MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 28

Hello my dear friends …thanks a ton for all the unconditional support ….I am ending DPO but will be starting a new one by name crossroads soon… 🙂 Now here is the next chap of MMZ ok I am writing about a interview trap…such things do happen and being a recruiter I have heard of it and one of my acquaintance had a horrid experience but she was lucky she trusted her gut feeling…so thought of writing about it 🙂 do let me how was it next one on Thursday stay blessed 🙂 keep smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂

Chapter 28

Arjun was still lying on his bed he checked it was 7 AM…he decided to get up in half an hour…Arjun dragged himself out of the bed after hearing the door bell…he lazily opened the door to find all perfectly ready Sam there….she walked in wishing him; ‘’Get up sleepy head…its all about your wife’’

Arjun quickly frenshed up and sat next to Sam; ‘’Is its regarding the interview’’

Sam; ‘’Yes…breaking News…Zenith Publications has sent no interview call letter to Radhika or to any one…their hirning is freezed was this quater….this is a fake account…plus…if interview are organised in a hotel then they are in bulk and hotel staff is aware about that…which is not true in this case…the hotel has confimed there is no recruitment drive which has been scheduled…and why do they have to call her in a specific room….its a trap Arjun….’’

Arjun got he moved his fingers through her hair; ‘’Will stop her’’

Sam; ‘’No…I will do that…she needs to see the reality…’’

Arjun; ‘’But why would someone do that’’

Sam; ‘’Arjun every year such fraud and fake interview happens…candidates are duped and specifically females are lured then blackmailed and sometimes they are never found…we need law by our side…its not good to leave these people’’

Arjun; ‘’Thank God I saw that mail…what would have happened Sam if she would have gone without informing us…I could have lost her’’

Sam touched his shoulder lightly; ‘’But it didn’t …. Even God protects people like her…she will not go alone…Neil will follow her….we have some work todo…and then let’s nail them…and you stay out of it today…I need CHashni alone….you can see her in BS… let me handle it…’’ Arjun nodded and dialled his contact in Police department

Neil had taken Radhika out for shopping…she checked few dresses and finalized a steel grey knee length one piece…Neil got Sam’s call and he excused himself…. ‘’Yes Sammy …what’s the update’’

Sam; ‘’We have informed the police…don’t accompany Chashni just follow her….I will be there before she reaches’’

Neil; ‘’Sam…we need a full fledged plan…if she goes to the room…it might turn dangerous…let me be with her’’

Sam; ‘’I understand…but your presence will alert them….I really want to know…if this is just a coincidence or someone has puporsly targeted Radhika’’

Neil; ‘’whatever….today we have to convince her to join BS…and I am seriously not liking her dress…this is so not Radhika’’

Sam laughed ; ‘’If you are hating don’t know what Arjun will do’’


Riddhima was waiting outside the family court with Ankush….SHivasnh was yet to arrive….Riddhima saw Suraj and Saral walking towards them ….she gently touched Ankush’s arm and moved behind them….Shivash noticed this while walking towards them… he shook his head…his POV ; ‘Why are you so weak and scared’ Ankush gently tapped Riddhima’s hand to give her assurance ….Suraj came and got himself comfortable seated infornt of the courtroom waiting for their turn…he glanced at Riddhima…Ankush got a call and he moved out in open due to network issues …Suraj got his chance to vent his frustration; ‘’You will cry over your decision’’ Riddhima kept quite…Suraj was irritated he spoke again; ‘’Let me see how you incur the cost of your daughter…you will not get a penny from me…’’

Riddhima who had been quite responded angrily; ‘’I never asked you anything for me or for my daughter…and since you already mentioned her just as mine….you better don’t worry for her…’’

Suraj got irritated by her reply; ‘’Women like you who don’t think before speaking end up destroying their own lives like you did….you could have lived a happy life full off comfort in my house but no you wanted to stand by your sister …’’

Riddhima; ‘’You stood by your brother when he was wrong…why wouldn’t I stand by my sister knowing she was right’’

Suraj; ‘’because you are a women… a women house is where her husband stays…she should stay in the house… and she should follow his decisions…look at the women in my family….all of them are happy and content…because they keep quite.. follow their husbands’’

Riddhima; ‘’I did the same…but you weren’t worth it’’ Suraj got irritated and moved forward….but this time…SHivash stood in between….completely covering Riddhima…he gave Suraj a cold stare…he was a tall man with strong physique …he loomed dangerously over mid sized Suraj ; ‘’your brother’s case is still pending….and don’t forget I am handling it…’’ Suraj retreated in fear….Shivash turned to Riddhima…since they had come Face to face she never looked at him…he softly spoke; ‘’Are you ok’’

