MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Radhika knew if she told Neil about dinner with Arjun…he won’t let her go….but she knew Arjun will do what he warned off…she told Prerna that she was going out on location hunt with her team…she went to Teji’s place to get ready…Teji wasn’t liking it; ‘’Chashni…why are you doing this’’

Radhika; ‘’Because I don’t trust him…if he said he will harm Neil.. he can’’

Teji; ‘’Neil is capable of protecting himself ‘’

Radhika ; ‘’I know…but I don’t want more mess because of me…he asked for a dinner what harm can he do’’

Teji; ‘’Dinner and a night…what if??’’

Radhika cut Teji off; ‘’He is not a pervert….I offered myself to protect Sam…he never touched me I know him he will not do any such thing…’’

Teji; ‘’Fine….shall I drop you’’

Radhika; ‘’No he will be here in 10 min…Teji promise me Neil will know nothing about this’’ Teji nodded…Radhika walked out of Teji’s apartment towards Arjun’s car…he was standing leaning against his car…with his hands in his pockets…he scanned her from head to toe….today he loved her skin show…it was only for his eyes…but something pricked his heart…she was doing this to keep Neil safe…Arjun moved towards her and looped his arm strongly against her waist…he felt the shiver of her body…he walked along with her towards his car and unlocked the door for her…he took driver’s seat and drove off….10 min on the road Radhika exclaimed; ‘’Sir…We need to go back…I left my bag at Teji’s place…’’

Arjun; ‘’I am carrying enough money don’t worry’’

Radhika; ‘’No its my clothes for the night’’ she ended her sentence in a low note

Arjun smiled; ‘’Did you plan to wear something s*xy for bed…if yes we can go back’’

Radhika; ‘’NO!!!…I mean …I cannot sleep in this plus I have pair of clothes for tomorrow morning’’

Arjun; ‘’you will have what you need….we are not going back’’ Radhika just turned her face away …she kept hiding her leg peeping from the slit of her dress…Arjun watched her and then caught her arm which was on her thigh..Radhika looked at him shocked…the moment his fingers touched her exposed thigh…she curled her toes… ‘’Stay calm Radhika…you are more than just a body for me….’’ Radhika let go her dress and Arjun pulled his arm back to the steering.

Neil was sitting on his bed with an ice pack on his head …. This was the 5th weird girl he had met…and her demands made Neil go mad….he was shit scared of meeting any girl now…he wanted to speak to Radhika but she was out on location visit…Neil closed his eyes to rent when Prerna entered his room….she some how held her laughter …she cleared her throat and made a serious face; ‘’Neil …one of my friends daughter …I like her you need to meet her on Sunday’’

Neil all frustrated ; ‘’I am not going to any girl now… what varieties of girls you are bringing for me I mean they are not even human….I feel they are sadist … I am so scared for myself and my dignity … they are animal…and today you sent me alone …. You have no concern for your only son’’

Prerna hid her laughter behind her coughing; ‘’don’t worry … Radhika or Teji will accompany you ‘’

Neil ; ‘’No Teji… only Radhika… Teji ran away when I called for help… I will not go without Chashni ‘’

Perna; ‘’Ok don’t worry Radhika will go with you once she is back I will ask her to accompany you…now sleep…I will get you black coffee and a Disprin …take rest’’

Prerna walked out of Neil’s room….she went to the kitchen and laughed her heart out…now it was time for Neil to realize his love for Sam…Prerna dialled Teji and Teji answered immediately… ‘’How is Neil aunty…that girl scared me too…. her questions were so weird … she wanted to know if Neil can cook and clean… she even wanted her husband to be a good baby sitter…and when Neil said…he is open to hire a help she started screaming …cursing male species that they just wanted to exploit female and should be punished severely … Neil responded that he will hire a male help….that girl went more wild …stating that men like Neil were a black spot on the society … as men like him think that its only wife’s job to take care of home… and they just throw money to hire help…but will never would do or appreciate what a female does…I mean even I am scared to marry now….

