MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

As soon as Radhika stepped out of the lift to enter the Bird Song…someone caught her elbow and dragged her to the corner it was Neil…Arjun who saw this was mad with rage…but couldn’t do a thing as he didn’t wanted Sam to notice that…Once Arjun left Neil spoke; ‘’Where is your phone’’

Radhika; ‘’Arjun Sir heard me talking to you…he broke it’’

Neil; ‘’Ok I have a spare one…listen your wedding celebration party is on Friday evening this week…lets plan’’

Radhika; ‘’Neil …. I will join in you in your cabin…but after sometime….anyways there are so mant stories building up about me and you’’

Neil; ‘’I don’t care…do you?’’ Radhika nodded negative….Neil patted her cheek and walked to his cabin…

krutika was entering ofiice and saw this; ‘’Radhika …aren’t you ashamed of yourself …going around with so many guys…’’

Radhika folded her arms to chest smiled and replied; ‘’Did I stop you? No…but the problem is you don’t have guts to impress even one’’ Radhika walked off leaving Kritika speechless….

Piyali called everyone for a meeting…Radhika as usual was kept aloof….Neil came to her desk…held her arm…and dragged her to the meeting room….with all the staff watching them… surprised….Neil was the last one to enter…he pulled Radhika in ….Arjun clutched his pen tight…Piyali frowned and Sam just tried reading Arjun’s expression….Neil pulled a chair…and asked Radhika to sit…she simply took the chair without looking at anyone…she was tired of the hatred in their eyes…Neil took a chair next to her….Neil watched her nervously fidgeting….she tightly clutched her kurta ….Neil moved his hand and kept on Radhika’s….she calmed…Arjun dropped his folder and bend down to pick it up…Arjun’s anger was on peak now…he was going mad looking and Neil-Radhika’s hands together in Radhika’s lap …and above all she was watching him with a smile…. Piyali started the meeting and briefing about the client….but everyone were busy in their own world…

Sam’s POV; ‘’Whom should I trust Arjun or Radhika’’

Arjun’s POV ; ‘’Neil is taking advantage of Radhika’s situation….to hurt me he is trying to be close to her… she is innocent…I cant let anyone harm her’’

Neil POV; ‘ I will end this drama…this Friday…I will make everyone apologize to Radhika’’

Radhika POV; ‘After 2 days…I will finish this story..and will leave everything behind…but why does my heart pain so much ‘ Radhika eyes met Arjun’s …he was watching her without blinking….Arjun read pain on Radhika’s face…he just wanted to pull her into his protective embrace…kiss her tears away…and give her all the love and happiness she deserved…They were sitting at distance and unaware of their reactions…Arjun’s curled fingers started opening as if moving to Radhika to hold her….and Radhika she unconsciously curled her fingers back….retrieving back from Arjun’s life

Samrat entered looked at everyone and spoke; ‘’Sorry for interruption…I am throwing a party this Friday…to celebrate Arjun-Radhika’s wedding…all of you are invited’’This sentence left everyone shocked accept radhika and Neil.. but they did not show that….after Samrat left …Piyali dispersed the meeting and left to speak to Samrat… Neil gotup; ‘’Chashni….come to my cabin now’’ radhika nodded and followed him…

Radhika entered Neil’s cabin and he locked it…Teji greeted Radhika with a smile…all the 3 discussed their plan…Neil wanted Nandini to handed over to the police…but Radhika decided to get her punished by Arjun or Sam…after The y finalized their plan…Teji lefdt the two alone…Neil turned to Radhika; ‘’You will leave Arjun’s house the moment all this end…promise me’’

Radhika; ‘’Yes I will’’

Neil; ‘’are you going back to Hrishikeah’’

Radhika; ‘’for now I have nothing in my head just want a break and forget everything that happened in last few months…I am planning to focus on my dreams…after all this is what I came to Mumbai for’’

Neil smiled; ‘’that’s like my girl’’

Arjun called Nandini…’’Nandu when are you coming back’’

Nandini; ‘’Why do you sound stressed?’’

