MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 15

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It was Teji’s first day at Dreamz….when he entered there was a kind of celebration going on since they were just 15 member company….the Dreamz founder quickly asked him join…he stated; ‘’Teji guess you are lucky for us…we are merging into a Bigger Brand…no more loan installments…a better office….and yes guys they are giving us the freedom to work our away’’

Teji; ‘’Which company are we merging with…and its a merger or complete acquisition ’’

Founder; ‘’ we can’t disclose that till all the proceedings are done….its just 2 days….but everything is there in the contract Oh forgot..we have to sign a legal contract that none of us will leave before 2 years….since you are new…please let me know you decision in today.

Teji thought for a moment and agreed to sign the contract…because not even in his wildest dream could think it to be bird song…as the company was doing good…but not exceptionally outstanding…he went to the cabin of founder member and signed the contract….without reading it

Bonnie was burning…in last one week…Radhika’s ideas …plans had impressed most of the top level people…Anuj’s was trusting her ideas blindly and she was working really hard….It was 9 in the night and only 2 days were left for presentation…Anuj was leaving when he found Radhika working …he smiled looking at her she was so immersed in her work…that he had missed the time….Anuj thought…’Cute no actually she is beautiful…her simplicity adds a charm to her beauty’ he lightly slapped himself…’’its 9 PM Radhika…you can complete the rest tomorrow…come I will drop you home’’

Radhika quickly packed …took the CD and gave to Anuj; ‘’This is the final draft…keep it safe…I don’t want a false blame again…and thanks for the offer…but my friend is waiting downstairs’’

Anuj; ‘’You haven’t forgotten for the Maybelline thing…it wasn’t personal’’

Radhika; ‘’yes it wasn’t personal…but I learn my lesson quick…goodnight’’ Radhika walked off …Neil was waiting for her she quickly hopped on and they drove off

Anuj smiled his POV; ‘’No wonder Arjun Mehra is in love with you’’

Neil Arjun and Sam were in a meeting…they had to discuss on Lancome launch it was a huge opportunity…

Arjun; ‘’What do you suggest Neil’’

Neil; ‘’They want a full circle campaign…lets distribute in the team….but we need something different’’

Sam; ‘’Neil you have some rough draft we did and then rejected for Maybelline would like to see them once…it might help’’ Neil pulled out the pen drive and gave it to Sam ….he got a call and left the room….Sam inserted the Pen drive….and was looking for presentations when she stumbled on a folder by name Goa fun …she smiled and opened it…but the pictures bought her to tears…Arjun looked at her; ‘’Sam…did you get those drafts’’

Sam ; ‘’Check for yourself ….excuse me’’ she left the room in a hurry

Arjun was bewildered but he went ahead and checked…Sam had left the folder open…Radhika!!! He saw his most beloved face after 15 days…Arjun quickly copied it in his pendrive….and closed the folder’’

Neil was talking to Prerna …who informed him that she will be out of station for a day regarding her NGO work….Neil disconnected and suddenly realised that Goa pics were there in the pen-drive….he ran towards the board room…but found Arjun coming towards him…’’here …your pendrive….Neil I don’t think those drafts are of any help…we need something better’’ Neil nodded….the way Arjun behaved looked as if he didn’t see the folder…Neil felt relieved…Arjun’s POV; ‘Now none of you will see what they expect….no one will know my heart from now’

Arjun checked the pictures…there were some in group some alone….but when he came across Neil-radhika pictures together Arjun burned….she looked so happy with Neil…but she should be happy with him not with Neil…Arjun closed his eyes to calm his anger…he quickly moved to his laptop and edited the pictures removing Neil from it….he saved all Radhika’s pictures in a folder and felt satisfied…his POV; ‘I have to find her before she chooses Neil over me….but where is she’

Sam was continuously crying since the time she had seeing Neil’s picture with Radhika…this was the first time that Neil hid such a big thing from her….he knew she was living in a guilt every minute…she desperately wanted Radhika’s forgiveness…but even after knowing where Radhika was he didn’t feel like telling her…Sam recalled the one picture she had seen…in which Radhika and Neil looked as if they were a couple…Sam POV; ‘Is this possible…yes it can be …for 2 months…Neil had only been with Radhika he was supporting her blindly….he liked her…made her smile…its possible he might have fallen for her…did everything to prove her innocent…it was Neil who handed Arjun the divorce papers…he warned Arjun to stay away…..No I cannot lose Neil….I have to tell him what I feel for him and soon…’ Sam ran out of her cabin to search for Neil…she found Neil having coffee…she wanted to run and hug him…tell him she loved him…but her legs froze…her strength gave up…what if he refuses…she turned and sadly left from there.