Prerna; ‘’Stop over reacting Teji…the girl what we asked her to do …you better stop overreacting’’

Teji; ‘’Aunty…please ask the Next girl to be little less violent…this one was throwing drinks and food on Neil … that is why I ran away…Neil must have paid for all the smashing she did’’

Prerna; ‘’Cut the crap… Neil will be meeting one more girl tomorrow evening ….do something to get Sam there … and before that make sure she is on fire … tomorrow we will patch them…’’ Prerna disconnected after explaining Teji.

Radhika entered the restaurant with Arjun…it was completely empty … Radhika looked around; ‘’are we at the right venue’’

Arjun wrapped his arm around her waist… ‘’ Yes darling….I booked it completely for tonight … I wanted to be alone with you…shall we’’ Arjun gestured Radhika to move in …she obliged as she walked forward Arjun noticed something dark on her back near her shoulder which her thick dark hairs were hiding …he quickly moved towards her and removed her hairs…what he saw made his heart swell with happiness …. His name was inked in a beautiful way …. Radhika turned around with a jerk on his touch to face Arjun…what she saw made her shiver…Arjun’s eyes were full of passion and possessiveness …. Radhika averted her eyes and moved to the table which was beautifully decorated with candles and rose petals … Radhika and Arjun took their places opposite to each other….Arjun was enjoying her discomfort ; ‘’If you don’t have any feelings for me then why is my name inked on your body’’

Radhika; ‘’It was a mistake…I wanted something else… but in a hurry I worte a wrong word’’

Arjun; ‘’ You wrote what you heart wanted ….’’

Radhika; ‘’ Sir , a human mind is completely occupied by only two things…one what person loves the most or the one he or she hates the most …may be my mind was occupied with something or someone I hate the most…’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Really????… So why are you keeping it’’

Radhika; ‘’I have already taken appointment to get it removed’’

Arjun; ‘’How will you remove it from your heart’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir … I think there is no point talking about my heart ….can we order something’’ Arjun ordered champagne …he gestured the waiter to serve …Radhika looked worried ; ‘’Sir I don’t take hard drinks…’’

Arjun; ‘’ take it today for Neil…his career ‘’ Arjun smirked looking at her innocent face… her discomfort was so evident…But after few minutes Radhika lifted the glass and finished the drink in one go… Arjun smiled; ‘’Well done…Neil is really important for you’’

Radhika looked ; ‘’He is because … he stood by me when no one else did … ‘’

Arjun; ‘’Agreed! he did stood like a rock… but can you answer one question…do you hate me’’ Radhika lifted her alchol affected eyes ….tears had started brimming in them…she laughed … ‘’Hate …!!! That word never existed in my dictionary … I just knew to be good to people spread happiness … no Sir I don’t hate you …but you have a weird relationship with my tears…whenever I think of you they make their way out of my eyes…why Sir can you answer that…???

Arjun knew alcohol had started its affect … he felt the pain in her voice…he decided to divert her mind…Arjun knew to get everything out of her heart she has to more drunk… but before another drink… he extended his hand ..; ‘’Can I have a dance Radhika’’

Radhika smiled like a doll …and gave her hand Arjun pulled her close…wrapping his arm completely around her this waist…Radhika wrapped her arm around his neck…and started grooving with him…Arjun in between his dance would hand over the glass to her …his intention today was to get her drunk…and pull everything out of her heart…

Samrat cam to Piyali’s room …these days talking to Piyali was becoming very difficult she wasn’t rude but there interaction was more formal … Samrat was desperate to get Piyali’s affection back .. . he watched her reading sitting on the rocking chair… after gathering strength he spoke ; ‘’Piyu can we talk’’

Piyali looked at him with a dead expression; ‘’yes…but what is left to talk ‘’

Samrat; ‘’for how long will we go like this….Piyu please talk to me… curse me…reprimand me…but please say something’’

