MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Arjun messaged Sam that he was taking rest of the day off….he just wanted to be with Radhika….know her more…understand what’s troubling her….Arjun was guilty his stupid revenge had scarred the most beautiful soul he had known….he wanted her old form back the one that would talk non-stop….Arjun smiled recalling the lonavala trip….she made him go nuts…and even after he scared her she never gave up…..Arjun was still thinking when Radhika entered the room with a tray….she had made coffee for both of them….Arjun gave her a loving smile which she returned with a warm one… Radhika handed him the cup and sat close to him….Arjun wrapped his arm around her shoulder and rested his head on hers closing his eyes….Radhika smiled …she thought for a minute and then spoke; ‘’Sir can I ask you a question’’

Arjun responded without opening his eyes; ‘’yes go on’’

Radhika; ‘’who cooks for you’’

Arjun; ‘’no one… there is a Tiffin service close by that lady drops my meal by 8 in the morning and night’’

Radhika quickly straightened making Arjun to open his eyes he looked at her face which seemed little annoyed; ‘’Lady ???? is she young and beautiful….does she comes daily to deliver your food…or she sends someone’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’She herself does the honors’’

Radhika; ‘’She must be managing the kitchen service alone’’

Arjun; ‘’No she has help…she had some 10 people working out of which 3-4 are for delivery….but since she stays just next to my house she personally drops my tiffin’’

Radhika got up all angry and stood infront of Arjun with her hands on her hip; ‘’Why do you look so happy talking about her’’

Arjun; ‘’Baby I am not happy talking about her … I am happy that you came with me…and we got sometime to spend together’’

Radhika; ‘’Really??? They why did you smile when I spoke about her…this happens when you really are fond of someone’’

Arjun sensed the situation was getting dangerous…but he enjoyed Radhika getting possessive; ‘’she cooks nice food…Why shouldn’t I be??’’

Radhika wailed ; ‘’Hire a male cook…’’

Arjun; ‘’No then I will have to leave office and manage him….and then cleaning everything nope…this is convenient’’

Radhika stomped her foot; ‘’Fine then I will come here daily and cook…clear her bill today itself’’ Arjun was about to answer when heard the door bell….Radhika looked at the clock it was around 7:30 PM Radhika was sure it was the same lady….she decided to deal with the lady herself….she opened the door all in mood to confront…but the view infront of her calmed her immediately….at the door was a lady in her early 60s holding a food box she smiled at Radhika warmly….her wrinkles defined her experience and her smile depicted her calmness…she looked like someone unfazed by the challenges of life…..Radhika smiled and turned to look at Arjun….who stood leaning on the wall smiling …watching her lovingly…he walked to the door; ‘’Come in aunty…Radhika she is Mrs. D’souza and aunty she is my wife … ‘’

Before Arjun could complete the lady did; ‘’Radhika….I recognized her the moment she answered the door…you have spoken about her so many times that I would have even recognized her in the crowd of 100s…must say she is pretty…and radhika he only talks about you…he loves you a lot’’ Radhika’s cheek heated up….she blushed knowing that Arjun would only talk about her…her heart danced in happiness.

Arjun; ‘’Thanks…please come in …lets have tea …Radhika prepares amazing Tea’’ Arjun looked at Radhika…she nodded…and walked inside the kitchen.


Riddhima had lost her sleep since she met Shivash…memories were flooding her eyes her family felt the constant tears were because of Suraj….but only Nia and Riddhima knew …that Suraj had lost his place long back….this was for Shivash…the man who never left her heart….but she couldn’t gather the enough courage to speak to her family….Riddhima’s POV ; ‘Wish god would have bestowed me with half the strength choti has… my life would have been better… She heard Pari crying and got irritated….she tried calming her baby down…but failed….Riddhima was so frustrated that she almost lifted her hand to slap Pari…but Nia stopped her; ‘’why are you punishing her…?? This isn’t her fault’’ Nia took the baby with her and handed over to Mala…she decided to speak to Riddhima and if needed even to Radhika.