Riddhima; ‘’Yes….thanks…and I am sorry….for everything….for 5 yrs …I won’t be able to say this again…forgive me if you can’’ She quickly moved and sat on a bench…looking down waiting for her brother….Shivansh’s heart hurt he had hated her for 5 yrs for breaking his heart…but he realized he could never hate her…he never wanted her inpain….right now he just wanted to pull her to his chest and tell her he was always there for her…but the distance which looked like 5 steps was too big now…Shivansh wanted to cover this distance…heart is such a traitor…it took control of his mind …now his heart suddenly was giving him hope…Shivash’s thoughts were interrupted when their case no. was announced….and all of them walked in to seal Riddhima’s fate.


Anuj was in the hotel Paradise room 504… he checked his watch it was about 1 hr for Radhika’s interview he turned and looked at the 3 men and a women seated in the room ; ‘’Once she in room…offer her tea or something …the drugged one….change her clothes and one of your girls should walk out of the hotel in her clothes…bring her to me later’’

Lady; ‘’What after that’’

Anuj ; ‘’I will hand her over to you after having some fun….after letting her know the consequences of decling my proposal…and slapping me…you can export her wherever you want…and when she will be unreachable then I will watch Arjun Mehra wither in pain….he destroyed my company…my reputation with clients and creditors…he took everything …I will take his everything…his precious Radhika’’

Radhika got ready but when she glanced at herself…she was little uncomfortable…the dress revealed her curves too much…Radhika closed her eyes to brush off her thoughts….she heard a knock and opened the door…Prerna and Neil were waiting to wish her…Prerna hugged Radhika and fed her sweet curd…wishing her luck….Neil moved to Radhika’s cupboard…without her noticing him…he pulled out a stole….and tied in a stylish way around her neck…covering her bust….Prerna smiled…Radhika looked at the stole and then at Neil…he without a single flinch spoke; ‘’Now you look better’’ Radhika smiled at his protiveness…he was becoming Ankush day by day…they greeted prerna and left…neil messaged Sam and she was alredy there…in a mock meeting with cops in plain clothes….Neil was purposely driving like a bullock cart…. he wanted to stop her …his mind was not able to trust Sam’s plan….Radhika after noticing him spoke; ‘’Neil my interview is scheduled for today not next week’’

Neil smiled and stopped near a bus stop and acted that his car broke down….but once Radhika took a cab…Neil followed her…he cursed Arjun and Sam for making a twisted plan when they could have stopped Radhika simply…

Arjun was pacing his cabin….Sam has forbidden him to be around the hotel….he was worried….he sat and leaned back on his chair closing his eyes…his POV ‘if this was trap specifically directed to meant someone wanted to harm me….but who…I have a long list…but who would go to this extent….think Arjun…this has to stop…it should be last test for Radhika…who can do this??? ‘’ A thought flashed and he jumped of jis chair … ‘Anuj’ Arjun dialled Neil; ‘’Where are you?’’

Neil; ‘’Following CHashni…she will reach in 10 min’’

Arjun; ‘’Neil…this is just a wild guess….but I think this is Anuj’’

Neil thought for a moment; ‘’I think you are right….fine I am going in…can’t leave her alone…will call you and don’t tell Sam’’ Arjun felt relieved …

Neil parked his car and walked in keeping a safe distance from Radhika…radhika checked at the reception and was directed to the room…she took a deep breath and knocked at the door…It was a suite A lady dressed professionally greeted her…there were 2 young girls…and a boy of her age…seated in the main hall…Radhika thought they must be other candidates she gave them a warm smile but was little uncomfortable when they scrutinized her from head to toe….the lady asked her to sit and wait for her turn… Sam knew this was the right time…if they wait more…this incident might scar Radhika permanently… ….she knocked the door after 2 min with two officers covering her…the lady again answered; ‘’Yes’’

Sam smiled; ‘’I am here for the interview’’

Lady got confused….The interview trap was only Radhika all others in the room were the gang members…she smiled covering up; ‘’May I see the call letter’’

