MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Sam was hesitant but she had decided to repent and rectify…Sam could not bear Neil’s angry eyes boring her soul she finally spoke; “Neil ….I don’t know where to start …but I am ready to bear the punishment …can you forgive me’’

Neil; ‘’It’s such a simple word forgiveness….sorry…and you can get rid of the guilt…what about that innocent soul…who suffered the most…’’

Sam; ‘’Neil …I will bow my head in Radhika’s feet to get her forgiveness…but first I need yours….I am alone without you Neil’’

Neil inserted in hands in his pockets and turned away from Sam; ‘’Alone!!!….did you bother how alone I was for all this time…when you were enjoying your time with Arjun….but you couldn’t handle me with Sahron and Radhika….tell me Sam…if I have no say in your choices…who are you to interfere in mine…ánd how does my forgiveness matters when my views on Arjun‘s motives and Radhika’s innocence never mattered…you kept on insulting Radhika…you judged her character when I requested you not to…did you keep my word care about my friendship no you did not…you kept on seducing Arjun…and now you want to be forgiven why??? Because you can’t tolerate the pain…. Sam the pain that girl went through….cannot heal by your one sorry…and you should be happy ….you can marry Arjun now…he will take a good care of you he knows his sister’s truth…he is broken now …go to him…. more than me he needs you… I am happy your love story will complete…

Sam; ‘’To go to him…I have to break my friendship with you … won’t you stop me’’

Neil wiped his tears and laughed; ‘’It ended long ago….but for your happiness I will say it….you are free from me’’

Sam sobbed she hugged Neil from behind; ‘’Is this bond so weak Neil….what will I do without you’’

Neil; ‘’You will be happier without me…you should leave…I want to be alone’’

Sam ; ‘’Neil I know you are angry …but I will follow you till you accept my apology’’

Neil; ‘’Not everything will go on your will…please leave’’ Sam felt coldness in Neil’s voice…she moved backwards and turned to leave when Neil’s voice stopped her ; ‘’Sam from now on…please do not come to my house…whatever may be the reason we can discuss over the phone or in office…’’

Sam turned once again to face Neil…he was expressionless…like a stone statute ….without looking at her he turned and went inside the house….Sam broke down….she stood there crying waiting for Neil to come and console her…hug her …make her smile…Sam was confident that her idiot will definitely come after watching her in this state…Sam waited as seconds went into minutes and then to hours ….she stood there crying… and then slowly walked to the exit…got in her car and left…all this while Neil stood in the dark room…with his head and back resting on the wall…eyes closed and his face wet with tears…Neil’s phone alarm beeped it was four…he had to pick Radhika…Neil went inside the wash room to get ready

Radhika opened her eyes and saw Arjun’s arm around her …Radhika turned her face towards Arjun…he slept like a child…he looked so innocent…Radhika gently turned towards him…. And caressed his head….her POV; ‘Sir I wished….life would have taken a different turn…and I could have met you in different circumstances…I want you to be happy…one wish I want God to grant me today it’s your happiness ….Sir after this moment…I will leave you behind…forever’ Radhika kissed Arjun’s forehead…and touched her forehead to his for few seconds cupping his face with her soft palm…Radhika got up covered Arjun and went to the other room to freshen up…Radhika changed stared at her image in the mirror…till yesterday she was Radhika Arjun Mehra…2 months back before her wedding she was Radhika Mishra…it was time to be Radhika…

Radhika changed…scribbled something on the paper…and kept it on the table near Arjun’s bed …she looked at her mangalsutra…recalled her marriage…few tears loaded with her memories escaped her eyes …Radhika took off the last remembrance for her marriage and kept it near the letter…and walked out of the room..towards the exit

Neil pulled his car infront of Arjun’s house…after few minutes of wait….the main door opened Radhika was standing at the door with her luggage…Radhika gave Neil a forced smile and came out…her feet were giving up an unknown force … her heart for holding her back…Radhika turned around and tears started pouring out she watched the house …he same house which had come to love as home..…Neil walked to her ‘’Radhika we need to leave’’…and took her suitcase…

Radhika looked at him…’’Please Neil…few minutes’’ her eyes were pleading….