Piyali; ‘’What should I say….fine tell me Samrat why couldn’t you tell me about Nandini yourself…. If you were sorry you should have told me long back….I would have been at peace …but for so many years you pretended to be a perfect husband… weren’t you guilty when you came to me after visiting Nandini … even if I forgive you today … can you do something about the guilt Sam is living in… she is no more the girl I knew….she is crying for forgiveness…and Radhika the girl whom we knew just for few months went over board to protect Sam… Radhika warned you …Nandini was infront of you yet you went along with engagement and Marriage….your single word good have saved all of us… tell me Samrat what should I do…

Samrat; ‘’Can you forgive me’’

Piyali; ‘’ you lied for so many years Samarat I think youshouldbe patient for forgiveness… pray that Sam gets her happiness… may be some day you might get it too’’

After an hour Radhika was completely drunk and was singing and laughing like a 5-6 yr old girl …. ‘’Sir what was this .. its so good I feellike flying and so light….I want to dance…. ‘’ Radhika got up and started dancing weiredly…she slipped and Arjun held her…Radhika kept blinking like a robot …and smiled Arjun fell in love with her innocence again…he gently made her stand…cleared the bill and drove of with her to his house… once inside..he made her sit…and gave her a glass of water…. Radhika refused and then ask; ‘’why did you bring me here…what do you want Sir’’

Arjun; ‘’Can you forgive me Radhika …’’

Radhika; ‘’I am not angry… ‘’

Arjun ; ‘’Then why can’t you come back back….’’

Radhika kept looking at his face…her eyes started watering; ‘’because I don’t want to…because I don’t trust you… you were quite when I was being blamed… you pushed me for that fake marriage…and I was blamed… my character was targeted ….what was my fault …tell me sir… no one forgave me when I got married to you…
Then why am I expected to forgive that easily… ‘’ Radhika got up and walked towards Arjun with shaky steps… she came close to him and looked at him; ‘’Sir if I wanted I could have framed you too….but I saved you … you know Why?? Because quite…Why???… I know everyone knows the truth…but what about me … …will those scars just heal like that… and you only said that I wasn’t look able or presentable then why do you want a plain jane like me in your life’’

Arjun held her arms and emotionally replied ; ‘’because I love you more than my life…I cannot live a single moment without you….please I am dying each second …. You left my house but you never left my heart… each moment of my life craves for your smile…your touch… do you have feelings for me’’ Arjun held her close and screamed shaking her vigorously ; ‘’tell me …do you love me’’

Radhika smirked moved out of his arms; ‘’Yes I do … but love without trust is of no worth…’’ Radhika again walked and stood infront of him…held his arm and kept it on his heart… ‘’Sir …. Now tell me am I wrong in distrusting you…ask your self…do you know how many times I died…when my Dad said his daughter was dead for him….when Sam said that girls like just look for one chance to trap rich guys like you… Sir when you love some one you stand by them protect them….wy didn’t you… what was my fault just that I tried protecting someone innocent…and why are we wasting our time in all this rubbish… you wanted a night with me… so go ahead… I won’t stop you not even for a second…’’ Radhika stood in the middle of the room…inviting Arjun….. Arjun felt disgusted of himself…. He cursed himself for scaring such a beautiful soul… he walked towards her and Radhika…she without blinking kept looking into his eyes….Arjun brushed his knuckle on her face…and Radhika took a sharp intake of breath…she came to him for Neil but she wasn’t ready …her heart started racing…. Arjun leaned and Radhika turned away…Arjun lifted her and placed her on the bed…leaning on her…Radhika closed her eyes tightly…Arjun pulled the blanket on her surprising her… ‘’ I agree I did wrong … but today it pained really bad… Radhika I am many things but not a pervert …why would I take the advantage of the one girl I loved the most…I am sorry …from my heart….curse me slap me… punish me but come back…please….Arjun will die without you’’