Sam forwared the call letter and pushed the lady in….she entered with cops in a tow…Cops froze everyone at the gun point…Sam looked around…and extended her hand; ‘’Come with me CHashni…..its not safe in here’’ Radhika looked confused but believed her….she quickly took Sam’s hand and walked out….to find Neil waiting…he took a sigh of relief…..Sam; ‘’Neil I will come in a minute take care of her’’ Radhika kept her head on Neil’s shoulder…he understood and patted her head’’

Sam walked in the room again….the whole gang was seated on the floor with the hands cuffed…Sam looked at them; ‘’On e question…who asked you to do this’’ No one answered…they were seasoned criminals …it wasn’t easy …Sam turned to the cops; ‘’Sir make sure they are punished…and spill out the name of the person who planned this…’’ Sam walked out and went to the reception…she found Radhika sitting with her face buried in her palms….she understood that Neil has told her the truth…she walked and sat next to Radhika; ‘’Its ok …you are safe’’

Radhika; ‘’I am an Idiot…a big one…with capital I’’

Neil; ‘’That makes us siblings…I am a veteran Idiot…right Sam’’

Sam just gave neil a look and turned to Radhika; ‘’You are not an Idiot…you are just too innocent sometimes…come lets get out of here…we will talk today and this happens with most intelligent people too’’ Sam took Radhika with her…and Neil followed them …but Neil saw a reflection….Anuj…he was walking out normally as if nothing happened ….Neil quickly altered the cops on his suspicion….Neil POV ; ‘good we know who the enemy is’

Sam drove of with Radhika… she entered the parking and Radhika said in a tensed voice; ‘’Sam this is Bird Song’’

Sam; ‘’Yes…and you are going in…atleast come for your husband who has lost his senses worrying about you’’ Radhika gave up and followed her…Sam directed Radhika to Arjun’s cabin…and walked off to her cabin…Radhika walked in and found Arjun standing near the window…she softly spoke; ‘’Sir’’

Arjun turned around ..walked to her in longer steps and pulled her in his arms; ‘’ did they touch you…are you hurt …. …I was so worried…’’ radhika nodded negative…Arjun spoke again; ‘’ Thank heavens you are safe….thanks to Sam…she planned it’’ Arjun felt wetness on his shirt ….he broke the hug and lifted her chin up… ‘’what’s wrong…why are you crying’’

Radhika; ‘’I am a big fool…good for nothing…I am so weak and dumb that I cannot take care of myself…and I had a dream being independent’’

Arjun held her hands and brought her to couch he made her sit and sat beside her; ‘’No you are not…none of us could have guessed it…I wanted to keep you safe ans this why I shared the mail with Sam… she informed us about all this…now wipe your tears…they don’t suit you…you are my brave Radhika…just scared of Lizard ’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I should thank Sam…’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes you should and do it now…’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir please take me back home….I want to come back’’

Arjun hugged Radhika tightly… he wiped her tears …cupped her cheeks; ‘’you are home….just embrace your family back….Sam loves you with her heart and she is sorry…I know you have forgiven us but…I want you to give your trust a chance and this time…..each one of us will keep it intact….please take this chance for me…will you’’

Radhika nodded and walked to the door and dashed with Neil…; ‘’Chashni…once you are done with Arjun and Sam come to my cabin…’’ Radhika smiled and Neil patted her cheek…

Radhika gently knocked on Sam’s cabin door…and heard Sam’s voice after 2 sec; ‘’Come Chashni…you don’t need permission’’

Radhika’s heart started beating hard…this was the place where she was humiliated….she stepped in and nervously looked around…Sam understood …she walked to Radhika held her hand and brought her inside…Sam made Radhika sit on the chair…and sat on the floor …. ‘’I had hurt you bad…right’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam lets just not talk about past…I am here….’’

Sam; ‘’Its needed Radhika…you have forgiven me… but you are still scarred …Chashni I have a confession…I missed you …right from the day I insulted you till today…there is a void in my heart…and no one can fill that…you made a place which no one could take….’’