Riddhima broke down into inconsolable sobs….she felt angry on herself ….she was responsible for this mess…she always looked for support….Riddhima was crying vigorously now….Nia came in and closed the door….she switched on the music …so that no one by default doubt them….Nia kept her palm on Riddhima’s shoulder; ‘’Di…there is no point crying now….its 5 yrs ‘’

Riddhima; ‘’yes even I thought I left him behind ….but the moment he came infront of me …I realized he never left…’’

Nia; ‘’its impossible… you need to sought things out with Jiju’’

Riddhima got irritated; ‘Do you think I don’t want to….why don’t you understand its not easy I tried…I kept quite…took insults on me and my family…but that guy Saral tried molesting my sister…he tried harming my Dad and brother….how can I support them and keep quite’’

Nia; ‘’Di divorce will affect Pari’’

Riddhima; ‘’I know …. But this time it has gone beyond my limits …. I have made up my mind…’’ Riddhima walked to Ankush’s room to inform him on her decision .

Nia sagged completely into the couch recalling a memory…..Riddhima had come to Delhi for her graduation….Nia was still in school doing her 12th ….Riddhima had got a set of rules from DIlip and she would consciously follow them like a good daughter…Nia and her parents would at times ask and comeback…without even glancing left or right…its then when during one of the evenings Shivansh noticed her…he found her awkward….she was the only one so quite she would pass everyone without even glancing her eyes would stay just on the ground as if searching something precious…she even responded to greetings mechanically….some boys of her batch had nick named her as china doll…. Shivansh was a law student final year he had secured his internship in a big law firm under a famous criminal lawyer…he would sometimes come to her college to meet his friend but after noticing Riddhima few times ….he took interest in her….and one day helped her when she was stuck being late….their friendship started…SHivash realized Riddhima was quite but intelligent…but she was too scared to take steps…try new things take risks….he helped her pushed her towards new experiences….by end of 2 yrs he gradually fell in love with her….he confessed …. Riddhima just smiled….she loved him but was again scared…. Shivash gave Riddhima time and asked her to confess with words….but the day they were supposed to meet she never turned up….He waited for her whole night….tried reaching her but couldn’t….he finally got hold of Nia she told him Riddhima’s marriage was being fixed…and she couldn’t draw the courage to speak about him….that angered SHivansh….he felt cheated…..

Present day

Nia closed her tear filled eyes recalling the past….she just made a silent prayer that Riddhima ‘s life should get a smooth turn and nothing more

Shivash gulped the glass of drink to calm his burning throat….he stood at the window of his hotel room staring out in the dark….it was raining heavily….weather of this place of unpredictable just like his life….which made face the same woman again…who ruthlessly broke his heart…he just wanted to get over with it and go back to Delhi…his phones buzzed it was Ankush …Shivansh answered…’’Yes Ankush’’

Ankush; ‘’Riddhima wants a divorce….she doesn’t want any money from them just divorce and custody of pari’’

Shivansh; ‘’Fine I am on to it’’ Shivash didn’t knew why but a smile crept his face…..he called his assistant and directed him on the procedures.


Sam was busy in her cabin….Neil walked smiled he stood there posing expecting Sam to look at him…but she kept on going with her work…Neil felt like killing her; ‘’Sam I am your boy friend you are supposed to pay some attention on me’’

Sam without looking at Neil; ‘’Yeah right…I will let me finish this first’’

Neil marched towards her and snatched the papers to check what was so important but his lips thinned in anger…he looked at Sam who was mischievously smiling….neil held the blank papers high; ‘’Blank papers….! you were busy doing nothing…and you ignored me …you ignored Neil Melhotra’’

Sam; ‘’Yup and enjoyed it….so whats up…Idiot’’ Sam said wrapping her arms around Neil’s neck she knew his anger will vaporize with her touch

Neil smiled and pulled her close by his arm around her waist; ‘’How about a date? tonight’’

Sam; ‘’done…pick me at 8’’ Neil pecked her cheek lovingly and walked out…while going towards his cabin he found Teji dancing….Neil took a good look at him and tapped his shoulder; ‘’What?’’

Teji; ‘’ Nia is coming to Mumbai’’

Neil smiled and whispered in Teji ear; ‘’ Don’t forget she is Arjun Mehra’s sister in law….good luck to you’’ Neil walked off smiling and all happy butterflies in Teji’s body slipped into coma…Arjun will kill him for eyeing his SIL…he lifted his hand looking at the sky asking for mercy.

