MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Radhika made Neil sleep…she couldn’t see him this state…she covered him and left his room…she decided to speak to him about it. Morning Neil didn’t come for breakfast…Prerna called out for him 2-3 times… ‘’First he will come late…then won’t get upon time…I am tired of this guy’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Aunty I will wake him up’’ Radhika went to Neil’s room and found him curled under the blanket…Radhika pulled the curtains….’’ Neil get up its 8:30 you need to leave by 9:00’’ but she did not get any response…Radhika didn’t feel right…she touched his forehead….he was burning and his whole body was shivering badly… Radhika quickly pulled out another blanket and covered him… she informed Prerna and dialled the doctor …she dropped a message to Anuj that she would be taking leave …Prerna was caressing Neil’s hair…doctor gave a prescription and asked Neil to rest for 2-3 days… Radhika went to the kichen to prepare soup for him….when she heard the land line phone ring…Prerna asked her to answer…Radhika picked the call the speaker on the other side started before she could speak ; ‘’Where are you idiot we have so many meetings you were supposed to be here by 8:30 and its more than 9:30 ….’’ Radhika understood it was Sam after a pause she spoke

Radhika; ‘’Sam …Neil is not well ….he has been advised to take 2-3 days rest’’

Sam froze and words suddenly died ….she realized it was Radhika she didn’t know where to start from…Sam closed her eyes took a deep breath and spoke ; ‘’Chashni…how are you?’’

Radhika kept it short and formal; ‘’I am good Sam …hope you are doing good too…I will inform Neil you called once he is up…right now I have to go’’ Radhika disconnected before Sam could speak a word …Radhika kept the phone and went back to kitchen.

Sam crashed on th sofa…she realized so easy it is to spit wrong and hurtful words but so difficult to apologise…but she had to otherwise this guilt will never leave her…Sam decided to do it today itself …she picked her bag up…she left Arjun a message and walked out.

Arjun entered BS looking haunted…his eyes were blood shot…people were scared even to great him he walked to his cabin and asked for a black coffee…Arjun was checking his mails but his mind was still was travelling through last night …Radhika hugging Neil….Arjun felt helpless…there was unknown pain…he couldn’t touch and show where but his it was killing him….Arjun felt some one was strangulating him…he loosen top buttons of his shirt to breathe… he looked at the screen saver on his laptop screen he touched it…and whispered … ‘’please come back…..I will die without you… ‘’ office boy entered his cabin and gave him a note…Arjun opened it – ‘Arjun I am going to Neil’s house…. he is not well…please take care of the meetings’ but Arjun’s mind was only on destroying Samudra…and he was ready …he called Zubin; ‘’Get ready we have a meeting ‘’ Arjun left with Zubin…He had arranged a meeting with Samudra’s biggest account…it was hair care brand which had been ruling Indian market for 10 yrs….but since the global players started entering the brand was losing its customers…marketing head greeted Arjun and asked; ‘’What new you have to offer…which famous star or model you will suggest who would endorse our brand’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’An unknown face someone who might appear like an ordinary customer…2 benefits you will not have to shell out huge amount for hiring a big name and 2nd people connect more with unknown faces as they can feel them as a part of same crowd…whereas about celebrities there is an opinion that they do anything for huge amout of money’’

Marketing head smiled; ‘’you are good….how much market share do you think we can gain’’

Arjun; ‘’5-10% … one more thing we should target small cities more…big city customers go by reviews a lot…you will be able to retain your market’’

Marketing head; ‘’done…will sign up a contract with BS for a year…I will mail you the copy’’ Arjun greeted and left

Anuj banged his phone when spoke to his client after receiving a mail from them about the cancellation of the contract….this was the 3rd big account Arjun Mehra snatched…..he was moving like a tornado..destroying Anuj…

Prerna got a call she urgently had to leave for her NGO…but looking at Neil she couldn’t Radhika understood… ‘’Aunty…please carry one…I will take care of him…’’ Prerna left promising to come back soon…Radhika bought Neil his food…he made a face looking at it…Radhika kept the tray on a small table infront of Neil… Neil gave a pleading look…Radhika smiled ; ‘’Neil…eat…that won’t work on me and I need you fine because I have many questions for you….so better eat…’’ Neil under stood he won’t be able to hide things for long….he just smiled….

