MMZ- Married by Fate – Chapter 20 & 21

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Chapter 20

Radhika ran out of Samudra she didn’t even look back…she kept running till her legs gave up… she got up and took a taxi to Bird Song she needed her friend right now…she had been trying Neil for very long but he wasn’t answering….Radhika quickly paid the taxi driver and without taking the change she ran inside…she messaged Teji to come to the reception soon…but before Teji Radhika collided with Sam…Sam was shocked at Radhika’s dishelved hair … dirty clothes …and her scared eyes… Sam moved forward; ‘’Chashni …what’s wrong …why are you like this…. ‘’ But before Sam could utter a single word more Radhika leaped at Sam hugging her tightly Radhika broke down…Sam felt calm when Radhika hugged her…she lifted her arms and hugged Radhika tightly….she rubbed Radhika’s back…Radhika was shivering ; ‘’Chashni please calm down …you are scaring me…tell me what happened ’’

Teji who just saw Radhika in a miserable condition …just ran towards the board room where Arjun and Neil were busy in an important meeting… Teji just barged in inviting a frown from Arjun and Neil….Teji gulped and looked at Neil…and spoke in broken words ; ‘’Neil…Chashni….reception…’’ Neil jumped and ran hearing Radhika’s name… Arjun was stone ….his breathing turned heavy…he could make out it was somthing serious and Bonnie had already told him about morning…Arjun’s POV ‘ Anuj if you have hurt my Radhika even a bit …I will show you hell on this earth’ Arjun walked out to see what made Teji panic…

When Neil went out he couldn’t find Radhika at the reception…the receptionist told him that Sam took Radhika to a meeting room…when Neil entered Radhika was drinking water with the glass tightly gripped in her shivering hands ….Neil noticed something..he caught radhika’s wrist…it had deep finger marks…Neil sat on his knees he cupped her face; ‘’Chashni who did this? Radhika just looked at neil and broke down…Neil hugged her ‘’Chashni…I am with you..tell me if Anuj did this…’’

Radhika between her hiccups; ‘’Anuj proposed me…and w … when I refused he tried to….’’ She broke down again…; ‘’Neil I want to go back…. I will not stay here…’’

Teji who had turned volcano wiped his tears and asked ; ‘’Running away is something my Chashni will never do…that to because of that pervert….no you are not going anywhere ‘’

Neil; ‘’Chashni….you are safe tell me what happened …’’ Radhika looked up and Neil squeezed her hands….Sam rubbed her back…and teji kept a hand on her head…Radhika gathered her strength …but something which gave her the real power was Arjun standing in the corner…he never spoke a word…but his eyes spoke a tons of them…he had care affection…support and love for Radhika…Radhika narrent what happened…and hour back

Flash Back

Radhika entered Anuj’s cabin after he called her…. ‘’Yes Anuj’’

Anuj who facing the window replied without turning ; ‘’it’s a beautiful morning…and now it has become more beautiful because you are with me’’

Radhika was shocked… ‘’Excuse me’’

Anuj turned and smiled he slowly walked towards Radhika and stopped a safe distance ; ‘’I have been trying to tell this for long… I have fallen for you…I want to spend my life with you….your simplicity…down to earth nature and your intelligence is a lethal combination…please be mine’’

Radhika was angry; ‘’Are you kidding me?? I am married…I am still Radhika Arjun Mehra…and I don’t have any feelings for you and I never will’’

Anuj little irritated; ‘’But you are separated…getting divorce is easy…if you prove that your marriage was not a happy one and Arjun tortured you’’

Radhika; ‘’Mind your business Anuj…its my marriage whether I should keep it or not is my decision…pls stay out of it’’

Radhika tried moving out of the room but Anuj grabbed her arm… ‘’ You are my business…do you know I just wanted to use you against Arjun.. but I fell for you…and that day at the awards you looked breath taking… I wanted to confess there … but Neil cam in between…’’

Radhika jerked him away; ‘’ You don’t love me you want me on your side to be against BS and arjun Sir’’

Anuj caught her wrist; ‘’Just once Radhika let me be close…and you will forget Arjun…’’ Radhika slapped him… ‘’I will never forget him….and I quit’’ Anuj was angry now he caught her wrists and pushed her on the table… ‘’DO you know to keep you how much loss I have incurred…your so called husband …he took away my contracts…my client base I am on the verge of being bankrupt …he has left me nothing…now I will keep what he loves the most’’ Anuj tried getting close to radhika but she threw water on his face stomped his foot pushed him and ran away from there.


As Radhika ended her narration but she carefully omitted the part where she supported Arjun… all were quite…Radhika was looking down at the floor…her tears were still flowing…she softly broke the silence; ‘’I am a walking trouble Neil…where ever I go I invite troubles … I just want to go away… I will leave today…I am done…I am not fit for this city’’

Sam cupped Radhika’s face; ‘’If you want to go…we won’t stop you but not like this I …Hrishikeash gave Mumbai a lively Radhika…Mumbai will also give Hrishikesh the same Radhika…pls chashni… you are the strongest of all of us….you can’t break like this’’

Teji; ‘’It’s time to break Ajun’s bones…Neil are you coming’’

Radhika; ‘’I don’t want all this…again I will be blamed,, that I tried trapping him… …I am tired getting blamed…I just want to go’’

Neil; ‘’Fine I won’t stop you…but if you leave my friendship with you ends here so think….’’ Neil left the room leaving Sam and Teji confused and Radhika pained…Sam and Teji followed him to calm him down

