MMZ- Love Only Me Till The Last Breath You Take (OS)

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To fall in love with someone z a beautiful feeling, But to stay in love with that person whole your life z a heavenly auspicious feeling.

Radhika has the most perfect life to be ever found….A loving husband…a obedient yet naughty kid…an affectionate mother-in-law…But z it really the most perfect family picture to be hanged on wall…What happens when she discovers that she has a uninvited guest who creates ruckus in her life….
Radhika hurriedly strode down the stairs taking her husband’s name all while telling him to wait….She reached down huffing and puffing and handed over his car keys and wallet…” Arjun you always make me run miles everyday….” she murmured glaring him…He chuckled and patted her cheek,” Radhika you should thank me then…look at you who will say that you are a mother of seven year old kid…you look like a super glamorous lady in her late 20s..I think you owe me all the credit for your appearance…”

She smiled,” Arjun, I don’t wish to hide my age….I believe age z just a number and about being a mother to your son then I’ll rather flaunt this fact other than manipulating my age thing.”
He laughed,” Radhika you and your typical boring values….I must tell you that there z a big world outside and believe me you’ll survive nowhere without me to take care of you.”

Radhika happy expression got faded away and a sadness appeared in her deep brown eyes….Arjun was never dominating but with passing years he changed as he was the bread earner of the family…..She couldn’t only blame him even her submissive nature made him what he z today…If she would have stopped giving in his demands every time then maybe he wouldn’t have thought that she z a weak fragile damsel and nothing without out him….

He left without even wishing her goodbye as she was lost in her thoughts….He drove off to his office…Arjun owned an advertising firm which was grossing at the peak at that time….He was a male chauvinist and believed that a woman’s work z only to take care of his house and his kid….Well this was not the same thing when they married…He was the most understanding and generous husband that time but when he achieved name and fame, he turned dominant and short tempered to long extent….Though he won’t admit it loud enough for our ears, he loved Radhika but he never felt the need to show her how important she z in his life….If we take the opinion of some astrologer on Arjun’s life then Name….Fame…wealth only followed when Radhika stepped in to his life….He didn’t believe it that good luck charm trend but if you keenly observe his life then you’ll find out that Radhika was his good luck charm….

On the other hand Radhika’s world revolved around her husband…her son and her mother-in-law….She had left her dreams behind for Arjun but she never blamed him for anything though it was completely his fault….They fell in love in their college where he was her senior and use to flirt around with many chicks until he truly fell in love with Radhika whose selfless nature won his heart. He proposed her immediately after her graduation and with their parents consent they got married the same year. Well you’ll wonder how could a girl leave behind her dreams and just focus on her husband’s dreams…but my sweethearts love z blind… Then after two years of their marriage Radhika gave birth to a son completing Arjun’s happy family picture….She was just 22 when she had a kid in her lap still she was the best mother ever….Her first priority z and will always remain her family….But still one fact remains that Radhika Mishra was lost in process of becoming Radhika Arjun Mehra…..

Arjun was surfacing through some important documents when his jaw dropped on the floor after seeing the girl standing in front of him….She was glamorously clad in black off shoulder one piece which hardly covered her creamy knees….He got up and growled,” Who the hell are you to barge inside my cabin without my permission?”

She walked towards him and passionately gazed at him from top to bottom…she admired his toned chest peering through his loose shirt buttons….his marble cut and his intriguing personality made a spell on her….She walked closer to him without any fear,” I came for the auditions for the model of your company which were bound to take place today.” She whispered in a seductive tone…

She leaned more which made her cleavage clearly visible…Arjun got immensely uncomfortable so he turned his gaze away and fisted,” The auditions got over by 12 pm…Come tomorrow now.”

She stepped more closer making him step backwards…her courage boosted by the lustful hungriness she assumed in his eyes….she looped her arms around his neck and chirped in a fake innocent voice,” Who said I came for auditions….I came to meet you…auditions was just a excuse to have a glimpse of the Arjun Mehra.”
He jerked off her hands,” Whosoever you are I am not the man to cheat on my wife even if the most beautiful woman in this world approaches me.”

