MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Ankush and Nia were leaving for Mumbai….they had accompanied Riddhima along with Nia’s parents to Delhi….Anukush was confused with Nia and Riddhima’s behaviour…both looked tensed confused and lost…but he ignored thinking Riddhima might be disturbed due to her divorce and Nia being emotional going far from the family…Ankush brushed his thoughts aside his thoughts…he had ro think how to break the news to Radhika….

Neil’s house

Neil saw Radhika taking a walk in the lawn he went and started walking behind her…keeping a safe distance….Radhika suddenly stopped and Neil collided with her….Radhika turned around and looked at Neil; ‘’Neil why are you following me’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni what are you so confused about you …you love Arjun you have accepted him by heart now whats the fight all about ‘’

Radhika; ‘’Don’t know Neil … I want to go back and I am happy about it but I am scared too…what if my decision turns out to be wrong one …’’

Neil; ‘’I understand….big decisions come with confusion….but Chashni decisions of heart and not taken by thinking about good bad past or future….just go along with the flow give your best and everything will be perfect…and if not I am always there’’ Radhika smiled and Neil patted her cheek….she wished and was walking towards the room…Neil called her…. ‘’Chashni….Arjun had bought a gift for you wear that in the morning I will drop you to your husband’s house’’ Radhika walked back to Neil and gave him abone crushing hug; ‘’You are a darling’’

Neil; ‘’Yes I am ….and I will miss you being around this house…..’’ Neil broke the hug and gave Radhika a cute smile before walking back with her inside the house

Next Morning Radhika was dressed in the Sari Arjun bought for her….she looked at herself and smiled….Radhika glanced at the room which had become hers for past 2-3 months….she was happy but she knew she would be missing Prerna and Neil a lot….Radhika walked out with her luggage…prerna was waiting for her in the hall….she gave radhika a loving smile….Radhika hugged Prerna affectionately….Prena rubbed her back and carssed her hair; ‘’You came here as neil’s friend ….but now leaving as my daughter….don’t forget this is your house too….’’ Radhika was emotional she just hummed in response….Prerna wiped her tears…and looked at Neil ; ‘’tell Arjun to keep my daughter happy….or else he will have to deal with me’’ Neil chuckled ….

Neil pulled his car outside Arjun’s house….he opened the door for Radhika and gestured her to step into her new life; ‘’I took you from here 3 months back…stating its over….I am asking you to give your life a chance….go sweety your crazy husband must have not slept for whole night’’

Radhika ; ‘’Neil ….I need a promise’’

Neil; ‘’Done…’’

Radhika; ‘’From here you will straight away go to Sam and clear everything out….and don’t make that face because you promised’’

Neil gave Radhika a blank stare; ‘’You trapped me in making a promise….fine will go…see you at Bird Song’’

Radhika watched Neil driving away….she turned and looked at her home happily….Radhika walked towards the door…her heart was again full of dreams and hope….but before she could press the door bell…Arjun opened the door to welcome her….He smiled wide at her and extended his hand….Radhika took it….Arjun brought her in and locked the door….he turned to her and watched her happily looking at the house….Arjun walked to Radhika and pulled her in a warm hug from behind…Radhika kept her palms on Arjun’s hands around her waist ; ‘’How did you know it was me’’

Arjun replied keeping his chin on her shoulder and his eyes closed; ‘’I couldn’t sleep due to excitement…I had seen Neil dropping you ….and decided to wait till he leaves’’

Radhika turned around and wrapped her arms around Arjun; ‘’ I missed you Sir’’

Arjun huffed broke the hug cupped her face and looked into Radhika’s eyes; ‘’Its Arjun….’’ Radhika blinked…Arjun came closer and whispered; ‘’say it ….I want to hear my name…’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir ….its…’’