Arjun placed his forehead on hers….pleading her to come back…his tears of apology fell on Radhika’s face… she as if possessed cupped his cheek and wiped his tears; ‘’Sir… you will get a good girl who will love you and fill your life with happiness….let me go… I am no more the one you fell for’’

Arjun frowned; ‘’I don’t want any girl… I want you… just you …only you…my heart craves for you…. my ears want to hear your non stop blabbering….my eyes only search for your face and my arms they want to hold you till they have life in them… tell me what should I do…’’ Arjun cupped her cheek and kissed her forehead eyes…then cheeks… Radhika was little surprised with sudden move…she held his wrist firmly…curling her toes … her breathing turned hard… her mind said this was wrong…but heart just wanted to experience his touch so desperately……Arjun moved and kissed her neck… Radhika let out a grasp…and tilted her neck…Arjun realized he was losing himself…he kept his palms on either side of Radhika…looked at her angelic face…he placed one chaste kiss on her forehead…covered her and moved out of the bed ; ‘’Radhika…I wouldn’t have harmed Neil even if you would have refused me this date…I am just asking for a chance…and I will keep trying till you agree…its late you should sleep… there are few clothes in my cupboard you can change I am going to sleep in the hall…Arjun left the room… Radhika sat on the bed and touched her forehead eyes cheeks and neck were he kissed…she lifted her fingers to her lips and kissed them gently; ‘’Wish I could trust you’’

Sam was working …she checked time it was past midnight…but sleep left her long back since the day she had heard of Neil meeting prospective brides…she was restless…she was not able to concentrate on anything …but what irritated her was that Neil behaved as if nothing happened… Sam knew Teji had gone very close to Neil ..she picked up her phone and dialed teji…Teji answered all sleepy; ‘’Please call in the morning’’

Sam angrily ; ‘’Don’t you dare hang up’’

Teji jumped; ‘’S….Sam…why did call at this hour’’

Sam; ‘’Just answer my questions….has Neil finalized on any girl’’

Teji; ‘’No…but he is meeting one tomorrow…she is Prerna aunty’s friend’s daughter…I think this will be the one’’

Sam; ‘’Shut up..! tell me where is he meeting her…and don’t lie…because I will murder you’’

Teji; ‘’Barista … close to Neil’s place 3:00 PM’’ Sam disconnected …her POV…’Neil stop me if you can’ Teji smiled at the phone …’poor BOSS’

Radhika woke up and moved out of the room… she found Arjun twisting and turning on the sofa which was small for his height…he looked so innocent lovable…she sat close to his face and caressed his hair…she moved her fingers through his hair….Arjun calmed…she got up…and brought a blanket…pulled a chair to support his legs…after coving him…she kissed his forehead…and whispered; ‘’Bye Sir’’ Radhika quickly moved to the room… opened his cupboard and found few new ethnic attires there …she recalled how he said that that she will get what she needs….she pulled one when a box fell off the cupboards…Radhika knew the box…she had tried opening it in the past..but today it was lying on the floor…unlocked with all its contents scattered..Radhika was pained…Arjun had kept her anklet…her bracelet.. …her mangalsutra and the letter she wrote… she searched more and found her scarf…safely kept…Radhika was curious now she move to the dressing table and found her sindoor box..intact the way she left…Radhika ‘’s knees turned week…she wiped her tears took a quick shower and changed..she wanted to leave .. when she came out she collided with Arjun…Radhika’s emotion were at there peak.. she didn’t knew how to hide them from Arjun… Arjun saw her all nervous …; ‘’radhika are you fine … is anything wrong’’

Radhika; ‘’I am late need to leave…’’ radhika moved past Arjun her held her hand and smiled at her… ‘’ Can we meet again…let us start our courtship now…let’s make a new beginning ‘’ Radhika’s vision was blurred with tears…she knew he loved her…and she loved him…but she wanted more… or her heart had turned stubborn…she composed herself and spoke; ‘’ Sir…. I am getting late I have to leave… ‘’She pulled her hand and ran away from there…Arjun watched her running away…his POV ; ‘ I will try till my last breath’

Radhika reached Neil’s place and Prerna narrated everything….Radhika decided to accompany Neil… as it was a Saturday….