Arjun stood their looking at Radhika who was still looking down at the floor…Arjun walked to her and lifted her chin up…he wiped her tears and made her stand… ‘’you need a hug a friendly one…’’ Arjun opened his arms and radhika hugged him….Arjun closed his arms around her keeping one on her head and the other one around her shoulder…he made sure she wasn’t uncomfortable…Radhika for a moment left her anger and distrust behind…and hid herself in his protective arms….she sobbed till she was calmed…Arjun wiped her tears and promised; ‘’Stop crying…He will pay and now…I will send Neil he will take you home’’ Arjun…smiled and radhika kept looking at his face affectionately … Arjun moved out of the room…and went straight to Neil who was ready to bursts…Sam a was trying to stop him ; ‘’Neil we will handle him… if you thrash him it can be a police complain’’

Neil; ‘’You would have said the same thing…if it was about your own sister ‘’

Sam huffed; ‘’Yes…now calm down…we can handle him in a different way’’

Arjun walked in .. ‘’and I know that different way …’’ Arjun picked up his phone… ‘’ Neha… Arjun this side… a bite for you… Samudra is bankrupt… they are showing fake profits have been fooling their clients for 6 months now….i will mail you their original Balance sheet’’

Neha was business reporter from a leading business channel; ‘’Are you sure???’’

Arjun; ‘’200% … but I need a favour is exchange of this bite’’

Neha; ‘’And…what is it’’

Arjun; ‘’Want this news online and on your channel in next one hour…’’

Neha; ‘’After verification… done…’’ Arjun disconnected and bewildered Sam asked ;’’Are you serious ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Yes….I was keeping this for end…didn’t knew it was this close…Neil…please take her home she needs rest’’

Neil; ‘’Why don’t you try’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Í will take her one day forever …but when she trusts me… till then she is your responsibility keep her safe Neil’’ Neil smiled behind Arjun’s back he turned and found Sam smiling at him…
He blushed…since Sam had kissed him…Neil was behaving all shy…and Sam loved flirting with him…

Neil walked back into the room…and grabbed Radhika’s wrist… ‘’come Chashni…time for ice cream..’’

Radhika; ‘’Neil my clothes’’

Neil; ‘’No worries…you don’t get out of the car…’’ Radhika smiled like a 5 yr old pacified child…and walked out with Neil… Sam watched Radhika leaving… but couldn’t gather the strength to stop her…Teji gestured Sam to try… Sam moved forward; ‘’Radhika … can you forgive me… even if you don’t want to now… I will try again’’ Teju banged his head Sam’s contradicting statement….Radhika smiled turned around and gave Sam a gentle hug; ‘’Thanks Sam…for holding me that time’’ Sam was emotional but she couldn’t bring strength to stop radhika.

Arjun switched the on the business channel…and there was the breaking new flashing… ‘’Samudra sinks…Anuj fooling his clients…the company has been running in losses for 6 months….’’ Arjun smiled looking at the news; ‘’ Anuj… you hurt my Radhika …I destroyed you… we are even now …’’ Sam watched the news and smiled…Samudra had been harming BS by its illicit practices …she decided to give him a final dose….Anuj was known for his roving eye…many female employee had quit Samudra due to his advances…Sam dialled a NGO and without disclosing her identity gave themfew bites…Sam knew this was an opportunity for many scorn girls to get back on to him…and ,many will cash the opportunity…

Neil who got the update on his phone … while enjoying ice-cream with Radhika smiled…his POV; ‘Arjun Mehra-love struck puppy’ he laughed at his own thought….he gave Radhika one big bucket of ice cream and drove off to his place with her…

Anuj sat in his office lost…he was finished…Arjun Mehra destroyed him…his creditors were calling him contiously …he was a bank defaulter …his clients had cancelled their contracts and were asking for their money….Bonnie was so right Radhika bought his destruction… the 2 cr deal with LANCOME was being cancelled…But he was a player winning and losing was part of a game… he picked his phone; ‘’Put my Bungalow for sale…need to clear creditors….’’ He disconnected and made a promise…this does not end here Arjun Mehra…it begins here…

Neil and radhika reached home and Prerna was shocked to look at Radhika…Neil gestured Radhika to take rest and narrated everthing to Prerna …Prerna took a sigh of relief that Radhika was fine…she went inside to check on her and Neil’s phone started buzzing…it was Sam….Neil wiped his forehead and answered; ‘’Yes Sam’’

Sam; ‘’Idiot…want to kiss you…seems I cant get enough of you…where are you””

Neil ; ‘’you can’t keep forcing yourself on me…I have some dignity’’ Neil heard a loud chuckle of Sam and his mother behind his back…he turned red…Radhika who was with Prerna somehow controlled her laughter in order to support Neil… he got so frustrated that he disconnected and went inside his room… cursing everyone on being careless…he screamed for Radhika ; ‘’Chashni bring me a cup of coffee and make sure you prepare that…I am not talking to mom’’ Radhika and Prerna looked at each other and laughed covering their mouth…

Sam was happy that her first step towards radhika was successful…but now she wanted a full hearted forgiveness from Radhika…she wanted her old chirpy Chashni back and was ready to pay any price for that…getting Radhika’s apology was her priority now. Sam was still thinking when she got a call she hesitated it was Mala but then answered; ‘’Hello Aunty ….how are you ‘’

Mala smile on the other side; ‘’Sam can you do me a favour’’

Sam; ‘’Please aunty don’t request…just say it’’

