MMZ- Married by Fate – Chapter 1

Hello guys- so here is the brief starting of the FF…pls let me know your views it will be continuation of Original Manmarziyan…Chandan, RG, Supriya, Feby, Anvee, Sweety, Susi, Brin, Dhara, Gayu, Priya Roshini, Maandey , Dev, Suga, Roma, SV, Shree, Neetz, Hope, Suvi ,Rosie, Dipika, Vivi, Roma, aastha,Emz, …I might have missed a few sorry for that..please have a look and let me know you liked it or not. Chandan you had asked me start this one…pls read and let me knw the feedback

MMZ- Married by Fate

Radhika recalled the rounds around the holy fire with the man she hated ….she closed her eyes and recalled her teen age event…when Mala was scolding Radhika for being careless and too dependent on Ankush and Ridhima

Mala; ‘’What will do when you get married’’

Radhika; ‘’What will I do…no I will make my husband do’’ She leaped and hugged Mala tightly

Mala smiled; ‘’You will get a prince…who will fill your life all colours of rainbow’’

Radhika; ‘’Don’t worry ma even if he not a prince but a devil I will bring him on a right path’’ Radhika and Mala laughed…Radhika came back to present and cried vigorously her

POV; ‘Ma you said …I will get a prince…but my fate has gifted me a devil…I stood there in mandap to save Sam …but what about me now’

Radhika was suddenly pulled to her mother’s upset voice Mala; ‘’Why are you here choti…go to your husband’s house…you married him’’

Radhika; ‘’Ma I married to save Sam…this means nothing’’

Mala; ‘’Sam…what about us choti…did think about us for a minute or about yourself…you invited grief …where will you go now…’’

Radhika was about to speak but the mother daughter conversation was cut short by Arjun standing at the door; ‘’To her house…my house’’ Radhika turned to look at Arjun she found anger challenge and revenge in his eyes…she was disgusted of him that she turned her face away…

Arjun casually walked and touched Mala feet; ‘’Ma I have come to Take Radhika away …I apologise for my mistakes…please ask her to come…we will make a home a happy one’’ Radhika refused …but on Mala’s insistence she left with Arjun…she knew what was coming for her…Arjun carried his reluctant bride home in his arms…and was greeted by his sister…who had mixed broken glass pieces in Kumkum thal…Radhika kept her feet in the thal and wince…glass pieces punctured her tender skin…but this was nothing as compared to the pain..she had in her heart being hated by all…she entered her new house with red feet…but they were red with her own blood…Nandini took radhika to her bedroom and threaten her…Radhika smirked and replied while pulling the glass out of her feet; ‘’You did wrong by bringing me here…now I will saty here..I challenge you to make me leave’’ Nandini tries slapping Radhika…but she hold her wrist and twists it; ‘’Don’t you dare Di…I have nothing to lose as I lost everything…don’t push me more’’ Nandini leaves the room in a huff she goes to Arjun with her fake tears

Nandini; ‘’Go your bride is waiting’’

Arjun; ‘’Nandu…this marriage is sham…how can I”

Nandini; ‘’Only you can make her leave…make her life a living hell’’

Arjun barged into the bedroom and found Radhika standing in one corner with her back to him….she banged the door closed and locked it that made her flinch….Radhika in a move to protect herself held the lamp tightly in her hand…Arjun went closed and tried turning her she reacted but he held her and threw her on the bed..Scarring her…Radhika moved back holding the pillow as a shield…She warned him; ‘’Sir stay in your limits..don’t try to be close’’

Arjun; ‘’Who wants to come near you…have you ever looked at your face…you are nothing more than a wallflower…no guy would be interested in a girl like you…I curse my fate to marry you’’

Radhika jumped out of the bed on the opposite side; ‘’So am I ….I hate you from deep within..I didn’t go down on my knees asking you to marry me…you in order to hide your guilt crime and uglier motives married me…now suffer’’

Arjun felt bad at the sentence that she hated him…because he didn’t…in his anger he threw the lamp on the bed and burned it; ‘’this is your last chance Radhika..or I will burn you down like this’’

after sometime the sprinkler starts and the fire died out Radhika smirked; ‘’You lost again…you cannot even kill me…fine go on I will face you with all my might’’ Arjun leaves the room all angry and Radhika pulls his clothes out…tends to her foot and changes

Nandini again starts her emotional drama…and Arjun consoles and puts her to sleep…he comes back and finds Radhika in his clothes he questions her and she responds equally…Radhika moves out to the kitchen and her move causes short circuit…resulting Arjun calling her ill omen…they share bread butter as dinner and Radhika again questions his motive…he replies to her rudely..and goes to his sleep shutting the door on her..Radhika sleeps in hall thinking how to prove her point and get out of this marriage.