Sam pressed the door bell and the maid answered the door…directing Sam to Neil’s room…but as Sam reached the door the view infront of her eyes made her heart sink…Radhika was feeding Neil with her own hands….they were enjoying each others company….Radhika turned towards the door and found Sam standing there… ‘’Hi Sam…why are you standing there …please come in ‘’

Sam smiled and walked in; ‘’Sorry Neil I know you asked me not to come to your house….but I couldn’t stop myself …had to see you how are you feeling now’’

Neil smiled; ‘’Better….I have my Dr CHashni…’’

Sam; ‘’Neil I have something important to talk….’’ She looked at Radhika….Radhika understood and got up to leave but Neil held her hand… ‘’Sit CHashni….nothing is hidden from you…you are a part of my life’’ Sam felt as if someone pierced her heart

Radhika smiled patted Neil arm and said; ‘’I have work… I will come in some time’’ Neil smiled and let her go…he turned to Sam.. ‘’yes Sam tell me …is it about some client or project…’’

Sam asked in a pained voice ; ‘’do we have only official things to talk about…Neil pls don’t do this it kills me …Neil tell me what should I do to make you believe’’

Neil; ‘’I don’t know…’’ Sam got up….but stopped at Neil’s voice… ‘’Sam to believe on me and Radhika you needed proofs…before that you refused to believe us…now tell me the proof you have to make me believe on you’’

Radhika heard Neil and Sam and now she had a doubt …she could guess certain things…she quietly moved to the hall…Sam came to the hall…and saw Radhika standing at the window..with hesitation she walked towards Radhika and touched her shoulder gently; ‘’Chashni…I am sorry….for everything…Can u please forgive me’’

Radhika turned around and smiled; ‘’What are you sorry for’’

Sam; ‘’ For not trusting you…for all those words that I said to you ‘’

Radhika; ‘’Sam don’t worry…I have left everything behind…all that doesn’t matter to me anymore…apology is not required’’

Sam; ‘’Radhika…I am living in hell…I need your forgiveness please…’’ Sam was sobbing Radhika watched her for sometime…moved forward and wiped her tears; ‘’If that makes you happy…fine I forgive you’’

Sam smiled wide…she hugged Radhika…but Radhika was not that responsive….Sam broke the hug …she cupped Radhika’s face ; ‘’I promise I will never doubt you again…we will be like old times….I will never let anyone come between our friendship’’

Radhika moved back… ‘’Sam …I just said I left everything behind…I am not coming back…please don’t expect more than this’’ Sam kept looking at Radhika’s emotionless face… ‘’ What does this means… you haven’t forgiven me ‘’

Radhika; ‘’Sam nothing of the past matters to me…I have moved on and I am not turning back…be it people or memories… its good for all …and for me’’ Sam had no words to counter her….she just walk backwards looking at Radhika …turned around and left…Radhika watched her leave and marched to Neil’s room… he looked at her and lowered his eyes

Radhika; ‘’Good you understood now answer my question…what’s wrong between you and Sam’’

Neil; ‘’Nothing important…Chashni lets watch a good movie….I am tired sticking to bed’’

Radhika watched him and spoke; ‘’You love Sam’’

Neil froze…he closed his eyes for few minutes opened them looked at Radhika and gave her a big smile; ‘’Chashni stop being karamchand….I am happy now’’

Radhika; ‘’you love her or not….don’t beat around the bush…just a yes or no…’’

Neil knew Radhika will not stop; ‘’yes since the day I understood the meaning of the word love….I just loved her only her and no one..’’

