A small wish from our side to AARYA our sweet little Angel…our beloved Ritu and Navneet’s only daughter.




A cute little doll who is gonna turn to 3 in another two days, peeps out from her fur blanket, moves it upto her chest and turns to her left and right. The first thing she used to look at is her little teddy dolls on her both sides. She turns to her right at first and hugs it tightly saying, “Good Morning mumma” and places a strong kiss on its nose..then she turns to other side and hugs the another one saying, “Good Morning Papa” and kisses it too.

Before she gets up, her cute Nani comes and lifts her up from the bed and taking her to get refresh and she feeds her the milk and makes her play with their little puppies Mili and Cilo. She enjoys playing with those two puppies and that’s her start for the day. Soon Nani is done with the breakfast and feeds her the food with lots of love, often she refuses to have it but still somehow she manages to finish the full bowl and again makes her play with the puppies and she is so excited for her little princess bday is arriving in another two days and thinks to throw a grand party in her home. Meanwhile she talks to her daughter Ritu about this and makes sure of her presence at any cost and anyway she no needs to tell that to her..because for Ritu it is her angel’s bday and how she can miss that beautiful day. She gets busy in her work.

Aarya goes out following the puppies running outside of the house and stops at one place, where Arya too goes and stands there looking at the ground. They she gets a thing which is like a pencil but it not in a normal size but little big and at the edge end is shaped as if it is a face of a joker. Arya smiles seeing it and picks the pencil in her hand and looks at it from top to bottom. She likes the pencil and jumps in happiness, and the puppies too starts barking with her enjoying her happiness and her Nani comes out looking for her, hears the trio’s shout and calls for Aarya, “Aaru baby, come here. What are you doing there?”

Aarya blinks and turns to her Nani but hides the pencil behind her while turning and replies, “Coming Nanu” and runs to her followed by the two puppies barking looking at the pencil behind her.

After finishing the bath and other make ups, Nani puts her in the bed and tells her to sleep for sometime and goes locking the door, but the puppies on her doorstep barks looking at the locked door, Nani took them and puts in to their little cage and tells them also to sleep and not to disturb her.

Soon Nani’s head disappears, Arya again peeps out from her blanket and takes the pencil in her hand starring at it. She rubs the pencil from top to bottom and to her shock, a cute little joker appears infront of her saying, “Hello Friend”. Arya is shocked and close her mouth in both hands looking at the Joker, and the joker laughs seeing the little angel and says, “No need to get scared of me. I am you lovliest friend now. Give me hand shake” and it extends the hand to her, Arya slowly gives her hand too and smiles once the fear goes.

Joker, “Now what my princess want from me?”

Arya blinks saying, “Who are you?”

Joker “Mmm…i am your friend and will give you what you want”

Arya, “Ohhhh…so you will do magic?” asking with so much of excitement in her face.

Joker, “Well…yes i will do to make you happy”

Arya keeps her forefinger on her chin and says as if she is thinking, “But i saw them all are very big in size who does the magic..but you are too small”

Joker laughs, “You are also too small…so For Small baby…Small Joker”

Arya laughs clapping her hands and Joker says, “Now you tell me…what you want?”

Arya thinks for a while and then says, “I want to see my Mumma and Papa…what will they are doing now without me?”

Joker exclaims, “Okay…done. We will go”

Arya, “How you know where they are now?”

Joker, “I know everything Princess. You just come with me…i will take you to your mumma and papa”

Arya, “If they see me?”

Joker, “They can’t see you can watch them secretly and know what are they doing”

Arya again claps her hand in happiness and says, “Ok ok….will go and come soon….Nani will come to me for lunch”

Joker, “Don’t worry….i will make Nani busy and she will come late”

Soon, Joker does some magic and Both of them gets disappear from there and suddenly appears in front of a building, Arya keeps her hand sin her hips saying, “Where are we?”

Joker, “We are gonna meet your Mumma now. Get ready”

Arya jumps in happiness and so excited to meet her mom, Joker takes her with is like they both are flying in the air looking around. It is an office where Arya’s Mumma Ritu works currently.

Joker don’t know who is Arya’s mom and Arya is stunned seeing everything and everyone newly…she looks at all with open mouth and claps her hands in happiness.

Joker, “Enough of clapping, tell me where is your Mumma?”

Arya keenly searching her mumma and finally got it and starts squealing loudly, “Mumma…Mumma…Mumma..Mumma”

Joker closes it ears and says, “Ssshhhhhh…where?”

Arya extends her hand and points a place where a lady sits and works sincerely but a sort of disappointment is always sticks on her face but she always covers up and talks to all nicely and with a great smile on her face.

Joker, “Oh she is your mumma? Super. Come will go to her”

Arya looks at him with her big eyes saying, “Mumma will see us”

Joker, “Princess, she cannot see us. Come come”

Arya jumps in happiness and follows joker silently. They both goes and sits on top of her desk and looking at her keeping their one hand on their cheeks. Arya is adoring her mom and gives a flying kiss to her mom. Joker smiles seeing her and says, “You wanna touch her”

Arya immediately nods her head and joker holds her hand and softly make her touch her Mumma’s forehead. Ritu suddenly felt something on her forehead and touches the same place where Arya touches and says, “Why i am feeling it as my Aaru’s touch? Cha…i miss her a lot. Might be i am in her thought so i feel like that”

Arya smiles saying to Joker, “Mumma is thinking of me.”