Radhika and Neil entered Barista …Radhika gestured neil towards the table where the girl was waiting for him…Neil clutched Radhika’s arm ; ‘’Chashni…I am scared…promise me you will save me’’

Radhika rolled her eyes ; ‘’Fine …now go’’ Radhika took a corner table and messaged Teji… Teji acted and informed Sam as if he feared losing his job….The girl turned out to be really nice and sensible….Neil started interacting with her and was comfortable with her….after few minutes Sam dashed inside the coffee shop…She looked around and found Neil smiling and chatting with a girl…Sam fumed …she angrily walked to Neil…Neil was surprised to Sam standing there…before he could utter a word…Sam grabbed Neil by his collar…pulled him up and pressed her lips on Neil’s….Neil was shocked…his pupil dilated…he lifted his arms but couldn’t hug Sam…he was standing like a statue…Sam went on deepening her kiss…she lowered Neil and herself on the table still kissing him… Sam broke the kiss leaving Neil surprised…she smiled wiped her lips … ‘’Neil you are delicious’’ Neil blinked and looked around…and found everyone looking at them in shock… Sam turned to the girl… ‘’Sorry…dear but this guy is mine…and today I branded him as mine…’’ The girl looked at Neil who was lost…she left but gave a thumbs up to Radhika before leaving…Sam held Neil’s collar gain; ‘’Try being with someone else…and I will ruin you for any girl…’’ Sam left bewildered Neil and walked out…Neil’s POV ‘Why the hell every girl is trying to molest me’ Radhika updated Prerna …and then looked at the sky to thank the almighty…she composed herself and moved inside to lend support to her disturbed friend Neil.


Anuj was restless….Arjun was eating him away…and now he has also lost his sleep… he had fallen for radhika…Bonnie watched him pacing in the office…and looking at Radhika’s place and then his watch…he was restless….once Radhika entered a smile came on his lips he quickly called her inside…Bonnie was scared …she impatiently waited for Radhika to come out…After 10 min…Radhika dashed out of Anuj’s cabin..she ran to her place picked her bag and left… Bonnie knew there was no point talking to Anuj…she dialled Arjun… ‘’ Arjun ….Anuj proposed Radhika ‘’

Bird Song

Arjun disconnected his eyes turned murderous…. ‘’I am good only for my Radhika … you did wrong…. very wrong….now watch your destruction’’

Precap; Arjun…Neil Sam… teach Anuj a lesson…NeSam reconcile

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks Priya 🙂 Radhika will start warming up to Sam from next update 🙂 Anuj will be nailed in next 🙂 21st chapter in Hrishikesh 🙂 thanks sweety loads of love 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Dipika 🙂 I am short of words to thank you now 🙂 so I am sending you a big hug stay blessed my friend 🙂

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      Thanks a ton SHreya 🙂 Sorry Shreya I slipped off the stairs and in process of saving myself got my hand hurt …I tried for a longer one …but couldnt due to pain 🙁 will give 2 chapters next for Sure 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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    By d way how is ur back ache? I really hope u r fine. Hope u r having a gala time with ur parents… You r a beautiful and amazing writer. Ur stories always make feel so happy. Yet reads r left with a feeling of wanting more. I cherish ur beautiful writing and ur amazing stories. U capture emotions and feelings brilliantly. And potray each character classy. U r just fantastic and superb, Thank u for taking time to write such a master piece when u shd be taking rest. I sincerely hope ur back ache has receded. Thank u for such a sweet emotional episode… Badly want to read ur book. May god bless u. Stay happy. Cheers take care.

    PLS TRY TO UPDATE MMZ THURSDY AFTERNOON IF NOT MORNING???????????????????? Thank u. If possible pls try to consider my above request and double damaka tooooooo….. Thank u. Sorry for pestering… Am addicted to ur stories.