Radhika; ‘’Did she knew about it when she met Arjun Sir’’

Neil; ‘’Yes’’

Radhika; ‘’Then why did you let her go…you knew Arjun Sir was not a good choice…why didn’t you stop her….’’

Neil; ‘’I tried confessed my heart but she said…she never felt that way and I was just a friend…I wanted to fight with her ….but for me her smiled mattered the most…she loved him…looked so happy around him…I decided to be happy in her happiness’’

Radhika; ‘’What happened yesterday?

Neil; ‘’You won’t give up fine….she said she loved me’’

Radhika; ‘’And you refused…right’’

Neil; ‘’Yes …now don’t question me why???’’ Radhika came and sat close toNeil…she held his hand between hers…. ‘’I won’t…. because I know… Now tell me which movie are we going to watch’’ Neil smiled…and went back searching his precious collection of movies.

Sam entered office and ran towards the washroom…she kept splashing cold water on her face continuously…to hide her tears…Arjun came a stood behind her…. ‘’water can hide and wash your tears…it will not stop them’’

Sam broke down and crashed on the floor; ‘’you know Arjun the day Radhika married you I felt…everything got over …my life my dreams…all came to an end…but no…that was just a comma that life had put to make me realize my mistakes….but today…I got a full stop…I lost everything’’

Arjun gave her box of tissues and sat next to her; ‘’No …this is not ..if its not a comma…take this to be a change of paragraph…don’t give up…they are angry…but we deserve that specially me…I am the reason for your misery…now I will help you win Neil’s heart’’

Sam smiled; ‘’Anything important on the work front’’

Arjun got up and extended his hand for Sam to get up ; ‘’ Congrats ! we snatched 3rd big account of Samudra’’

Sam’s jaw dropped…she blinked then composed herself; ‘’you love Chashni madly…my god she can’t even imagine what you are upto…’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes I love her…with each breath…and I will not leave her an option other than coming to me’’ Arjun turned to leave but Sam’s voice stopped him… ‘’for getting her back you need strength and for that you should eat and sleep properly…lets go for lunch…I am hungry…and the way we are expanding I thinks all my hairs will turn grey in a month…Arjun smiled and nodded


Mala went to dadaji’s room; ‘’Papaji you promised you will convince choti to move in with Arjun…but it has been a month…she gets angry if I speak about it’’
Dadaji; ‘’Mala when is the function for Ridhima’s daughter..’’

Mala; ‘’after 2 months’’

Dadji; ‘’Choti will come….but secretly invite Arjun…rest I will take care’’ Mala smiled wide and left

Day of Award ceremony

Anuj had requested Radhika to accompany him in the award ceremony …but she politely declined and told him that she has already accepted her friend’s request …Radhika was not liking this undue attention…and Neil already had passed the order that she would be accompanying him…Radhika got ready…she wore a beautiful off white net sari…with single stud earrings and beautiful diamond pendent which Prerna gave her…she made her hair in a stylish bun…giving her an elegant look…Neil looked at her ; ‘’Chashni today there will be world war 3 for you…men will kill each other for your attention’’

Radhika glared at him ; ‘’well I can say that for you too you look all killer…what are you for … you will stop them …now lets leave’’ Neil extended his arm and Radhika looped her arm around his and walked out with him.

Radhika entered with her arm around Neil’s arm…it was organised in a big hotel…they were directed to a table…where teji joined them…as people started pouring in…BS staff was looking at Radhika…they were only talking about her and Neil… about their relation but RNeil were least concerned…all the 3 were busy…Sam accompanied Piyali wearing an off shoulder gown….Arjun came later in a black tuxedo …hair gelled and combed backwords …it made hi look like a handsome villan…he looked at Radhika …admired her beauty smiled and walked to his table which he was sharing with Sam and Piyali…Anuj who sat at two tables away from Radhika’s table and watching her…he couldn’t understand what attracted him to her …her intelligence..simplicity …her dedication or just the fact that she was love interest of his biggest Rival Arjun Mehra…and now Arjun was turning his nemesis …its only through Radhika he could check Arjun..