Sam dressed in a beautiful knee length dress…she styled her hairs into soft curls …Sam smiled at her reflection….and blushed it was so different being neil’s girl….she enjoyed being his best friend….but being his love was out of the world….whenever he looped his arm around her…she felt getting complete…the vibrations his laughter against her body were more soothing than even the most melodious songs…. Sam smiled and messaged neil… ‘I am ready ….’

Manya watched Sam getting ready….each and everything that Sam did starting from her dress selection….make up her hair duo….she noticed how keenly Sam took care of everything to make it perfect…Manya smiled; ‘’SO sorry Sam…it won’t be perfect…’’

Neil honked his car continuously outside Sam’s house….Sam smiled and peeped through the window…she found him casually dressed in a faded Jeans with a half tucked shirt…her POV; ‘will kiss you till you faint Idiot’

Sam waved her Mom and walked out she was walking towards Neil when she heard a loud scream and a thudding sound….Neil heard it too….they both ran inside and found Piyali massaging Manya’s leg….Neil understood…Sam got worried; ‘’Manya what’s wrong baby?’’

Piyali; ‘’this wooden closet fell on her leg….I think its a fracture’’

Sam ; ‘’Let me take her too hospital….Neil help me pick her’’

Neil looked at Manya but he was allergic to her he responded in a stern tone; ‘’I have called the ambulance it will here in a minute they will help you I am leaving’’ He walked out leaving Sam confused

Sam ran behind him and held his hand; ‘’What was that…why were you so rude…if its about the date then I am sorry but can’t go leaving my sister in pain’’

Neil angrily retorted ; ‘’Its about your sister…she is faking everything…do you think that Manya alone can pull her tiny winy leg out of that fallen closet….No… she just wanted to spoil our day she succeeded …she is just obsessed with me’’

Sam; ‘’Cut the crap …are you crazy….and don’t forget its about my sister’’

Neil; ‘’Exactly… I am warning you Sam open you eyes…..before its late’’

Sam; ‘’I don’t believe you’’

Neil; ‘’Your wish…call me when you ready to believe me’’ Neil just turned away got into his car and drove off without glancing back….Sam sadly walked inside to help Manya

Arjun’s house

Arjun watched Radhika arranging his cupboard he smiled and asked; ‘’Are you possessive about me’’

Radhika froze; ‘’I don’t know…but I am scared to lose you…it hurts bad in here’’ she pointed towards her heart

Arjun got up and walked to her ; ‘’Radhika you were not the one who would be scared….speak your heart …let me help’’

Radhika; ‘’When I left your house…and you for Sam….it hurt and bad…even if I imagined you with Sam it pierced my heart…I would look at the mirror again and again…reminding myself that my plain appearance wasn’t worth your attention…you deserved better some one like Sam…but that hurt…I knew I was doing wrong being jealous of my own friend …but couldn’t help…then I got to know that you didn’t sign those papers….I don’t know what but I slept that day…I was angry at you… wanted to hit you for not stopping me but I had no right to complain..I behaved rudely ….I was looking for peace….I wanted to see you in pain….pain for me….and when I saw that pain …I was scared….I knew you loved me…that love scared me…I didn’t wanted to build hopes.’’

Arjun turned her around….he cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead…resting his lips there in silence ; ‘’Just once….if you could have shared your heart with me for once…I would have left everything behind…but you and your small brain…are equally stubborn….I stopped you that night I thought you won’t go….you left me sleeping … you stayed in same city in Neil’s house… but you behaved so rude…I loved you then….I love you now!!! ‘’ Radhika looked up and threw herself completely in his embrace…Arjun cuddled her

Radhika; ‘’when will you bring me back’’

Arjun; ‘’In some days…first let me bring my original Radhika back…ok …when are you joining BS’’

Radhika; ‘’Sirrrrrr…why are you stuck there…I won’t … I have an interview tomorrow’’

Arjun; ‘’Where’’

Radhika pouted; ‘’A publishing house…now don’t use your contacts to spoil it’’

Arjun; ‘’Can I see the call letter’’ Radhika nodded and logged into her mail…she showed Arjun the call later…the venue was a 5 star hotel… everything looked good….but something was not right…his sharp eyes narrowed at the dress code…Arjun watched Radhika looking at him hopefully…he didn’t wanted to discourage her …her heart was fragile and wounded right now…Arjun smiled and .he pulled her in an arm hug and pecked her forehead; ‘’All the best darling….’’ Radhika quickly closed her arms around him…Arjun thought and decided before she goes for the interview he will make sure all was fine…Arjun knew Sam had more knowledge on these things as she was directly involved in the recruitment for BS…he decided to let Sam handle this…

Arjun drove off to Neil’s place Radhika got down and greeted him with a hug….they both were talking when Neil drove in….he gave them both a forced smile and walked off… Arjun ; ‘’They were suppose to go on a date…something went wrong….speak to him …we will talk tomorrow’’ Radhika nodded and followed Neil.