Mala; ‘’We have kept a function for Riddhima’s daughter… I am inviting you for that ….its a request…please come’’

Sam; ‘’Aunty…how will I face everyone…specially radhika’’

Mala; ‘’Do you want old Radhika back….if yes take this chance’’

Sam; ‘’I will come aunty….for sure’’


Ankush was hell angry…he couldn’t believe that Mala invited Sam… ‘’Ma what’s wrong with you….you invited people who are the reason for choti’s pain’’

Mala; ‘’’They are the same people who convinced us to let her follow her dreams…’’

Dilip; ‘’I understand your point Mala….but choti is coming back after so long…why give her unnecessary pain’’All the three started arguing …about cares and who doesn’t about Radhika when dadaji asked them to shut up

Dadaji; ‘’Dilip you are one who left her alone when she married Arjun…and Ankush she was dead for you …how come you care now’’ All were quite ‘’We all love her …and we all want her to old choti…so do as I say…Ankush behave when Arjun is around…and try and understand others point of view too and don’t forget even we are blamed to push her to Saral…without even understanding her for a second…we all are her culprit….Radhika loves Arjun she misses Sam….we are just trying to give her what actually is hers…so just do as I say…or I will eat sweets every one hour…All the 3 gaped at Dadaji and Riddhima laughed


Neil had already got the invitation from Ankush and he was all set to visit Hrishikesh…he went to mother … ‘’Mom what should I take for Riddhima’s daughter’’

Prerna; ‘’Buy some toys or clothes.. ‘’

Neil; ‘’Mom you made it look so simple… but how am I suppose to chose…I am taking Chashni with me’’ Neil dragged Radhika along…

Bird Song

Arjun entered Sam’s cabin…’’ need your help…want to do some shopping for Riddhima’s new born daughter can you help’’

Sam raised an eyebrow; ‘’You are talking as if I am mother of 10…even I want to… lets go we will help each other’’ Sam noticed Arjun’s happiness… ‘’Arjun Mehra I thought you are allergic to smiling …what’s the catch’’

Arjun; ‘’Sam I feel…soon Radhika will forgive me….I am just waiting for that day’’

Sam; ‘’Amen…now let’s go’’ Sam messaged Neil asking his where about he causally told her that he was at city mall shopping with Radhika…Sam thought ; ‘Good Arjun can meet Radhika and I will have my way with you…let me see how long you will ignore me’

City Mall

Neil made Radhika go mad rejecting all baby clothes…she took a break and crashed on the sofa nearby …when felt a palm on her forehead…she opened her eyes to meet Arjun’s intense gaze… ‘’Sir ?’’

Arjun; ‘’Are you fine…you look flushed’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Neil got me tired…how come you are here’’

Arjun moved his hands to his pocket stopping them from touching her; ‘’My heart said …I will get some peace here so thought of visiting ….Can we have a cup of coffee’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir I am with Neil…’’ Arjun placed a finger on her lips; ‘’Let him spend sometime with Sam…look that side’’ Radhika turned around and found Neil blushing like a girl and Sam moving to him like some rowdy lover boy…she giggled and decided to leave them alone…she looked a Arjun and nodded

Arjun Radhika entered the food court on the terrace…and Arjun guided her to the nearby table ..on the open area of the terrace…The monsoon winds and grey water laden sky made everything more beautiful…Arjun was on the seventh heaven…Radhika smiled at him…the most beautiful smile he had ever seen…he ordered coffee..for both and they shared a silence…Arjun’s POV; ‘Where to start …Great Arjun Mehra your confidence goes on a tour right when you need it the most’

Radhika was waiting for Arjun to start the conversation…silence for more uncomfortable her POV; ‘ Sir please say something…if you keep stealing glances like this… I will melt…GOD HELP ME!’

Neil was discussing something with the sales person in the toy section and Sam was happily drawing patters on his back…making him talk nonsense…neil was not able to concentrate…he called a sales guys and suddenly asked; ‘’Do you have balls’’ The guy went into shock and answered ; ‘’ Sir What do you mean’’ Sam laughed loudly….other customers were just gaping at Neil…Neil was embarrassed to the core…he just said a polite sorry and left the store to get some fresh air…Sam followed him laughing…Neil had had enough he closed his eyes twisted his neck… turned around…caught hold of Sam’s hair pulled her and kissed her deep…Sam’s eyes popped out he broke the kiss and spoke; ‘’Laugh now’’ Sam blinked for a second and jumped on him… ‘’ I love you Idioit I really do’’

Neil closed his arms around her and spoke ; ‘’And I love you Samrunder Singh’’ Youngsters clapped and elders cursed them


Chapter 21

Arjun and Radhika had finished four cups each…without speaking a word and finally Radhika spoke; ‘’Sir I think we should talk…its not that injurious as caffeine’’

Arjun; ‘’Good Idea…so what’s you plan now’’

Radhika; ‘’Job hunting’’

Arjun; ‘’Come back to Bird Song…you belong there’’

Radhika looked at him; ‘’I think I told you I have moved on … I will not come back to Bird Song…or…’’

Arjun cut her short; ‘’You will come back to me…I will do anything to bring you back…that’s a promise…I love you more than you know…and I have decided to fight for you’’

Radhika’s cheeks heated up…she couldn’t gather strength to look at his eyes she softly countered him; ‘’Look around Sir…you will find many girls staring you or giving you an inviting smile…and then look for guys…how many do you find looking at me’’