Neil go up and dragged Teji along to get a drinks….Anuj watched him and walked towards her table; ‘’you look beautiful ‘’

Radhika blinked surprisingly …but politely replied ; ‘’Thanks !’’

Anuj; ‘’ if I had known that you will look this breath taking…I would have asked you before you Friend NEIL….’’ He on purpose stressed sarcastically on Friend and Neil

Radhika was about to reply but instead Neil replied with a walking; ‘’Indeed, she looks breath taking….but if you don’t retreat in a second…all your breaths will be taken’’

Anuj; ‘’hey Neil…cool man…I was just appreciating as a colleague’’

Neil; ‘’Anuj there are certain boundaries … hope you understand ‘’ Anuj nodded and left….

Radhika; ‘’Chill ! what made you so angry’’

Neil; ‘’He is after you because of Arjun…nothing else….he is a pervert’’

Radhika; ‘’and you are a sweet heart … lucky to have you as my friend’’

Teji made a face ; ‘’and I am nothing’’

Radhika pulled Teji’s cheeks ; ‘’ you are also my best friend…’’ Teji smiled…they were chit chatting happily when the host for the night started…the awards…one after the other individuals and firms got their awards….and then came Best copy writer of the year award…. The name the host took left many surprised including the winner

Host; ‘’So the next award…is dedicated to those whose words make a product or service so interesting that customers are bound to get attracted…so ladies and gentle the winner of best copywriter is the youngest in the history of award…in short span of the career…this person…mesmerised industry with her words …so please put your hands together for Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra…for Maybelline’’

Neil & Teji stood up and clapped for Radhika …who was shocked after hearing Arjun’s name associated with hers…she cursed his impossible nature…and started walking toward the stage…Arjun watched her … admired her and gently inhaled her scent in air… when she crossed his table…Radhika accepted the award

Host; ‘’Radhika who is the believe you can dedicate this award to’’

Radhika thought smiled and replied; ‘’when I came to Mumbai…no one believed that a small town girl can do any good here..accept one…my first friend …who never pulled me down or made me feel inferior…he is my family… away from my family…Neil…so thank you Neil’’ Neil clapped harder along with Teji…Sam felt little weird because Radhika was being clearly mentioned as Arjun’s wife yet she thanked Neil and so openly….Arjun clutched his chair angrily …she was challenging him openly now…she didn’t care of his name , feelings or about being his wife…and Anuj was shocked to the core….he didn’t knew that she was still Arjun’s wife…he mind was running as to how to use this in his favor…

After the award ceremony ended…party and dinner started… winners were congratulated by peers and friends… some jealous peers came to Radhika and congtratulated her …one of them girls started ; ‘’ Hey Radhika tell me how does it feel like being with two handsome men…I heard you are dating Neil’’

Teji; ‘’Not only Neil…she is dating me too…do you have a problem’’

Girl little irritated at the answer ; ‘’Do you even know what you are talking…don’t you care of her reputation’’

Neil; ‘’ you wanted to know how many she was dating …we gave you the answer…do you want to our routine too….shall we start ‘’

Radhika; ‘’Was this required’’

Neil; ‘’Chashni if you give explanation they will ask more…so just give go along and leave them confused’’

Radhika smiled and excused herself she moved out to the garden area…she wanted some air…Arjun whose eyes never left her… followed her and watched her standing in a lonely corner watching the night…he came close… ‘’Congrats Radhika! You made me proud…’’

Radhika without turning ; ‘’why are you proud’’

Arjun; ‘’You very well know why … you are wife and today Mrs Arjun Mehra was awarded…and you accepted the award’’

Radhika; ‘’I accepted the award…. not your name….and I never will’’

Arjun; ‘’Why ??? Am I that bad…’’

Radhika; ‘’Sir do you remember the first time you mistook me for Sam…you know what you had said that day…I will tell you ….you said…you had been waiting for this day for very long …and after that day…Sam will never be able to leave you…hope you remember now….answer me…what were you planning to do …you and I both know…you were planning to get intimate with Sam…then I saw you with Bonnie you know how…should I accept you tell me?’’

