MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


Ankush answered the door when someone when pressed the door bell early morning on a Saturday…he smiled looking and the visitor and Shivash stepped in; β€˜β€™Morning Ankush…sorry for disturbing early morning but I am here to meet your sister and you…hope not an issue’’

Ankush; β€˜β€™Not at all…please come in…infact we should be the one grateful to you and Arjun for helping us β€˜β€™

Shivash smiled and followed Ankush and led him to the main hall…he asked Nia to call Riddhima….Riddhima walked towards the hall but froze at the door…SHivash was busy in a discussion with ANkush…Nia came from behind and shook Riddhima but even her mouth went dry…and faded memory struck both the sisters…they looked at each other when Ankush called; β€˜β€™Riddhima come inside Shivash wanted to meet you’’ Nia gave her an assuring nod and she moved forward….Shivash turned to Riddima his face devoid of expression or recognition… β€˜β€™hello Mrs. Joshi…I have few questions can we discuss now β€˜β€™

Riddhima nodded and sat at a distance opposite to him; β€˜β€™Please go ahead’’

Shivansh; β€˜β€™Arjun told me that this is really not about divorce…you just wanted to warn your husband or I should say scare him that you are not weak…am I right’’

Riddima looked at Anukush and then answered lowering her head without looking at SHivash; β€˜β€™Yes …. I just wanted him to move out ….I believed he would do it for his daughter….I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a house where a man disrespected a woman and everyone is supporting him’’

SHivasnh thought; β€˜β€™DO you think he will move out…or will stop supporting his brother…or even if he does do you believe that he will respect you the same way’’

Riddhima replied without a thought; β€˜β€™No! …. he blamed me and my family for his brothers condition…they did not torture me physically but mentally they would time and again remind me that Saral’s wrong behaviour was the result of Radhika’s cold attitude towards him…’’

SHivash; β€˜β€™If you want ….we can make him move out and I can get a court summon to keep an eye on him for few years…who knows may be Suraj realizes his mistake and everything turns normal … we can cancel this divorce case’’

Before Riddhima could answer Ankush spoke; β€˜β€™Saral tried Killing me and my dad….SUraj is forcing us to take the case back and threatening Riddhima that he wont provide alimony or financial support for their daughter ….you tell me is it safe for her to go back….I am ok to take care for my sister for whole life but won’t put her up in danger’’

SHivansh; β€˜β€™I understand your point…but final decision will be of Mrs. Joshi’’ he uttered those words in a way which pierced riddhima’s skin she got up; β€˜β€™Thank you Mr. SHivasnh …. I need time β€˜β€™ Riddhima quickly ran out to her room…with Nia in a tow

Shivash POV; β€˜ When will you learn to take a decision….you are still weak…same the way you were 5 yrs back’


Neil was standing in the middle of the road….scratching his head thinking which shop he should go in …Arjun had asked him to come to a famous outlet but buy the time Neil reached he already had checked 3-4 out let continuously messaging Neil about the changed outlet Neil called him; β€˜β€™For heaven sake tell me which store you are in and dare you move’’ Arjun chuckled which irritated Neil more and answered his question…Neil entered Ritu kimar outlet to find the sales persons holding their heads….and Arjun selecting and rejecting dresses…Neil folded his arms to chest…. β€˜β€™Arjun what are you doing here and in the female section’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™I married Radhika in a weird scenario….she never got a chance to plan her wedding… I want to gift one wedding attire…which she can have and re enter my house wearing it’’

Neil smiled; β€˜β€™Arjun if you keep on going this sweet forget Radhika I might fall in love with you’’….

Arjun frowned and Neil smiled .. β€˜β€™Ok bro let’s get back to work…’’ he turned to the sales person .. β€˜β€™Show something classy yet sober …’’ They finished picking up a beautiful red and pink combination saree …with expensive yet sober embroyidry….both the guys had a hand shake and walked out…Arjun looked at Neil; β€˜β€™So when are you and Sam marrying β€˜β€™

Neil; β€˜β€™The day Radhika completely trusts you…that’s the deal Sam made’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™I think Sam should stop being guilty …it was all my fault’’

Neil; β€˜β€™ Sam’s not trusting Radhika when she should is entirely her fault….she should repent’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™Neil Melhotra you are fit for the role of Dharmraj Yudhishtir …’’ Neil chuckled and they left for respective places…All the way Neil was thinking how make Radhika to join Bird Song she was stubborn..and he doubted she might not even step inside the building…but something had to be done …

Monday Bird Song

Arjun was not able to concentrate on a single thing… he had made so many mistakes that Sam asked him to rest…Neil understood…he walked into Arjun’s cabin; β€˜β€™Want to see Chashni?’’ Arjun nodded…Neil smiled; β€˜β€™Don’t worry a little over drama with Mom will help’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™Mom ???????? how???????’’