    • Gauri

      Hi Rg thanks a ton darling 🙂 your analysis amazes me 🙂 now your answers – Next update you will see one more wall breaking between Arjun-radhika 🙂 Arjun will come clean slowly and they will be closer in Hrishikesh 🙂 Radhika will start warming upto Sam from next update… 🙂 and Sam will be more on Radhika’s side compared to Arjun 🙂 Arjun will do everything to prove his love 🙂 know he won’t lash out at her but will nail Anuj for ever you will know how 🙂 Sorry yaar I wanted to post early but couldn’t finish was very slow in typing as I had hurt my fingers while saving myself from falling 🙂 next will be double dhamaka its a promise… I will be skipping DPO for wed I will post that on Sat 🙂 tc loads of love and thanks for being and amazing friend 🙂 love you

  16. Supriya

    Hii di…sorry for late comment… I had read yesterday itself but was pissed off abt something…. Abt the epi it was a heartwarming one….loved it to the core…..arjun z so good yaar…..there z so much to love abt him…..the way he confessed that was just incredible…. Rads asking him to move on in life….that was just too good… That line…’arjun will die without you’….z my personal favorite…….omg y z Neil being molested I don’t like any girl’s hands on him…..May anuj soul rest in peace?arjun will destroy him bad may he close his eyes before watching his destruction…. First time I felt bonnie did something good….
    Now my questions….
    1)when will aradhika reconcile?….
    2)will Neil play a cupid in reuniting aradhika?….
    3)when they will visit hrishikesh? I mean after how many updates?….
    4)will saral create havoc?….
    5)will radhika have to share a room with Arjun after reaching hrishikesh?…
    6)will she hurt him more with words?….
    7)when will Sam get radhika’s forgiveness?…..
    8)will ankush remain cold with arjun?…
    9)will mala scold radhika for leaving arjun?….
    10)will you show remarriage?…
    Di your words show how good you are in real life….though I know it you increase your respect in my eyes everytime you write heart wrenching updates…. pls take care glycerin…. don’t stress yourself… will be waiting for Thursday….. Sorry for short comment m just pissed off….couldn’t write more… you…..muaaaaaaaah…. Tc?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Gauri

      Thanks SUpriya darling missed you whole day today 🙂 chalo now your answers 🙂 Aradhika will slowly come close 🙂 Neil cupid I havent thought on that 🙂 chapter 21 they will be in Hrishikesh 🙂 Saral will create a scene… calling Radhika names wait for his treatment 🙂 yes they will behave as husband and wife 🙂 yes but this will be final time she will be hurting him 🙂 Radhika will start warming up to Sam from next update 🙂 yes Ankush will be cold to Arjun and warm to neil 🙂 Mala will scold Radhika 🙂 remarriage thinking let me know if you guys want to read that 🙂 Iam not that good dear 😛 but thanks for lifiting my spirits up 🙂 loads of love

  17. Rg2015


    |Registered Member

    Sorry for all d typos. I hope u can make out d words I meant…I meant will rads open up to arjun… And I also meant in such a sweet way arjun confessed his feeling to rads…( 1st para)

    By d way gauri rads herself feels she is a plain Jane… Sam and arjun just instigated her by calling her a behenji and reinstated tat feeling even more… Did she lose her confidence regarding her looks? Or she feels arjun deserves a more beautiful gal or is it d fact tat he hurt her on their wedding night calling her a behenji, and not a stylish or classy gal to look it. And Becos of which nothing can ever happen btw them.. Did it hurt her or erode her was cruel of him… So she still feels d same way? Will she ever come such a feeling? Will arjun realise d damage he has done by commenting in such a degrading way? Will he apologise and try to convince her? a plain sorry isn’t enough…..pls pls tell me gauri.. I feel very bad when she calls herself a plain Gal. Becos radhika is beautiful in simple and a sweet way.