Radhika cupped Sam’s cheek; ‘’I am not upset with you…I understood your state of mind you were hurt….I didn’t wanted to face you because ….’’ Radhika paused and then spoke again.. ‘’Because you were in love with ARjun Sir….and I fell for him too…I felt jealous awkward…I felt I cheated you…and when the truth was out you didn’t marry Arjun SIr…I felt you sacrificed your love for me’’

Sam; ‘’OK now hear me loud and clear….I never loved him… I mean I can go any length for Neil….but never felt same for Arjun…Radhika I never fell in love before….and what was with ARjun was just a situation created by a lie…but when Neil left me a part of me died…and I was stupid to believe that I loved your Arjun SIr ….I loved Neil I don’t know since when… CHashni sacrifice is your trait not mine…I am not as good as you….you can go on getting yourself hurt… not me…I would have snatched my love’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Sam you don’t have to tell me what you can do and what not …I know you … thanks for today’’

Sam; ‘’ you are welcome CHashni….now I will ask one question….and better reply in positive….will you join BS… look girl we 3 will turn full time black cat commandos if you keep on getting yourself in trouble’’

Radhika laughed ; ‘’Ok I will…. But for now its temporary…if I don’t feel good I will quit’’

Sam smiled ; ‘’Done ‘’ Sam … suddenly leaned on Radhika making her lean back….Sam gave Radhika a naughty look; ‘’Honey this time won’t let you escape my arms….’’ Sam pouted her lips and moved forward to kiss Radhika….Radhika wriggled and got off the chair; ‘’Sam you are crazy’’

Sam; ‘’Yes baby for you I am…Ok jokes apart…lets go out’’

Radhika; ‘’But you have work’’

Sam; ‘’No I have a brilliant idea…let the guys work..come with me…’’ Sam picked her laptop and ran out off the office taking Radhika along…she quickly got in the car and switched her laptop on….Sam typed an out off office mail and clicked the send button… ‘’Done….now lets rock baby’’

Arjun and Neil were discussing about and upcoming meeting…they were waiting for Sam to join…suddenly both got a pop up Arjun banged his hand on his head ….Neil frowned ; ‘’What the hell….she made a fool out of us and read this mail… ridiculous…who writes such mails ‘’

The mail

Hi Guys…I will be out of the office of rest of the day…for emergencies pls reach out to Arjun/Neil….and if they are not able to address the issue then relax guys…I am not dying just on leave….dare you disturb me  ‘’

Neil; ‘’This means she will enjoy…leaving both us her with all the work’’

Arjun; ‘’Lets finish this meeting…and we can postpone next meetings….if my guess is right Radhika agreed to join BS…’’

Neil threw his hands in air ; ‘’Yesss!…finally ….but this so mean of Sam…. What say Arjun… up for some drinks…I will call Teji…’’

Arjun smirked; ‘’Yes but don’t tell Radhika….and I won’t tell Sam’’ They gave each other a hifi and started planning their evening.

Sam took Radhika to beach Radhika looked at her horrified… ‘’Sam not in this dress’’….

Sam thought ; ‘’Sit here will be back in a minute’’ Sam quickly went to a shop and bought a wrap around skirt and tied it around Radhika’s waist… ‘’Chashni you have s*xy waist….all lean and thin…I am enjoying brushing my hands on it’’ Sam said winking at radhika..

Radhika; ‘’You are scaring me…first you tired to kiss me….now you are feeling me up…you and Neil should marry soon…please devour him and spare me’’

Sam laughed; ‘’Oh I want to so badly….but that Idiot is not talking to me’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam I know I shouldn’t be saying this… but please hear out Neil…he never says or does a thing without a reason…please’’

Sam; ‘’I know Chashni…I doubt Manya too…but I don’t want to embarrass her…just want her to understand…don’t worry will coax Neil to speak to me….or will abduct him’’


Neil Arjun and Teji ….entered the pub …the music was on full and people were enjoying they took a table and Neil let out a sigh; ‘’It so good to be out without girls’’

Teji; ‘’You can say that because you know how it is to be with one….I don’t even have one’’

Arjun controlled his laughter looking at Teji’s face…he turned to neil; ‘’You are saying this because you 2 fought…talk it out Neil…you have waited too long’’

Neil; ‘’Just hate it when she doesn’t trust me …and Manya she keeps messaging…I am so irritated…I mean I always looked at her like a kid sis….Enough of it…Now no more about girls… I want to get drunk…’’ They ordered drinks and competed with each other ….getting completely sloshed…


Riddhima after coming back from the court locked herself in her room….a relation which was supposed to be for 7 births broke today…she was taught that Suraj’s house was her house….she should be completely devoted to her husband…should be his partner …she tried ….gave her best …devoted her life to SUraj….he was her world and what did she get in return…she was just a wife….a woman good to stay back home….she would have got the title of best wife incase she would have followed him silently… Riddhima had taken this divorce decision because she had had enough…. Everyone wanted her to follow no one cared of her opinion….but when it came to Radhika’s respect she couldn’t take it….she feared for her daughter Pari’s future too….she wanted her daughter to grow up like Radhika…have dreams and follow them be strong…but that wouldn’t have been possible in Joshi house…she had seen the daughters in her in- laws extended family…they were trained to be just followers deaf and dumb followers…as a mother she couldn’t give her daughter such a future…..and Suraj’s incapability to stand bu her broke her heart….Riddhima looked at her sleeping daughter and broke down…she locked herself in the wash room …turned on the tap and cride….screaming her heart out…Mishra residence was silently listening to her sobs… they saw this coming… the wound was open ….and now it was time for wound to heal….Mala looked at Ankush; ‘’Its better you tell Choti….’’

