MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Radhika was left shocked with Arjun’s move…she was standing there like a stone…. ‘how can he do that…Arjun Sir was never this kind of a man’…. Neil said something but Radhika did not respond…Neil held her tightly and shook her violently…Radhika came back to her senses and cried…Neil hugged her …for Radhika Neil this hug was just pure care but for Sam who witnessed it was a moment between 2 people who loved who loved each other deeply

Arjun after reaching his house cursed himself… ‘’Arjun Mehra…why you had to behave like a total jerk….she is your wife and she has some dignity…you insulted her….you should apologize ….’’ But his other side strongly opposed… ‘’Atleast you know she loves you… may be for a second but she did respond’’ Arjun smiled…but he again hid is face in his palms…. ‘’she never deserved this kind of behaviour.. I will apolozise …I insulted her…and should aplogize’’

Sam was standing near the window recalling all the events….Radhika thanking Neil …Neil’s continuous support for Radhika…their hug in the parking….Manya brought Sam coffee… ‘’You look upset’’

Sam; ‘’No just worried’’

Manya; ‘’Why??? BS is doing good….Mom has started normalizing… I know it will take time for her to accept dad back.. so just chill’’

Sam; ‘’I worried that I might lose Neil forever’’

Manya’s ears were alert now… ‘’What about him’’

Sam; ‘’I think he loves Radhika…. All my life I had my true love right infront of me yet I never realized now when I want him desperately….he seems have forgotten me completely’’

Manya smirked… her POV; ‘Stupid….he is angry …but I will use this in my favour’’

Manya in sugar coated voice; ‘’Sammy you should rest we will think about it later’’

Radhika tried sleeping but all she could remember was Arjun’s lips against hers…she cursed herself for responding….she never wanted to…but her heart gave up…that feeling was a bliss…radhika groaned in frustration…and left the bed….she went to the terreace to get some air…Radhika folded her arms to her chest and took a deep breath..when she herad Neil; ‘’Couldn’t sleep ??? Me too….Love!…. thy name misery’’

Radhika; ‘’Its nothing like that’’

Neil; ‘’you love him….and you responded…am I right’’

Radhika replied irritated; ‘’Why are you talking about it’’

Neil; ‘’because you tortured me that day about Sam…’’ Radhika frowned and Neil chuckled; ‘’jokes apart….because I can open my heart to you and you to me’’

Radhika; ‘’Neil….peoplea re poiting fingers at you now…they doubt our relationship..I think I should move out’’

Neil; ‘’And confirm their doubt…dumb…Chashni…who are these people …99%… we don’t even know them…their existence dosen’t matter to us …they why their lame words would…chill….so what say I will prepare coffee…because neither you will sleep nor I’’ radhika smiled and Neil went to get coffee for both.

Radhika reached her office…and was welcomed with applauding colleagues ,flowers and best wishes….she smiled and thanked them…Anuj watched her…she thanked everyone personally….Anuj kept his palm on his chest…he felt the thudding of his heart…Radhika was able to make his heart skip a beat…Bonnie had tears in her eyes when she watched Anuj eyeing Radhika…. She loved him…and was in no mood of losing him…she decided to call Arjun…

Arjun; ‘’Bonnie….I have nothing for you…’’

Bonnie; ‘’Not for me…but for your precious wife…if you love her…take her far from Anuj…he is falling for her every second…be quick Arjun you might just lose the most precious possession of your life’’

Arjun banged his phone…he had to meet Radhika today by will or by force….


Mala was still not able to understand dadaji’s plan… she was restless…she couldn’t control her anxiety and went to him… ‘’Papaji Choti is not ready to hear a single word about will she agree’’

Dadaji ; ‘’Mala when we tend to hide our feelings…we mask it with violent outburst…this is what Choti is doing….I will make her pour all her anger on Arjun…and Arjun will speak everything he wants to but is not able to do it…do one thing call Sam and Neil too’’

Mala nodded and left.. She dialled Arjun….who answered immediately; ‘’How are you ma’’

Mala; ‘’Arjun…we have function for Riddhima’s daughter… I want you to come down….can you keep this small request ?’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’You accepted me as a family…I can never refuse you I will come…’’ Mala happily disconnected.


Rdhika was worried about Neil…he loved Sam but wasn’t ready to confess….she kept playing with her pen and then smiled when a brilliant idea strike her head.. ; ‘’Neil you are so gone’’…She was still thinking when Chirag tapped her desk… ‘’Whom areyou thinking about…Arjun or Anuj…its just a letter difference…looks like you have some charm that captures the powerful one’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’This is because I have talent…and I don’t steal others hard work or credit…don’t worry…since you are working with me….I might dust a little talent on you too’’

Chirag; ‘’Don’t fly too high girl…I might chop you feathers’’

Radhika stood straight infornt of him challenging him; ‘’For that you need to reach the altitude I am flying at … which looks little difficult for you … you know why because I don’t feed on others hard work or as you said I have the charm to capture the powerful ones…so beware even if I don’t they might chop your feathers’’ Radhika walked off leaving Chirag speechless…she was not the same girl anymore…she missed her old self….the positive one…but she missed someone else more than anything….

