MMZ – Made for each other (2 Shots – Part 1)


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my dearies πŸ™‚

Yippee am back again with my second attempt of OS..actually i tried for OS but it came as Two’s ok never mind. Sorry to torture you all..but what to do you have to bare me and my writing. I love the Police stories with cute love and i really wanna see Aham as a COP and he will be really fit for that role as his fitness and heights suits for him well. I don’t know whether it will happen or not..but i decided to make him in my story. Ok now i ll come out from my dream and Well guys..this OS is also about a COP love story..hope you all like it.

Here you go with the OS

Bride and Groom sits in the mandap and performs the rituals as guided by Pandit. Pandit gives them an awkward look at the couples but still he does his duty and makes them also follows him correctly. The whole marriage hall is filled with lot of hifi people and mostly everyone are from department means..POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Except the bride and groom everybody else seems to be happy and enjoys the function. The person who looks to be around 50 years comes to the bride and whispers something in her ears but she did not give any damn response to him. Soon her dadaji comes to her and says something, she looks at him with fake smile and after that she maintains that just for his sake.

Same thing is happening with the groom, a middle aged lady comes to him, says something and makes him smile atleast for her sake. It seems like they both are compromised themselves just for their beloved ones and does this marriage.

Soon the pandit does the initial rituals and tells them to do the pheras, both stands up and does the pheras with heavy heart and after that pandit tells him to tie the mangalsutra and he just follows it like a robo whatever he said to him. He then keeps sindoor on her forehead and while doing so, he moves his sight from her forehead and slowly slides down & meet her eyes which is closed tightly , then slowly he looks at her face which doesn’t have any symbol of happiness for this marriage. He just gives an expressionless look and she opens her eyes and looks at him with so much of hatred in her eyes.

Elders blesses them and wishes them for a happy life. They takes them to the groom’s house and dadaji calls the lady Groom’s sister Nandini to perform the rituals.

Elders gets into a discussion and decides to keep them shifted to a seperate flat, so that they will understand each other when they are together.

Dadaji, “Dilip, give the keys to him”

Dilip, father of the bride and has the position as DIG in Police dept comes forward and hands over the keys to him, but he denied getting it saying, “Sir, i don’t want anything from you. I have earned enough and still i can manage it and more over, i have already booked a flat and paid the advance for it. I am sorry if i hurt you and i did not mean it”

Dilip becomes very happy and hugs him says, “I am proud of you my boy and this is the main reason why i chose you for my daughter. I am so proud of you”

Dadaji looks at the girl who stands alone without involving herself in any of these discussions.

He comes to her and takes her to the guy and says, “Beta…she is my life. My only hope to live…and i believe you will keep her happy. She is only child and little stubborn, if she does any mistake, pls don’t make it as a big thing..if you explain means..she will understand”.

He feels bad seeing the old man cries and he takes her hands into his and says, “I will fulfill my responsibility as a husband…pls don’t worry”. He gets the blessings from dadaji and everyone sends them to their new house which he booked.

@ Car,

The whole travel went in a dead silence in the car. Both are not ready to initiate the talk and maintains silence. The apartment is situated at the city center in a very busy area. He parks the car and comes to open the door for her but she does herself and walks to the lift. He looks on and follows her. They reaches 9th floor in the building and he guides her by walking front without talking anything. She also kept quiet and goes behind her. He opens the flat and gives way for her to enter, then he locks the door and opens the windows for ventilation.

The girl looks around the house and her vision stops seeing him starring her. He comes to her and extends his hand saying, “I am Arjun”

The girl looks on and gives her hand to him saying, “Radhika”.

Arjun hesitates and initiates the talk, “Hmm…it looks wierd right..we both get introduced to each after the marriage”

Rads, “Yes…if you don’t mind..i am feeling very tired. I need to rest for sometime”

Arjun neither surprised nor shocked but shows her room and lets her in. She goes inside and locks it.