Anuj checked the CD given to him by Radhika….it was perfect….her approach …research …plan… punch-line … target segment was just bang on…he smiled; ‘’Wow! This is going to be fun…Arjun Mehra will lose this deal to his own wife…I am so loving it’’

Bonnie who had been sitting there to take notes was furious…;’’Don’t you think the celebration is little early… the day he finds out she is working with you…he will twist things in his favour …’’

Anuj; ‘’By that time we would have earned this deal…and Bonnie I am warning you if you dare tell Arjun that Radhika’s works for me till this deal is over…I will destroy you’’

Bonnie; ‘’I don’t have to do that…you invited your destruction the day you hired Radhika Arjun Mehra’’

Teji lost his balance when he got the new contract copy on the letter head of company that acquired Dreamz…Bird Song….No….he cursed himself…’’Why the hell I signed that contract….should have left the job….now that Arjun will eat me alive…But where did BS get so much money from’’ Arjun had rented one more floor to accommodated the employees from Dreams & Prism…he gave them full liberty to explore their creativity…he knew…he earned all their accounts…they will be able to recover the cost soon…but all he was waiting for was Teji…Arjun wanted Radhika…just Radhika…Teji now being a part of dreams….was happy working on the other floor as he didn’t wanted to meet Arjun daily…but his happiness was short lived when he got a call from Arjun asking him to come to his cabin…Teji with a heavy feet…entered Arjun’s cabin who greeted him with a winning smirk…”Welcome Back Teji…I missed you’’

Teji; ‘’You wanted to speak something important’’

Arjun; ‘’Where is Radhika….answer me and you are free’’

Teji smiled; ‘’Sir you are free to torture me…but I will keep my friendship with Chashni…One more thing she is not hiding…she has just left everything behind…and will never look back’’

Arjun smiked; ‘’I am not the one to be left behind…leave all that you will work with Neil…I got your place shifted…go… for now’’ Teji left….Arjun POV; ‘you have to turn back and walk back to me…’’ Arjun scrolled the touchpad…and the screen saver flashed all Radhika’s pictures

It was the day of presentation ….LANCOME had selected 10 advertising agencies to present their campaign plan…all the heads were themselves presenting presentations…accept one Ssamdra…Anuj wanted Radhika to do it…he had reason for it….she was well prepared on questions as it was her work…and he wanted Arjun to get a shock…facing Radhika…which might negatively affect BS….The meet was organised in a big hotel…after individual presentation…they selected 3 advertising agencies to put the final plan forward…BS and Samudra both were shortlisted….now it was difficult as the presentation now was infront of client and competitors …competitors were also allowed to question the strategy and counter them…as they wanted the best … Arjun Sam and Neil were seated in the board room…with one more agency head…waiting for the third one and the client…Anuj entered proudly greeting everyone in the room…behind Anuj Radhika followed leaving Arjun and Sam shocked…she glanced at them …but smiled only at Neil…Arjun heart stopped…she was dressed in a formal trouser with shirt neatly tucked in and a blazer over it…her hair were neatly tied with minimal make up…she was busy with her laptop…but what hurt Arjun more was …she behaved as if he wasn’t in the room…or as if they were unknown to each other….Arjun looked at Anuj who smirked at him with a challenge….he intentionally kept his hand on Radhika’s chair across her shoulders…pretending to discuss something important….Arjun wanted to smash him there…but Sam held his hand…once the client were seated …the presentations started… they were quite impressed by Arjun….last was Samurdra…when Radhika got up it shocked Arjun….he was expecting Anuj to present….Radhika started…and explained everything with a reason and example…she was the one being most questioned…but she replied without a fear….Sam closed her file with a bang…result was clear….Samudra got the deal….BS lost a project worth 2 Cr….Anuj just to make Arjun burn hugged Radhika…which surprised her…Neil frowned….they finished the final paperwork and were ready to leave

Anuj; ‘’You made me proud…can I drop you home’’