Neil; β€˜β€™Watch..’’ He dialled Prerna nad started; β€˜β€™Mom…please help a file is missing its very important if I lose it client might sue me…please search in my closet…if you find please send to office….save you son’’

Prerna Panicked hearing Neil’s voice…she frantically started searching his cupboard but couldn’t find a thing….Radhika heard sound from Neil’s room and walked in…she found Prerna all tired and worried…Radhika made her sit gave her a glass of water….and asked for the reason…Prerna narrated how worried Neil was….Radhika called Neil and enquired about the file…he cooked up about a red folder with a golden arrow…Radhika found and told Prerna she will go and give it to Neil….Radhika left for Bird Song at the reception she dialled Neil but he didn’t answer she tried Teji Sam and Arjun…but got no response…she hesitated to go in and asked the receptionist to check the girl was also a part of the plan…she asked Radhika to go in and deliver the confidential file…Radhika walked in and memories came back to her…more than good these were the bad ones…this was the place her charater was tarnished…i was the place where she was judged even before giving her a chance to justify herself….they called her names….she thought them to be her friends …. but they were just society…Radhika smirked …society….and its rules and the irony was that society always consists of people who you call your own…friends,,,family they are the one to ditch you first…Her calmness died that instant and anger took her mind..Radhika shook her head her desicion was final she would handover the file to Neil and walk out never to step in this building again… as Radhika walked in many familiar eyes lifted up some smiled some just were sorry….Zubin expectedly walked towards her but Radhika’s flat stare….made him retreat….She looked around BS….it had changed…the interiors were expensive….she saw many new faces ….they were doing good…she had read in the papers about the accqusition….Radhika thought ; β€˜No wonder….Arjun Sir is good at whatever he does good or bad…’ She suddenly felt angry on herself for forgiving easily even when she wasn’t able to forget everything….she asked a passer-by about Neil and walked to the Boardroom where she was directed….Radhika barged in without a knock…inviting the surprised eyes from Neil Arjun and Sam….Arjun read the tension and annoyance on her face….Neil and observed it too….Neil got up; β€˜β€™Chashni you saved my day’’

Radhika folded her arms to chest keeping the folder on the table; β€˜β€™May I know what important doc you were crying about ….that you got aunty so worried’’

Neil; β€˜β€™Chashni it was an important contract….and some confidential papers….and if…’’

Radhika cut neil of; β€˜β€™Even if you would have lost them….I am sure Sam would have done something to protect you…she wouldn’t let you go to Jail’’ Sam dropped the pencil when she heard her name…suddenly being dragged in the conversation….her eyes darted from Neil to Arjun….pleading help….

Neil diverted Radhika; β€˜β€™Chasni my motive wasn’t to get mom worried….’’

Radhika again interrupted this time louder; β€˜β€™Your motive was to get me here somehow…..otherwise who would panic about a folder filled with some old bills….’’ Neil’s throat went dry she caught him…..he looked at her all apologetic …radhika eyes had tears with anger she spoke again; β€˜β€™I forgive dosen’t mean I forgot….and forgiveness dosen’t give any of you any right to interfere in my life….’’ All the 3 looked down…but Radhika missed the forth one….who was just looking at her…trying to identify her….she walked to Neil …lifted her his arm and banged the folder on his hand; β€˜β€™Next time spare your mom….and talk to me upfront….I expect that from you Neil’’ Radhika turned to leave…but someone held her wrist….she thought it to be Neil….because Arjun was seated on the other side….but when she turned she saw neil all surprised…Radhika’s eyes went to hand on her wrist and the two the human standing infront of her…tall fair…with dark eyes ….he looked familiar…he smiled lightly and then spoke; β€˜β€™Radhika ???’’