Arjun relaxes himself in the couch there in living hall by leaning his body and puts his legs on the table. He don’t know when he slept but woke hearing some noise and finds Radhika in kitchen doing something.

He comes to her and says, “Do you need anything?”

She drops the glass from her hand hearing a sudden voice behind her and looks scared. Arjun is shocked and tries to calm down saying, “It’s’s ok. You don’t touch anything..i will clean it” he bends down to do so but radhika stops him saying, “No i will do it”

She starts cleaning it and the puts the pieces in dustbin but still she is looking for something which she did not get yet.

Arjun, “Do you need anything?”

Rads, “Yeah…thought of preparing coffee..My head is paining”

Arjun gets it from some other place and gives it to her. Rads, “Thanks”

Arjun goes back to hall and again sits on the couch. Radhika prepares coffee for herself and goes to her room without saying anything. Arjun wonders seeing her behaviour but did not ask anything. He goes to kitchen and prepares coffee for himself and stands in the balcony. He stares the view from his flat and lost in some thoughts.

Flashback Starts——-

He says to Nandini, “Nandu…i told you so manytimes that i am not interested in marriage and it is not suite for my job. Why are you compelling me?”

Nandu, “Arjun..don’t behave like a kid. You are a matured man..keep your job away from your personal. Are you the only Police officer in this city is it? No other Police officers married or what?”

Arjun, “Nandu..don’t compare me with others. But i do have a my own thoughts…Marriage will restrict me in taking risks…i should worry about my wife’s totally time waste. And moreover bcoz of my job, her life also will be at stake at any point and i don’t want to take that chance. Pls stop this topic”

Nandu starts cries, “After our parents..i thought you will fulfill my wishes but you are also not listening my words. I never asked you anything till now and this is the first time i asked you something and you refused it. I am a very unlucky sister”

Arjun feels bad seeing her crying and hugs her saying, “Nandu..pls don’t say like this. You understand my point too”

Nandu frees herself from him and cups her face saying, “I understand you very well and that’s y i asked you to marry. I want to see you as a complete man Arjun. After me, i want someone to look after you with lots of love and affection. You will get those love and affection only from your wife and children”

Arjun shakes his head unbelievingly and keeps quiet for sometime. Nandu pulls him and asks, “How long you want me to wait? Yes or No?”

He looks at her crying face and just for her sister’s sake he agrees for the marriage saying, “But only on one condition”

Nandu looks on and he continues, “She should not ask me to resign my Police job..because you know it…It is my passion and i cannot leave this for any reason”

Nandu gets very happy and hugs him tightly and runs inside to call her husband to inform this good news. Both husband and wife starts searching for a girl who understands his police job and the risks involve in it. They liked some girls but they are not interested in Police…and the girls who is ready they are not liked by Nandini. LIke this they rejected so many proposals and gets tired of searching a girl for him.

One day, Arjun gets Nandu for a party where his Senior officer arranges it for his retirement. He introduces Nandini to everyone there and one of them is Dilip Misra- DIG of Police Dept. The both had a normal talks and when the marriage topic comes Nandini also tells him that she is looking for a girl for Arjun. Arjun leaves Nandini and goes to his other colleagues when she talks about his marriage to Dilip but he was not aware what kind of bomb his sister gonna blast later.

They both reach home after the party and arjun looks Nandini who is looking very happy. He holds her hand and asks, “What happen to you? You are looking abnormal”

Nandu pinches him hearing the word abnormal and says, “You will get to know soon about the reason for my abnormal”. she makes face and goes to her room. Arjun looks confused.

Next Morning, Nandini gets ready in a silk saree and comes out from the room but confronts by Arjun who is ready in his police suite and looks her shocked. Nandini smirks at him and is going out. Arjun, “Nandu…where are you goi…” before he completes his sentence Nandini interrupts him saying, “Don’t ask where? You gave me a responsibility and i am gonna fulfill it now. So you remember ur promise ok? Now am getting late..see you in the evening”

Arjun stands with his mouth open in shock seeing Nandini’s gesture..he shakes his head and getting ready to his work.

