MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Dilip and Ankush were sitting holding their head….Mala has refused food she was on a hunger strike with one demand that Radhika should go back to Arjun…Dilip tried convincing her but she was adamant finally Dadaji intertwined… ‘’Mala have patience beta with time everything will fall into place….right now choti is full of anger…she won’t understand anything….give her some time’’

Mala; ‘’Why is she angry…it should be us who should be angry on her for leaving a good guy like Arjun…she should understand his point of view too…and here this Ankush is adamant on sending Saral to Jail what will happen to Riddhima…’’

Dadaji; ‘’Saral should be punished….and Riddhima herself is supporting Ankush…and for choti I promise you will bring them together…but give her some time ‘….now have something ‘’ Mala agreed


Radhika got up late….she quickly got ready her hair were still wet she decided to set them in office….Neil dropped her …promising to pick her up in the evening….Radhika quickly went to her place and started her work…moving her fingers through her partially dried hairs…Anuj watched her and smiled…she looked cute …Anuj called Radhika to his cabin…he enjoyed observing her…Radhika went inside his cabin…Anuj asked her to sit ; ‘’ Radhika from today Chirag will work with you…Chirag was little uncomfortable at the way Radhika looked at him… Radhika got distracted by Anuj’s voice… ‘’Radhika Lancome has got amazing coverage through your campaign….so we have decided to nominate you for best copy writer award….so this calls for a celebration what say’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’let me win the award after that yes…for now I would like to go back to my work’’ She greeted Anju and left his cabin…Anuj took a deep breath and smiled; ‘’Sorry Arjun ….I think I am going to keep her for life’’

Anuj was still smiling when Bonnie barged in… ‘’Did you check the headlines….’’

Anuj; ‘’What so important…did Arjun decided to leave the worldly pleasures and reside in Himalayas’’

Bonnie; ‘’I guess you would be doing that soon….BS acquired 2 advertising firms…with it their accounts and staff…and you thought they weren’t doing good’’

Anuj jerked up from his place…he quickly checked the details online…this meant BS was still miles ahead of them…he looked at Bonnie and spoke hiding is worry; ‘’Arjun won’t harm Samurdra till I have his wife’’

Bonnie; ‘’You are wrong…he will keep harming you till you keep her…and if you are planning to keep her…he will ruin you and take her…its still time…get rid for her’’

Anuj screamed ; ‘’Shut up…has any one ever cracked a deal as big as this one…I need her and will take maximum out of her…send the BD manager to my cabin now’’ Bonnie smirked and left.


Sam was wild since morning….since the news of acquisition was out…she had been getting calls to congratulate her …or for meetings…Arjun walked in BS with a proud smile….he watched the way people were busy…none of them had work so much in last 2 yrs…Sam had assigned accounts and presentations to almost everyone…and her temper regarding the deadline..was keeping everyone on toes…Arjun walked into her cabin and found her screaming on Zubin…; ‘’Zubin…is this a presentation…even a 12th grade would prepare better than this…Lancome was BS last failure I don’t want anymore ..get to work I want this by 5 PM’’ Today… Zubin just nodded and left…Sam crashed on the chair…Arjun; ‘’take it easy Sam’’

Sam; ‘’Now!!! After creating this chaos…you want me to take it easy…wow Arjun Mehra’’

Ajun smiled; ‘’You wanted me to get back the glorious days of BS..this is the first step’’

Sam; ‘’First Step!!!…OMG I will die while reaching the last one’’

Arjun; ‘’Leave all that…tell me which account in last one year has given you the maximum output’’

Sam; ‘’Maybelline…Why?’’