Arjun smirked; ‘’Why would I look anywhere…when I have you sitting in front of me…blushing like a rose….I don’t care who is looking where…my eyes only look for you…and you are only mine…’’ a gush of wind hit their bodies hard…making Radhika’s hair fly….she arranged them and lifted her eyes up… Arjun got up and cupped her cheek… ‘’you don’’t even know…what you are for me…but you will know soon…let’s go… Sam and Neil must be waiting’’

When Radhika and Arjun came down they found Neil and Sam in eyelock…with one chocolate cone between them…which was melting… Arjun coughed…no reaction…some people cursed them no reaction…..but this event bought the old Radhika in action she pressed her lips…took the cone and handed over to Arjun…Radhika bought a boiling tea from the nearby road shop…and placed it in place of cone…she took the cone from Arjun and started gorging on it…Sam _neil felf a burning sensation…and suddenly came to the present…Neil found Radhika eating their cone…and Arjun giving them a mocking grin…but other than that there was a huge crowd watching the romantic drama….Neil cleared his throat and spoke; ‘’tea was hot…I was helping Sam in cooling it down’’

Sam confused; ‘’Idiot but we bought a chocolate cone’’ Neil tried to shut Sam up…when Arjun spoke… ‘’yes Sam it was a frozen cone…which turned into boiling tea with the heat of your love’’ Sam was lookin at every corner to hide her embarrassment…and Radhika added to it… ‘’Neil please wipe your lips…it still has Sam’s lipstick’’ Sam covered her face …and Neil gave Radhika glare but his expression were so comical that Radhika laughed…she did laughed like a child…like old Radhika…she was holding her stomach and laughing…Arjun felt calm… Neil smiled And Sam couldn’t stop the tears brimming into her eyes…Radhika controlled her laughter and wiped her eyes…Neil spoke ; ‘’Chashni if you promise to laugh the same way….I will get get Sam ‘s lipstick on my face again’’ Sam started hitting Neil…making him run with Sam in pursuit…Radhika had hard time controlling her laughter again…she wanted to be free…but she composed when she found Arjun’s intense gaze on her face…she nervously tugged her hair…Arjun held her hand… ‘’I think I never said this…but you are breath taking’’

Radhika’s face lost its colour; ‘’Are you mocking me again….how can a same guy has two contradicting views’’ Arjun felt her pain…he kissed her knuckles…. ‘’Soon you will see my Radhika…and you will know how beautiful she is’’ Radhika found herself getting lost in most intense pair of eyes …but their stance was broken…when Neil pulled her arm; ‘’Chashni its about to rain…lets leave…Bye Sam …Bye Arjun’’

As Neil dragged Radhika she turned around once to look at Arjun …he smiled…he was expecting that…they never broke their eyelock…till radhika vanished from his eyes….Sam kept her palm on Arjun shoulder; ‘’ She will forgive us…right?’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes She will’’ Sam waved her hands infornt of lost Arjun… ‘’ Arjun we still have our shopping pending’’ Arjun suddenly woke up..; ‘’Oh yes lets finish’’

Radhika after reaching home was little lost… Neil noticed that after finishing the dinner Radhika was busy arranging her clothes when…Neil tickled her…she lightly slapped him on the back…and teased him; ‘’Someone looks happy…love is in air…Neil’’

Neil threw his back on the bed and took a deep breath ; ‘’yes Chashni…and its beautiful to be in love….by the way thanks’’

Radhika; ‘’What for???’’

Neil; ‘’For making me meet the all the weird girls in the town…for instigating Sam with help of teji… you are a mastermind…and you thought I will never know…’’

Radhika ruffled his hair lovingly; ‘’I did what a friend should do…and love came knocking at your door…its stupid to refuse it’’

Neil ; ‘’ Really??? Then why are you refusing it…its standing at your door with his arms wide open’’

Radhika lost her smile she spoke after a pause; ‘’I am not suitable for him’’

Neil got up at sat facing Radhika…; ‘’And who said that ???’’

Radhika got up and stood near the window; ‘’Its not rocket science….look at him and look at me…he deserves someone elegant beautiful…sophisticated…not someone like me…who doesn’t have a style or any sense of talking in a polite society…I am a bhenji’’

Neil spurned Radhika around ; ‘’ What is the definition of beauty….??? Forget it …let me tell you what I think about you…Chashni you have world’s most beautiful eyes you know why? Because your eyes only see the goodness…even in the dark..they can see the light…which most of us can’t…you have the most beautiful smile…your one innocent smile can spread a million more…look at me…my smile is also your gift…you are the most beautiful human being I have ever met’’

Radhika chuckled ; ‘’Wow …my Neil is all philosophical… go sleep…its late’’ Neil gave her a side hug and walked to the door but Radhika’s question stopped him ; ‘’won’t you ask me to warm up to Sam?’’

Neil gave a big smile ; ‘’No…. because my friendship with you is not based on mine or your feelings for Sam… its your decision…and whatever it is I will be with you….and now bonne nuit mon ami’’ Radhika laughed at Neil…and went to bed after arranging her stuff.