She smirked,” The name z Samaira Negi….Who z asking you to cheat on that behenji…I saw her with you in many of your parties but you see she z just not worthy of being with a man like you…her acent…her dressing sense…everything symbolises her as a behenji….Trust me I know how much embarrass you feel around her….I am the one you should be with…we look perfect together.”

Arjun’s love for Radhika got clouded by the lust for Samaira….Her words worked liked some magical energy…Her confident posture and the skin show made all the vile thoughts enter his mind…After all man z a man….then you go around the world but still a woman’s loyalty z more found than a man’s loyalty….
He walked towards her and held her by the nape of her neck and kissed her hard…

Arjun became a full fledged two timer in some days…He didn’t wanted to leave Samaira nor the homely Radhika….he wanted both of them to bend according to his will…His attention towards his family was divided and his shrewd mother could notice this but innocent Radhika couldn’t even think of Arjun breaking her trust…Though Arjun was her husband still she worshipped him like God and we can never imagine our God betraying us…Well Indian girls are given that kind of upbringing so its entirely not our fault…

Arjun’s secret was underwrap until one day when Radhika’s college friend Neil entered their lives…He kept putting doubts in her head to suspect Arjun’s activities still she trusted Arjun blindly and only followed Neil’s advice just to prove him that her Arjun can never cheat on her….There was a tornado in Arjun’s life after Neil’s entry as he was smart and could smell danger from far….He hated Neil for instigating Radhika and turning her against him but even Arjun was a smart player…He manipulated her so well that she again started believing him and her trust reached the sky when every time Arjun proved Neil wrong….

But then came the most unfortunate day of Arjun’s life…Neil took Radhika to Arjun’s farmhouse pleading with her to trust him one last time for their friendship….she readily agreed when he was literally begging her to come with him once…She had the spare key and even Neil told her not to ring the bell…Neil wanted to show her how pure was her husband’s character without any hindrance created by Arjun…She pushed the door of his bedroom and what she saw left her shocked…Arjun and Sam were halfnaked on the bed cuddling each other….She was about to lose her balance but Neil caught her arm before she could fall…

.Radhika furiously blurted with pure rage in her eyes,” We are waiting in the hall…hope you two finish whatever you were doing and come out soon.” She turned to Neil and dragged him outside with her…

She crashed on the sofa and cried bitterly burying her face in her hands…Neil pulled her in a bone crushing hug trying his best to comfort his dear friend…But all in vain, her tears were unstoppable today…her heart broke seeing her love cheating on her….betraying her…She leaned on Neil’s shoulder and sobbed,” Neil, why Arjun did this to me…I wish I had listened to you few years back when you told me not to marry him….I wish I had trusted you blindly that day instead of trusting Arjun for 9 crucial years of my life.”

All Neil could do was pat her head and rub her back to calm her down…
Arjun hurriedly buttoned his shirt and barked at Sam,” Samaira hurry up…we don’t have one full day to dress up.”
Sam didn’t like the tone he used to refer her…Though their relationship was only about pleasure still she loved him and wished to get the same love back….But that was impossible….Arjun could cherish her for two hours but couldn’t stay without seeing Radhika’s face even for a day…The curtain of lust had covered up his love but it couldn’t banish Radhika from his heart…She wiped her tears and pulled over her shirt and got ready to move out….
Arjun hurriedly walked down the stairs….Today first time in his life he was afraid of losing his most precious procession….He didn’t wait for Sam to dress up all he cared for was to stop Radhika from leaving him forever….He gritted his teeth when he saw Radhika in Neil’s arms…He assured himself that he was only comforting her like a friend and Radhika only belonged to him…He fake coughed to gain her attention…
Radhika lifted her eyes and first time ever in her life she saw him with rage in her eyes…She got up and walked to him and slapped him,” This one z for cheating on me.”