Neil held her hand; ‘’No…Chashni…time to go… you promised’’ Neil pulled Radhika’s arm and took her with him…Neil made her sit in the car …and drove off with her…all the way they were quite.

Arjun stretched….and moved his hand on the bed ….he found it empty…. all he got was her scarf…Arjun looked around…and called her out….but he got no response…he panicked and checked all the rooms frantically calling out her name… she wasn’t there only silence greeted him…arjun was now restless….he went back to his room….her suitcase was missing….her dressing table was empty….Arjun understood she left…he came and crashed on her side of bed….on the side table was her Mangalsutra with a letter….Arjun was breathing hard…his chest was paining again with the pain of losing her …with shaking hands he picked the letter

Arjun Sir,

I am leaving…whatever we shared yesterday was just a wrong moment…. we are free from this fake marriage….please move ahead with Sam…she loves you and will keep you happy Sir… I have troubled you a lot…I am sorry for that…I am sorry for breaking the bond with your sister….I will never cross your path again…this panoti is leaving your life forever.


Arjun’s heart broke…a part of him died…the moment last night was the best of his life how can she call it wrong …he kept the letter back on table…Arjun picked her mangalsutra looked at it ….he kissed it got up and opened his cupboard …Arjun pulled out a small box an unlocked it….it had Radhika’s anklet…which Nandini threw in fire…and her bracelet which she lost during lonavla trip when he scared and left her alone….Arjun kept the Mangalsutra inside that box he picked up her scarf …buried his face into it… took her scent….and hugged it to his chest…he loved her….more than the word…the feel of her soft lips and palm was still there on his skin…Arjun POV ‘’you walked out….but still left something of yours behind and it’s me…no Radhika not this time …signing a paper or leaving your mangalsutra will not break my relationship with you I will find you…you will have to come back to me come what may’’ Arjun closed his eyes and recalled her beautiful face …her big eyes…long hairs…each moment with her…and the moment of last night…he opened his eyes which were determined to have her back.

Neil pulled out Radhika’s suitcase out of the car and waited for her to come out…once she was out he grabbed her hand and walked towards the house…Prerna was waiting for them…she looked at Neil and then Radhika Prerna gave Radhika motherly hug and she broke down…Prerna held her till she calmed…and then took her to the room…she made her sit; ‘’Radhika pain never eases in one day…don’t push you self….cry if you want…if the past moments are important then treasure them…don’t push yourself to forget everything…just give yourself sometime…from now this is your room…take rest if you want to…I will send coffee for you’’ Radhika gave Prerna a thankful smile…Prerna left from the room giving Radhika some space to calm down…neil watched everything from outside…Prerna gave him a smile; ‘’Go she needs a friend’’ Neil walked in and sat next to Radhika…she looked at him and gave a forced smile

Neil; ‘’No need…give me the smile when you are able to smile from your heart’’

Radhika; ‘’Don’t know if this ever will happen…what have I done to myself’’ Radhika hid her face in her knees

Neil caressed her head; ‘’Something which needs lot of strength and for people who never deserved it!!!’’ Neil last sentence had bitterness

Radhika; ‘’Neil I am sorry….I tried but I lost my heart…I never wanted to…I knew he belonged to Sam…but don’t know when’’ Radhika started crying vigorously ….Neil moved close and hugged her…he rubbed her back…her hiccups described her pain….Neil held her till she was calm

Neil; ‘’Falling in love is not a mistake that you are sorry…but falling for wrong person is…your feelings are pure pious like you and he never deserved them…let it go CHashni…leave everything behind…you are strong girl…’’

Radhika; ‘’I will’’ Radhika’s phone started vibrating this was the 5th time Arjun called her….she picked up disconnected…took the sim out and broke it…Radhika turned to Neil; ‘’Can you arrange a new no.’’

Neil; ‘’I already have…now get some rest…call me I am around’’

Arjun banged his phone down…when Radhika’s no. went unreachable…he had asked one of his contacts working at the airport to find if Radhika Mishra was travelling in any flights to Delhi…he got negative response…it was difficult to get details on trains…Arjun decided to call Hrishikesh …but was hesitant …what will he say…he promised Mala to keep her safe and Happy…but he failed….Arjun was still fighting his inner turmoil when he heard the door bell…his POV’ Radhika…I know she loves me…she cannot leave her Arjun Sir in pain….I know my panoti came back for me…’’ Arju ran to answer the door…he pulled it open with a smile…and was about to hug the person infornt of him…but stopped and walked back…it was Sam…Arjun turned his away…he was guilty….’’ Sam why are you here’’

Sam; ‘’Wanted to speak to you and Radhika’’

Arjun; ‘’She left….’’

