MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Radhika couldn’t sleep whole night….she was worried for Arjun… his phone was still out of reach…her heart was sinking…It was easy to let her frustration out … hurt him ask him to leave…but so impossible to be without him, She wanted to hear him…fight him… wanted to see his face once …Radhika cursed her fate…Why it had to be her ..Why her life had to be so complicated…Why couldn’t they meet in natural circumstances…why didn’t they had this chance of having a beautiful courtship…time to understand each other…Radhika never had a dream of marring a handsome stinking rich guy…she wanted to make herself a career…and marry someone who was as simple as she was but life had different plans…she got married to Arjun…a guy with extra ordinary looks brain and an intimidating personality …she always knew she wasn’t a match for him… she was plain ordinary…from the crowd of regular girls…who would sit infront television ogling at handsome models and actors…and whishing their life partner to be someone like them…but such wishes are rarely granted… Radhika was granted something she never wished…it was always like this…she never wished to get engaged to Saral but she had to…she never wanted to marry Arjun..but she ended up marrying him..she guarded her heart fiercely reminding herself that he belonged to Sam…but he kept on intimidating her…sometimes by his closeness and at times by his anger…he challenged her feelings…telling her that she was turning soft …and now it was late…she had lost her heart completely to him…her mind kept confusing her…it reminded her she was no match for him….but also felt that he was a part of her they fit together so perfectly like pieces of same puzzle….his ferocity complimented her tenderness…Radhika closed her eyes and started sobbing her soft moans alerted Sam who had decided to stay with Radhika… Sam suddenly threw her arms around Radhika…comforting her… ‘’Chashni ..its ok…we all create a mess…and you didn’t do this on purpose…don’t worry he will be fine…’’ suddenly they both herad Ankush’s loud voice ; ‘’Ma there has been an accident in the valley….the vehicle is badly damaged….no chances of survival…just hope its not Arjun’’

Mala started crying …she quickly sat infront of the idol praying for Arjun’s well being…Dilip was pacing the room….Dadaji sat with a gloomy face….Neil watched everyone and whispered in Ankush’s ear; ‘’Dadaji will get Oscar for his splendid acting’’ Ankush coughed to hide his laughter….Radhika was watching all this with her ghostly expression …Neil pitted her…but now it was necessary….no one was talking to her…..everybody was blaming her ….Radhika quietly walked to Neil….she held his arm and took him to a corner ..

Radhika; ‘’Neil I am going to search for him….I can’t sit like this’’

Neil; ‘’Don’t be crazy… its still time for day to break….and weather is too dangerous to travel…wait for the morning’’

Radhika was all restless ; ‘’you want me to wait care about my safety….Neil he is my husband and I am going…’’ Neil tried but Radhika just dashed out of the house…rain had stopped and Sun had announced its arrival with the dimly lit sky….Neil dialled hotel reception and got it connected to Arjun’s room…

Arjun was sitting on the window…waiting for morning to break…he was restless… he madly wanted to witness the first ray today…his heart comforted him that she will come to him with the first ray of run…Arjun laughed at his thought…he never believed he had a heart….but guess he was wrong he had one…waiting since eternity only for her…to be touched by her positivity…her tenderness….he never thought once before planning to ruin Sam …but Radhika….she was something else…her small smile was able to melt his stoned heart…she challenged him…fought him…but come what may she stood like a rock to save Sam…it is said we all are questions looking for answer…. she was his answer…every time she was close…he wanted to end the distance….but when did this happen…since when he had been in love with her…Arjun smiled…the day she jumped infront of his car…to snoop around Bonnie’s house…he found her cute but kept a straight face as he was on a mission….then that lonavala lift….her deep eyes covered with thin film of water…they glistered like a heavenly mirror…and he lost himself when he saw his refection in them…he felt home….happy….he just didn’t wanted to let go but he had too…their marriage the best day of his life…the dance at Samrat’s party…he was so angry when she stepped out in that short skimpy dress…flashing her beautiful curves….he went proud and possessive immediately …he wanted to kill the man who on a pretext of helping her was feeling her up …she was his only his she had his name….and she belonged him ….this feeling gave a unknown boost to his male ego ….Arjun closed his eyes and rested his head against the window… ‘’come to me Radhika…just once and I will never let you go’’