On The other hand Neil who somehow consoled distraught Sam put her to sleep and left her place he came to his house and crashed on his bed…Neil replayed all the events in his mind …something was at a miss he stood up and went near the window…and again pondered…after hours of brain storming he came to a conclusion; ‘’Chashni what are you hiding….why did you do this…I know you won’t hurt anyone…not Sam atleast …Samrat Sir had a very different expression all together..he didn’t seem too sad about his daughters marriage..why was he so neutral?…why would you invite everyone’s hatred including your family…you can never hurt your family I know that…I have to find the truth…if you saved Sam from some danger…the you are moving it to yourself…as a friend I will do anything to pull the truth out of you…and if you are innocent I won’t let any harm on you’’

Credit to: Gauri


  1. Ameena

    One more ff by one of the best writer ever 🙂 I’m so glad that you started this ff from my fav scene. Update soooon. ❤

    • Roma

      Ameena, where were u? I missed you sooooo muchhhh. …plzzzz come online…love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

  2. alex

    felt a relief that atleast manmarxiyan is continued again though not on tv ….but i will consider it as original serial…loads of love di…muaahhh….

  3. Hey yipeeeeeeeeeee 😀 😀 😀 u dono how much I was excited 😀 😀 I thought someone newly start D ff but wen I c ur name after reading 😀 😀 😀 only God ll know how much I am happy to c ur name 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 I loved it 😀 😀 😀 oh somewhere in arjun’s heart he felt sad for her words 🙁 but it’s really nice totally different ff from u omg omg omg dono how u gonna manage both 🙂 😀 😀 u r very talented so doubt in dat 😀 😀 I loved thoughts n his determination s really awesome 😀 😀 Neil s really awesome always who really have balance in both heart n mind 😀 😀 oh my dear 😀 take care 😀 😀 take care of ur health pls 😀 😀 😀 😀 I really dono how u managing both work n writing but u r really doing great 😀 😀 😀 here ll stop my blabbering 😀 😀 love u 😀 😀 😀 😀 happy weekend 😀 😀

    • Gauri

      Butter! I like that name..can you believe I have 6-7 nick names…yes almost everyone in family has nicknamed me …now you 🙂 love you to the moon Maandey 🙂

      • M

        Hoho….u knw the best thing I ever eat in my whole life is peanut butter…… Lol…….m laughing like fool whn Navneet scold me… eat empty all the container

  4. nita

    Woww mmz back again with your story…I knw u wll rock ths ff…Neil trusts his chasini..hope he should knw her pain nd sacrifice for her frnd soon….love you for the update..eagerly waiting for next update

  5. ammu

    u r such a brilliant writer tht we can recognize u evn without ur name in d end. This epi is really nice n reminded mmz epi..wHen will u update nxt part?

  6. Wow my dear … more ff…Iam glad to read, this continuation of original mmz….pls continue soon dear…all the best sweety…love u loads …tc…happy weekend…

  7. Jerly

    hey Gauri… more ff from u…….feels good,,,,,,,,,luv u sooo much…………. update soon……. 🙂 😉

  8. Dii sachi kahum. I am very scared thinking what if I fall in love with this ff also… Like i am reading the first ff of yours now.. And the second is on trail.. And third has started … I want to read all in one go but cant adjust with the time right now… Please please update the destiny passion obsession soom cause aftef reading that I will get normal and study well…
    I am loving you so muchhh mucchhhh… :* :* kepe writing di .. You have got amazing talent and I am sure you will reach your goals asap.

    • Gauri

      Roshini darling loads of first comes your study and after that my ff…take all your time after your exams I will send you the links if needed…now all the best and thanks for suppporting 🙂 XOXO 🙂

  9. aastha

    Thank you ………………….you are giving us another treat by giving a continuation of org mmz….that too after ardhika marriage…………..I loved every part of it…..I could see those scenes infront of my eyes…………..even though I dint like Arjun’s deeds you made me like him by just a single sentence…” arju felt bad at the setece that she hated him ….coz he dint ” ………this is one of my fav dialogues…..and the other is Rads telling her mom ” what will I do …..I will make my husband do everything “…….this dialogue is exactly what I say when my dad asks what’ll I do when I marry and then who will do all the job ……….thanks a million di for giving us another fresh memory of mmz……………love u sooooo much……heres a teddy hug for you…………….muah………………..

  10. Dhara

    u r awesome fantastic amazing.. one more mmz story.. loved it liked it, yep even after a year we still remember mmz. such a beautifully story was ended abruptly. but u r making us live again those memories. thanks Gauri 🙂

  11. suvi

    Really happy dat u r here wid one more ff. Waiting fa d next one to see ur real story unfold. Love u di.