She paused for a second and again slapped him,” This one z for breaking all my dreams and snatching away Radhika Mishra from me.”

She stared at him with a pointed gaze and again slapped him,” This one z for breaking my trust.”
She slapped him hard this time,” This one z for insulting my love.”
She was about to breakdown but Neil held her tightly and spoke,” Radhika, he z not worth it…” He turned to Sam who had lowered her eyes in shame,” This shameless filthy people are just not worth it.”
Arjun didn’t like the way Neil was holding Radhika but he controlled his husbandly instincts and interfered,” Radhika please give me a chance to explain.”

Radhika furiously shrieked,” Explain Really Arjun???….You still feel you can fool me now….No, Mr Arjun Mehra now whatever you want to explain that you explain in court….Divorce papers will reach you soon….”
Arjun’s heartbeat stopped at the word divorce…Radhika was his life he couldn’t even survive one day without her and whole life without her was living hell for him…worst then death…He stepped foward and gently lifted her chin holding her jaw,” Radhika we have a family…think about Arhaan…can he stay without his dad…can you stay without me…Radhika, I am sorry please give me one last chance…I really love you…I really do.”
She jerked off his hand and spitted out venom,” I will explain my Arhaan why I left you….Trust me Arjun I don’t want my son to call you dad ever again…We will learn to stay without you…I don’t want to live in this fake illusion you created…”

She stared at Sam with sparkling anger in her gaze but when her own husband betrayed her then what was the use dirtying her mouth talking with the mistress of her husband…
She walked out of the house with Neil leaving behind a broken Arjun…
Arjun crashed on the bare floor….he felt a throbbing pain in his chest…There was a flood of tears in his eyes…He couldn’t even imagine himself without Radhika and here she threatened to divorce him…He can never think of leaving her though she did…He felt immense guilt pricking his soul…he had killed his inner conscience some days back for the pleasures he attained from Sam but now he cursed himself for cheating on the love of his life….How he wished he could change the past and wipe the day off his life when he met Samaira….He craved for Radhika’s touch…He remembered innocent eyes deep down in love with him…her beautiful lips constantly blabbering…her cute nose which would become red whenever she was enraged….He loved her to the extent he himself never knew….Why he had to cheat her?!…Why he had to give pain to that person whom he loved the most in this world?!…why he behaves so selfishly with her?!..All such questions knocked hard at the surface of his broken heart…He got up with a jerk and turned to leave…
Sam caught his hand but he jerked off her hand instantly….He turned towards and spoke without even stammering for a while,” Sam I am sorry….I know what you are thinking….But that can never happen…I only love my wife and can never imagine someone else in her place….No one can be Radhika for me….I am sorry for breaking your heart but I cannot marry you….I can never get over Radhika…whatever we shared was wrong and the most terrible mistake of my life….How I wish I could wipe all our memories together…I know I am being a jackass now….but I don’t want you to keep any hopes about me coming back to you…I can’t live without Radhika….I just can’t…I am extremely sorry.”
He left the place without waiting for her response…he didn’t even turn back once all he cared was about Radhika…
He reached home and treaded towards his room only to find Radhika standing near the wardrobe and dumping her clothes in her suitcase…A panic rose in all the veins of his body…’ No she can’t leave him….she can’t divorce him…Think Arjun you can’t lose her’

She turned to him and gulped down her own pain and spoke in a confident tone,” Arjun I need your signature on the divorce papers and after that we will be free from this unwanted and undesired relationship….I have signed them…they are kept on the table beside the bed…please sign and get your passport to do whatever you wish to do.” He stared at her from top to bottom…she was clad in jeans and top…her hair partition was void of vermilion…she had removed her wedding locket and ring both…His nostrils flared and he fisted….