Arjun was still in a dream zone when his the phone buzzed…he answered ….but Neil’s voice scared him; ‘’Arjun go towards the taxi stand…..Radhika is out looking for you’’

Arjun; ‘’Are you nuts …you let her go alone at such a place…its not even morning’’

Neil; ‘’No I let her go so that you be a hero….now move your butt …and go’’

As radhika left her place…Ankush followed her to keep her safe …all her family watched and squealed congratulating each other….the happiness their face was reflecting was similar to that of scientist celebrating a successful satellite launch….. Only Sam was confused…she came to Neil…and he explained her everything …Sam was blinking like a robot she got back her senses when Neil gave her a peck on her cheek…

Radhika was walking or rather running…towards the bus/Taxi stand…she wanted details on the cab that met with an accident…it can’t be Arjun….her heart was screaming again and again….but before she could speak to someone…she was spurned around…and what her tears filled eyes saw made her cry in happiness….Arjun was standing infront of her all safe…and his eyes full of concern…Radhika without wasting a minute leaped at him…wrapping her arms tightly around his neck…Arjun was taken by surprise…he slowly lifted his arms and wrapped it around her…lifting her up from the ground….Ankush saw this smiled and whispered; ‘’My Job done…time to go back’’

Radhika was sobbing vigorously….Arjun tighten his grip and whispered; ‘’Calm down Radhika…’’ Arjun looked around and saw people watching them…it wasn’t a right place to be like this…he slowly whispered; ‘’Let’s move…you will have all your time once we are at a better place’’ Radhika realized where they were she broke the hug composed her self….she just lowered her head and kept staring the road…Arjun held her hand and walked back to his hotel….once inside his room…he switched on the do not disturb button he looked at Radhika ….she was standing in the middle of the room with her back to Arjun…Arjun inserted his hands in his pockets and slowly walked to her…he stood behind her and gently pecked the back of her head…Radhika took a deep breath….turned around and hugged him tight completely burring herself in the warmth of his embrace…Arjun lifted his arms and cocooned Radhika …Arjun gently moved her dark locks on her cheeks behind her ear …with one arm strongly holding her waist…he leaned and pecked her wet cheek… whispering ‘’ will you stop crying…I hate extra salt its bad for health’’

Radhika; ‘’ Bhai said you left for Delhi….then I heard of an accident..I was so worried’’

Arjun; ‘’ I was leaving…but Ankush and Neil stopped me promising me that you will come running to me’…they even forced me to keep my cell on offline mode’’

Radhika pushed him; ‘’and all of you were having fun at my expense…do you know what I went through…I died a million times cursed myself for hurting you and you were happily sleeping here’’

Arjun cupped her face; ‘’Do you really think I would have slept… Radhika if yesterday or today I would have lost my hope to get you back… I think I would have taken my life…I don’t know how to live with without you’’ Arjun touched his forehead to hers and kept standing with his eyes closed’’

Radhika mumbled; ‘’Sir …I am sorry’’

Arjun opened his eyes and kept watching her lowered head; ‘’ Me too…am I forgiven’’ Radhika nodded and again hid her face in his chest… Arjun smiled and lifted her chin up… “Do you have any idea…how much I love you….how desperate I was all these months to hold you in my arms…to stare at your face for eternity and to lose myself in the depth of your eyes…’’

Radhika softly replied; ‘’But Sir…you said …I wasn’t worthy of your attention’’

Arjun; ‘’and you believed … you used your brain so well in investigating me and my motives…couldn’t you use it in reading my affection for you… what we shared after our marriage…do think that was just an act…and then you left me sleeping after making me believe that you have forgiven me ‘’

Radhika kept quite she just hugged him again…keeping her head on his chest…Arjun wrapped both his arms around her… ‘’I will drop you home in some time …lie down and relax….I know you haven’t slept…’’ Arjun made her lie down…and adjusted himself next to her…Radhika placed her head on his chest and her arm around his waist and closed her eyes…Arjun smiled and kept his palm on her head…and closed his eyes…she was the only person with whom he could be so relaxed…