Sam brought manya back from hospital….Piyali was waiting for them; ‘’Is Manya fine’’

Sam gave a stern look to manya; ‘’not even a scratch…Manya has real strong bones and muscles’’ Manya nervously licked her lips and Sam laughed it out wishing them night she walked into her room and locked the door….Neil’s words about Manya echoed her brain….Sam got distracted by her phone sound …it was Arjun she answered ; ‘’yes Arjun’’

Arjun; ‘’Without a single lie…tell me what happened between you and Neil’’

Sam huffed and narrated whole thing; ‘’Don’t know how to explain Manya and Idiot is not answering…leave all that how is it going between you and Radhika did she agree on joining BS’’

Arjun; ‘’No…One stubborn wife I have…She has a interview tomorrow I have forwarded the mail to you check…its weired…you have more knowledge on thse things’’ Sam disconnected and picked her laptop….she checked Radhika’s interview call letter….Sam did the research and switched it off …her POV; ‘tomorrow I will go with you Chasni…i know its not BS its me you are running from time for us to talk’

Neil’s house

Neil changed and got ready to sleep…he was angrily throwing things around….radhika couaght hold of his t-shirt which he threw in her direction… ‘’Why so angry?’’

Neil; ‘’Sam….she doesn’t trust me’’

Radhika came and sat next to him..; ‘’Now be a good boy and tell me A to Z… don’t refuse because I will take it to my heart’’ Neil narrated how Manya kept throwing herself to him…and how uncomfortable he had been all these days

Radhika; ‘’Don’t worry…will handle her …do you trust your Chashni’’

Neil smiled; ‘’More than myself….now some one looks happy…did your Arjun Sir kiss you’’

Radhika slapped him lightly; ‘’I have a interview tomorrow with a big publishing house…wish me luck…Neil do you think I am suitable’’

Neil; ‘’You are….all preparation done’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes just need to buy a dress to match the dress code…since interview is in the afternoon…I will buy it in the morning’’

Neil looked confused; ‘’What dress code…must be formals and you have many’’

Radhika; ‘’No its professional one piece not longer than the knee’’

Neil frowned…something was not right…he knew there was no point asking her not to go for it…they all had decided to deal her with love….he got up cupped her face and planted a chaste kiss on her forehead; ‘’All the best…I know you will rock’’ Radhika smiled and walked out after wishing him for night

Neil POV; ‘will spoil your plans sweetly chashni…you will have to join BS’

Neil dialled Sam; ‘’Chashni has interview tomorrow…something is not right’’

Sam; ‘’Not something…. everything is not right….will bring the curtains down tomorrow….leave it on me…just don’t say a word to chashni…and Neil are we cool’’

Neil kept quite; ‘’Goodnight Sam! “ Sam just huffed.. ‘’Arrogant Idiot’’

Anuj’s residence

Anuj rolled on hisback pulling Bonnie to him; ‘’Radhika is mentally disturbed due to the past events …great then let me see how can I make her go completely mad’’

Bonnie brushed her palm on his bare chest; ‘’Arjun will not let it happen…plus she has Neil and Sam…it will be difficult’’

Anuj smirked…he was not the one to reveal his plan; Darling don’t spoil the moment by talking about my enemies…just stay in my arms’’ Bonnie smiled and hugged him tight… Anuj POV; ‘Love makes people weak and blind….you are blind and Arjun is weak…’ after Bonnie slept off he dialled a no. ‘’ Has she confirmed for tomorrow’s interview’’

Anuj smiled at the reply; ‘’Radhika ….Arjun’s only weakness….bring her down and he will crumble to dust…radhika baby it would be so good to see you again’’

Precap; The interview …Sam convinces Radhika to work in Bird Song


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