ….you will be at dinner tomorrow …just be little careful’’ Teji nodded and left his mind was frustrated …his love story hasn’t started yet and he had the biggest monster to face ….

Precap; The dinner…love struck teji, Annoyed Arjun….Nia gives Manya taste of her own medicine


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    Gauri what to comment dear.. I guess I have written all the beautiful words I know infinite no. Of times dat even the words are now begging me to pardon dem 😉 😉 😉 So, now I m begging u to bless me wid ur little talent 🙂 🙂 coz m seriously getting jealous from u.. 😉 😉 how come some one be so extraordinary…no no no 😉 😉 not fair…now give me d no. Of aunty I wanna ask her what she ate… 🙂 🙂 waiting for nxt…loads nd loads of love…

  22. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeet darling. …so sorry for late comment. …I loved nesam nok jhok n funny lovely scene. ..ardhika were very heart touching. …loved arjun’s console to rads. was really very sweeeeeet. …manya falling for ankush Nia desperately searching for his details.…very interesting. ….Nia ia n teji r soooooooo cuteeeee. ….I’m loving it sooo muchhhhhh …gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeetheart ur very talented and I know your new ff also be very interesting n exciting…just like your all the amazing stories ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my dear. . Muaaaaahhhhhh 😉 ♡♡♡ 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.