Radhika’s house of full of celebration …with Mala fully engrossed in kitchen…preparing all kinds of delicacy…Sam was helping and learning different recipes from her… Dadaji was all happy that he might be discounted today and can have some sweets … Neil smiled looking at the commotion created due to happiness and then checked his watch it was 10:00 Am he looked at Teji ; ‘’Looks like Arjun Chashni …directly took off for honeymoon’’

Teji was surprised; ‘’Really ?? but where’’

Neil hit his head lightly; ‘’Idiot..its 10:00 AM… they both should be here but seems they are too lost ..let’s disturb them…its fun to irritate and disturb a love drugged couple…’’

Nia screamed from the back; ‘’I am coming with you…it will be fun…lets break their hotel room door’’ Teji’s cheek turned pink…looking a Nia… Neil coughed at Teji’s expression and pushed both e Nia and Teji to the door

Mala was happily talking to Sam; ‘’Thank you for keeping my request…if you or Arjun would have refused …this day would have never come’’

Sam; ‘’Aunty… how can I refuse the happiness knocking at my door…I should thank you all… I got my best friend back… ‘’ Sam heard the wailing sound of Riddhima’s daughter and excused herself she lifted her up and threw her in the air…the little girl started smiling again…

Riddhima; ‘’Sam…you gave her a bad habit …once you go back…who will be doing all this tricks for her…’’

Sam was tickling the baby; ‘’Her dad will do it…right Baby’’

Riddhima’s face fell; ‘’I am not going back…I invited him for the function…because he has right on his daughter but till he punishes his Saral and apologises for his family ‘s behaviour…I won’t go back’’ Sam walked to Riddhima and gave her a side hug … ‘’Everything will fall in place…Chashni says we should be positive’’ Riddhima lightly smiled and went inside the kitchen to help Mala

Arjun Radhika forgot time in each others arms…Arjun kept caressing her face… ‘’Clam your heart Radhika because I don’t know how to clam my senses which are going wild hearing mad beating of your heart’’

she smiled opening her eyes and held his palm on her cheek…. ; ‘’Sir when did you fall for me…?’’

Arjun smiled and was about to answer when he heard the door bell and the banging of the door together…he huffed…he was about to get up when Radhika spoke; ‘’Let it be…who so ever it is will go on its own’’

Arjun pecked her forehead and spoke; ‘’Whosoever…! This is Neil and this gang … they can even break the door’’ Arjun got up to open and Radhika quickly left the bed and stood near the window… expected Teji and Nia barged in….Neil gave Arjun a sheepish smile…; ‘’what took so long to answer the door’’..

Arjun; ‘’You will die of my hands Neil…dare you tease her’’

Neil ignored Arjun’s warning; ‘’ Chashni….you got your gulab jamoon and you forgot me…seems both were so busy that they forgot the family must be waiting’’ Radhika turned red…Nia and Teji laughed…Arjun kept glaring at Neil… and moved to get his suitcase…Neil watched Teji whose eyes were glued on to Nia…who was busy pulling Arjun’s leg…Neil POV ‘This Teji wants to be dead before leaving Hrishikesh’ Arjun also had noticed but he just smiled…

Arjun got a grand welcome at his in laws place…and what Arjun did next bought tears in Mala’s eyes…He hugged Mala… ‘’Thank you Ma….wish I would have had someone like you before…’’ Mala caressed his face…

Mala; ‘’Ankush….get Arjun’s luggage to choti’s room’’

Neil; ‘’No to my room… Sam will stay with Radhikda…they have million things to discuss…me Arjun and teji can share the bed like triplets’’ Radhika wanted to kill Neil… but Arjun said something which made her feel proud on him

Arjun; ‘’Ma I will stay with Neil….Radhika is my wife…but this marriage happened in a very unusual circumstances ….we have decided to start over…we both want to understand each other…till then I accept Neil’s triplet option’’

Neil; ‘’Great…Teji take the luggage…and Chashni you are taking us all on sight seeing before lunch….so guys and girls get ready’’ Don’t know what the toddler understood…but she clapped squealing loudly looking at Neil …making everybody laugh….Neil pinched her cheeks; ‘’baby doll you are coming too’’

Riddhima; ‘’No Neil…she will bother everyone you guys go an enjoy..’’

