MMZ – Made For Each Other (Few Shots – Part 5)

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MMZ – Made for each other (Few Shots – Part 5)

Arjun stares her going out and leans on the bed thinking about Rad’s cat fight with the Nurse. He laughs thinking about that and says, “Guess…i don’t need to put much effort. I agree now, Coz of some bad incidents…Good things are also happening”

Radhika comes out and sits in the sofa beside Nandini, Nandini observes her who lost in her own world. She shakes Rads asking, “Radhika..what happened? You lost somewhere?”

Rads stammers, “Nothing di…simply”

Nandu understands something is bothering her but thinks to know it from her mouth only. She goes to kitchen to prepare something leaving her alone. Rads still with some confusion goes behind Nandini asking, “Di…shall i help you?”

Nandu, “Sure. Have it..cut this” she gives her some veggies and looks for other items.

Rads cutting the veggies having lost in somewhere, Nandini sees this and smirks at her saying, “Radhika…i thought of doing it for dinner..if it goes in this speed we can’t even have it for our break fast”

Rads gives a forceful smile and with lot hestiation, “Di…shall i ask you something?”

Nands smiles since she expected this from her and says, “Yeah…ask”

Rads, “Di…why Arjun did not want to marry initially?”

Nandu looks at her face who wants to know the answer from her eagerly, “Becoz he cares for the girl”

Rads, “Means?”

Nandu, “Means…he was having a thought that coz of his police job, his marriage life should not be at stake and moreover he don’t want the criminals to target his family coz of him. Specially his life partner. He cares for everyone so much..infact, I was in US with my husband and he never allows me to land here coz of my safety and i just came without telling to make him married ,otherwise he would have not allowed me to come to INDIA. For him, he is ready to sacrifice his life but not ready for his loved ones..but i forced him for this marriage and he told me that he will not be happy and can’t keep his wife also happy. But one thing i have to say Radhika..more than anything or anyone he loves his job and
it is his first love. Hope you understand”

Rads is dumbstruck hearing her and there is a pin drop silence..Nandini looks at her face who is completely lost, she cups her face saying, “But now everything is changed…he is happy when you are around. You know what? He used to talk to me about you daily…all your nok jhoks and all. He is really living his life happily with you. He is ready to die for you and you have seen that. He loves you Radhika and he mean it. Arjun is the man who is ready to go to any extent for his beloved ones.

Believe him and confess your feelings”

Rads comes to sense at the last sentence and stammers, “What…what? Feelings di?”

Nandu, “Your love…it’s clearly visible in your eyes.”

Rads, “No di…nothing like that. It’s just my care towards him. That’s it”

Nandu, “Oh care is it? I saw that care when you did cat fight with that Nurse” she smiles seeing Rad’s face reaction.

Rads is blinking what to reply for her counter and thinks to escape from her, “Di…looks like he is calling. I go and see him” she runs from there.

Nandu laughs seeing her and talks to herself, “Looks like…i have sowed the seeds…lets see how she reaps it”


Rads goes to her room and starring the sleeping prince her husband Arjun. Her stare gets disturbed when Arjun smiles with his eyes closed. Rads sits on the beside him,
“You did not sleep and you were acting?”

Arjun turns his head to her side saying, “When my beautiful wife starring at me…how can i let that Nithradevi conquer me”

Rads rolls her eyes saying, “I pray that Nithradevi should come on to me and make me sleep to get escape from your blabbering”

Arjun chuckles saying, “That will be cool…so that i can call that Nurse to give me my medicines at correct time in the midnight”

Rads body stiffens hearing the word Nurse and she glares him with an angry look saying, “Why you want that Nurse? I can also give you medicines at correct time”

Arjun, “You will give it to me. Why you wanna trouble yourself? Leave it to her…and it is her job and for that only we have asked her here right”

Rads, “You just shut up and sleep. I know what to do and what not to do. Your job is just to open your mouth and have medicine…it doesn’t matter from whom you are getting it”.

She goes out to take food for him, Nandini finished her cooking and gives it to Radhika to feed him. Rads goes to Arjun and feed him the food and after sometime she gives him the medicine and makes him lie on the bed properly by covering him with the blanket. All the while, the Nurse who stands at the door wall leaning on it with her cross hands on her chest..watching Rads doing everything perfectly without even giving a chance for her to suggest something.