Arjun woke up happy…happy about the time he got with Radhika…though they shared the silence still it was theirs…he opened his cupboard and pulled the box out…he opened the box and pulled out Radhika’s mangalsutra …he held and affectionately looked at it and kissed it…; ‘’Radhika I am not a male chauvinist … I believe in equality…but somehow I want this on your body…I want you to wear everything which let the world know that you belong to me only me…and I want this to happen soon…each passing moment without you feels like a waste…come back Radhika’’ Arjun kept the box inside…he was worried about Radhika joining some other organisation…he wanted her to be right infront of his eyes 24/7…he knew for making her join Bird Song…differences between Radhika and Sam should end…and now he will himself make that happen

Sam was all happy jolly since morning…when Piyali entered her room she found it all scattered….Sam had almost emptied her cupboard all her clothes and belonging were lying on the bed…Piyali little confused looked around and found Sam infornt of the mirror…trying her earings and discarding them one by one….Piyali smiled looking at her happiness and finally asked; ‘’May I know why is my baby so happy today’’

Sam; ‘’Mom!!!…. two reasons…Idiot accepted by love and I took my first positive step towards Radhika’’

Piyali smiled wide; ‘’that’s really nice…I know everything will be fine soon between you and radhika’’

Sam little side; ‘’I want that Mom….but she is hurt bad… I miss that innocent smile on her face…I want my Chashni back…and I will do anything for that…Oh I forgot….I am travelling to Hrishikeash for Riddhima’s baby function…just pray Mom when I am back…I bring the old Chashni back

Piyali hugged her from back; ‘’It will happen just give your best’’

Neil entered Bird Song and Zubin asked him see Arjun…as he had asked for Neil thrice….Neil felt weird ….but walked towards Arjun’s cabin…he knocked and entered; ‘’Heard you missed me Arjun’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Yes I did…please have a seat’’

Neil; ‘’Please ??? That is so not Arjun…is this meeting about Chashni…if yes then sorry….I won’t help you hurting her …its her decision…’’

Arjun; ‘’ Neil I don’t what it is to have a friend, I just had one relation at it was Nandini…and I gave 100% to that one relation of mine…I know I have hurt many…and may be I don’t deserve anybody’s affection love or friendship…but…I am helpless…I love her to death…I can’t give her up….I am not asking your help in winning Radhika…but can you convince her in re-joining Bird Song…I don’t want any other Anuj for now’’

Neil; ‘’Even I want her to join back…but I won’t force her…she is leaving for Hrishikesh tomorrow…for 2 weeks… will speak to her if she comes back’’

Ajun was shocked; ‘’If ??? No she has to come back’’ Neil just smiled and left Arjun’s cabin….

Teji was very angry he dialled Radhika; ‘’What is this Chasni…Neil is invited by your parents than why not me …this is so not done …why am I not invited am I not you good friend’’

Radhika started laughing she lovingly replied; ‘’Sorry Teji…let me correct the grave mistake…I am inviting you on my parents behalf…happy’’

Teji; ‘’Yes…see you soon at Hrihikesh’’ Radhika smiled prerna watched her she softly spoke… ‘’you know Radhika you look beautiful when you smile’’

Radhika hugged Prerna; ‘’Aunty I will never forget the love you gave me…where ever I stay one part of my heart will stay with you and Neil… thank you’’

Prerna was confused; ‘’What are you talking ??? I accepted you as my own daughter…where are you going’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I am not sure…neil and Sam will marry and it would be good if I move out…I don’t want to be a trouble…and I don’t know if I am coming back’’

Prerna; ‘’Don’t let your dreams die for anyone….even for the man you love the most…Love yourself before loving anyone else…and If you are staying in Mumbai you are staying with me…till I send you off with a good husband…get that straight…now let me help you with the packing…you have a early morning flight’’ radhika hugged Prerna tight…. And Prerna felt that she was a new mom again.

Next Morning Airport

Neil got down from his car in his shorts and T-shirt…he was still sleep…Radhika watched him pulling her luggage out all sleepy… Radhika; ‘’Neil I will wait for you’’

Neil smiled and gave Radhika a tight hug; ‘’Yes Chashni…how can I miss this one…next week… I will be there with Teji…and you take care…and don’t miss me’’ Radhika smiled and went inside…neil drove off to his place…Arjun who had been hiding in the crowd …stayed till he could see her through glass walls…

Delhi Airport

Radhika came out…with her eyes searching for a familiar face…and suddenly the search stopped…Ankush was waving at her…she smiled wide and ran to her brother…Ankush hugged radhika lovingly and held her for sometime…his little precious sister had goe through a lot yet she was smiling… Ankush after few general questions on her well being…took her to the waiting cab to hrishikesh…

Radhika got an emotional welcome…. Her parents couldn’t stop their tears…more then Radhika they were crying…relatives had also started pouring in… and some who knew about her marital status…expressed their grief as if someone died….Radhika ignored everyone and went to her room…she closed the door and threw her tired body on the bed…tears started flowing recalling the pity she saw in the eyes of her own people…Radhika hid her face in the pillow and whispered… ‘’I miss you Arjun Sir’’ …she could speak the truth because she was alone..