Ajun; ‘’Samrat Khanna is throwing a party to celebrate my marriage…’’

Nandini was shocked; ‘’What??? Is he out of his mind….fine I will be back by toady evening…meanwhile just push Radhika to sign the divorce papers…this is the only option’’

Arjun; ‘’Nandu but??’’

Nandini; ‘’Iknow you love her…you can go back to her once we are done with our revenge…I will myself get you married to Radhika’’

Arjun calmed; ‘’Thanks Nandu…you are the best sister’’ Nandini disconnected and smirked…she had been in Panchagani for 4 days and it appeared to her a theft…as money jewellery and some small appliances were missing and everything else was left scattered…well this was too planned by Neil…she asked Rana to prepare for her departure

Arjun called Radhika to his cabin…she knocked and entered; ‘’Sir you called me’’

Arjun threw papers on the table ;‘’Sign these and end this drama…I don’t want celebrate a sham…’’

Radhika looked at Arjun teary eyed…she recalled the moments between them…the way he held her, hugged her after breaking the bathroom door…their missed kiss…and now it was a sham for him ..Radhika’s POV; ‘Yes it’s a sham…don’t know why my heart started dreaming….stupid me ’ Radhika picked up the papers and looked at Arjun…’’Have you signed them?’’

Arjun; ‘’Yes’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Fine Sir…I will sign it in 2 days…please be my husband till the end of this party…or I should say my farewell from your life’’ Radhika left his cabin…leaving Arjun heartbroken and pained…he wanted time to stop now…Radhika quickly went to her place pushed the papers in her bag and ran to the terrace to cry her heart out…Neil followed her…he found her crying vigorously and hugged her; ‘’Chashni enough….we will end this’’

Radhika wiped her tears and looked at Neil…but tears were still pouring out and her voice was shaky; ‘’Yes it should end….Promise me Neil…you will drag me out of his life after the party…even if I don’t agree…I give you this right… will you do this for me’’

Neil smiled wiped her tears…;’’Chashni…I would have done that even if you wouldn’t have told me…he doesn’t deserve you…now be brave and wipe your face’’ Radhika nodded…Neil gave her one bear hug and took her back…Arjun-Sam were busy is some conversation…Neil gave a hateful look to Arjun…he made Radhika sit on the chair…patted her head and left for his cabin. Radhika ignored Arjun completely for rest of day…she left before him and Neil dropped her…Nandini was home by then…she smirked looking at Radhika’s gloomy face…Radhika picked her pillow and left the room…without giving a glance to Arjun…Arjun couldn’t sleep..he kept twisting and turning all he could remember was Radhika he got up and came to the hall…Radhika was standing in the hall…with tears in her eyes…she felt his presence and turned…both had immense pain in their eyes and heart..only silence spoke…Radhika turned her face away.

The day of Party

Nandini asked Arjun to leave and she will bring Radhika along….Radhika dressed in a simple Anarkali..but Nandini mocked her attire…she gave her a dress; ‘’If you want to come…dress in this Arjun wanted you to wear this…if you don’t want to wear this don’t come…and yes your husband has send a car for you’’
Nandini pushed the bag inRadhika’s hands….Radhika looked at the dress and felt disgusted…she decided to wear it to end Nandini’s game…Radhika steps out of the car…uncomfortable of her uncovered skin…people stare at her….some with greed and others with disgust at her attire…Arjun who comes out to take a call is stunned to see her attire…he fumes looking at a man trying to close to Radhika and pushes him…Arjun reprimands her for wearing such clothes…Radhika realizes it was Nandini’s plan to embarrass her..she ignores is words and walks ahead…Arjun pulls Radhika in a room…and ties a long wrap aroung her waist giving her dress an elegant look….he looks into her eyes cups her cheek and softly says; ‘’I know I am the worst man born on this earth…but you are my wife…and my respect and pride lies in your repect’’ Radhika tries to read his eyes her POV; ‘Is this the truth…or a sham again…please sir…I am already half dead…don’t make it difficult’ Arjun wraps an arm around her waist…and enters the party leaving nandini stunned…Neil who was accoimpained by his friend Sharon had already disturbed Sam…Nandini ask Sam to snatch what belongs to her Sam looks at Arjun and then Neil…but her eyes stays on Neil.