Arjun & Nurse share a glare without Rads knowledge and she goes out smilingly. Arjun moves his look at Rads who is seriously and sincerely doing all the work for him and is about to get down from the bed. Arjun holds her wrist saying, “Where are you going?”

Rads, “Couch…i will sleep there”

Arjun, “Then why we have this king size bed”

Rads becomes dumb and hesitatingly asks, “How can i sleep here?”

Arjun, “Why not? I will move aside little and yo can sleep this side” he points on the other side of the bed.

Rads hesitates but Arjun forces her and makes her sleep beside him. He lies by looking at the ceiling and she lies beside him by looking at his face.


Next morning, Arjun wakes up first and is about to turn but he couldn’t and feels little weight on him. He finds Radhika sleeping close to him by keeping her head on his chest(Non-injured) and her hands wraps his waist and she sleeps like a baby cuddling into him more.

Arjun smiles seeing and this is the first time they both are close like this..he enjoys the moment and silently takes his mobile and clicks a picture of her face first. Then he takes a selfie with her while she is still sleeping. Rads started moving her body and Arjun hides his phone under his pillow and acts like sleeping.

Rads lifts her head and gets shocked realising that she is sleeping on him..she slowly moves away from him and stares him sleeping peacefully. An unknown smile appears on her face which is very new for her now. She feels somewhat very happy and relax inside her. She carefully moves little more back but Arjun wakes up(acting like) and acting like he gets pain in the chest where she leaned.

Rads gets worried seeing him, “ it paining?”

Arjun makes a pout face saying, “Hmmm yeah..don’t what weight i kept there”

Rads blinks saying, “Actually…unknowingly i slept on your chest”

Arjun acts to be shocked saying, “Oh god…you slept on me …. you forgot that i am patient still. how cruel you are…i just told you to sleep on the bed and you slept on me”

Rads blinks at him and stuck of not finding anything to reply and soon Nandini comes there and gets to know everything from Arjun. He said the samething to Nandini also..she bangs her head and takes radhika with him.

After they went, Arjun laughs heartily remembering her blinking face when he acted.

Nandini composes her and makes her understand that he was teasing her after that only Rads felt normal and adding to that she becomes sooooo happy when Nurse came and
told that she is leaving and tells radhika to call her if anything needed.

Rads happily sends her off and comes back to room to give milk to him. He is not there in the bed but coming out from the washroom with much difficult. SHe keeps the milk on the table and helps him to reach the couch. She did not talk anything and maintains the silence…Arjun chuckles seeing her and she stares him angrily…he understands that she is angry and when she is about to go, he holds her wrist saying, “Achaa ok sorry. I won’t tease you again”

Rads convinces by his one sorry and smiles at him. Since Nurse left from there she takes care of him very well and due to her immense care…he gets well soon and did not miss to tease her often though he promised.

After few weeks, Rads is sleeping alone in the bed and when she extends her hands to touch him…she did not find him on the bed and immediately she gets up from the bed and looks for him everywhere. She did not find him anywhere and try to reach him on his mobile but he left the mobile in his home itself. In this few weeks, Ardhika develops a good bonding between them. Radhika likes to be with him always and takes care of him like a kid. More than Arjun, Radhika is used for him now but she couldn’t understand what she feels for him.

Nandini tries to calm her down but she is not and getting panic of not finding him. She is about to go out but Arjun opens the door and comes inside in his Track suite after returning from a jogging. Rads gets relief seeing him and hugs him tightly to compose herself. Arjun & Nandini is surprised and Arjun signs Nandu asking “What happened?”. Nandini smiles and signs to ask his wife and she goes to her room and locked it.

Arjun is getting joy seeing his wife in his embrace and he too tights his grip on her and keeps his one hand on her waist and another on her head. He lifts his head up by giving space for rads to keeps her head on his chest. Rads too smiles and she clutches his dress at his back to control her burning emotions.

Arjun smiles and says, “What happened to my wife? She is so romantic today…i got a hug treat in the morning itself”

Rads controls her smile and gets away from him saying, “Where you went? You don’t even have basic manners to inform me before going out and making all of us panic”

Arjun, “You were sleeping na..that’s y i dint tell you”

Rads, “ will leave as it is? Don’t dare to do this next time”

Arjun calms her down, “Ok ok…i won’t go anywhere without telling you. Now pls prepare something fast..i need to leave” he goes inside their room by saying this.