After 4 days Neil and Teji left together…and Arjun Sam decided to keep their visit a secret…as directed by mala ….after reaching Hrishikesh neil was welcomed like a family member…whole Mishra family was grateful to him for standing by Radhika .. radhika was on seventh heaven after meeting Teji and Neil…Dadaji noticed that his choti was smiling more after Neil and Teji’s arrival…they had become her family trio kept playing with Riddhima’s daughter for the whole day….The Pooja was next day …in a big hall booked by Ankush as the Pooja started…Riddhima sat with her husband…with her daughter in her lap…Radhika came dressed traditionally and sat behind them… making funny gestures at her niece…Neil took the role of photographer capturing the beautiful moments…and Teji was busy helping Mala…or should say busy feasting on delicacies…

Pandit ask for ritual to be performed and Radhika happily got up …when one of the oldies spoke; ‘’Riddhima…. Please ask someone who has a happy life to help with this Pooja…or else your daughter’s fate will be like choti’’ Riddhima just wanted to kill that lady….Radhika’s eyes started watering…Arjun was right she was a Panoti….but she was shocked after hearing her voice… ‘’Granny if Radhika’s husband helps her in this Pooja then it should be fine right….? The hall went dead silence….Radhika was breathing hard…she knew who it was she turned around to saw Arjun in a white traditional attire…smiling at her…Mala was puffed up with pride…looking at awestruck guests…who were just gaping at her handsome son-in –law… Arjun walked forward and held Radhika’s arm…performing the part of the Pooja as a couple…Arjun moved away from Radhika…and that distance gave her a sudden pain…Arjun went and touched Dadaji’e feet…followed by Dilip and Mala…Dilip and Ankush were little cold…but Arjun understood …he deserved it this was nothing compared to what Radhika went through… Neil clicked a beautiful pic of Arjun Radhika…together…he was admiring his work..when a shoulder rubbed against his seductively…he gulped and turned to find Sam in a perfectly pinned sari and a bun with flowers…Neil smiled wide..but his happiness was short lived when mala came… ‘’ Sam you will stay in Riddhima’s room…’’

Sam hesitated; ‘’Aunty I already booked a hotel’’

Mala stuffed her mouth with a ladoo; ‘’Then cancel it …and come with me….Dadaji wants to meet you’’ …Neil just made a face when mala dragged Sam away… Sam Neil Dajaji Mala Ankush and Dilip were in one room Dadaji narrated his plan….leaving Ankush and Dilip shocked…but what shocked them more when Sam spoke; ‘’I am ready…anything for Radhika’s forgiveness’’ Neil gave her a thumbs up… Riddhima gave Radhika a glass of juice for Arjun…and pushed her to go to Arjun…Radhika walked outside the room in the balcony where Arjun stood…watching the scenic beauty of Hrishikeash…she softly spoke; ‘’Sir juice for you’’ Arjun turned a looked straight into Radhika’s eyes… something very warm spread across her body…he moved forward taking the glass from her and intentionally touching her fingers…making her blush… but his bad luck struck and he was surrounded by Radhika’s younger cousins….they were ecstatic to meet their London returned Jijaji….Radhika escaped and Riddhima banged her head cursing all the cousins…

After the function ended Mishra family drove back to their residence….Radhika escorted Sam to Riddhima’s room…Sam was too happy as she got the chance to play with the baby…. Neil’s face fell as he had to share his room with Teji…Radhika after wishing everyone…went up to her room and locked it…she was dead tired…she unpinned her sari..and started removing it…she was unbuttoning her blouse when a voice made her jump.. ‘’ careful Radhika…’’ Radhika turned around with a jerk and found Arjun in a track pant and t-shirt mischievously smiling at her…she quickly wrapped her sari around and angrily asked; ‘’What are you doing in my room’’

Arjun smiled at her cute anger; ‘’ This is my room too….technically….as you are still my wife’’ Radhika stomped her foot and screamed for Mala….Dadaji and Mala gave each other a hifi…and Mala started the act… ‘’What choti…why are you waking everyone up’’

Radhika was fuming; ‘’What is Arjun Sir doing in my room’’

Mala; ‘’He is you husband…so he should be staying with you’’

Radhika; ‘’How can you let an unknown my room like this’’ That hurt Arjun bad

Mala; ‘’Mind your tongue and get used to it…he is your husband and he is where he should be…and don’t scream… we have other guests too’’ Radhika’s anger was at its peak now… she went inside but kept the door….wide open…. Arjun walked to the door and locked it; ‘’Unknown Man…Wow…thanks ‘’ he let out those word sarcastically.. radhika was unfazed she got little relief hearing the hurt in his voice…Radhika changed and came out oblivious of the fact that Dadaji had already started his next Plan…Radhika came out in her usual night dress and made a face at Arjun who had spread his body on her bed…she made a pillow wall and was about to lie down…when she screamed again… Arjun jerked up; ‘’What???’’ Radhika pointed toward the bed post near her legs…she was shivering…there was a big lizard …Arjun laughed….the Lizard moved and Radhika jumped on Arjun…making him scream because of the sudden impact….Radhika squeezed herself in Arjun’s lap; ‘’Sir do something….I am scared’’ Arjun was hypnotized looking at Radhika close to him.

Dadaji was smiling hearing all the screams….but Mala was tensed… ‘’Papaji it was fine till choti was screaming now even Arjun started what will everyone in the house think…’’

Dadaji ‘’let it be…by the way where is Nia…she did the Lizard part…need to pat her back ’’ Nia was Radhika’s cousin, still in college…she came running to dadaji… ‘’Dadaji I did as you said …I have kept the Lizard right at the bed post… I have two more…tell me when to let them in’’

Mala; ‘’Why did you buy 3 fake lizards one was enough’’

Nia laughed; ‘’Kaki they are not fake ones ….they are alive …and trust me alive Lizards will be more helpful in our task… ’’ Dadaji and Mala looked at each other and banged their heads…

Radhika was still sitting on Arjun’s lap…with her hands around his neck… Arjun was lost in the dark curtain of her hair watching her innocent face…Radhika looked at him and frowned… ‘’you can stare at me afterwards…shoo it off…Oh my God its moving and coming towards me…do something’’ Radhika jumped again and Arjun screamed….making Dadaji and Mala covered their ears…