Sam saw the tension building on Arjun’s face and interrupted; β€˜β€™Yes Rishi she is Radhika Arjun’s wife….and my best friend’’

Rishi ignored Sam and smiled wide…cupping Radhika’s cheeks; β€˜β€™You didn’t recognize me right….??? How would you…Choti I am Golu!!!’’

Radhika eyes opened wide….her mouth dropped ….she circled him examining him top to bottom and then stopped; β€˜β€™Can’t be… Golu was chubby…’’

Rishi; β€˜β€™Yes he was… but with passing years Golu changed into super model Rishi….leave me how are you… you don’t know hoe happy I am to meet you’’ Radhika forgot her anger and started interacting with Rishi… Arjun broke the pen into looking at the happy conversation….Sam felt a little jealous as Radhika was all herself but not with them but someone else…but thing went over board when Rishi lovingly hugged Radhika….and she responded it …Neil finished one litre water bottle in one go…Arjun had already reached his boiling point…. Sam was just numb…. Rishi broke the hug and turned to the trio; β€˜β€™Fine… I will work BS at your price….only because you are related to Radhika….send me the contract’’ He turned to Radhika; β€˜β€™We have a lot to catch up…see you soon’’ He left picking his keys

Arjun banged the broken pen on the glass table and got up glaring at Radhika; β€˜β€™Sam no need to send the contract…we will hire a different Model there are many like him’’

Radhika; β€˜β€™Don’t make a mistake in your jealousy ….he is the best in the industry’’

Arjun walked to her and loomed on her; β€˜β€™I know what I am doing’’

Sam pulled her hair with both hands …she moved between them; β€˜β€™ Arjun we can sort this out….Radhika please have coffee with me before leaving’’

Radhika pulled Sam aside and took a step towards Arjun glaring back; β€˜β€™You always are so confident about your decision…and when they backfire …you cry’’

Sam; β€˜β€™Arjun you have a meeting in half an hour …its important lets discuss that’’

This time Arjun pulled Sam aside; β€˜β€™ It was just once I was wrong…why do you have to pin point that again and again’’

Sam; β€˜β€™Ok now its enough…. you 2 are taking it too far…’’ Before she could finish…..two palms pushed her her face back….Sam just went on watching the two quarrelling on what not…her head would move left and right …she looked at Neil who looked equally helpless… Sam got on the chair and screamed; β€˜β€™SHUT UP both of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!’’ The room went in dead silence…even the rest of the office panicked and started working seriously….Sam looked at them; β€˜β€™Are you two watching yourself….Arjun what is wrong with you…she accepted you back still why are you jealous and Radhika when you know he is jealous you could have straingt away told him how you knew Rishi…I mean why create such a fuss’’

Arjun looked sideways and Radhika glared at him..she replied to Sam in a stern voice; β€˜β€™I would have explained Sam…if I was old Radhika…I don’t prefer giving explanation anymore’’ Radhika stomped and left….Arjun fisted and followed her… Sam wanted to follow but Neil held are arm; β€˜β€™DO you want to get murdered….let them sought it out’’

Sam asked all worried; β€˜β€™What are we gonna do’’

Neil smiled; β€˜β€™Sammy we are gonna burn some fat….helping these two’’

Sam gave Neil a frustrated look; β€˜β€™Bad joke….lets get back to work’’

Radhika pressed the lifts button frantically….she just wanted to leave….and finally the door slides open…she pushed ground floor …but before the the doors to close….Arjun slipped in….he pressed basement…Radhika moved side ways and he blocked her way caging her; β€˜β€™What’s wrong Radhika please talk ?’’

Radhika; β€˜β€™Just move and let me pass Sir…I don’t want to talk right now’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™You know I won’t’’

The doors slid open on ground floor… Arun held Radhika’s hand tightly to prevent her from going out….he pressed the button to close the door….as the door slid open he pulled her out dragging her to his car….Radhika tried freeing her arm; β€˜β€™Sir where are you taking me’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™Some place where we both can scream our lungs out….’’ he unlocked the car…pushed her in and locked her ….Radhika kept trying to opening the door like a 6 yr old stubborn child… Arjun got in and smiled at her annoyance…; β€˜β€™put the seat belt on’’ She ignored and folded her arm to chest….Arjun; β€˜β€™radhika put the seat belt on do you want to get fined’’

Radhika pouted like a child and replied senselessly ; β€˜β€™I want you get fined… I am enjoying troubling you’’