Sam; ‘’Di you are coming…and we will handle her together….no more excuses lets get the angle ready’’

Riddhima smiled; ‘’Angel??? Fine from now we will call her Pari…’’ the little girl expressed her happiness at the name Pari….After everyone got ready….Ankush took the driver seat….all the boys were mad about River rafting…and females were discussing about the ghats temples and the scenic views …but two people were most distracted… Arjun and Radhika who kept stealing glances at each other….

Neil; ‘’Yaar you girls just sit there sprinkle some water on each other…pout and take pictures….we are going for rafting’’

Nia; ‘’Neil you forgot we belong to Hrishikesh… so don’t challenge us…what say Radhika di ‘’ Radhika who was busy in sharing a cute moment with Arjun …reacted as if woken from a dream… ‘’ Ah what??’’

Sam; ‘’Leave it Nia…your di is gone…we will do rafting and after this they will come shopping…lift our bags and click our pouting pictures…what say my Pari’’ Pari again squealed… Arjun extended his hands and after 2 min of cute blinking Pari accepted the invitation…when Neil gently touched her cheek…she suddenly hid her face in Arjun’s shoulder going all shy… Riddhima was happy that her daughter was getting so much attention… but was sad that her husband was not able to take a stand… bringing a instability in her and her daughter’s life…Nia squeezed her hand…and Riddhima smiled

They reached for rafting…that area was close to Saral’s working place ….it was his business to put up tents for tourist and campaigning groups…Radhika hesitated…but Riddhima gestured her to come…Radhika had seen Saral interacting with a group… everyone got busy…putting on the life jackets and helmets they were given the guidelines and safety instructions in one corner … Saral heard a familiar voice…he turned and watched the group he could only see Radhika Riddhima…and Teji… but his eyes were fixed on Radhika he smirked and started walking towards her… Saral in his arrogance had failed to notice she wasn’t alone…. Radhika had decided to stay back to give Riddhima company

Radhika was playing with Pari…when a voice spoiled her mood; ‘’So Radhu …you are back to Hrishikesh ….what happened Arjun Mehra got bored of you or your dear Sam snatched your husband…’’

Riddhima; ‘’Saral stay in your limits and just get lost’’

Saral; ‘’Oh my dear Bhabhiji…pranam Bhabhiji….Radhu look at your sister….she is in a such a pitiful conditions just because of you…you sisters thought you will have a peaceful life after messing up with my family…you thought they will disown me … see I destroyed your father’s business…what could your family do… you stupid brother filed a complaint against me…what happened see I am living happily…

Radhika; ‘’What do you want…???’’

Saral; ‘’What do you have to offer… may be something which can atleast set your sisters life or else your niece will suffer the same fate’’

Radhika; ‘’She is your niece too…”

Saral; ‘’But she is a girl…think Radhu she will be brought up without a father…alone among the vultures…do you want this’’

Radhika; ‘’You disgust me Saral…Leave …I am not interested in talking to you’’

Saral; ‘’Oh but I am interested in everything about you…from head to toe…tell me Radhika has Arjun seen what you hide behind so many clothes’’ But the reply Saral got left him lying on the ground kissing the rocks…he looked up and was shocked to find Arjun along with Neil Ankush and others….

Arjun; ‘’How dare you misbehave with my wife’’ Saral was taken by surprise…Arjun was about to hit him when Radhika held his arm; ‘’Sir he is my sister’s BIL….I don’t want trouble for her …Sir please for my sake’’

Saral got up; ‘’Trouble??? Keep your sister at your house…she will spend her life rotting with her daughter….and mark my words…Radhu….soon your niece will be facing the same fate…’’

Riddhima who was standing quite could not take a word against her daughter and slapped Saral hard; ‘’Not a word against my daughter….and do give my message to your spineless brother that I am leaving him…go ahead Arjun’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Now there is nothing which can stop me from punishing you for misbehaving with my wife….’’ All of them circled Saral…and Arjun effortlessly pulled him up holding his shirt …Arjun gave Saral a death glare… ‘’I warned you… now its time to punish you for the wrongs you did to her…Saral was tossed around like a hand ball…till he exhausted …but he warned them of dire consequences and left…Radhika took everyone for hiking and rock climbing…Teji and Sam decided to play with Pari… and Radhika and Riddhima proved their mettle…then knew the tricks…they left the tiered group behind and were the first one to climb…while visiting temples…Arjun was the most devoted one….leaving all others gaping at him….while walking down the stairs of the temple….the group went ahead..leaving Radhika and Arjun behind…Radhika.. asked; ‘’Sir Since when have you started believing in God’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Since the day he answered my prayer…’’