  12. super Gauri!! just relived the manmarziyan…that epi too was one of the best epi…i had tears in my eyes remembering mmz days yarr…missing it sooo much…Thank for mentioning my name n for this wonderful epi…love you…muhha

    • Gauri

      Thanks Dipika 🙂 you guys have been amazing support and I am blessed to have frnds like you 🙂 love

  13. Gianna

    Another one? Wow wow wow am so eager to read how u going to shape this one. This is such a treat and its even Christmas yet. Yippieeeee. Love u Gauri

  14. Supriya

    Di omg u r a born genius…..what compliments I can give u…..I don’t have any words…..di just one request I want it little different from mmz track what I mean z bring some male character in ur show plz plz wanna c arjun jealous……how dare he threaten my radhu he shud pay for insulting her……plz plz di consider my request….. I love to c arjun restless and jealous…… update soon waiting for ur next update….. I loved it to the core…..loads of love…..muaaaaahhhhhh tc…..????

    • Gauri

      Supriya my lovely little angel 🙂 I have picked up the original track but will bring in my twist and turns wait for it 🙂 loads of love 🙂

  15. Rg

    Wow gauri tat was fast. It was tooo gud. I loved it. I was happy and surprised to see it soo soon. Thanks a ton. And yes d feeling s have been potrayed brilliantly and beautifully.. Plz continue… Tell me how u r going to go any this one as u already have Dpo running. When will u b updating this? Thanks once again for considering my request… U r toooo gud.

    • Gauri

      Thanks Rg 🙂 yrs the words come and I thought of sharing otherwise I wold have lost them… 🙂 I myself don’t know how will I manage but will try for sure…bcoz I love stories and writing or reading 🙂 this update may be with DPO or a day after that 🙂 love you 🙂

  16. chandan

    OMG Gauri…you are immensly talented…not even completed 24hrs of my request n here it is…this is amazing…thanks for accepting my request…n looking forward eagerly to know how you going to unfold the story by your creativity…n you will rock this one too…n one more request like the original series i want Ardhika to connect on emotional level n it is the beauty of their relation …once again thanks n GBU

  17. Rg

    Gauri in this one I want arjun and Sam to Pay for calling a small town gal a behenji…. U can’t judge some one on their dress code or family values… And if possible I want radz and Neil to witness d bathroom seen btw arjun and Sam ( whr arjun proposes Sam and almost kissed her and says he is Glad tat radz is not here and tat she will go away from his life with just a sign on d papr)… In real only Neil sees it… In this I want Radha to c it too. I need to know how radz reaction and arjuns too. It was cruel of him to c say it….. If possible plz consider my requests . Thanks.

    • Gauri

      Hey Rg, yes they will, since the series ended abruptly they skipped many things…I will explore all of them…Radhika’s turnmoil…Arjun’s rudeness to her and his care….Sam’s stupidity and Neil’s intelligence…will post soon 🙂 thanks a ton 🙂

  18. Sv

    So the plot starts after the marriage of ardhika. Super awesome di. Im visualising every seen. But pls make nandhini run. Dont know why but if some one troubles ardhika im on my peak of my anger . Wow that was great. Di rocked again. Love u di and ur words. Take care di and bear hugs and kisses. Di dpo was extraordinary. Loved it.

  19. Roma

    Omg gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeet darling it’s really superbbbb n very lovelyyyyyy. …I’m on cloud 9….the starting point of this ff is very exciting….I was always thinking the way ardhika marriage happened n the twists came after that were really overwhelming n the makers quickly finished the show without closing certain things. …I’m very excited with your ff…the scenes u presented were very heart touching. ..specially when neil brainstorming n thinking about samrat being neutral in the whole situation….u brought the real missing part to the light….I just loved it very very muchhhh….u refresh the this mmz from new beginning…n I’m pretty sure you’ll give very interesting twist n turns to make this ff a super duper hit….keep it up honeyyy. …all the best. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh. … 😉 😉 😉

  20. Omg…..what a shock…u already starred a new one….now I want to be ambani ….no no….bill gates…so that I can hire you for myself only….selfish me….me greedy about your writing…..??

  21. neetz

    Wow a new one …gauri gauriiii….in my.mind i had fixed up jlf and wanted that as season 2 of mmz 😀
    SILLY me… dint know u l actually start up a new one …ho hooooo m ready as ever for any of ur upcoming ff .. the begining is really gud just continue dear.. sydney sheldon and rowling used to b my favts and i think u r gonna be my new fav …love u and ur fictions .. keep writing ..u have it u

  22. pankh

    now we will get double dhamaka of ur stories.. awesome.. waiting 4 soon..luv u dr..

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