@ Commissioner Office,

Arjun is seated in his cabin and looking at the file history of a Kidnapping case and gets disturbed a call from Nandini.

Arjun, “Ya Nandu”

Nandu, “–”

Arjun, “What? Now?”

Nandu, “–”

Arjun, “I have some important work Nandu. I have to go out regarding a case”

Nandu, “–”

Arjun, “OK..FINE. I AM COMING. But remember just 10 mins only. Don’t ask me to stay back more than that”

By saying this he sighs and leaves from his work to his home. He enters inside his home and gets shocked seeing Nandu with 2 other persons. It is None other than Dilip Misra and his father. Arjun salutes him coz of his duty conscious..Dilip smiles at him and says, “Arjun…this is not Commissioner office and m not here as your senior officer. Be relax and come sit down.”

Nandini smiles and joins with them with a tray of juices. Arjun looks confused and signs Nandini about the happenings.

Dilip, “Arjun”

Arjun, “SIR”

Dilip, “Relax my boy. My father wants to see you and that’s y i came here and more over we can finalise everything now itself right” he completes his sentence by looking at Nandini.

Arjun couldn’t understand anything and looks blank. Nandini, “Yes Uncle…we can finalise everything. From my side …i am ok”

Arjun whispers, “Uncle” he looks at nandini with lots of confusion and she smirks at him without saying anything.

Dilip, “What happened Arjun?”

Arjun, “Sir…actually i couldn’t understand anything.”

Dilip smiles and says, “OK. Me and Your sister Nandini decided to take our relation into next level. I mean…We are here to confirm your alliance for my daughter”

Arjun is shell shocked and don’t what to reply and how to react. He looks at Nandu and she gives an assurance through her eyes.

Arjun hesitates and Dilip continues, “Look Arjun. I always have a good impression on you and when i know that your sister is searching a girl for you then y i should not try it. I am sure that you will be the perfect match for my daughter”

Arjun keeps silent but Nandu says, “Uncle…you don’t need to ask arjun anything. Coz he gave me his marriage responsiblity to me and he will accept what i am saying”

Arjun glares her but kept quiet. Dilip and Dadaji talks for some time and leaves from there. Arjun caught Nandini started scolding for her doings. She cried and locks herself in the room. He gets worried and finally agrees for her wish to marry dilip’s daughter and puts the condition that he don’t have time to do pre marriage stuffs and tells her not to disturb him till marriage.

Flashback over——-

He sighs heavily by thinking about all this and gets into thinking why radhika is behaving so wierdly. He goes inside and opens his room door and finds her sleeping in the couch by cuddling herself into it. He finds some emptiness in her face and it doesn’t have any emotions. She looks so calm and yes ofcourse she was, is calm only.

He also felt sleepy and falls in his bed by facing her and soon he dozes off.


Next Morning, Arjun wakes up by his alarm and looks at the time. It is 8:00AM, he immediately gets up and sits in the bed to come out from his sleep but speechless seeing radhika gets ready and combing her hair infront of the mirror. He can only see her back but he can see her face also if he leans slightly on his left side. She observes him but doesn’t care at all. She ties her hair with a simple plot and takes her slingbag by dumping all her necessary items and takes the ID card in hand and leaves from the room without even saying anything to Arjun. Arjun looks at her with open mouth and after 5 mins he goes to balcony and finds her taking auto from the apartment entrance. He gives an unbelievable look saying, “She is more than me”.

Soon he too takes bath..gets ready, prepared Bread toast for him and leaves to his work. Everyone at the CO (Commissioner Office) looks him in a shocking way, he gets embarrassed by their looks and he knows the reason too…he walks fast to get into his cabin to escape from their looks. He looks for the kidnapping case which he left half way by collecting the proofs against the main culprit. Still he need some more proof of him and calls the police informer and gets the updates from him.