    • Gauri

      Rg darling I could make it out and pls don’t say sorry for typos…we all make such mistakes..
      I personally feel the way radhika for constantly put down for her looks…can make any girl lose her confidence…this is my personal experience … I know how it feels when people call ypu bhenji…I got that name in my MBA … Radhika believes her looks are one reason nothing could work between her and Arjun…and he is just pitying her…Arjun will correct his mistake and make her feel beautiful … he will slowly bring the real Radhika out 🙂 love u

  18. Raaga

    Di di di di u r so awesome ☆:-)…..u r mind blowing writing skills ….everytime it surprises me …:-)ur brain and heart s full of love n positive Ness…..nd by default those thoughts ….loved Neil’s situation. …nd Arjun’s convincing nature….j
    I love u so much diiii ♥♥

    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Raaga 🙂 u got it right I am a positive person 🙂 love you sweety 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

  19. amita

    wow gauri di kya update tha superb soo romantic n Neil bechara kuch smjh hi ni paya love this one

  20. Jara

    Omg!! Dis s making me go crazy!! Again and again mam,ummmm…can I call u di as others do??pretty plz!! Love u loadz and keep rocking!!!

  21. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Wah.. Gauri.. u just rocked.. Roads spoke her heart out.. all her pain is good its Arjun who should heal those wounds..rads saying why do u want a plain jane like me n he will get a good girl was outstanding..she is caught between pain n love.. Arjun saying Arjun will die without u brought tears.. I myself wasnt aware i was this much affected till then.. expectation is now on Arjun..she protected his name but she is defamed.. Arjun should start from der..

    And Neil n teji wah.. wah.. I was laughing badly when teji described it 2 prena n neil holding Rads hand like a kid.. gosh??? and why trying 2 molest him gr8 dialogue.!!! Sam is all bold now.. din’t expect she too will molest him ??? Anuj.. wat to say… why guys cant let a successful enthusiastic girl to live herself.. waiting 4 arjun’s blow n his moves 2 soothe her pain.. anuj dint misvehave with her na? And was it his name or Sun sign got tattooed on Rad..I remember 2 be Sun sign I guess…marvellous treat Gauri di.. loved it like anything.. thank u for this update TC n hope u got well..u slipped in stairs is ur leg

    • Gauri

      Jessie thanks for the bottom of my heart for such amazing words 🙂 love you and big teddy hug for you .. yes ARjun will heal her slowly 🙂 and yes regarding tattoo it was my mistake I wanted to write Zodiac sign with his name but forgot to correct and then clarify it … sorry for that 🙂 my leg is blue at places and little swelled up 🙂 but its ok will post soon 🙂 love you 🙂

      • Jessie

        Wah.. teddy hug.!! Thank u.. and abt ur leg hope coz of blood shouldn’t swell.. dont leave it easy..we will wait 4 updates.. zodiac sign with name!!!!am turning all dreamy.. Any one at his place wud have melted..Arjun being lover boy..??????come back all healthy..

  22. Jessie


    |Registered Member real enemy.. it’s Rads not roads..n its good rads pain is poured out..I dunno how tat sentence turned out extremely diff head desk

  23. Gianna


    |Registered Member

    Gauri u are a super woman, wow wow wow what an amazing update loved it so much. Sam stole the show for me today how I would have loved to see this on TV. Now what will Arjun do to Anuj post soon pls

  24. Lakshmi05


    |Registered Member

    Superb episode dear. Sam’s warning to Neil is too good…poor Neil..arjun n radz convo is emotional…will be waiting for next one…luv u…tc…

  25. chandan

    Hi Gauri…This is Awesome…Ardhika scenes are emotional n Nesam’s were hillarious…U are just outstanding…keep rocking…tc

  26. Aastha

    Hiee Gauri Di
    Today’s episode is awesome…..loved very much…… Neil’s encounter with girls was very funny…..Sam kissed Neil in front of all people… didn’t expect this…. Radhika and Permanently aunty did a great job…..Radhika’s date was emotional….liked how Arjun kept all Radhika’s belonging safely and tact…hope Radhika soon her feelings… want both of them together soon

    I totally enjoyed episode
    Di are you on Fb…?? What is your username ?? Mine is Aastha Gupta

    Love Di and take care..