Rads follows him asking, “Where are you going?”

Arjun, “Where will i go? Now am all fit enough to join my duty again”

Rads face reaction gets changed hearing his words…some unknown fear appears on her face which is clearly visible in her face and noticed by Arjun.

He comes to her and cups her face saying, “Nothing will happen to me. Don’t worry”

Rads holds his hands saying, “Why so soon? You can be in rest for some more days na”

Arjun, “Some more? No way..see my face now. Very dull and i need to do a clean shave to get my charm back..then only girls will stalk me…lure me”

Rads opens her mouth in shock, “Shame on you. You are expecting girls to stalk & lure at you”

Arjun makes face saying, “When my wife is not ready to do that…i will obviously expect it from outside only”

He makes her shocked and tensed and goes to washroom to get ready. Rads gets upset hearing him and goes to kitchen to prepare break fast for him.

She almost done her food and hears Arjun calling her name continuously. She goes inside to see him and gets surprised seeing him in Police Uniform again after a long time. Arjun was showing his back to her and turns to face her when she comes inside. Radhika is completely stunned, mesmerised, dumbstruck seeing her handsome…prince charming husband gets ready in a neatly ironed Police Uniform with a clean shave…yes now for sure all the girls will run behind him as he said. She just stands near the door itself and unable to move forward after seeing him. For the very first time..she just admires him from top to toe in this dress and she feels very proud seeing him. She feels proud of calling herself as his wife and continuously starring him without blinking her eyes.

She comes to sense when Arjun shouts her loudly and she composes herself and goes to him slowly asking, “What happened?”

Arjun in a tensed face, “Where are the stars? I am not seeing it anywhere”

Rads sighs and moves to the wardrobe and takes a box kept under her sarees. She takes the stars from that box and goes to Arjun. He smiles and relaxes seeing it and tells her to put on his dress. Rads hesitates but still she did it on his saying. She pins all the stars correctly and while doing so…she gets goosebumps on her body. A proud feeling passing in her body from her top to toe and makes her stares her husband proudly.

Arjun notices her and chuckles saying, “So definitely today all the girls will run behind me i guess and i m seeing one already flattered”

Rads comes to sense and composes her look and her face becomes reddish coz of blushing and she is about to go out but Arjun stops her and pulls her to him by making her stand in his embrace saying, “I waited for so long. Not anymore. When are you gonna confess your feelings?”

Rads thinks for a second and Nandini’s words are echoing in her ears and looks at him saying, “You are joining your duty after a long time right. You leave now..we will discuss about this in the evening”

He smiles and plants a gentle kiss on her forehead saying, “I am desperately waiting for that” and he is going out.

Rads stops him, “Arjun”

Arjun turns and looks at her, she continues, “Will you be able to do anything whatever i ask for?”

Arjun gives her a confused look saying, “If i can..then i will..for sure”

Rads gives him a fake smile and goes out to give him a food and sends him off and losts herself in deep thoughts.

Precap: Arjun gives Rads an agreement paper. Nandini shocks seeing it as Divorce paper. Radhika looks at the paper and Arjun and smiles broadly. (FINAL EPISODE)


That’s it for today guys. Next will be the final one on this Made for each other ff. Pls pour your comments for this episode.

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  1. Myra

    Sathya akka….what just happened?
    I am left speechless…
    I mean, we had a just a great happy epsiode…but precap….akka, twist pe twist not fair haan…
    Love you loads….update really quick please…?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra dear. Vl update next soon.

  2. wonderfullll..wonderfull…but omg…is radhika still having grudge against the police duty?? and what is all agreement?? Please make if lovely at the end!!! will wait for it.thank you

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Krishna…. Definitely I ll be giving happy ending only.