He takes the file with him and leaves from there to meet one of the victims who was kidnapped by the goons and somehow got escaped from them and reaches and tells Arjun about everything. He orders the inspector to get her admit in the NGO for her safety. So he is going to meet her now to get more details about their looks.


@ Mother Teresa NGO center

Arjun reaches the NGO in his Police vehicle and goes inside to meet the head for this center. He informs the head about the victim girl and gets her permission to meet her and get some details. He sits in the waiting hall for that girl and she too comes to meet him. Arjun looks at the girl and smiles seeing her but soon his smiles fades away seeing another person with is none other than Radhika his wife. He forgots to blink his eyes seeing radhika unexpectedly at the unexpected place.

Radhika also gets shocked seeing him there and but did not show it explicitly. She takes the girl and makes her sit opposite to Arjun. Arjun offers another chair to radhika and she silently obliges it and hears their conversation.

Arjun to the girl who is frightened, “Don’t get scared and no one will do anything to you untill am there ok. Now tell me exactly what happen that day when they kidnapped you”

Girl, “Sir…that day including me there were some more girls in their clutch. I was sitting at the edge of the table in the van and when it was stopped in the traffic signal, i saw the guy who was sitting on the opposite side who was in call and talking to some one, i used that opportunity and jumps out from the van and ran into the crowd. They were chasing me for some distance and then i moved into the crowdy area and hidden myself in a shop, so that they couldn’t see me an they left with the remaining girls”

The girls starts crying and radhika is about to rub her back to console her and at the same time Arjun also does the same, their hands meets each other and gives them an awkward feeling. Both immediately takes their hands and Arjun looks at the girl for some more questions.

Arjun, “Have you seen the kidnappers face?”

Girl, “Yes..i saw two of them”

Arjun, “Very good. Ok you go”

Radhika takes the girl and is about to go with her but Arjun stops her, “Radhika”

Radhika looks at him and he continues, “She need more protection. Pls take care of her safety well”

Radhika just nods at him and goes from there.

Arjun stares her going.


Arjun finishes his work and reaches his home. It already opens and he enters inside and finds Radhika cooking something. He knows that she will not prepare for her, he just goes to room and refresh himself. Then he comes to kitchen to prepare coffee and is about to do but stops by rads voice, “Dinner is ready and i kept it on the table”.

Arjun is amused and says, “Thanks”. She takes her plate and sits on the table to have the food. He too comes with his plate and serves himself.

He takes a bite and says, “It is tasty and i didn’t expect that you prepared food and that too for me”

Rads stops eating and looks him, “What you wanna say…i shouldn’t have prepared is it?”

Arjun, “I didn’t say like that…but it is unexpected”

Rads gives a faint smile and says, “Whatever happened till now is unexpected only”

Arjun looks at her face which has no emotions and he thinks whether to ask or not.

Rads looks at his face and says, “If you want to ask anything…ask me?”

Arjun smiles, “Why r u so silent? U speak hardly 5 to 10 words only is it? I find some emptiness in you. What happen? And why u were not interested in the marriage?”

Rads, “That’s it? or still you have any other questions?”

He just realised that he asked so many question like he used to ask the culprits.

Rads finishes her food and goes to wash it..he looks at her going and raised his eyebrows.

Rads goes to balcony and inhales some fresh air. He too joins with her in the balcony and looks at the city’s night view.

After a long silence Rads, “I was 15yrs when my died. It was not a normal death. It was a murder” she takes break after saying this.

Arjun looks at her and now he finds only pain in her face. Tears oozing from her eyes, and he holds his fist to control his emotions seeing her crying.