Arjun; ‘’Nominate Radhika for Best Copy writer award’’

Sam; ‘’I will do that…but I have a news…Samudra has nominated Radhika too’’

Arjun; ‘’They are fools…she won’t win on their nomination but ours…because the awards are in a month…and their ad release will take time…by the way how do you know this’’

Sam smiled; ‘’I have my ways…you want your wife…I want my friend back…I miss her….anyways we will get her back…now please help me sort this out’’ Arjun smiled and nodded….Neil who watched this from outside..was pained to watch Arjun and Sam laughing and enjoying…he gulped his pain and dialed Radhika… ‘’Chashni will you have lunch with me’’

Radhika; ‘’Why are you asking just come or let me know where to come….’’

Neil smiled wide; ‘’Fine see u in 10 min’’ Neil turned around and found Manya grinning at him…he rolled his eyes and left he was in no mood of dealing with another Khanna right now.

Arjun badly wanted to see Radhika and he had his own ways…he smiled recalling his last meeting when she kept looking everywhere accept his eyes…the way her cheek heated up on his touch…Arjun knew she will fight him and he wanted her too….this would pull her anger out….Arjun closed his eyes and thought ; ‘’Neil my friend you will be leaving late today….I have to see my wife I am desperate to hold her today…got to get you busy’’ Arjun smiled and went back to his work

Neil was waiting for Radhika she came down smiling and tapped his shoulder.. ‘’You should have bought Teji along too’’

Neil; ‘’Not today…just wanted to be with my best friend’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Neil ! can you please open your heart to me…I am your friend…may be I can help’’

Neil gave a dimpled smiled; ‘’Chashni right now…my stomach has opened its mouth wide screaming hungry..lets go’’ As they walked Neil felt eyes on their back… he just tilted his bike mirror…it was Anuj…Neil felt fishy he didn’t like the way Anuj had hugged Radhika in the Lancome presentation….he decided to keep an eye…no more troubles for Radhika.

Neil walked back into office whistling…Teji caught hold of him… ‘’Boss where were you…I kept looking for you’’

Neil; ‘’Was out on lunch with Chashni’’

Teji; ‘’Not fair…I too wanted to meet her’’

Neil; ‘’She is not staying on Mt Everest…she is staying with me…come anytime you like … useless drama’’

Teji; ‘’Sam was looking for you…we have many assignments to complete…go meet her’’ Neil nodded and entered the board room…Sam and Arjun were in a discussion….Neil greeted them professionally which irked Sam…day by day Neil was increasing his distance….Arjun watched the tension between the two and started …. ‘’Neil we have more than 20 big names with us as active client…these are all big budget projects…and they all need a brief on our approach…you are a master in this…can you please finish and prepare a rough draft on some off them by today eod…Neil looked at the was challenging and he loved challenges…he nodded ; ‘’I would be needing more people….but not Zubin and Kritika’’

Sam; ‘’Don’t worry …I have assigned 4 to your team…your mail has the details…’’Neil nodded and left the cabin Sam turned to Arjun; ‘’Thanks !…now I can talk to him’’

Arjun; ‘’And I can meet my panoti…all the best Sam’’ Sam smiled wished him and left…Arjun locked his cabin took his keys and left…

Radhika got a message from Neil that he would be late…she decided to take bus or a cab….she sneaked out before Anuj could could offer a ride…Radhika was waiting for the bus when a white SUV came at stopped near her…she knew to whom it belonged to she turned nervous…facing the man she loved so dearly and refusing him again and again was making her weak….she wiped her forehead and felt relieved when she saw the bus coming from behind….but before she could get in… a familiar hand pulled her in a strong grip…dragging her along … ‘’Sir leave my arm…how can you …” but her words died…when Arjun gave her a glace

Arjun; ‘’I will give you time to curse me …for now be quite’’ Arjun pushed Radhika to the passenger seat locking her seat belt….he got in on the driver side and drove off’’

Radhika ; ‘’Where are you taking me…???’’