Arjun shifted his gaze from her to the table where she asked him to have a look….he furiously strode towards it and picked up the papers….she had signed them like she said…He clutched the paper tightly and tore it into pieces,” I will never sign them, Get this straight….you are mine and you will always stay mine.”
Radhika took a deep breath and blurted out in a low clipped tone,” You know what Arjun you don’t deserve to even stand in this house….But fair enough, if you want to drag our personal problem in the court then I don’t have any problem with that…I was trying to end this marriage without any hurdles…But since you want to degrade your image more than let’s do it.”
She walked out with her suitcase and stopped when she was standing at the door,” Arhaan z out with Neil…he will stay with me.”

Arjun followed her and caught her wrist,” Where will you go Radhika?!…I am sure you haven’t spoken a word to your family about what happened….Radhika this mistake won’t happen again….please forgive me.”
She eyed him with rage,” Arjun you are right….This mistake won’t happen again because this marriage z over from my side and I don’t owe you any answers.”
Arjun growled,” So you are staying with your Neil right?!…How could you stay with another man under one roof?”
Radhika,” When you can sleep with another woman in one bed than why can’t I stay with Neil under one roof..Arjun I am not disgusting like you….so mind your tongue.”
Arjun controlled his simmering anger and spoke in a low tone,” Radhika you can stay here….if you want I’ll walk out but please stay here…we will talk in the morning.”
Radhika blurted out with raging sarcasm in her tone,” Its your house why are you supposed to walk out…Actually I have a better idea…why don’t you get your mistress here…you guyzz can enjoy because even your mother z out of station.”
Arjun whispered with guilt in his voice,” Radhika, do you want to kill me with your words?!…I broke my relationship with Sam and I am really very sorry for breaking your trust….Tell me how can I make you understand that I only love you and I am really guilty about my deeds.”
She masked her pain and patiently spoke,” Arjun, I am going anyway….you can’t dominate me more because I won’t let you….I knew it that you will tear the divorce papers so I already booked my appointment with my lawyer tomorrow.”
Arjun begged,” Radhika please we can sort this out.”
Radhika,” No nothing can be sorted between us now.”
She walked out of the house leaving him behind…

2 Months Later….
Arjun was so lifeless without Radhika…He use to drink all day and night…He use to spend hours talking to her wallsize portrait in his room…He had taken up street fights to punish himself because Radhika was least interested in giving him punishment for his betrayal…She had blocked him everywhere as if he some contagious disease…She had moved on in life now…
Sam was burning with guilt which was breaking her….She neglected her modelling assignments so she lost two big projects but what she was going through was more painful then any professional loss…She blamed herself for breaking a happy family…She was no more the selfish Sam but now she worked for three NGO’s who worked for the welfare of woman and children…

Radhika stood on her own feet after leaving Arjun…Though she knew forgetting him was impossible still she was trying her best to leave everything behind…Her parents stopped her from filing divorce in fear of society…She allowed Arjun to meet Arhaan on weekends because though he wronged her still he was the father of her son…She didn’t wanted Arhaan to hate Arjun for anything in this world…She had met Sam and forgiven her because of her true guilt and repentance…
Neil was very supportive towards Radhika as a friend…He had fallen for Sam in this two months….she had brought a complete change in herself….she was not at all self-centered now….she loved and adorned others now…she thought about others before herself now…She would visit orphanage once in every week to spend time with those unfortunate kids…He wanted Radhika to give Arjun one chance but her wounds were too raw still…

Today was Arhaan’s birthday and Radhika had decorated the whole house for her son but what he asked as his birthday gift left her shocked…He asked her to invite Arjun and one complete family day…