Arjun; ‘’Radhika stop jumping…you aren’t that light’’

Radhika; ‘’I am not heavy either…now do something before it jumps on me…I am going to kill you if this happens’’ and as if Lizard had its own mind…it jumped on the bed….making Radhika panic…she fell off the bed taking ARjun with her… Arjun fell on his back…; ‘’Ouch…!!! What a crazy wife I have…now please leave my clothes so that I can shoo this intruder out’’

Radhika; ‘’No it from here….what if you team up with it’’

Arjun rolled his eyes; ‘’Radhika I am in your team….please ..’’ Radhika finally left his T-shirt…Arjun got up he shooed the Lizard away…but the process was combined with lot of screaming squealing and Jumping of Radhika… Arjun fell on his back all tired…Radhika poked him; ‘’ Sir…you can sleep on the couch …The bed is mine’’

Arjun lifted his head up; ‘’Radhika I am tired and in no mood of full filling your demands…either you share with me…or with Shanta bai’’

Radhika ; ‘’Who is Shanta bai’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’The grt Lizard…which made me realize that my wife looks feather light but is as heavy as a rock’’

Radhika ‘s face fell; ‘’ Sir…I know I am not perfect…. you don’t have to repeat that again and again…you are free from my side to explore and have someone of your choice…’’ Arjun realized she was still sensitive …and he scratched her wounds….he wanted to apologise but she just kept her pillow on the opposite side of the bed…turned away from him and closed her eyes…Arjun got up and sat on the floor facing her…he saw her face… she was forcefully shutting him out…her cheeks were wet…he knew she won’t listen…Arjun smiled…lifted her up and bought her to the window….Radhika was shocked; ‘’Sir put me down…what are you doing’’

Arjun; ‘’Proving that you are feather light and I can carry you in my arms for eternity…’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir we are at the window…please..don’t embarrass me…what if someone sees us like this…this is not Mumbai’’ Arjun lifted his arm…bring her face closer to his… ‘’I know this is not Mumbai…and I have the right to be with you….Radhika I Love You’’ radhika looked up straight into his eyes…he was looking at her with a feeling so warm that Radhika stomach started behaving funny…Arjun brought her bed and placed her gently on it he covered her and caressed her hair; ‘’Good night Radhika’’ ….Arjun went and took his place switching off the lights…neither Arjun nor radhika could sleep

Precap; Dadaji’s plan Sam –Radhika patch up -Radhika vents her anger on Arjun…Arjun apologises…

Credit to: Gauri


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    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Sreee 🙂 your beautiful comment brought a big smile to my face 🙂 Ok done about remarriage 🙂 will unite them soon aftersome minor fights 🙂 and my day was awesome amazing and fullof fun 🙂 had a blast 🙂 thanks again for your wishes darling 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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    thanks for the birthday treat di,its very very sweet…tasty….spicy….yummy….wow ur birthday is in june..we share the same month!! May god shower you with happines…will definetly add u in my prayers…today is luckiest day…my exams ended,its your birthday,nesam ki patch up ho gaya,aur arjun radhika ek kamare me bandh 😉 each and every thing is just awesome…..once again HBD :* :*

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    Firstly… Many many more happy returns of the day gauri…. May God bless you all the happiness u deserve. This year will bring you all ur wishes true…

    Now come to the chappy… It’s wonderful, amazing, marvelous, fantastically written. You are outstanding gauri. No words to express my happiness. I love everything the chemistry of ardhika. It’s beautiful. A very very big hug for u from my side. Bless u dear.. Stay happy as always and make us also happy. ??????

  37. Radha

    Very very happy birthday gauri.u r such an amaging writer.I pray to god that all wishes of u r fulfilled.

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    Abha didu many many happy returns of the day. Hope all your wishes come true…. 🙂 O:-) love u xoxo…. The Eli was a superb one. Thanx for double dhamaka….

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    Radhika’s line to build up your hopes to fulfill your dreams….
    ‘Jab Koshicho Ke Pair Than Jayenge Tab Sapno Pankh Manzil Tak Pauchayenge.’
    Just believe in your dreams and yourself and everything will be alright.
    One poem for you….actually I made it but took help from some newspapers nd novels…..
    Jo Kadam Tere Sath Badhaye The,
    Woh Aaj bhi Majboot Hai.
    Jo Kasame Tere Saat Khayi Thi,
    Woh Aaj bhi Atut Hai.
    Jo Dil Tujhe Diya Tha,
    Woh Aaj Bhi sirf Tera Hai.
    Aab bas Jaha Aap Kadam badhayenge Waha Saat Dena Ka Ek Chotasa Banana Sa mil Jayega.
    Naa Kabhi Aaye Aapke Ankhnon Me Ansu…Khuda Se Kya Mange Aaj Aapke Liye Aisa Saval Aya Hontho Pe Toh Dil Ne Javab Diya Kii Aapke Sare Dukh Dard Humhe mil Jaye Aur Hamari Saari Khushiya Aapko…..Aap Bas Yuhi Hasati Rahe Aur Aisi Kahi Zindagiyan Apki Muskarahat Pe Kurbaan…..
    Maar Bhi Jaye Hum Kabhi Agar Toh Ye Naa Sochiyega Kii Jaa Rahe Hai Aap Se Dur Kyunkii Har Woh Insaan Jo Aapko Hamari Yaad Dilayega Bas Samajlena Hum hii the woh Jo Hava Ke Saat Aye Aur Fizaon Me Kahi Kho Gaye…..
    So so so how z it?…….
    Now let’s talk abt the epi……m spellbound after seeing your imagination and creativity….. You deserve a big round of appluase….. Omg unknown man!that must have hurt arjun alot…..Tell arjun to express gratitude to this lizard or shanta bai for bringing radhika closer to him……Anuj argggh I better remain quiet don’t want vile to escape my mouth…..Neil blushing wish could see him in real like these…..I want to poke my fingers in his dimples lightly while he blushes……Sam asking ‘do you have balls?…..that was so hilarious…..glycerin you know I loved it to the core and I won’t find good words to praise you so now time for my questions….
    1)will aradhika fight privately or she will insult him infront of all?….
    2)will he make her wear that magalsutra after the reconciliation?……
    3)when will he make her understand that she z the most beautiful girl for him?…
    4)will anuj cause harm to aradhika or their people?……
    5)So when z the reconciliation and reunion?I mean after how many updates?…
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    7)So when will you show Aradhika romance?eager to read that…..
    8)When will you bring up saral?I mean after how many updates?….
    9)Are you going to bring nandu in future?….
    10)When will they come back to Mumbai?….
    Di you asked in your reply to my comment in last update that whether I want remarriage or not?….I have a suggestion for that I will tell you on chat don’t want to disclose it in comment do ask me…..
    Di love you to eternity…. muaaaaaaaah.
    …tc once again happy birthday????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Gauri