Radhika called Prerna ; ‘’Aunty…can we talk…its about Neil’’

Prerna; ‘’What about him’’

Radhika; ‘’Sam loves him ….she proposed but he refused…I need your help to reconcile them’’

Prerna was quite for sometime; ‘’What if Sam again breaks his heart…Neil will never be ale to cope up’’

Radhika; ‘’Aunty…I will never let such situation come…Neil will only commit if Sam is sure about her feelings’’

Prerna smiled; ‘’You still care for Sam’’

Radhika; ‘’No aunty…not for Sam… I care for Neil….this is only for him…ok I will leave early and meet you at your office’’ Radhika asked Anuj for half day off and he readily agreed…she left Neil a message tha she was leaving early…But what she didn’t expect was encounter with Arjun…standing just outside her office campus…she tried walking pass him but he blocked her way; ‘’I have been waiting for you since 10:00 AM’’

Radhika POV; ‘Why do I feel nice hearing that’…she brushed her thoughts aside and replied.. ‘’I never asked you…now excuse me as I have something important to do’’

Arjun held her hand; ‘’I need just 10 min….please’’ Radhika looked at his pleading eyes and melted…she took the passenger seat and Arjun smiled….he quickly got in and drove off…Arjun parked outside a well known restaurant …held the door for her…she stepped out and walked…all the while he kept staring at her and she never looked at him….once inside they were taken to a reserved table … it was kind of private with a semicircular sitting arrangement…Radhika’s heart flipped…Arjun gestured her to sit…she obliged and Arjun locked her to the corner….as there was a single exit from the table…he turned and stared at her; ‘’I am sorry…for what I did yesterday…you never deserved that’’

Radhika; ‘’Anything else???’’

Arjun smirked; ‘’A lot…come back home…I miss you’’

Radhika; ‘’I think I answered that before…but will do it again…that was never my home…I am not coming back’’

Arjun moved closer…making her squeeze in the corner….he leaned and kissed her cheek…; ‘’Don’t make me do things in a twisted manner’’

Radhika; ‘’I am not scared…and please move back’’

Arjun closed his eyes and plated one more kiss on her cheek…Radhika kept her palms in between to push him..but Arjun used his strength to overcome that…he watched the curling of her fingers…he smirked and spoke; ‘’do you remember how I got you framed in Maybelline account…what if I harm Neil the same way’’

Radhika looked at him with a shocked expression; ‘’Why??’’

Arjun; ‘’because he took what I want…and I will take it back’’

Radhika was angry; ‘’What do you want…?’’

Arjun; ‘’A dinner date with you…and one complete night….you can do that much for your beloved Neil’’

Radhika couldn’t believed what he just said; ‘’NO!!!!’’

Arjun; ‘’Radhika I don’t want anyone hurt…Neil is Prerna aunty’s only son…think’’

Radhika smirked; ‘’I thought you were sorry …fine…You are right Sir…I will do that for my Beloved Neil…please message me the date and time…now excuse me’’ She got up to leave…but Arjun pulled her in a hug and pecked her forehead… ‘’someday you will know how much I love you’’ Radhika looked straight into his eyes…his face his expressions were calm and soft…ARjun tugged her hair strands lovingly behind her ear and caressed her face… ; ‘’My Radhika had the heart to forgive even the worst…please bring her back’’

Radhika whispered; ‘’I tried keeping that Radhika alive….but the people whom she loved the most gave her a slow painful death’’

Arjun Radhika shared a painful eyelock…both had longing for each other…Arjun wanted Radhika to confess her feelings… Radhika wanted Arjun to prove he loved her and he is a changed man…Arjun without a word hugged her…Radhika blinked and stood in his arms for a minute before pushing him and running out of that place…

Bird Song

Manya watched Neil across the glass wall…his movements…while working or during the break,,,the way he interacted with colleagues and his dimpled smile…Manya adjusted her short dress to so as to flaunt her body perfectly…she entered his cabin ; ‘’Hi Handsome… busy???’’

Neil studied her posture and understood ; ‘’No kiddo…come in’’
Manya got irritated at word kiddo…but smiled; ‘’How about a coffee’’ She asked sitting on his table crossing her legs…Neil averted his eyes and got up moving to nearby book shelf……Manya got up and stood behind him….she took a grand tour of Neil’s physic and placed her palm on his back…moving and feeling him up…she softly spoke; ‘’Not every girlis as heartless as Sam you should move on …you should be be someone who loves you…someone like me’’

Neil clenched his jaw turned around and moved close to Manya making her retreat….she collided with the table and Neil locked her…Manya blushed thinking her plan worked…Neil gave her a hateful glare; ‘’ I will be with someone who has a beautiful heart and loves me unconditionally … but it will never be you….you are a trash….a girl who cannot be faithful to her own blood will never be faithful to me…get lost!!’’ Neil had so much hate that Manya jumped and quickly moved out of his cabin…Neil dialled his mother; ‘’Mom I am ready for marriage’’