Rads continues, “You know na..Papa is DIG now but he was Commissioner that time who involves himself in all risky cases. He handled one murder case and it was a very sensitive and crucial one. He got so many threatens from so many people to move away from that case but he did not agree. Me, Maa and dadaji everyone told him but he never listened at all. He was at the final stage in that case, he went to meet Judge to get the arrest warrant since none of the higher officials supported him. I was going to my school but some one kidnapped me & mumma and taken me to some lonely place and blackmailed papa to withdraw the case and we were the final option they chose. Papa came there and warned them to leave us but inorder to do that they were asking papa to hand over all the proofs whatever he had. Papa was not bulging to them and they were losing their patience. But papa secretly informed to that to his department and they also entered that place. The goons noticed them and drags me and mumma out, but we were trying to escape from them and almost got freed from them, but one of them got furious seeing everything going out of their hands, he pointed the gun towards me and triggered it but before it came to me, my maa took that bullet and fell in my hand.” she cries vigourously remembering the past.

Arjun feels bad seeing her and with lot of hesitation he pats her shoulder to compose her. She wipes her tears and continues, “My maa…died in my hands” she looks at her both hands and says, “In this hands..i had my maa in pool of blood and her last vision was on me only. I cried a lot..lot…lot. But no one was there to compose me and couldn’t gave me my maa back. Initially Papa felt bad n stayed in home for few days after that again he went to his job and forget everything so easily. I started hating him from there coz i couldn’t forget my maa and her loss haunted me…i used to get nightmares every day almost but he was not there to console me. Slowly i stopped talking to him and started maintaining distance with him. To forget everything i thought to indulge myself in studies, i was studying like a mad and scored good marks and papa got me medical seat in a well named college but i refused to take it from him and joined in an arts college and i paid the fees myself by working in a pizza corner. I stopped using his belongings and lived in that house like an outsider by giving money for my staying also. After my college, i joined in the NGO center and starts working there”

She gives a heavy breathe and looks at him who is starring her and forgot to blink, “Not only my papa…i started hating this police job and police officers. Whenever i see the uniform, i remembered my maa and her death. If my papa would have cared about us little, by now my maa would have been here with me.”

He is about to say something but she stops, “I accept that it’s your duty but you should take care of your family also and that is also your duty right. You may think that i sound selfish..yes i am selfish…selfish about my family. I am not that great to sacrifice my loved ones for the country and m not that strong to handle the pain. When papa told about your alliance , i refused it but he convinced dadaji and dadaji did an emotional blackmail to make me accept it. I know i did wrong by marrying you for my sake…but i am sorry… i did not get any other option than agree to marry you”

Arjun don’t know how to react and says, “Radhika”

Rads, “Arjun..pls..let me complete it. I can’t carry over this unwanted relation anymore. I need to free myself from this”

Arjun gets confused, “WHAT?”

Rads looks at his eyes and says, “I don’t want this relation and i don’t know whether they will give divorce for us or not..coz it’s just 2 days we got married. Pls help me in this”

Arjun, “Help? Do you understand what you are saying?”

Rads, “I decided this already and for god sake we haven’t register the marriage i think it’s easy for us to seperate.”

Arjun minds not working and becomes blank thinking about her statement. Rads, “Arjun…pls don’t mistake me. I really can’t stay with the one which i hate the most”

Arjun looks on and she goes from there leaving him in shock.

Arjun stands like an idol there and lost in thoughts. His mindvoice, “Arjun, what she says is correct only. You told nandu that you want the girl who accepts your job

but radhika hates that it’s better to finish this unwanted relation here itself.”

Arjun comes to senses and feels bad remembering her statement about seperation….he don’t know the reason why he is feeling bad but his heart couldn’t take this up and gets upset. He goes to his room and finds her sleeping in the couch again by shrinking herself like a kid. He feels bad seeing her but he thinks to talk to her tomorrow to give a chance for our relation. He gets jerk and talks to himself, “Is that really me who thinking about a chance for our relation?” he shakes his head and decides to talk to her tomorrow.

————-First part over——————

How is it? How is it?..i m so so nervous to know all your reactions for Two shots..pls tell me how is it. I tried my best somehow to make it more interesting but you are the judges to decide how is it. It is Two shots and next i ll post based on your comments only.

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