Neil comes forward and welcomes then and turns to radhika ; ‘’Chashni you look really pretty…I haven’t danced with you till date…will you dance with me…’’ Radhika smiles and takes his hand…making Arjun restless…Neil-radhika dance beautifully…never breaking the rytjym… leaving Arjun Sam on flames…Nandini gestures Arjun to go to Sam…but he fails to understand due to his concentration on Radhika…Neil winks a Teji

Teji; ‘’Neil Boss this party is to celebrated Arjun Sir’s wedding so please let the groom dance with the bride…’’

Neil smiles…and spins radhika to Arjun…Arjun’s hold her waist tightly…and possessively…He pulls her close and beings his dance…least caring about the guests and their rolling eyes on Arjun radhika’s close dance…Radhika turns her eyes away but Arjun digs his fingers into her flesh…making her look staright into his eyes…Neil ask Sharon for a dance…but Sam pulls him for a dance; ‘’First dance is only mine’’

Neil; ‘’Sorry today you are second…I gave first to Chashni…she is looking so pretty’’ Sam stomps his foot and pulls him for dance…

Neil; ‘’well me and Chashni gave you a chance to grab Arjun…but you missed it’’

Sam; ‘’I will get him any way’’

Neil; ‘’So why not now…what are you doing with me…Sammy I am a human too…and you are aware of my feelings for you stop hurting me..I am moving forward …want to fall for a girl who will love me conditionally’’ Neil leaves Sam and goes back to Sharon…Sam turns and finds Arjun radhika dancing…Radhika breaks Arjun’s stance by making him aware of Sam’s presence…Arjun moves away from Radhika unwillingly and Radhika gives him a mocking grin….Neil gestures her to follow nandini to the garden…Radhika provkes Nandini…’’Nandini di…now I will never sign divorce papers…Arjun Sir seems to like my company…and today he kept my requrst…I told you I will break your Sam is safe…you won’t be able to touch a hair on her head…and all your plans went in drrain

Nandini retorts ; ‘’I will have my revenge by hook or by crook..if you think you can stop me you are wrong…If I can plan to kill Sam I can kill you too…well I almost did but Arjun and his stupid feelings…he saved your family when I got your fathers shop burned to make you leave…but Arjun…he even stopped your marriage with Saral…which was my idea…I instigated Saral and Sam against you…but he saved you…you are lucky…but for how long….Samrat will pay for rejecting me and breaking my heart…I have been waiting for 18 yrs…I invested in Arjun so much…I will not back out so easily’’

Radhika; ‘’He considers you his god…and look at you…are not even human…’’

Nandini; ‘’No I am not and whats wrong…he would be in an orphanage if not for me…I made him something in life…in return he will have to go by my terms’’

Radhika; ‘’He should know this’’

Nandini; ‘’And he will belive you???…No not in million years…you said he has a heart of gold…he worships me…you will never be able to defeat me…’’

Radhika smirked; ‘’You are right…I won’t but you yourself will….’’ Nandini gives Radhika a confusing look and then is shocked hearing her confession out loud…she runs to the hall and finds …her and Radhika’s recent conversation being played again and again…Nandini looks around trapped and hold Radhika’s throat…’’should have killed you on the day of Arjun-Sam’s marriage when I got you kidnapped’’ Arjun frees Radhika…who tries to catch her breath…he pushes Nandini…Nandini moves to Arjun…but he gestures her to stop…Arjun moves backwards staggers and falls…completely shattered