Joker, “Yep, your Mumma is always thinking of you only”

Arya excited and again touches Ritu, Ritu again felt something on her forehead and rubs it, Arya started playing it like that and laughs seeing her Mumma’s reaction.

Joker finally stops it saying, “What are you doing? Chalo..enough now will go and see your Papa”

Arya nods her head and both flies in the air and finally reaches her Papa’s office. Arya identifies her Papa and Joker takes her to him. She did the same thing which she did it for her Mumma and enjoys his reaction too. He also feels like his princess’s touch and miss her a lot.

Then Joker takes Arya and travels to their place and lands safely in her bed. At exact time, Nani comes to her room to give her lunch. Arya excitedly tells her Nani,

“Nani, Nani, i saw Mumma Papa”

Nani, “Kya?”

Joker signs her no and Arya rolls her eyes from left to right and keeps a pout face looking at her Nani and Nani herself says, “You had a dream? Don’t worry they will come to see you soon”

Arya, “Haiyya…Mumma Papa is coming to see me”

She continues jumping and gives a touch job to her Nani to feed her the food. Before she goes, Nani sees the pencil on the bed and takes it saying, “From where you got this?”

Arya blinks and before she says Nani unknowingly rubs the pencil and the Joker gets disappears immediately. Arya closes her mouth in shock and looks at the pencil sadly. Nani takes the pencil with her and goes out leaving Arya shock. The two puppies looks at her and starts barking at her. After that Arya couldn’t find the pencil where her Nani kept it and she badly misses it but soon forget it too and spends her days and waits eagerly for her parents.

After two days, Arya wakes up from her sleep with a sweet kisses on her face and that is from her lovely mumma Ritu. She wides her yes and looks her Mumma on her right side and Papa on her left side. She rubs her eyes and gets happy seeing both. She hugs her mumma and says, “Good Morning Mumma” gives a kiss and turns to her Papa hugs him tightly saying, “Good Morning Papa”

Nani comes to the room saying, “Now, the real teddies came”. All laugh hearing it and they all get a nice family time.

Ritu hugs Arya and wishes, “A very Happy bday my dear princess” and present a beautiful dress to her which she purchased for her. The day goes and evening all the guests arrived for the bday party. Ritu makes her princess ready like an angel and gets her to the hall and makes her stand infront of the table. Arya gets happiness and smiles widely seeing all the decorations and her cute little size photos everywhere sticks and her little friends there…but something she is missing that even she doesn’t know that.

The two clever puppies trying to jump on the table but unfortunately to their height, the table is not on their reach and they keeps on barking. A small boy comes there looks at the table and takes the pencil on the stand. The puppies started pulling his pants from both of his legs and he gets scared seeing them and drops the pencil on the floor. They both rubs it on their legs and our Magic Joker pops out from the nib looking at the puppies saying, “Good Job puppies..and thank you ..i would have missed her bday”

Don’t know what the puppies understand, but both are waving their tails fastly and keeps on barking. Arya is in the embrace of her parents and enjoys the sudden attention and the gifts she gets. Soon she gets a kiss on her cheeks and she turns to look at and gets surprised seeing Joker winks at her. Arya did not say anything but just smiles clapping her hands seeing it. Ritu sees her squealing in happiness, she hugs her more tightly and gives a plenty of kiss and prays to god, “Pls make my wish come true soon…i want to be with my daughter. Pls god…make my wish come true”

Arya too hugs Ritu and her Papa and enjoys her day to the extreme.

Joker looks at the little princess and says, “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND…MY PRINCESS..MY LITTLE ANGEL. MAY THIS BIRTHDAY BRINGS ALL THE HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY” and after that it gets disappears from there.


How is it Ritu? Do you like it the bday gift for the princess..hope you like it. Give me ur views and once A VERY HAPPY HAPPY BDAY TO OUR PRINCESS AARYA πŸ™‚

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Sathya darling very nice yaar… I loved it…

  2. Brin

    Awesome story for the little princess’s birthday, Happy Birthday Aarya πŸ™‚

  3. Shree

    WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! akka so cute!! encil.. meeting mamma papa.. hehehe.. at last he came… puppies.. milla n cilo.. aawwiiieeee. too cute

    seekrama inno onu ezhudunga.. tata.. love you

  4. Dipika

    Ohhhhhhhh satzzz darling this is soooo cutest n sweetest gift to our little princess aryaa…shakalaka boom boom pencil.. I always had a fascination about it.. N u brought the very concept beautiful… Arya staying at nanu’s place.. N ritu di n jiju feeling her presence whn she wasn’t with thm.. Aww. . Ritu di gonna hav happy tears.. Its just like this she feels i think…. That cute puppies.. Wiw.. Thy don’t let tht guy take tht pencil.. N arya gets it.. Simply amazing.. I just loved it.. Love you loads senorita.. Happy birthday to little arya
    ? ? ? ?

  5. Awwwwww… Thx dear it is amazing

  6. This was so cute.nice work sathya! Happy Birthday arts dear…. Many happy returns of the day. ???

  7. Jessie

    Awwww……so cute…..loved the joker part…sweet…lovely one Satz…!!

  8. Sulbi

    Amazing…. so lovely…. i loved it sisy….

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