Radhika; ‘’And what’s that’’ Arjun moved closer…and kept his palm on her waist gently stroking her skin with his fingers …Radhika could feel the heat even over her kurti …she blushed and Arjun answered; ‘’YOU’’ she blushed removed his hand and ran to join the others…

The girls kept their promise they shopped made guys carry their bags…and made them click their pouting pictures…Arjun would steal few moments with Radhika…Teji’s camera was only clicking Nia’s pictures … she would check them all and delete the ones she didn’t like asking him to take more… Neil and Sam behaved more like two school going kids rather than a couple…Arjun and Radhika head to intervene quite a few times when both ended up pulling each other’s hair in the middle of the road… Arjun was walking slowly and he gestured Radhika to do the same…and the group understood…Sam pulled Radhika with her…and Arjun was annoyed…. After reaching home also… everybody kept them busy and Arjun finally messaged Radhika- ‘meet me at the terrace at 10 after dinner’ Rdhika pressed her lips to hide her smile and went about doing her work….but both of them failed to notice the James Bond Neil with his Bond Girls and a Bond Guy…ready to torture Aradhika.

After dinner Radhika…quietly sneaked to the terrace … stood behind Arjun…and coughed he turned around with the lightning speed…pulling Radhika to him…. ‘’Sir…our terrace is visible to neighbors…’’

Arjun made a face; ‘’I am tired of this creepy word Sir…and who will be out at this hour to die in the cold winds…and if they are…let them be I don’t care…’’

Radhika; ‘’We are out too…and you might catch cold’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Don’ worry…I have ways to warm myself in your company’’ Radhika blinked and when realization dawned on her she lightly slapped him…

Arjun heard some sound he covered Radhika’s mouth with his hand and pulled her behind the wall on the backside of staircase…then he heard the retreating sound and removed his palm from her mouth…Arjun cupped her face and kissed her forehead…Arjun took his mobile out… ‘’We don’t have a picture together time for a selfie…’’ Arjun…switched on the front camera…pulled Radhika in a hug …he clicked the pictures but the result came with some unwanted pop ups…who suddenly bombed the beautiful picture…Arjun made a face and turned around…Teji was hiding behind neil…Neil leaped at Arjun ; ‘’You left us alone in the room…we were so scared’’ Radhika and Sam were rolling on the floor…looking and Arjun’s expression…he was dam annoyed ‘’Neil …you will pay for this…guys please I really need some time with her so please have pity’’

Sam; ‘’Arjun you gave the big lecture of courtship…right so now we should keep an eye that you don’t do any hanky panky in the name of courtship’’

Neil; ‘’And till she goes back to you she is my responsibility …’’

Teji; ‘’And Sir we all are going back tomorrow…so none of us going to sleep… we will enjoy and toast to friendship’’

Nia bought blankets for all and Sam jumped and sat next to Radhika before Arjun could…their night passed in pulling Arjun’s leg…when the dawn broke…Arjun poked Radhika to come….all others were sleeping….he pulled her in a corner…and hugged her tight.. ‘’I will be waiting for you …come soon’’ Teji peeped from the blanket but Neil covered his face ; ‘’Rest of the entertainment In Mumbai’’

Precap; The Gang leaves for Mumbai…Riddhima decides to file for divorce…Heart to heart talk between NeSam


I shared this with RG —but want everybody’s suggestions –so guys Suggest the names –Aradhika or NeSam

1st or 2nd he- age 28 rising bollywood king comes from an affluent family…hot handsome and good looking he has world at his feet ….good at heart never forgets to return what he gets (good or bad) … sourrounded by people.. he is yet alone…very alone…loves music can write compose …kind of a closet poet