Arjun; ‘’Our house….which you left in your stupidity’’

Radhika; ‘’That was never my house…please stop the car or I will jump’’

Arjun tightly held her wrist; ‘’If you try to do any such thing…I will make you sit on my lap…the audience on the road will have a free show…till we reach our destination…choice is yours’’ Radhika gulped….he had capacity to do anything…she just bowed her head and sat quietly….once he reached his house …he held out the passenger door for her…she stepped out all grumpy and followed him…once inside…Radhika spoke; ‘’Now tell me the reason for bringing me here’’

Arjun loosen his shirt…and moved towards her making her retreat…she walked back till her back collided the wall…her face was pink…and nervousness was evident on her face…Arjun kept an arm on the wall and leaned; ‘’So you said you don’t have feelings for me…but why are your eyes speaking something else’’

Radhika; ‘’My eyes are not speaking anything…you are imagining things’’

Arjun smiled at the way she retorted…he held her chin and lifted her face up; ‘’then say this looking into my eyes’’ He made her look straight into his eyes…Arjun could hear Radhika’s madly beating heart….he sweaty forehead…and her fists which were holding her dress tightly…Arjun leaned more…and whispered ‘’Speak Radhika…or I might do something which won’t allow you to even breath forget speaking ‘’

Radhika was breathing hard…she cursed Neil for being late…she tried walking out of his caging arms but he caged her again; ‘’Sir please let me go…I am begging you….’’

Arjun rubbed his rough cheek on her soft one….his whispered against her heated cheek…. ‘’I never wanted you to beg….I wanted you to demand…like I am doing right now….be mine’’

Radhika felt helpless….and her eyes gave up…tears started pouring out…she knew if he moved a inch more closer to her…all walls will crumble in a sec…she had to stop him…but was helpless and scared of this proximity which her heart demanded and mind refused…she was still thinking when Arjun cupped her face and kissed her cheek warmly…Radhika pushed him and screamed; ‘’How dare you…I guess you don’t understand polite language…don’t you dare touch me again’’

Radhika kicked her heels turned around to leave…but this didn’t go well with Arjun he held her tightly… ‘’ you dare me…fine then let me show you something’’ he lifted her up and dumped her on the bed…coming on the top… ‘’ If I want…I can claim my right on you any day…But I don’t want to insult you…I want you accept me with your heart…want to spend my life with you…please come back’’

Radhika; ‘’Insult??? Did you think about me…when I was insulted every minute….did you care for my feelings then…I was blamed for forcing you to marry me…did you ever accept that I never forced you….Sir you can’t even imagine the scars my heart has…and now you want all forgiven in a day…you couldn’t forget a revenge for so many years…yet you want me to forget everything in a day…’’

Arjun looked into her pained eyes; ‘’I know I was wrong…punish me..but don’t leave me.. I love you…I always have and I always will’’

Radhika looked at Arjun all wide eyed…she wasn’t ready for this confession…but her mind wanted to hurt him.. she smirked; ‘’You love me…guess it’s the same way you loved Sam… am I right???…this was the same way you got intimate with her and now you are trying same thing on me…but sorry Sir this won’t work…I will never come back to you…because I can never trust you’’

Arjun was hit straight into his heart He kept watching her face…his eyes started watering…two drops escaped his eyes and fell on Radhika’s forehead…Arjun smiled between his tears; ‘’Only you have the power rip me apart…and you have the strength to keep me intact…I don’t know how to convince you…but I am sorry…’’ Arjun leaned again and scared Radhika pleaded ; ‘’No Sir Please…’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Don’t worry nothing will happen against your wish…but I promise you one thing…I will make you mine for life…by hook or by crook’’ …He leaned and buried his head in her neck…and softly spoke; ‘’Just stay still….let me inhale your scent…it will keep me alive for few days’’ Radhika turned her face to the other side..but Arjun cupped it and turned towards him…’’I love you …I really do…please come back’’

Radhika reached her house and Prerna asked her to come for dinner…Radhika smiled and quickly went inside the washroom…she sat with her back to the door..covered her mouth and cried….every time she wanted to go to him… she would recall the way he was close to Sam…the way she got insulted…why was she expected to forgive everyone so easily…Why??