Arjun pecked her forehead….Radhika closed her eyes ; ‘’Arjun…only Arjun’’ he leaned gently kissing her eyes…tip oh her nose…he genltly lifted her face and bought it closer…Radhika felt his breath near her lips….she curled her toes and turned cold…..her heart started racing…Arjun was slowly moving close…Radhika without losing a minute whispered; ‘’Arjun…!’’ Arjun looked her her blushed face before pulling her into a warm hug…he held her tightly and desperately in his arms….Radhika hid her face in his chest
….ARjun broke the hug and lifted her chin up…. ‘’Welcome Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Thank you Mr Arjun Mehra….I think you didn’t notice my dress’’

Arjun wrapped and arm around her waist ; ‘’I did but something is missing’’ he took her to the room and made her sit….Arjun pulled out their wedding chain and tied around her neck….he sat on the floor holding her hands; ‘’I am not asking you too wear it always…but keep it and don’t leave it behind….I was patient this time….next time you leave me…I might act mad…’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Is that a warning’’

Arjun got up locked her to bed and leaned on her making Radhika move back…Arjun pecked her cheek and whispered against her skin; ‘’I am not warning love….I am threatening you…you can’t imagine….how mad I can get’’ Arjun moved closer nuzzling his face on Radhika’s cheek and neck…she smiled blushed and then pinched him making him retreat; ‘’Ouch! What’s that for’’

Radhika; ‘’Punishment for acting naughty….now get ready or we will be late for office’’

Arjun made a face pulled her close; ‘’lets take an off’’

Radhika; ‘’Nope its my first day…and you have meetings too….don’t ask how do I know….Neil told me…I will goand prepare breakfast for both of us ’’ Radhika got up to leave…Arjun pulled her by her waist and affectionetly kissed her forehead…before letting her go. Radhika walked out of the room towards the kitchen and Arjun got a call from Ankush….Ankush briefed him his travel plans and also about Riddhima’s divorce…Arjun was left shocked…he never expected this and what surprised him more was Shivansh never updated him on Riddhima’s divorce …yet he kept on updating on Saral’s upcoming trial…Arjun heard Radhika calling him….his heart sank thinking how will she react to the news….he decided to wait for Ankush…

Neil pulled over outside Sam’s house and dialled her no…. Sam answered and Neil asked her to come out Sam changed picked her stuff and left in a huff…she quickly got inside the passenger seat she returned Neil’s cold behaviour and ushered a command; ‘’Bird Song and soon’’

Neil gave her a ‘you are impossible look’ ….she did not look at him …Neil’s POV; ‘Some nerve she has got…its her fault and she is throwing attitude….above all she commanded me as if I am her driver’ Neil fired the engine and rashly drover off to BS….she expected Sam to question him on his rash driving…but she kept looking out of the window….without paying heed…Sam POV; ‘ Please God keep me alive till I reach BS…after that I will break his bones for throwing so much attitude at me’

Neil POV; ‘Samrunder Singh has turned brave suddenly…I am expecting her to jump or squeal… and she is sitting here all calm unaffected by my tricks….think Neil…you can’t let her win’

Neil entered the parking and applied brakes bringing the car to a screeching halt…he turned to Sam; ‘’we need to talk ….’’

Sam looked at him with full attitude….; ‘’I will be waiting for you in your cabin ‘’ Sam walked off smiling e towards the lift….Neil followed her after parking his car….it was early morning hence office was empty…Neil entered his cabin…but before he could understand anything….Sam pushed him to the nearby wall giving him a smacking kiss…she broke kiss…to find Neil shocked and blinking at her….Sam smiled; ‘’I had decided to do thi on our date….but you left angrily….now this I am done you can tell me what you wanted to say’’

Neil frowned and then smiled….he took the chair and pulled Sam to his lap…; ‘’Sammy don’t want fight you…but you need to trust me with Manya….she had been hitting on me for long’’

Sam pecked his forehead and spoke; ‘’I understood that the same knighting the hospital after visit….but I don’t want to embarrass her…Neil I made a mistake with Radhika reacting angrily….this time I want to handle it calmly….please understand’’

Neil; ‘’Fine….but won’t be able to handle her proximity with me again’’

Sam locked her fingers with Neil’s and leaned on his shoulder….suggling close to his chest….Neil wrapped his arm around her…kissed her hand and forehead before pulling her closer to his heart; ‘’Lets get married’’

Sam ; ‘’When?’’