Neil wraps an arm around Radhika; ‘’Sam…Piyali ma’am and others…I think Chashni proved herself…so we are done…Samrat Sir…please enlighten everyone…this girl who was hated by everyone for more than 2 months…saved your daughter without uttering a single cuss word…yet she got many…now what…you guys were so quick in blaming her but nobody is apologizing….Why????….Ashamed…and Arjun….she could have easily trapped you or send you to jail with your sister because we have enough proofs…but she proved that you were innocent…and even refused to file a complaint against your sister…leaving everything on you…say something…all of you…why the hell you are Silent..!!! no you can’t … Zubin Kritika… you guys pointed fingers at her character…without even looking for a reason……’’

Neil wanted to speak more but Radhika squeezes his hand…he looks at her pained face…and pulls and envelope and places it on Sam’s palm…’’Radhika’s resignation…happy Samaira Khanna! and Mr.Arjun Mehra…here your freedom….she has signed the papers…’’ Neil moves closer to Arjun and whispers a warning; ‘’Stay away from her…I know what’s going in your head’’ Arjun moves his gaze from Neil to Radhika…for once he wishes that she lifts her beautiful brown orbs and look at him…for once he wanted her to see how much he wanted her… loved her and needed her…but Neil covers his view …clearing stating that he was in between him and Radhika…Neil walks to Radhika; ‘’Come Chashni’’ he drags Radhika with him…without giving anyone a chance to speak or repent…Sam crashes on the floor sobbing

Arjun walks out lifelessly with Nanini in pursuit…Piyali gives Samrat a questioning look…Zubin walks to Teji but he walks out…Prerna receives a message and leaves…

Once inside Neil’s car…Radhika breaks down completely all her pain comes out in form of tears…Neil puts an affectionate hand on her head …Radhika hides her face in Neil’s chest and cries…Neil comforts her; ‘’Cry all out Chashni…tomorrow will be a new beginning…leave all the pain behind…He waits for her to calm down…’’Chashni…you are coming with me’’

Radhika wipes her face; ‘’Pick me tomorrow morning…I need to go back tonight…gather everything that’s mine..and give back what belongs to Arjun Sir’’

Neil; ‘’Arjun will persuade you to stay back….he has feelings for you’’

Radhika; ‘’It’s too late for that…I have made my decision tomorrow morning I will come with you…nothing will change my decision…please drop me home’’

Neil agrees; ‘’Chashni remember one thing if you refuse tomorrow…I will drag you …I mean it’’

Radhika smiles and softly replies; ‘’Thanks Neil…for everything…I am lucky I have you’’

Arjun who didn’t knew for how long had been walking…felt someone sucked life out of him…his sister…his God betrayed him…she never cared for him….he was just a toy…and Radhika she was his life…only girl he loved …he gave her so much pain insult…today when he wanted her to look at him…she turned her eyes away…she promised…she will end the relationship….and she left him…Arjun crashed on his knees and screamed….’’RADHIKAAAAAAAAAA’’

Precap; Sam’s repentance …Arjun pleads Radhika to stay …Radhika leaves sleeping Arjun behind with Neil

Credit to: Gauri


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    The length of comments being longer than ur ff shows how good ur ff was. amazing… love u gauri or gauri di ????? lyk i am going to 12th wat abt u? wats ur age ….

    • Gauri

      Thanks Tanya dear 🙂 well I am done with my studies … I am an MBA and working as a Lead Recruiter in bangalore 🙂

  22. priya

    Sry for d late cmntng dear….finally truth revealed u rocked dis in ur own style as usual my word queen..what abt Neil will he forgive sam??will Neil allow for aradhika relation?? Will samrat be punished by sam nd piyali?? How would arjun deal wid na ndini? Will Neil send radhika to rishikesh??will he accept Sam as n when she repents??

    • Gauri

      Thanks Priya and no need for sorry 🙂 no one is getting forgiven any soon 🙂 you will know rest in the next one 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.