Arjun stared at her for 2 mintues and leaned on her making Radhika lean more on the window….he locked his gaze with hers…his arm went across her….pulling the seat blet…he locked it and then cupped her face; β€˜β€™I love everything about you even your anger…get ready wifey we have too much to talk’’

Bonnie was worried…. Anuj was back on motive to destroy Arjun….but she knew it would be difficult…Arjun was a smart player…but underestimating Anuj would be foolishness…she loved Anuj and dearly…she didn’t want him to get harmed….Bonnie knew if Arjun got slightest of idea of Anuj’s motive…he will crush Anuj bad….Arjun only had softness for one person and that was Radhika …. Bonnie got up from the couch and moved to the window….Anuj had asked her details on Arjun’s past …yes she knew about it but didn’t wanted to share…not because she still cared for Arjun….but because she feared him….he was dangerous …when attacked he was never defensive he was always offensive….Bonnie was still thinking how to persuade Anuj out when she got a message from Anuj; β€˜β€™Arjun Mehra suffered anger issues in his teenage….I know what should be done β€˜β€™

Bonnie got worried yes Arjun had anger issues he broke a man’s head who misbehaved with nandini….the man got serious wounds….Arjun was 16 then….Nandini some how saved him… he overcome that ….but he was very dangerous when angry….Bonnie knew what Anuj was upto …but she was helpless with her heart…she would do what makes Anuj happy….she replied…. β€˜β€™target Radhika’’

Arjun was driving towards his house….but her silence was really annoying….he would turn towards her and would find her cracking her knuckles and giving him angry glares….she even squinted and poked her tongue out at him..Arjun’s POV β€˜No wonder people write so many jokes on wives’ He noticed something and pulled his car on the side…he got down Radhika looked bewildered…..Arjun knocked on her side of window and she lowered the glass he gave her a double butter scotch cone….and her face lit up….but she quickly composed herself when she saw him smiling at her …she took the cone and ignored him again….Arjun smiled got in and fired the engine up ….he had started what would calm her she was simple ……..and he had to learn how to simplify each step…when they reached Arjun’s house…Radhika was still busy licking her fingers …Arjun smiled; β€˜β€™I will get you more don’t eat you fingers….they are really pretty’’ Radhika quickly composed himself and walked behind him inside the house…Arjun gestured Radhika; β€˜β€™Please have a seat mrs Mehra….I will be back in a minute’’

Radhika looked around the house….she always felt home here….a smile crept her face…footsteps made her turn and she found ARjun moving out of kitchen with a jug of water and a glass….she looked confused as he placed it right infornt of her on the table…Radhika asked; β€˜β€™What is this for’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™If you get too angry or you choke of screaming you can have water’’

Radhika; β€˜β€™But why just one glass,…. what if you scream ….’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™Then you can bang the jug on my head….ok enough…what made you so angry’’ Radhika kept quite….Arjun got up sat next to her and lifted her chin up… β€˜β€™Fine I will start…who the hell is this Rishi to you….I wanted to punch hi when he held your wrist…and was about to kill him when he pulled you in a hug…yes I did not like it and I will never like it get this straight’’

Radhika; β€˜β€™He is Ankush Bahi’s friend….was our neighbour in Rishikesh….7-8 yrs back they relocated to Mumbai…bhai is still touch with him….and nothing more’’

Arjun in a hesitated voice; β€˜β€™Does he carry any soft feelings for you’’

Radhika quickly gulped a glass of water and got up she stood right infront of Arjun…and twirled around; β€˜β€™Sir please have a good look at me… and tell me am I some miss universe that you think every guy would fall for me…I think you should get an eye check up’’

Arjun enjoyed the view…he smiled and his eyes took a slow leisure tour of Radhika’s physical appearance…Radhika frowned; β€˜β€™What are you doing’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™Checking you out….! and now let me answer you’’ Arjun got and pulled Radhika with him he made her stand infront of the mirror and stood behind her… β€˜β€™The girl you are looking at is the most beautiful one I have ever seen…..Now you will ask me why….???’’ Arjun’s palm brushed radhika’s arms and he locked her arms on her front with his large ones…Arjun kept his chin on her shoulder… and whispered; β€˜β€™Becuase my girl dosent need to fake…. she is so confident of being just herself….even when I tried bringing her down….she stood unfazed….my girl is is like a dew drop….which so beautifully colourless that it adds beauty to each and every colour on which rests… so Ms Mishra….think again before you bad mouth Mrs Arjun Mehra…I will not take it’’