Neil; ‘’Now….are you ready?’’

Sam; ‘’Yup I am …so shall we move’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Don’t move a muscle….just stay close…I want to feel your breath and your heart…’’ Sam hummed like a kid and made her herself comfortable hugging him lovingly squeezing herself….Neil pecked her forehead tightening his grip around her body….Neil kept caressing her hair… ‘’Chashni went back to ARjun….’’

Sam looked up; ‘’Yipee….now Arjun Mehra should throw a party …we will coax him to give one’’

Neil brushed his fingers on her back; ‘’Yes we will…and then a grand party for our wedding….’’

Sam looked into Neil’s eyes; ‘’No one will come between us….’’ Neil nodded before closing his eyes to enjoy his moment with Sam till office hours starts.

Nia wished her parents and Riddhima and left for airport to leave for Mumbai…after Ankush left Riddhima felt her protective shield has been removed she was too scared to be alone in Delhi….her uncle and aunt treated her like own daughter yet something scared her ….Riddhima hugged her daughter tightly she just wanted to close all door and windows to prevent the wind…she feared even wind might betray her….riddhima was done with relationships…she just wanted to live for her daughter but after meeting Shivansh…reading his eyes Riddhima was scared….she didn’t wanted anyone close to her….no promises…no commitments….no more 7 births she just wanted to give her daughter a good life and make her independent

Shivansh was in a meeting ….but his mind was somewhere else….he was occupied with Riddhima’s thoughts….he had made up his mind and now had hit a road block….how to convice her…he abruptly got up excusing himself and left the room…leaving the peoplein the room with their own imagination….Shivash took the keys from the driver and gave him cash asking him to take a day off…he got in and zoomed his car towards his house…Shivash entered his apartment and took off his coat throwing it harshly on the floor….he pulled his hair….meeting her again had evoked all his dead emotions…he knew she won’t agree this easily…SHivansh pulled out a cold water bottle out of the refrigerator and gulped….a thought crossed his min and he smile…’Saral’s trial….yes I wil win your family first…and then you…’

Shivash didn’t knew why his heart had turned so desperate for her….he knew she won’t agree….but now he wanted her as his…she was always his….had he known 5 yrs back that she was getting married…he would have done anything and everything to stop it….he never wanted to break her marriage…but since she was divorced….he wanted her back and desperately…SHivash was still in his thoughts when he received Arjun’s call….he answered but Arjun voice was angry; ‘’Shiv how could you not tell me about Riddhima’s divorce….and why did the divorce happened…..I asked you to threaten or make Suraj understand….you know what have you done…’’
Shivans; ‘’Calm down….it was Riddhi… I mean Amkush’s sister decision and her family supported her ….I just did my part…and I didn’t tell you because I thought Mishra’s might have updated you after all you are family’’

Arjun heard something in his voice; ‘’Is there anything I should know’’

Shivash; ‘’Yes…..Saral’s trial will start in a month….hope you will be there to testify’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes I will be ….and sorry for the way I spoke’’

Shivansh ; ‘’No worry bro….I know it hurts deep to see your loved ones in pain….anyways tc’’ Arjun disconnected but was baffled…Shivash the lawyer talking all emotional….he brushed aside his thoughts and walked inside to be with his beloved wife. SHivash walked into his room and pulled out an old book from one of drawers….it had riddhima’s 5 yr old picture which he had clicked…Shivansh moved his thumb over it and kept it safely in his wallet …

Radhika admired her cooking …well it was just plain sandwiches but this was the first time she loved preparing it for Arjun… Arjun walked in and found the breakfast ready he appreciated her work and made her sit next to him….Arjun hogged on the food as if he had been hungry for 7 lives …and then quickly picked his coffee up…he tasted it and made a face; ‘’radhika you forgot Sugar’’