      Thanks for the wonderful wishes swt hrt … yup you read my personality quite correctly now thanks for the amazing lines 🙂 ok time for answers Radhika will insult him infront of all means her family 🙂 he will gradually make her understand that she is the one for him 🙂 anuj may be later 🙂 reunion should be after 2 updates 🙂 you will read only romance in their anger and fights too and some comical scenes too 🙂 Arjun will never hurt her 🙂 sraral next one …nandu don’t know 🙂 stay blessed have a great life 🙂 love u

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    • Gauri

      DIpika you are an amazing person 🙂 you can bring smile to anybody’s face just by simple positive words… thanks for that 🙂 and we will have acake party the day we meet and we will meet for sure…my hrt says that 🙂 loads of love dear 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Thanks Niharika 🙂 take a very good care of your self typhoid is bad I knw it leave you weak 🙂 thanks for the wishes darling love u 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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    HAPPY B’DAY TO U………HAPPY B’DAY TO U………HAPPY B’DAY TO DEAR GAURI DI……………MAY GOD FULFILL YOUR WISHES…………………..loved this chappy soooooooooooooooooooooooo much……………..

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    Many more happy returns the of the day my darling sissy 😀 😀 wish u all success in future 😀
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    Check messenger 😀
    Love u lotttttt 😀 millions of hugs 😀 😀

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  46. KK

    it was so cute…and just small request. plz make it extra cute when they come together. i mean (Arjun & Radhika). as the most awaiting moment of Arjun. thank you for the wonderful update.

    ****and have a graceful birthday i hope all your dream and wishes comes true…and you may get success in any way you choose for yourself….good luck and once again **** HAPPIEST BRITHDAY**** rock this day!!!

    • Gauri

      Thanks KK 🙂 will try and make it more cute 🙂 stay blessed and thanks for the wishes 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Thanks Roshni 🙂 this was one of the most amazing wishes I have received you are someone who spk her hrt without any sugar coating… I love that stay blessed and stay happy 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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    Hi gauri…im a silent reader….didnt comment yet….but today i wanna comment bckz ths day s so special 4 u….and wish u a very happy bday….may god fulfill all ur wishes nd bless u wd all the sweetness of life….stay happy….lots of love my fear sister….and u r presenting an amazing story line….even im a book worm.,but im addicted to ur writing….keep going ….

    • Gauri

      Thanks Aarathi 🙂 thanks for your wishes and your love so far 🙂 stay blessed darling 🙂 love u

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    Gauri di belated b’day wishes to you im sry di I was nt well couldn’t cmt tooo abt stry a big salute to you di no wrds to tell I luv to d core…… 🙂 lots of hugs fr u

    • Gauri

      Thanks Gayathri 🙂 hope you are feeling better now 🙂 tc stay blessed and thanks again 🙂 love u

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    Many many happy returns of the most precious day, Happy Birthday to you my sweeeeeetheart gauriiiiiiiiiiiii. ….muaaaaahhhhhh ….lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss. May Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life and you get allllll your dreams fulfilled….. . thxxxxxx a lotttttttttt for this double dhamaaka episodes. ….you made my day as always. ..gave me wonderful smile ear to ear….dadaji’s planning to unite ardhika. ..wowwww…I just loved it to the coreeeee. …Shanta Bai the great lizard act was hilaaaaaaarious. ….still laughing at it. …arjun destroyed anuj…hated his act of hurting rads…shopping mall scene of nesam n ardhika was really very awesoooooome. …n pooja rituals Ny ardhika so lovelyyyyyy. …wowwww gauriiiiiiiiiiiii this story the best treat we ever got from anybody. …God bless you my sweeeeeetheart. ..thx for being there for us…enjoy your birthday…be happy always. ..keep smiling n writing. …..I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..happy happy happy wala birthday meri jaan. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. .. 🙂 😉 😀 Bear hug and lots of kisses. ..♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Roma for your lovely wishes 🙂 I wait for your comments sweety 🙂 thanks for making it special darling 🙂 love you million hugs for you

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