Neil was still busy…Sam watched him from the glass door and smiled….Neil her buddy her best friend one person who stood by her…wiped her tears…made her smile…Sam’s POV ;’ I always thought I loved Arjun…but I can’t spend a single day without talking to you or thinking about you …how foolish of me that I wasted so much of time which could have been my best …yet I kept running behind a mirage …but not any more today I will open my heart to you’ Sam walked in a stood across the table watching Neil..he was busy with his laptop…Sam smiled….Neil could sense her presence ….he looked up; ‘’You still are here…its late ‘’

Sam; ‘’So are you…so Idiot can we have dinner together …’’

Neil smiled but it did not reach his eyes; ‘’Some other day Sam…need to leave mom must be waiting’’

Sam; ‘’Neil you haven’t called me Samrunder Singh for so long…I miss you’’

Neil ; ‘’Even I miss myself…but as said change is the only constant…slowly we all will get used to this change’’ Neil got up to leave but Sam held is hand…Neil turned around and looked at Sam…she was holding his hand…her eyes had tears and hope..her lips were slightly stretched into a gentle smile….Sam was pleading through her eyes….Neil held her by shoulders and made her sit…but Sam was restless that she leaped and hugged him her feet were dangling in air…Neil held her to support…but before he could break the hug Sam whispered… ‘’ I love you Neil’’ Neil froze….he could not say a word…he gently placed Sam on the floor…He wasn’t looking at her…Sam wrapped her arm around his waist and another arm around his neck…Sam went on her toes and deeply kissed Neil’c cheek….he did not respond….he stood there like a stone statue….Sam moved forward to kiss him when Neil jerked her; ‘’Sam…just stay back’’

Sam was shocked; ‘’Neil…did I do something wrong…’’

Neil; ‘’Yes very wrong…why do think that you can just mold me any way you want….yesterday you were madly in love with Arjun….you rejected me for him…you were ready to go any length to have him in your life…and today you are telling me that you love me….why Sam…you love for Arjun died…or the trust died…you are scared that he might again betray you…Oh now I get it…you are trying to return CHashni the favor she did…but Sam please spare my heart…. I am tired of pain….’’

Neil walked out of the door….Sam stood there but then ran behind him…she tried getting into the lift but couldn’t as Neil didn’t stop it for her…Sam ran down through stairs and stood infront of his bike…she sat on her knees ; ‘’Neil… Please trust me…give me and my heart a chance ‘’ Neil without a word drove off making his way from the side…leaving Sam behind…he was driving but the vision was not clear…tears were blocking his sight…Neil increased the speed…he just wanted to be locked in his room….

Radhika was worried…it was 12:30 AM and Neil was still not him…Radhika had earlier asked Prerna to sleep as it was late … Radhika was walking in the garden area waiting for Neil

Arjun was restless….Radhika was so close yet so far…he picked his car keys he just wanted to have a glimpse of her…he knew it was late…but he wanted to take chances who known…she might awake just like him…Arjun with a hope in his eyes and smile on his face got inside his car and drove off to Neil’s house…

Radhika’s patience gave up she picked up her mobile to call Neil when she heard his bike…Radhika took a sigh of relief… ‘’Neil where were you…?…..I….’’ but before she could complete Neil hugged her tightly he was sobbing like a broken child…Radhika was confused…and worried..she hugged him back pacifying him….Radhika rubbed his back…but Neil was just crying…Radhika was worried he always smiled and made others smile…why was he so broken…Radhika held her beloved friend waiting for his tears to stop…But Radhika was not aware of the two eyes which were also shedding tears but angry ones…and the heart that burned to see her hugging Neil…Arjun got inside his car and turned towards to give glance to Radhika….his POV; ‘I won’t let anyone take you from me…no one’

Precap : More confusion ….The award ceremony….Arjun publicly shows his right on Radhika

Credit to: Gauri


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