Arjun; ‘’I said I am sorry…Why can’t you just forget everything ‘’

Radhika; ‘’ I saw you close to bonnie…then my best friend …I think I should also find and spend time with two-three guys …we will be even and then I will think….’’

Arjun pulled Radhika into a tight grip; ‘’Try to be with a guy….and I will kill him… Radhika please …I love you’’

Radhika moved out of his grip; ‘’ I saw my face in the mirror this morning again… and as you said…a guy like you can never be with a girl like me’’ Arjun lost his control…he held her by neck and kissed her hard…Radhika was too shocked to react….she turned cold for 2 seconds…and when she got her senses she tried pushing him …but Arjun went on deepening it…digging his fingers on her bare waist and exposed back…but he was interrupted when Neil punched Arjun hard… Arjun staggered and looked at Neil and then Radhika she was standing there like a marble stone …he smiled and said; ‘’I got my answer …you love me’’ Arjun walked off wiping the blood from the corner of his lips… Neil hugged Radhika and took her with him there .

Precap; Sam witness Neil hugging Radhika….Dadaji’s plan….Arjun warns Radhika to come back

Credit to: Gauri


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    • Gauri

      Thanks Ritu 🙂 Anuj right now is pretending but will fall for her eventually 🙂 loads of love and movie was rocking 🙂

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    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Sreee 🙂 Sometimes how ever good we are we can’t accept truth this is his condition right now… Ok request taken will end with their baby 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks a ton hope and you are lucky to have such an amazing friend 😀 I miss my school gang … since we all are in different locations so we don’t meet that much…. but when ever meet we have a blast 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks my swt hrt 🙂 now your answers 🙂 yes she did respond for a sec 🙂 u will now what dadaji is upto 🙂 Radhika will herself go back 🙂 Nesam soon … Aradhika some time 🙂 nope …only Sam will witness that 🙂 dinner date soon 🙂 after 2 updates hrishikesh visit 🙂 Arjun effort he will do a lot 🙂 Anuj …ihaven’t thought about that 🙂 loads of love darling and thanks for commenting 🙂

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  19. Gianna


    |Registered Member

    OMG OMG OMG am blown away, u just blew my mind Gauri, loved this to the core, I love this cat and mouse game this husband and wife keep playing with each other. Just loved it, loads of love to u and tc ????????

  20. Sathya


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    Fantastic episode gauri… U rocked it…. I feel pity on arjun… Now I m supporting arjun… It’s enough of giving pain yar… Rads also loves him… Arjun realized his mistakes so I thought of giving him one Chance finally… What say gauri?

  21. S.v


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    didi this was freaky awesome . Anju now found the truth of rads and still has an eye on her. More than enough for Arjun to destroy. Arjun sometimes feeling sorry for him and some times feeling like wanna give a tight slap. Neil ooh poor him . I missed the dancing and happy one. Pls mke him like the normal Neil di and teji when he was speaking about Radhika was marvelous and i loved the way he supports her. Rashika a typical girl of suffering.

    Di wanna write more sorry for the small comment as this is not at all the even a match to your update di ; Love you di bear hugs and kisses too

  22. Naaga


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    Haaaa gauri thank u soooo epi ws so so nice to read esply last portion he is such a crazy guy & radhu also invite his kiss hmm …gud ? Neil…. I want friend like him ☺

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    Love it to the core di!! You are MINDBLOWING!! Sorry for being late… Please post soon

    Love you loads.. Tc. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.