    • Gauri

      Thanks Aastha 🙂 yup dear I am on FB my name is Abha Dikshit i m in a black kurti in my DP 🙂 love you 🙂

  27. sreee

    doing great now???thats my di….okay now i really want to ask this di wont sam being more on rads side down her char? i mean its true that sam wants rads apology …..its true that she wants to warm up with rads all like old times…but that doesnt mean that she being less for arjun…coz neil is always a sweetheart as he not only supports his frnds but do right for them…arjun was the one who saved bs and stood for sam when she broke even though doing all that was his way of proving his innocence and love…the way he made sam strong was like a true frnd…i am sure that neil will b a cupid for ardhika once he senses arjuns repetence and change….bcoz that is wat defines neil unique….all i expect from sam is just she too turn as a true frnd for rads and help her mend her heart by arjuns love..also she should hv the responsibility of warming up arneil….so that arjun can get a wonderful brother cum frnd in neil…eagerly waiting for that
    (di all these r just my pov….i apologize if i have been nosey in ur storyline.. )…love u…muahhh

    • Gauri

      Thats what I want to show….its human nature Sreee…. we forget right wrong when it comes to soothing our heart ….same will be with Sam… she will not go against Arjun or be rude to him but will favour Radhika over Arjun she will fear losing her again and don’t forget her guilt of not standing by Radhika 🙂 but Neil will be helping her in taking a right desicision and darling ur pov and suggestions are most welcome 🙂 feel free to share as it helps me improve 🙂 love u

  28. Suga


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    Sorry for late late lateeeee comment 🙁
    Rads statement abt arjun s superbbbbbbbb how she understand him s really awesome one 😀 😀 and wen found his name in rads back ohhhh godddd goosebumps …:D it’s really a nice feeling wen v get to know our loved one did for us 😀 😀 Neil ha ha ha he he he am laughing like hell 😀 😀 😀 every girl try to molest me 😀 😀 😀 ardhika oh man dats D best best best part 😀 😀 full of mixed emotions 😀 😀 love love love loved it from bottom of my heart 😀 😀 😀 love uuuuuuuuuu darling 😀 muhaaaaaaa 😀 lods of love 😀

    • Gauri

      Thanks SUga 🙂 misssssssssssseeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddd you 🙂 and no need for sorry 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

  29. pankh

    mai teri haye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gyi..super se upar wala update..everypart was like wao wao wao..cant wait for nxt..please update soon sorry for a late comment and gauri hows ur injury?? loads of love

    • Gauri

      Yes Rg 🙂 I will updating tomorrow for Sure and it is a double dhamaka …as its my Bday too 😀

      • Rg2015

        Wow gauri advance birthday wishes to u. Thank u for double damaka. I will b eagerly waiting.

  30. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding, mind blowing episode. …my gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeet darling….my dream date….awwwww…it was really reallly realllyyy incredible. ….you always keep your promises, this is the best thing of yours n I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt. …ardhika were fantabulous, breathtaking n remarkable. ..each n every single word spoken by them actually by you was really outstanding. …splendid…beautiful and very expressive. ….I felt their pain, care, concern n blissful feeling of deep pure true love which only exist in the fairytales…..along with this there is another part of your perfectly balanced talent…nesam’s patchup n rads teji prerna trio’s planning for that was hilarious….I could easily imagine neil’s shicked face n Sam’s guts to kiss him front of everybody….lol… literally watched everything with your flawless talent of marvellous narration. ….hat’s off to you…..again my bow down appreciation for your hard work behind this unique amazing awesoooooome story. …keep it up honeyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 😀 ♡♡♡

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