  3. arti viswanathan

    Satya very good episode and excellently written dear…..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much arti dear

  4. Jewel

    chapter is nice and cute…. bt the precap…. divorce… is she up to any plan or something?? then why this divorce…. even she know that she loves him a lot then why she is doing this…. now i can’t wait sathya, i am really eager to know what will happen next… plz plz post soon…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much jewel dear. Yes she is up to something but don’t worry… End will be happy notes

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, it must be Arjun plan to get Radhika to confess her feeling that is why he is doing a fake divorce, right Sathya 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin…. U will know it n next episode

  6. Sathya its awesome epi I luv it. ……. especially radzz part…..pls update ETL soon waiting fr next update. … 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gayathri dear.

  7. Dipika

    Wow my anmol romance Queen.. When u writes romantic scenes na i always felt goosebumps.. U hav done masters in was soooo cute epi…radz still confused but soon cloud of her confusion getting apart as nandu makes her realize her feelings.. Ohhh i was completely flat on arjun..time n was soooo handsome… Though m quite shy girl but i would hav kiss him yarrr hahaha….n what with thr precap..wht shr gonna ask..n divorce ppr..still arjun smiling.. Wht gng to happrn..oh god u hanged me here..pls come soon…love u darling.. Muhhhaa

    1. Sathya

      Thanks for the best compliment dipu dear. Arjun is toooooooo cute na… He is so naughty… N yes her mind gets clear now. Vl update next soon

  8. Gauri

    Awesome Sathya all moments were so romantic….and the best one or my fav was where Rads sleeps on his shoulder and he acts being in pain because of weight 🙂 so cute ….precap…what divorce papers and why are you ending this so soon …can be few more pls pls pls 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri dear. Ha ha ha yes he s such a drama king. I have planned to end this once she too confess her feelings…thanks for ur lovely comments dear.

  9. Shree

    Ada enna ya idu?! It’s time for love ana inga divorce… Loved Nandini and her explanation… Ardhika lol.. nurse.. haha..

    Loved the episode!! Next one soon ka.. please

    Love you ??

    1. Sathya

      He he he shree it’s time for love than. Next episode la paarunga. Thank u dear

  10. Jessie

    Satz… it s just superb.. and precap.. I cud guess what u have.. heheh go for it.. !
    Arjun got caught..hahah Yes.. they are made for each other.. justified my dear.. super.. post it soon.. like real soon…

    1. Sathya

      Jaazzz u really guessed it. Ok vl c whether I match ur guess or not. Thank u for lovely comments

  11. Rossy

    Oooh god. .first of all sissy ur dp is really cute…so sweeet…awww baby…hayeee…and u r queen of romance and m zero in it….radz feeling were portrayed in very awesome way…last chapter…okkk…will wait for next…that will be awesome as always… And don’t forget second chance love….see…i remember ur each story…aaaahhhhnnnn….now m waiting for repoerter diary…u know kinda intriguing and m scratching my head already…hug u

    1. Sathya

      Oh my Cutie sissy… Thank u dear… Baby is so cute na… Lovely smile… No dear… M not . Pls don day that na…. No one is less than anyone else. Ha ha ha u r the only person remembering second love ff. Lol. I ll definitely continue that once I finish it. And painful revenge… Vl update next soon… Don’t scratch ur head pls. I need to save that brain without any damage.

  12. Sweetie

    Sathya,this is so romantic update.. 🙂 I loved their cutie cute fights.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sweetie. Love u lits

  13. Aadia

    Cuuute and cutest chappy akka…so romantic…..but divorce???? Pls update ASAP akka….and ETL too

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much aadia dear don’t worry

  14. amazing ………precap than puliya karaikuthu …please cont..pannu pa intha story …….as usual awesome..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much subha. Bayapadavendam dear… Onnum aagathu

  15. Shubhadha

    Nice one..Aradhika next one is last one..i want some more episodes..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Shubhadha dear :)…it’s been a long time i am seeing ur comment 😛

  16. Hey.. i couldnt able to find its part 4.. can anyone send the link of it…

    1. Sathya

      Hey dear…below is the link for the 4th chapter. Title got interchanged with another ff…

  17. Thank you dear..

  18. Oh my satzzz after long time you updated this marvellous story. …loved the episode very muchhhhhh. ..but now I’m hanging with this cliffhanger ….what a shocking precap. …can’t wait for next episode. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug n Happy Diwali to you my sweeeeeetheart ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 😉

    1. Sathya

      Thank u roma 🙂

  19. _Ritu

    Amazing Sathya..u were rocking as always…loads of love 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Ritu 🙂

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