Radhika laughed; β€˜β€™Don’t you known mrs Mehra and Ms Mishra are same’’

Arjun moved back at a safe distance and smiled; β€˜β€™Nope…my wife is soft person she always smiles…and simplify things with her antics….but Ms Mishra is an angry bird…always ready to kick me off…I am so scared of her’’

Radhika’s jaw dropped she fisted and walked to Arjun …Arjun laughed and ran they kept on circling the bed…Arjun noticed Radhika’s annoyance was growing being not able to catch him…he decided to make it easy for her…and finally Radhika jumped on the bed…she caught hold of his shirt….Arjun locked her arms to the front plastering her back to his front …she was huffing and struggling he whispered; β€˜β€™Easy radhika…. I know small thing annoy you these days…I know you are hurt…but we will work it out…now calm down and take a deep breath…do it please’’ Arjun loosen his grip Radhika calmed turned around and hugged Arjun; β€˜β€™I don’t know…. I get angry very soon’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™I understand…when you are hurt anger is natural…don’t stress…you can punch me when ever you like’’

Radhika; β€˜β€™I want my old self back’’

Arjun smiled; β€˜β€™Me too …I miss that Radhika..and I will bring her back …you know how stubborn I am….!’’

Radhika smiled; β€˜β€™Never let me go’’

Arjun; β€˜β€™Never….! But I will always be jealous if someone else holds you’’ Radhika lifted her head up giving Arjun you are impossible look….he smiled like a boy and pulled her again in a warm embrace

Arjun’s POV – β€˜What have I done to you….my revenge destroyed your soul…

Precap; Manya spoils Sam’s date … Aradhika romance….Ridhima’s past….


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      Dipika you are a beautiful person and its well depicted in your words πŸ™‚ thanks dear for making me feel so good πŸ˜€ Rishi is a catalyst he is the one becoz of him possessive Arjun will pop out and he will create many funny scenes between them …. he treats Radhika like a sis but ARjun won’t believe it …. he won’t like Rishi’s favours even Sam and Neil will hate him …. well it will be fun part Anuj will get what he deserves πŸ™‚ will post soon πŸ™‚ thanks again

  16. Niharika


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    • Gauri



      Myra sweety thanks a ton for the lovely comment πŸ™‚ Shivansh and Riddhima will be a couple but first some confrontation and drama πŸ™‚ yes they will get married after kicking Manya out… Radhika will come back to Arjun… you will see his display of affection πŸ™‚ Anuj will mentally hurt Radhika which will instigate Arjun tat to in a public event … but he won’t succeed πŸ™‚ Bonnie will do whatever to keep Anuj safe … more to come πŸ™‚ trio will be like vanar sena for Radhika πŸ˜€ yup I agree its the characters we fall in love with a story is always about people of different shades …thanks for making my day special πŸ™‚ love you

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      Thanks a ton Sreee πŸ™‚ will hand over Anuj to you πŸ˜‰ yup Shivash is Riddhima’s past πŸ™‚ loads of love sweety thanks a ton stay blessed πŸ˜€

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      Thanks Ammu darling πŸ™‚ a big hug for you πŸ™‚ Anuj will become a dhol being knocked from every side πŸ™‚ loads of love stay blessed πŸ™‚

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    • Gauri



      Thanks Suppu πŸ™‚ loads of love for the amazing comment πŸ™‚ no he wont misunderstand but will be jealous 2 ) no nesam will fight and bad 3) yes at times his attention will make her uncomfortable 4) Anuj you will know 5) Bonnie for now will be in delima 6) may 2-3 updates 7) courtship already started 8) she will slowly 9) after 2 updates she will join BS back 10 πŸ™‚ next one I don’t know I have too much work will post as soon as I am able to write πŸ™‚ stay blessed πŸ™‚

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    • Gauri



      Thanks Pankh πŸ™‚ ok Rishi is just a catalyst to sooth their relationship…she will be her old self an soon … Manya Ankush let me think … thanks for suggesting Anuj will not hurt her physically but mentally yes πŸ™‚ I am writing my book will complete it soon Chtan Bagaht me wow thanks for lifting my spirits up πŸ™‚ love u

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