Sam was shocked; ‘’When and where….ok she must have gone to Hrishikeash…I will call her once she reaches’’

Arjun; ‘’Why are you here?’’

Sam; ‘’Did you ever had feelings for me…? Or everything was just a set up’’

Arjun without delay or hitch replied ; ‘’No I never had feelings for you…I loved Radhika…and I will always love her…but I never wanted to harm you physically….I am sorry Sam…I destroyed you happiness….I am ready for whatever punishment you chose…’’

Sam sat on the chair and rubbed her face; ‘’Strange…it doesn’t hurt hearing that you don’t love me….guess even I never loved you…. you were just an infatuation …. a trophy that I wanted…and I created a mess of my life…and relations…I lost Neil…one man who loved me unconditionally and a gem like Radhika…a true friend…I don’t know where to start…Arjun I am sorry…for insulting your love Radhika again and again…will wait till you forgive me…and I forgive you…because it wasn’t your fault…

Arjun; ‘’I never expected getting forgiven so easily’’

Sam; ‘’I am looking for forgiveness…before asking I should learn to give…Chashni taught me make wrong into right….and now I won’t stop till I make everything right…see you in Bird Song’’

Arjun; ‘’Sam I am leaving Bird SOng…’’

Sam; ‘’No you are not…till we find Radhika….and your contract is for 2 yrs….you came to destroy everything…now help me take Bird Song to a glorious future…I can ask that mush as a friend’’

Arjun; ‘’ we forgave each other…but will Radhika and Neil forgive us’’

Sam; ‘’I will try till I am alive…will suggest you the same…find her before she decides to completely forget you…she is strong headed …we all have seen her determination…we have a big battle to fight…I will leave now…let me know if you hear from her’’

Arjun knew there was no point dialling her no… and he didn’t knew if had friends in Mumbai…he pulled his hair…and then thought Teji!!!…..Arjun quickly went got ready and left for Bird Song…

Radhika was lying on the bed watching the ceiling…she felt tired …turned to her right and closed her eyes after 10-15 minutes when she couldn’t sleep she opened them but was shocked…Arjun was lying next to her facing her and smiling…suddenly he pushed her on the back and got on the top…’’Panoti….you left me but how will you pull me out of your heart…I am here and will always be…try as much as you can…’’Arjun leaned on lips and Radhika closed her eyes….she got with a jerk…’’No…I have to move forward…I will forget you…’’ She got up and moved out of the room…Radhika knocked on Neil’s room…‘’Come in Chashni’’

Radhika; ‘’How did you know it was me’’
Neil smiled; ‘’Mom never knocks she barges…without caring what international view she can get…and then she will say I am your Mom’’

Radhika laughed….Neil smiled and cupped her face; ‘’I want my old CHashni back….get ready we are going to Goa for 4 days’’

Radhika; ‘’Goa!!!!…suddenly’’

Neil; ‘’you, me Mom and Teji…we all need a break then we will start afresh’’

Radhika didn’t knew what to say; ‘’Neil me….now…????’’

Neil; ‘’Are you worrying about swimwear…don’t worry…I will buy you one there…I have even promised mom one ’’ Radhika frowned and slapped him lightly..Neil held Radhika by shoulder; ‘’Radhika you need a change…and me too…so just don’t think lets go…and since I am driving it will be fun…now go hurry up we need to pick Teji too’’ Radhika smiled and left…Prerna watched them from the door and a smile crept her face…

Arjun was sitting in his room with his eyes closed…and head rested on the couch…he got up pulled out the divorce papers kept them in a vessel and set them to fire…he waited for them to turn into ashes…once it cooled…he transferred the ash in an envelope and sealed it…’’Now let me see….who separates me from you…this is going to be the first gift which I will give you whenever I see you…you will always be mine’’

Arjun quickly changed and left for Bird Song…he decided to keep his word to Sam…to bring glory back to Bird Song…Arjun entered office and went straight to Sam …she was sitting all worried with her eyes glued to the screen of her laptop…Arjun noticed this ; ‘’What’s wrong’’

Sam huffed; ‘’Teji resigned…he mailed me his resignation….he is not coming to serve his notice…and when I told him we will confiscate his last month salary…he said he doesn’t care’’

Arjun; ‘’Where is Neil????’’