Radhika; ‘’Thanks….but I have my pick up waiting’’ Radhika walked towards the lift and this was what Arjun had been waiting for..he quickly followed her and got inside…pinning her to the lift wall…’’That day in Lonavla…you stopped and delayed the lift today I will do that….why did you leave me’’

Radhika; ‘’I am not answerable to you anymore…’’ Radhika moved sideways but he blocked her path by caging her between his hands…Arjun touched his fore head to her and whispered cupping her face with one hand; ‘’You behaved as if you don’t know me….why did you ignore me like that’’

Radhika; ‘’Because that was the right thing to do…that sham is over…and with it everything else’’

Arjun warned; ‘’It was not a sham….its marriage …dare you call it sham’’ Radhika turned her face away Arjun cupped her face from both hands and turned it towards him; ‘’I missed you…Please come back’’

Radhika was shocked at his pleading…she removed his hands ; ‘’No …’’ She quickly moved towards the lift buttons….but Arjun pulled her ; ‘’Why’’

Radhika; ‘’Because I don’t want to’’ She tried moving again…and Arjun pinned her to the corner ; ‘’this lift won’t move..till you answer me…Do you have feelings for me?’’

Radhika; ‘’Why would I Sir….you belong to my best friend…Sam and you should be with her’’

Arjun; ‘’Really…so we have nothing between us and what we shared that night was nothing’’

Radhika replied ; It was a weak moment…you needed support and as a human being I offered you that…nothing more…I have moved on ….you should to’’

Arjun; ‘’Just a weak moment !!! that’s it….how can you even say that…what happened that day….’’

Radhika cut him agrily ; ‘’What happened that night? I don’t understand the fuss about that night….you were shattered I offered you my shoulder….I pacified you like a friend because I considered you that even when you never did…..and I would have done that for any friend ….’’

Arjun held her arms tightly… ‘’ Any friend ??? I am just not any…I am your husband…is it so easy…to forget the one you love’’

Radhika; ‘’Love??? really are you serious??? It was easy for you to call your love names and get her insulted….and I don’t even have feelings for you…so what is the point ….you don’t have any right on me…you belong to Sam’’

Arjun; ‘’You are still Mrs Arjun Mehra’’

Radhika; ‘’I signed those papers….now please let me pass’’ As the door slide open in the parking…Radhika walked towards the Neil’s car….he was waiting for her…Arjun’s patience gave up looking at Neil…as the Neil started the engine…Arjun stood infront of his car…he came towards the passenger seat and pulled radhika out…

Neil ; ‘’behave Arjun…leave her’’

Arjun warned ‘’ stay out of it….and my dear lovely innocent wife…Divorce…happens when signed papers are submitted in the court and stamped by a judge…which never happened in our case…and I have been waiting to meet you and give you the amazing gift…you are so innocent ’’…

Arjun pulled the envelope out of his pocket…’’I carry this with me daily so that the day I find you I should handed over to you…these are the ashes of those divorce papers…you are still Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra…My wife….and you will come back to me’’ Arjun planted a loving kiss on her forehead despite her protest while his lips touched her skin…his eyes gave Neil a warning…he left after patting her cheek….Radhika was irritated…Neil calmed and pacified her…

Sam who watched all this was shattered now….Arjun walked towards Sam; ‘’Sit inside..’’ Sam obliged

Sam after a minute spoke ‘’Neil and Radhika are living together’’

Arjun applied sudden brakes; ‘’What are you crazy…why would she live with him’’

Sam; ‘’they are….this is why he stopped me from coming to his house…he took her from your house…they went to goa together…everything is fitting together now..’’

Arjun… ‘’then I have to do something to get her out of that house….and soon… ‘’

Radhika was hell angry she threw everything on the bed…and was prowling like a tigress ….Neil came inside her room…. ‘’CHashni calm down… ‘’

Radhika; ‘’Calm down??? What does he think of himself….he made a fun of my life….forced me to marry him…them kept forcing me to divorce him and today he wants me to come back….what am I a toy…whenever he wants he can take me for granted…and now Breaking News I am still his wife…Why this has to happen with me…’’ Radhika was angry…tears were flowing down her cheeks….Neil pulled her in a hug to calm her down …she was breathing hard…Neil could feel her anger …she was shivering….Neil rubbed her back… ‘’my sweet Chashni has so much anger…you scared me ‘’

Radhika sniffed; ‘’And you…Why didn’t you stop him’’