Ankush; ‘’Mom in sometime…Choti too is working on her relationship don’t want her efforts to suffer…I will tell her once I go with Nia’’

Shivansh was pacing his room…he couldn’t forget her face….when the divorce was announced….she was sitting there like a zombie…she had taken the decision but it wasn’t that easy….he knew it wasn’t ….she ended her relationship but now what she will get was gossip…sympathy…taunts…SHivash closed his eyes and tears trickled down….5 years these drops were locked in his eyes …and now they were not stopping….SHivash covered his face with his palms and cried…. ; ‘’Riddhima…Why??? Why are you still there in my heart…why didn’t you leave….why your tears bother me….’’ SHivash Sat on the bed…his clothes were dishelved and hair messed up….he clutched the bed sheet hard…his greedy mind was giving him ideas to have her back…his heart cursed himself for having such thoughts….and a second later his head soothed his heart….it wasn’t wrong….he had loved her all along…he couldn’t love someone else….for these 5 yrs he had just buried himself in his career…he never thought of having a family….he never wanted it to be with someone else…Shivansh picked his cell and dialled Ankush…Ankush answered immediately….Shivansh after a minute started; ‘’Can I speak to your sister…its regarding the case’’

Ankush agreed and handed the phone to Riddhima; ‘’Hello!’’ Shivash’s heart stopped….he closed his eyes…he could hear her soft breathing… Riddhima understood…; ‘’Mr SHivash …is it urgent …if not can we talk later’’

SHivash; ‘’How are you Riddhi’’

Riddhima’s eyes welled up….she was hearing that name after years…she wanted to disconnect the phone….but couldn’t she got up and walked to the balcony; ‘’Better…Thanks for your help Mr. SHivansh’’

Shivansh; ‘’Why are you behaving so formal….we are still friends’’

Riddhima; ‘’Shivash…we are nothing….and please stop worrying about me…I read your eyes….Its never going happen…please…’’ She disconnected….Shivansh looked at the phone smiled and kept the it on the table and thought… ‘’You read my eyes…and my heart…then you should have understood my determination too….I want you happy…. ….can’t lose you again..’’

Nia’s parents had come down as she was leaving for Mumbai….they suggested that Riddhima should come with them to Delhi…it would be a good change for her….Nia didn’t like the idea she felt Riddhima went ahead with the divorce because she met Shivash again …she protested giving stupid reasons but Nia was too young…her suggestion didn’t matter to elders…Dadaji asked Mala to pack Riddhima’s luggage …Riddhima too protested but her aunt and Mom stay put….Riddhima was scared ….she just made a prayer; ‘God please don’t let SHivash know I am in Delhi’

Next Morning Shivash had come down to hand over the court copy ….he was leaving for Delhi he promised Ankush he would come down again…once the case against Saral starts….Shivash’s eyes were continuously moving around to have one glimpse for her ..during the regular discussion it slipped from ANkush’s tongue that Riddhima will be Delhi for few Months …. SHivansh smiled….Nia had told Riddhima that Shivash had come…and she decided to stay in the room…. after some time Shivansh decided to leave…he noticed Nia’s angry and accusing eyes but he just smirked at her kiddish behavior….he walked happily to his car and looked up…all he could see were curtains following in air….he smiled he knew she was there….may be just for a second….but she came …that was important…he quickly got in and drove off his POV; ‘Riddhi this time I won’t lose…will be waiting for you in Delhi’

…Riddhima watched him getting in the car…she had noticed that determined smile…she was nervous ….disturbed…she was sweating with the idea of staying in the same city as SHivansh… he was stubborn…too stubborn…and Riddhima was no where close to Radhika in her determination….and her situation had made her too vurnarable to handle Shivansh…she didn’t wanted him to hope

Precap; Nia Ankush in Mumbai….Radhika comes back toARjun rejoins BS…Manya meets Ankush


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