Sam; ‘’He is on leave for 4-5 days…he is travelling with aunty to some relative’s place’’

Arjun found everything strange….he wished Sam and walked towards his cabin when he heard Zubin talking to Kritika….Zubin; ‘’Yaar Teji is not answering calls…and I heard he resigned..’’

Kritika; ‘’I went to his house yesterday…he just kicked me out…I mean I just wanted to say sorry’’

Zubin; ‘’If Teji is this angry…think about Chashni’s anger…she will never forgive anyone’’

Kritika; ‘’She should not…we were bad…I mean…had I been in her place…I would let my friend go to hell…and walked out on a man like Arjun Sir’’ Zubin pinched Kiritaka…when he saw Arjun standing there…Arjun quietly walked inside his cabin…Radhika bore so much hatred for months and he couldn’t handle one was like a punch in his guts..

Arjun kept looking at his phone…he wanted to gather some strength to call Radhika’s family…but couldn’t …he got frusted and stood near the window…his conscious spoke ’Arjun Mehra,…wrong was so easy…now doing right takes feels so difficult… Think about that girl… you never deserved her…let her go’’

Arjun’s jaw hardened ; ‘’She is only mine…and only I deserve her…I will bring her back…even if she is in the parallel universe…watch me do that’’

Arjun dialled Sam’s intercom; ‘’Can you send me the accounts to be taken care off’’ He just wanted to get busy….

Radhika was all ready…and waiting for Neil…when Teji entered huffing and puffing..’’I thought you guys left me behind…where in Boss’’

Radhika and Mala gave each other a tired glance; ‘’He is getting ready’’

Teji..’’What and he warned me to be ready by 6:00AM…its 9:30 Am now…’’

Neil finally came out smartly dressed… wearing aviators he looked at Teji..’’Hey Teji good you came…otherwise we would have been late going to your place…now get in quickly you guys have already wasted my 3 hrs…’’ Neil got in …leaving everyone shocked at his false allegation…finally they were ready…to leave …Neil fired up the engine…and the other 3 clapped. After about 5 hrs of drive…Teji and Radhika changed their places…Radhika cam and sat next to Neil…as Teji wanted to take a nap… Radhika watched Prerna and Teji taking a nap and smiled…Neil spoke; ‘’Chashni…you shouls call your family ‘’

Radhika’s smiled vanished; ‘’I am scared…and I don’t want pitiful eyes watching me…cursing my fate’’

Neil; ‘’But tell them the truth…’’

Radhika; ‘’They will ask me to come back…and I don’t want to go now’’

Neil; ‘’Why???’’

Radhika; ‘’I came here to find my dream…and became a shattered one…I want to find myself…I want them to tob proud of me….I will go then’’

Neil; ‘’Then tell them this…they will understand…after reaching Goa 1st thing you will call home…’’ Radhika nodded but was scared inside

Neil; ‘’and once we are back…I have few contacts…will help you find a new job’’

Radhika; ‘’Actually I have a job …I am joining Samudra in 10 days’’

Neil was shocked…’’Chashni they are same people who along with Bonnie trapped you in Maybelline account…’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’I know..but that was for professional gain nothing personal…plus it has a good name in the industry’’

Neil looked at Radhika….he smiled she had started putting pieces together…he patted her head…and turned to focus on the road…Radhika looked out of the window to enjoy the view

Precap; Ankush supports Radhika….Radhika joins Samudra….Arjun questions Teji about Radhika’s whereabouts