Neil smiled; ‘’There would have been a scene…I never wanted that…Next time will punch him…now Mom is out for 2 days And I am hungry….shall we go out’’

Radhika; ‘’No I will cook ….will be out in 2 min’’ Radhika went inside the kitchen after changing and found Neil with apron…marching from one corner to other like a 5 star chef…she coughed to let him know her presence ….Neil looked; ‘’Hi thought of helping you….see I have all the arrangements…now you can do it easily’’

Radhika; ‘’you don’t have create a mess to make me smile.’’ Neil immediately froze turned and smiled….he threw apron in a corner; ‘’Good you understood….I thought I will have to cook to make you smile… now be quick…I am hell hungry ‘’Neil left ruffling Radhika’s hair…she smiled gave one look to messed up kitchen and started working.

Arjun entered his house all disturbed…the thought of Radhika living with Neil was suffocating him…he couldn’t handle whatever happened today…Arjun splashed cold water on his face…he was staring angrily at his reflection on the mirror…Arjun closed his eyes to relax his mind….all came back to him…Anuj hugging Radhika…Radhika ignoring Arjun….Radhika’s refusal…Radhika staying with Neil…his anger rose…he opened his eyes and made a decision… ‘’Why don’t people understand…that if I can kill my conscious for my hate…I myself don’t know what will I do for my love….it will start with you Anuj…you shouldn’t have hugged her that way…you will pay…I will bring you to dust watch me do that…I will bring you back to me Radhika come what may’’

Sam was sitting on her rocking chair…looking at the ceiling…she had refused dinner…she was not able to believe that she had lost all….her Chashni…who sacrificed so much to save her had refused to acknowledge her…and Niel…whose world only revolved around Sam was so indifferent to her…Piyali came to Sam and gently touched her shoulder; ‘’Sam are you worried about the deal…it happens…you will gain in some other way’’

Sam took a deep breath; ‘’Mom professional loses can be recovered…but personal one only leave a scar…..Radhika is working with Samudra….she cracked the deal for them…and she is living with Neil’’

Piyali; ‘’then what are you waiting for …go talk to her’’

Sam; ‘’She didn’t even acknowledge me…forgiveness will be impossible’’

Piyali; ‘’Sammy our job is to try till we can…so just don’t waste time…meet her

Sam; ‘’I feel Neil has feelings for her’’

Piyali; ‘’I don’t believe that…but if this is true…then let them be happy…you cannot snatch love’’

Sam; ‘’Mom I will die if I lose Neil…’’ Sam started sobbing…Piyali hugged her ….all of them were so helpless and were paying for one mistake of not trusting Radhika

Arjun was is a very bad mood when he entered office…he scolded almost every one…San came to his cabin; ‘’Arjun I know you are worried but why are taking out on these innocent people’’

Arjun looked at Sam she was pale…her eyes had lost the colour…she just looked like a zombie… ‘’I am sorry Sam..’’

SAM; ‘’ Anuj has Radhika and he not a good man…whole industry is aware about his roving eyes’’

Arjun; ‘’I know…Sam time to declare the acquisition of Prism and Dreamz…I will sink Samuradra ‘’

Sam; ‘’They just cracked a 2 Cr deal with a global leader in cosmetics ….then how are you suppose to do that’’

Arjun gestured Sam to sit; ‘’ Whenever a big brand signs an association for full circle campaign with an agency… the advertising agency is refrained from working or using similar strategies with the competitive brand…and according to LANCOME contract…Samudra cannot work with any other global cosmetic brand for 2 yrs…which means we can earn those accounts….which will be easier…after the declaration of acquisition…and since we saw their presentation we know their strategies…we will make something better…Anuj thinks he planted a seed of success….and is watering it using Radhika….I will build such a huge wall around his little seed of success that sun will never be able to reach it and it will never bloom…watch me take this contract from him in 6 months’’

Sam watched Arjun all wide eyed and mouth hung open…her brain was still processing all the information what Arjun parted… ‘’So what do you want me to do’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Get the announcement done…and few meetings to be arranged with our existing clients and time to meet new one….it’s time we get busy you & Neil will come with me’’ Sam nodded and left his cabin…Arjun’s POV ;’Anuj….now let me see…how long will you sail on this deal…you shouldn’t have touched her…time for Samudra to dry up’