Radhika; ‘’But you don’t like it with Sugar’’

Arjun; ‘’Old story…I love everything which is sweet….like you’’ Radhika pressed her lips and smiled….she added Sugar to his coffee and they enjoyed the moment together first time as husband and wife…after few minutes of chit chat Radhika got up to clean …Arjun caught her arm and pulled her to his body with a jerk ….before she could understand…Arjun gave a quick peck on Radhika’s lips…making her cheeks heat up… she lowered her eyes…Arjun smiled pecked on her cheek…. ‘’ I Love you my panoti….and that Rishi will be coming to BS next week …stay away from him’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun he is just a friend’’

Arjun; ‘’Then ask him to keep his hands off you…I can’t handle such cozy friends of yours’’

Radhika; ‘’Is that same for Neil’’

Arjun; ‘’No ….he is different…. his own girl-friend is safe with him…he won’t do a thing even if he is left alone with Sam on an island…its Sam who will do the work’’

Radhika; ‘’Chiii…. Go get ready we have to leave’’

Neil squinted rubbed and opened his eyes….he found Sam sleeping in his lap… he hugged her warmly planting a kiss on the top of her head….Neil looked around and realized he wasn’t married to Sam yet and they were in office….what embarrassed him more was smiling Teji standing infront of him; ‘’Nest time lock the door boss’’

Neil realized that the people had started pouring in….he tried waking Sam up…but she snuggled more into his body….teji chuckled…. ‘’Neil….Radhika is joining today…wake her up soon …’’ before Teji could make an exit …Radhika opened the door…to find Neil struggling to remove the death loop of Sam’s arm around his neck…the more he tried…the more she tighten it…Radhika smiled making Neil look side ways…he finally spoke; ‘’All your fault you asked me patch up with her early morning…’’

Radhika kept laughing irritating Neil more….he shook Sam with all his power and she jerked up as if coming out of a nightmare….she looked at Teji , Radhika and understood….Sam turned pink being embarrassed

Radhika; ‘’Neil Sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss’’

Neil; ‘’Sleeping Beauty….not a sleeping giant….god my legs are numb….Sammy work on your weight’’

Sam; ‘’Neil don’t start…and get out of my cabin’’

Neil; ‘’Good morning….this is my cabin…you get out’’ Sam was ready to pounce on him but Radhika interfered … ‘’Sam…arrange your hair and come ….I will be waiting for you in your cabin…’’

Arjun was instructing Zubin….he noticed smiling Radhika walking out of Neil’s cabin…following her was Teji who was trying his level best to hide his laughter….3rd was Sam…who seemed to be searching something on the floor…she wasn’t looking up….Arjun understood… his POV ‘Happy for you Neil’

Ankush’s flight landed he came out with Nia who suddenly got springs grown in her feet…she was hyper exicted… ;’’God Bhai….I will stay with radhika di!… I will extract tax from both di and jiju ‘’

Ankush; ‘’Tax ??? for what’’

Nia; ‘’For giving them a chance to romance…if they say no I will be a big Bone in their romance’’

Ankush covered his ears; ‘’Shut up Nia or will pin your lips together’’ Nia pouted and walked behind him …Arjun was waiting for him…he happily hugged Ankush and patted Nia’s cheek…they got into his car and Arjun fired up the engine…Arjun and Ankush spoke about the circumstances which led to riddhima’s divorce …Nia wanted to speak her views but was hushed by Ankush… Arjun wanted to be well prepared to handle Radhika…it would be a big blow for her…suddenly a car came from the wrong side and Arjun applied quick brakes…Arjun angrily got down to have a word with the driver….and found it to be Manya…

Arjun; ‘’Manya are you fine’’

Manya; ‘’Oh …really you care…. Its all because of you…if you would have married Sam…my life would have been happy……’’

Arjun; ‘’you are a waste’’ Arjun was about to leave when he noticed that Manya’s car tyre was punctured…he wanted to help but she asked him to mind his own business….Arjun decided to stay back and watch till she is done with her car as it was late….Ankush watched her struggling and smiled…he asked Arjun; ‘’What is wrong wit her’’