Credit to: Gauri


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    superb episode….u made me emotional..i know radhika will be back soon as she practical nd determined…did sam realised her feelings for niel? willl teji inform arjun whereabouts of radhika too easily?? hw would arjun take when he come to know radhika wrkng in samudra??? if arjun knows radhika is staying with niel what would he feel?? will prerna starts liking radhika as her bahu??will mala urse arjun for wat he did with radhika or she will trust arjun nd stay by his side??
    teji, neil and radhika bonding ws nice..sam nd arjun really sam thaught a lesson for getting forgiven we hav to start forgiving…but adhika shouldnot forgive arjun such easily..i think radhika forgives sam ….wat abt neil nd teji..will teji wrk wid niel? lot of questions…waiting for d next update…love u ,tc my queen of creativity

    • Gauri

      Thanks a ton Priya 🙂 yes Sam realized her feelings but Neil will not accept her that easily 🙂 how would Arjun know you have to wait for my update 🙂 Arjun willbe angry that Radhika chose to stay with Neil 🙂 Prerna I have not yet decided …might bring that up 🙂 Mala will prefer Arjun Ankush will not 🙂 Queen of Creativity 🙂 I am on the moon 🙂 loads of love 🙂

  23. Sweetie

    Gauri di..Episode is awesome as always.. Loved RaNeil bond..Wow!!Teji resigned..Nice blow to birdsong.. 😀 Stay blessed and be happy.. 🙂

  24. nita

    Nice one waiting to see how arjun wll convince radhika about his love…
    Di ar u posting DPO to night

  25. Rg

    Hi gauri I Guess am one of d very last to comment. Sorry am in Thailand not in Singapore. Accompanied hubby for his official trip. I managed to read ur ff in d morning but got around to commenting only now. Glad to feel c ur ff after so much anticipation.
    I loved today’s episode. Radhikas pain was so beautifully written. SAMs pain was nicely described. And arjun had that coming for him. I feel really sorry for raneil. Two beautiful souls yet so much pain they had to under go. And am Glad they r taking a holiday in Goa. When will Arjun come to know tat rads so with Neil ? Will he go berserk ?
    Will ppl including samarj Mistake their relationship desipite knowing better? Will arjun and rads have A confrontation? Will he give her up? Will rads meet bonnie again in this new company? Will she have to deal with shit from bonnie? How will arjun convince her of his love? Will she allow him to do so? I know u r going to write abt individual pain and healing in d nxt few chapters,, but am curious to know when all will get together again. Will rads face any difficulties here? Will aby other guy pursue her here? That would serve arjun right.?? and me happy. When will he confess tat it was he who forced her to get married as u said he will. Well for all insults and pain he gave her make him pay. Despite all he selfishly and painfully loved her. So pls do give us ardhika dhamaka real soon. I can barely wait gauri. Wednesday is far away. Yet I will eagerly wait.
    You r d best. Ur words conveyed d painful love easily and beautifully. I have got no words to express my joy in sharing this with u other than d obvious fact that u r d very best. And love all ur stories. I loved d previous one u finished and am mad for d present two u r writing. Rewriting a concept that u have already finished with a different twist and emotion is no small feat . It’s too gud and grt. U r really spl too u took this up just Becos ur readers suggested this to u…indeed I owe u for tat one, as I too suggested u to take this up. U took this up admits ur already successfully running story plus u have to juggle home life and work. Gauri u r d best. Thank u for enriching my life with ur ffs. Pls take care of ur health. Stay happy always. Keep smiling.

    • Gauri

      Rg love you to moon and back 🙂 I wish I could show you how happy I am …looks like someone has pinned my lip corners to my ears 🙂 love you loads for such lovely words…its because of all of you I feel so special… thanks for that 🙂 thanks for motivating me to write …now time for your answers …RNeil will have real fun….Arjun will not let Teji leave… 🙂 Arjun will know of Rads whereabouts in coming 2 updates ….do read his changing colors 🙂 Arjun will never doubt Rads but will not trust Neil 🙂 Arjun cannot give her up… 🙂 Samudra she will meet the guys who collided with her in the mall…he will try use radhika in his favor…Radhika will face everything with guts 🙂 thanks again for the amazing comment 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂 may god bless you with all the happiness 🙂 love you 🙂

  26. I loved teji’s character all the while.. then RNeil bond always amazes me..they are something far than imagination.. They help support and stand for each other and for themselves as well(best part) ..
    Neil’ s allegations lol.. Arjun and Sam needs to suffer and be punished but for how long?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.