Ankush was going mad since he heard of Saral deed of burning Mishra Market…he was about to confront him on the same day…but Dilip and Mala stopped him…today Riddihma’s family was coming for dinner …and Ankush was having a tough time handling his anger…Dilip Mala had warned him against behaving rudely with Saral for now as they were coming as guests….Aukush promised them that he will control if Saral stays in his limits…but Saral’ ego was too high.. he looked at Dilip and spoke; ‘’Got to know that your daughter has left her husband’’

Dilip; ‘’Radhika proved her point…that whatever she did was for Sam…now its her decision to live or not to ive with Arjun’’

Saral smirked; ‘’She deserved it…she kept on poking her nose in others matters…she rejected my proposal …had she accepted it she would be living like a queen’’

Ankush had had enough…he got and slapped Saral hard…Saral went into shock…and rest were too surprised to react…’’Next time I hear my sisters’s name from your filthy mouth I kill you…’’

Saral; ‘’My filthy mouth !…your sister is a piece of shit who trapped a rich guy…always shedding tears infront of him…and now when she is bored she moved out’’ He got one more from Ankush….

Saral’s father intertwined and warned Ankush …and this was the last nail Ankush spat angrily ; ‘’Your son was behind the fire that burned Mishra Market…that incident almost killed me..and destroyed my family…and why… just to compel Radhika for marriage ….whom he is calling filthy now…and Papa he even tried molesting choti on the day of Sam’s wedding when Arjun saved her…’’

Saral clapped; ‘’Now to hide your sister deed you are blaming me’’

Ankush; ‘’I have the all the proofs against you… the men you hired will give their statement to police tomorrow…’’ Ankush turned to Dilip ‘’I am sorry papa…you asked me to keep my calm…but can’t take anymore…’’ Saral started sweating…his family was speechless…Riddhima refused to go back to her in-laws place…Saral’s father pleaded Dilip…Dilip couldn’t say a word….he just pacified the family…Dadaji supported Ankush…and Mala was sobbing on the fate of her daughters …mala silently wished that Radhika goes back to Arjun…she knew Ankush was supporting Radhika blindly but she decided to speak to Arjun…post midnight when everyone slept …she came to the hall and dialled Arjun….Arjun was in deep slumber he rubbed his eyes and checked the phone…he jumped out of the bed looking at Mala’s no…he quickly answered ‘’Ma…every thing ok….you called at this hour’’

Mala was sobbing; ‘’Please bring choti back home…convince her to come back to you’’

Arjun; ‘’Ma stop crying…and I am trying but she is not ready to forgive me’’

Mala; ‘’She has gone mad and along with her Ankush has also gone mad…he has decided to send Saral behind the bars I don’t know what will happen to Riddhima…my daughters are so unlucky’’

Arjun; ‘’Ma calm down….people who have your daughters in their lives are lucky….now please calm down and sleep…I promise you I will bring Radhika back to my house…and nothing will happen to Riddhima’’ Mala felt calm she blessed Arjun and disconnected…Arjun smiled ‘thanks Ma…atleast someone is on my side’

Precap; BS & Samudra both nominate Radhika for best copy-writer award…Sam proposes Neil…. Manya eyes Neil

Credit to: Gauri


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      Thanks for commenting Raaga darling 🙂 well let him confess his mistakes ….its not easy for a girl to forget all the insults on her Character 🙂 Sam will get her second chance but she needs some strength wait for the next one 🙂 love you sweety 🙂

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      Thanks Shree darling 🙂 reading your comment is equally amazing 🙂 love you for that stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks Jas Chirag will be appearing later but in my opinion no head would himself come to trap someone ..hence I invented Anuj 😛 ….. actor you decided the one you like ….. I am very bad at that 🙂 next will be more aradhika scenes 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Rosie :)even I wished the same…someone should have scolded me for quiting my passions for 8 long yrs… wish someone could have pushed me then…. but its ok…as I am finally reliving it thanks to you guys 🙂 and pls don’t supress your request ..pls let me know…we are frnds …. loads of love stay blessed 🙂

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      Thanks Chandan 🙂 Dadaji will come into picture for uniting Arjun Radhika 🙂 and thanks for reminding me that 🙂 and please keep suggesting it really helps 🙂 bless you 🙂 tc

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      Thanks a ton Ritu 🙂 I am jumping after reading your comment seriously thanks for making my day 🙂 love you 🙂

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