She : age 25 Media manger…Beautiful young and intelligent has woked with best bollywwod acotrs as media manager on contract basis…works on her terms … she has a midas touch she chooses her employer…. But her nights are always spend in tears with a cloth in her mouth to hide the pain of her heart… No one could heal her …because no one knows of it

1st or the 2nd He-27 A bollywood star…started with shows but made big….hardworking snobbish rude … in love with his childhood best friend who is also is the one to design his career path… success rides his head ….talks more thinks less

Credit to: Gauri


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    Loved Arjun’s POV….. You really described it very well glycerin….. His love….his passion…. His possessiveness…..his restlessness….. His panicking on the mere thought to lose her…..everything was incredible…..His words were really heartwrenching nd they made my smile reach my ears….
    I loved him remembering the day when she wore that skimy black one piece and how that creep tried to feel her curves on pretext of helping her…..I still couldn’t forget the murderous look on ARjun’s face that day…..I still can remember those intense words,”Meri biwi Hai…..mai help kar lunga.”… was just magical…..
    Finally Reconciliation….. I loved the way he made her feel that no other girl except her can be perfect for him…..his words were like icing on the cake…..the way he said that why couldn’t she use her brains to read the affection he had on his face for her…..I loved the fact that he considers his marriage day the best day of his life…..
    Riddhima…..a true gem….srsly I loved the way she stood up for her younger sis…..I felt bad for her daughter…..I think a daughter’s father shud be her hero not some coward like riddhima’s husband…… So though m sad abt the little girl’s fate but in a way its good….she will stay away from ppl like saral….
    Saral…..arraghhh….. How can he even say those words to RAdhika….. I m feeling like chopping him into pieces and feed those to vultures…. Even though now radhika’s z someone else wife but in past saral nd rads were good frds…..he shud have atleast valued that relation before uttering those disgusting words……finally ARjun thrashed him…..I think the guy had meet his death on samarj’s marriage day for misbehaving with radhika but for his goodluck rads stopped arjun…….let it be saral does not deserve any mercy….
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    3)in next one….are you going to show only nesam?I mean m greedy abt aradhika part….
    4)will saral create more problems?…
    5)when will Teji’s lovestory come on track?..
    6)when z the anuj part now?…..
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    Love you my sweety?stay blessed???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Gauri

      Thanks my lovely darling 🙂 your comments are treat to read 🙂 love you now your answers 🙂 suggest should she divorce or not …because the issue is sensitive 🙂 mala will surely push her 🙂 no it will be both Nesam and aradhika 🙂 saral in future might be 🙂 Nia will travel to Mumbai 🙂 Anuj after sometime 🙂 yes he will bring troubles 🙂 tatoo its his name 🙂 yes I will explore their relationship before taking it forward 🙂 dpo will be 50… 50 will be last 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 love you

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    • Gauri

      Dipika you made my day 🙂 thanks a ton darling … what should I say …wish I could give you a tight hug for making me smile 🙂 love you ….stay blessed… may all your wishes come true 🙂 love you

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    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Aastha 🙂 a big hug from me to you 🙂 I haven’t decided on the name …. suggest a name 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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  25. Rg2015


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    Sorry for d typos… It’s his mistake not hers.and other typos such as how is arjuns and rads courtship going to b not how will.

    • Gauri

      Thanks for you moral boosting comment RG 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂 now my perception yes she is still not sure…but letting go someone you love is not easy …in the war between heart and mind heart wins 🙂 this is the reason Arjun wants to give time to their relationship….you will see….both hesitation and love 🙂 now she will ask and he will answer 🙂 Radhika will stay with Neil till she is sure of him 🙂 courtship it will be loving , confusing…some fights and lot of questions 🙂 heart to heart talk will slowly start from next chapter 🙂 Arjun minus Sir will take time 🙂 she will Have insecurities …questions but she wont doubt Sam ….about ARjun yes 🙂 Samrat Piyali will apologise :)Manya Saral Anuj yes 🙂 Riddhima I have t thought but its difficut to stay in such situations in reality if Saral goes to jail….in real scenario no one would want their son punished….its hard for me to believe that Saral’s parents wld support Riddhima instead of Saral….. but that would be later 🙂 you will see a lot of confusion in Radhika 🙂 thanks a ton Rg for awesome next one on wed 🙂 stay blessed love u

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