Arjun; ‘’to me looks she was born with a half brain’’ Ankush chuckled….Manya would fall time and again…trying to fix the tyre…anybody who offered help was shooed away by her…Ankush watched her dragging the spare one…he got down….and without a word…lifted it with one arm…Manya blinked at the strong arm who just took off the weight from her hands…she was about to retort but Ankush without paying attention…lifted the tyre as if it weighed nothing and started fixing it….Manya watched him amazed… to her he was like a super man….she went close ; ‘’Who are you’’

Ankush did not look at her but politely replied; ‘’Ankush Mishra….Radhika’s elder brother…your work is done…please get in and go home its late’’

Manya; ‘’mmm…thanks and Hi I am Manya …Sam’s younger sister’’

Ankush; ‘’I know….please get in its late’’ Manya didn’t know why she obliged…Ankush opened the door of driver’s seat for her…and she got in without a word…Anksush closed the door and went back to Arjun’s car….Manya watched him….he was tall..simple guy not muscular but strong physique her POV ‘Wow never thought contry side boys could be that hot even without abs and all’….she suddenly frowned at the girl sitting in back seat of Arjun’s car…who seemed to be jumping on Ankush… ‘Now who the hell is she….and why is she giving her handkerchief to him….he can do better much better’

Precap; No Idea …still thinking suggestions please’


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      Super awesome as always the way you rock. Well nesam stole my heart and so my ardhika. Sam is sleeping over neil and teji your love lady is half way through and shivansh and ridhima are gonna make ip together ?? And ankush gave a super answer to the stupid manya. Well that was nice too. Arjun was al romantic with radhjka and sam was always samendar singh when it comes to her idiot. Lovely update didi. Now I wont sleep as u make me crazy with ur update didi. Love u tons didi.

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    have a sweet n safe journey..!

    • Gauri



      Thanks a tom Jessie 🙂 Manya will not get Ankush easily …she will have to prove her worth 😀 Riddhi will slowly gain her confidence ….. her love for her daughter will motivate her 🙂 Teji will jump like a jumping jack and will be scared of Arjun 🙂 stay blessed darling happy weekend 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Myra for your rocking comment 🙂 dpo I am writing the intense part and sweating this is my first trial in intense romance ….hope you like it 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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      Sweetie ….you and puppy eyes….u are the naughtiest 🙂 thanks for such a lovely comment and yes no item between us 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 loads of love

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      Thanks Dipu 🙂 Angel and me… you are a sweet heart 🙂 this so bad….I was expecting some suggestions from Sathya and you …..I am really blank right now 😐 …. have a great weekend 😀 and take good rest lots and lots of love for you 🙂

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      Thanks Jnana 🙂 yes I am planning Manya and Ankush ….. crazy manya and mature Ankush ….yes will punish her 🙂 loads of love and happy weekened 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Ritu 🙂 you hate my independence ….this is why u want me to get married but I have no intention of someone’s life 😛 but if this happens you will surely get an invitation 🙂 love u

  21. Roma

    Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeet darling. …mind blowing, marvellous, outstanding episode. …loved it to the coreeeee. ..rads went back to arjun. …yippeeeeeeee. ..I’m jumping in happiness. ..ardhika as real couple…its very content feeling…I’m spellbound… 🙂 . ..n rads trapped neil by promise….lol….nesam also patchup. ..wowwww. lovely. ..shivansh plans to impress ridhi’s family first then her…lol…very smart… will rads react to ridhi’s divorce…arjun very understanding with ankush n ridhi ..Nia was cute…..manya liked ankush. ..wowwww. ..that’s really superbbbb. ..very lovely pair….I hope shivansh convince ridhi soon…your narration n imagination is outstanding n stupendous. …I’m very blessed to have u my sweeeeeetheart gauriiii…keep it up. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug n take care darling. …. 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.