She didn’t wanted to displease him today so she gave in…Her heart raced inside her chest when he entered…She could see the pain in his eyes which was flowing through tears when Arhaan ran and hugged him tight…He lifted his son up and wished him for his special day….He took a seat but Arhaan still wasn’t ready to leave him alone even for a second…he took the place of pride in his dad’s lap…..Radhika didn’t fail to notice his dark circles…his pale face devoid of smile…bruises on his knuckles which showed how much he punished himself daily….She didn’t knew why his pain mattered to her even after his betrayal….his tears killed her thousands times and the flashes of memories rejuvenated her spontaneously….She wanted to run and hug him tight but her anger was still not gone….She placed the mug of black coffee on the table and walked away from there….It was a suffocating feeling for her….She bolted the door and rested her head on the door and wept….So much she had been holding for this Two months…his street fights made her choke with fear of losing him….his drunken state disturbed her every while…his swollen puffy eyes made her so helpless…She knew that he truly regretted his deeds still it wasn’t easy to forget everything and behave like nothing happened…

Arjun understood what pain Radhika was going through in fulfilling Arhaan’s wish but he was happy to get one full and night with his family….He wanted to live his whole life in this one day…He wanted to make as many as memories as he can so that he can spend his life with those sweet memories…He gazed at his son sleeping on his broad chest with his arms looped around his neck…He wrapped his arms around his body and got up….he treated towards his son’s bedroom and placed him gently on the bed…He pecked his forehead and covered him with blanket and relaxed himself beside his son.
Radhika walked inside the room and spoke,” Actually dinner z ready…you can have dinner with us.”
Arjun gestered her to lower her voice pointing at his sleeping son and whispered,” I am not hungry.”

She walked towards him and stood before him…” Arjun its just a dinner…I know you how much hungry you are right now.”
He followed her to the dining table…She served him in the plate and after a hearty meal, she asked him to sleep in Arhaan’s room instead of hall…He quickly obliged…
When he was about to go then she caught his mighty wrist…,” You need to get this all wounds bandaged.”
Arjun,” Radhika its not needed…I can handle.”

She didn’t give him any chance to argue and made him sit on the sofa…she brought the first aid box and sat beside him…She hesitantly ask him to remove his shirt to apply ointment on the other wounds beneath the clothing….He unbuttoned his shirt and let her apply ointment on every wound she discovered on his body….Her soft touch was building sensations in his whole body…He was feeling her touch after so many days and it was the best healing ointment for him…Radhika was affected by his proximity too but she chose to ignore all the desires that crept down….Arjun noticed that one of her hair strand was constantly blurring her vision by falling down on her eyes…He felt a sudden urge to tuck it behind her ears and so he did…She didn’t stopped him from touching her for the first time in this two months….He pulled her closer and buried his head in her neck and started placing desperate kisses everywhere possible…She spoke breathless against his lips” Arjun we should stop….This z wrong.”
He kissed her with electrifying intensity and whispered,” No Radhika, it isn’t.”
She pushed him away,” Arjun I think we both should sleep now.”

Before she could walk pass him, Arjun caught her wrist in a death grip….She began struggling to release her hand off his grip…But all in vain..

Arjun spoke between his tears” Radhika please just listen to me once…you pushed me away this two months…you don’t know how much I love you….how much I missed you with every breath of my mine…” He paused and placed her hand on his chest where his heart was,” Radhika do you know my heart takes only your name with every heartbeat…I could neither live properly nor die with satisfaction in this two months when you left me alone… Every f**king day and night was sleepless…restless…full of those haunting memories…I am really sorry for making fun of our martial vows by being with Sam….I insulted you….the love of my life….Radhika, its true that you are the only girl this Arjun ever loved….I missed you…Arhaan…please come back to me.”
Radhika,” So you never loved Sam?!”
Arjun stepped closer and cupped her face,” My love, I only loved you even when I was with her….I couldn’t understand anything as my love for you was shadowed by lust…I know I am the worst man born on this earth who still craves for love even after doing such a disgusting deed….But I have changed Radhika…I will never dominate you ever in my life…” He went on his knees,” I will do the cooking and cleaning…I will treat you like a Queen promise.”
Radhika sobbed,” I forgive you Arjun…but if you ever do that again I’ll kill myself.”
He pecked her forehead,” Never, my love.”