Prerna disconnected and turned to Radhhika; ‘’He is ready to marry any girl of my choice’’

Radhika; ‘’SO lets being the game…first one is Saloni…she is an actress….she will do what we tell her…unless she goes gaga over Neil’’

Prerna laughed; ‘’Are you ready with a fake Mom too…and ask Teji to Drop the bomb on Sam’’

Radhika nodded and they shared a laugh…Prerna asked Neil to come home as a girl and her family were visiting them…Neil was shocked….he didn’t expect this so soon…but since he committed this to his mom he left

Teji watched him leave…and went to Sam on pretext of asking something…he knew she will direct him to Neil…; ‘’Sam… client needs better punch line’’

Sam; ‘’Go to Neil…this is his job’’

Teji; ‘’He is not in office …he left for the day’’

Sam frowned ; ‘’So soon…all good’’

Teji pretended all shocked; ‘’Are you kidding ???? Don’t tell me that….how can hide such a big thing from his best friend’’

Sam; ‘’Cut the crap’’

Teji all happy; ‘’Neil might get engaged today…or may be not depends if he likes the girl he is about to meet’’

Sam’s heart sank ….after Teji left she crashed on the floor…her legs were trembling…her body was shaking with fear of losing Neil…Arjun walked in and saw her in a venerable state…he helped her up but she fell again; ‘’Arjun …Neil decided to marry…he will never come back to me…I will die’’

Arjun gave her a glass of water and rubbed her palm…she was cold…Arjun spoke; ‘’Look at me Sam’’ She obliged… ‘’Neil said yes for marriage….he is not married yet and till he is not married …you have hope..don’t give up…fight…promise me you will’’

Sam just nodded.

Neil’s house

Neil entered his house to find 4 women giggling and talking…he looked at Radhika…who got up and dragged him; ‘’Saloni he is Neil..and Neil she is Saloni’’ they greeted each other and as per Radhika’s instruction girl…licked her lips looking at Neil…he froze…he got goose bumps over his skin…but he just smiled.

Prerna; ‘’I think they should talk alone’’ Neil was shit scared…Radhika escorted Saloni to the Terrace aand asked Neil to go…he held radhika’s hand tight; ‘’Please come Chashni… I am scared to be alone with her…she going to eat me’’

Radhika; ‘’don’t act now…go…I will be here’’ Neil gulped in fear like a sacrificial lamb and slowly went to the terrace…radhika was waiting for the drama….after 10 min Neil cam running down…falling and trying to gather himself…he was breathing heavily …Radhika; ‘’Neil!! You like her so much’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni…she tried to molest me…she tried to kiss me forcefully’’ Neil was talking like a kid who just saw a white cockroach…

Radhika tried controlling her laughter; ‘’that means you like each other…good let me inform the good news to every one’’ Radhika turned to leave but Neil caught her hand; ‘’I will murder you…you are having fun at my expense’’ He walked angrily towards the hall…Saloni gave Radhika a hifi

Neil refused Saloni in the most polite manner…and Saloni made an act…crying vigorously about her broken heart…Radhika and Prerna had a gala time looking at Neil’s shocked expressions…which did not leave him for a day.

Next day Radhika got a parcel with a letter… ‘Tomorrow-Paradise Worli…Sharp at 8:00 PM…I bought a dress for you want you to wear that’ Only yours Arjun… Radhika checked the dress it was a backless green gown with earrings and shoes…she looked at the gown and cursed… ‘Shameless’

Prcap; The dinner date…Sam’s proposes and threaten Neil…Anuj proposes Radhika

Credit to: Gauri


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  23. chandan

    Hi Gauri…finally got time to read both the updates of your FFs..they are as usual fantastic…tc

  24. tanya

    Sorry couldnt cmnt for long sry vry sry…..
    amazing u r the best ur previous episodee r ur only competition nd every u bring btr nd keep winning just again nd again…..
    try to post sooon pls pls. Pls pls pls pls….. i cant wait pls…

  25. tanya

    Sorry couldnt cmnt for long sry vry sry
    it was jus tthe best
    try to post sooon pls pls. Pls pls pls pls….. i cant wait pls…

  26. Roma

    My gauriiiiiiiiiiiii. ….first of all so sorry for late comment. ….now coming to episode….muaaaaahhhhhh. … dream date…here it comes….as you promised. …yayyy……I’m soooo glaaaaddd n excited for it….can’t even wait for the next episode. …Overall whole episode was mind blowing n superbbbbb. …I enjoyed every bit of it….ardhika so lovelyyyyyy. …arjun trying very hard to convince rads….manya trying to take advantage of rift of nesam but failed miserably…lol…rads planning for nesam union…the saloni n Neil scene was hilaaaaaaarious. …I just love you soooooooo muchhhhhh gauriiiiiiiiiiiii. ….keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss. Muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.