He scooped her in his arms possessively and protectively….He placed her on the bed and made her his again…After their ferrous love making, tired and loaded with sweat she slept snuggling closer to him and looped her arms around his torso….He wasn’t even a bit sleepy…Suddenly he got his happiness…his life back….He thanked God million times silently for this chance…His fingers rolled small circles on her bare arm while his lips stayed plastered to her forehead. Radhika teased him to see how jealous he can get for her,” That was amazing….Better than anything or anyone else.”
Arjun’s smile disappeared….The s*xy sated look he wore few seconds ago disappeared and a furious glower- jealous bored in her naughty eyes,” What the f**k you meant by Anyone?”
She bite her cheeks to hide her giggle,” Nothing Arjun…I am tired so I didn’t pay attention to whatever I said….let’s sleep.”

He caught her arm and asked her shaking her vigorously,” No first clarify what you meant…Did you ever…..???
She cut him off with a light slap on his face…she gaped at him disbelieving…The playful tingle faded and an angry blush stinged the apple of her cheeks…She spoke between humiliated tears,” I was just teasing you Arjun….you are really a devil…how could you think so cheap about me?!”
He heaved a sign of relief hearing that…Her words were like first rain for him… A hopeful light comes into his eyes, “so you didn’t…, you never…?” his timbre turns tentative, wanting to believe but not ready to trust after what must have been an unnerving shock.

No!” she shake her head to punctuate her denial, sounding harsher than she intend.
harsher than I intend.

He exhales, long and uneven, pinching the bridge of his nose over closed eyes he runs a hand through his wet hair.
“Shit! f**k!” he grinds out the words through a tight jaw, jerking his head once, aggressively – his fury turning inward. With both hands he pushes his hair back off his forehead, eyes marred with regret, mouth turned down – unhappy.
“I’m so sorry baby. f**k!” cloudy eyes swing away, looking into the distance as he bunches frustrated fists into tense balls. “The idea of you with someone else…” he shakes his head, despairing, bewildered. She can see how just the thought had a knife twisting in his very soul. Instantly she want to comfort him but my hurt is holding me back.

“I’m an ass, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” He slips off the edge of the bed and engulfs her in a crushing hug, kissing her hair. Her body is rigid in his arms, tension and ire still leaving her highly strung. If he notices her unyielding state he ignores it, embracing her in a way that makes her feel like the centre of his universe.

He grips her shoulders, stepping back to search my face with his pained gaze, “this is my issue. Not yours. You’ve never given me any real reason not to trust you that way, even when you stayed with Neil for few days until you shifted here.” His eyes fall away from her, looking uncertain, if not shy – like he’s embarrassed, “maybe because I can’t keep my hands off you I can’t believe that anyone else can either.”

She embraced him with excruciating intensity and rest her head on his chest,” Arjun, I was just playing with you.”
He lowered her on the mattress and pulled the blanked covering her almost naked form…He kissed her nose and whispered,” I am sorry….let’s start afresh…”

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      Thanks a ton Rosie di?even I think I wouldn’t have forgiven ever in my life but then thought its a story so did a happy ending… Thank u for sharing ur thoughts….love u??

  14. Aadia

    Hey Gummie baby…a different shade on Ardhika… So intense.. Really liked it…

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks Aadia di?loads of love?

  15. Sathya

    HI Suppu…its is amazing OS. I didn’t like this arjun at all. Sinners will repent and get forgiven once they realise their guilt but betrayers are not. As per me Arjun is a betrayer who s not worth to get forgiven. What i am thinking is after she left Arjun, she should gone for work and stand confidently infront of Arjun. She should have proved him that she can live without him. RaNeil bond is amazing. About Sam..i am hell angry on her and people like them do their mistakes, seperating the family and later realising their sin and feeling guilt is not of worth after spoiling someone’s life. What is the use of repenting after everything is over.

    Sorry if i said anything wrong..after reading this i couldn’t control myself. I just shared my point her.

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks di…no need of sorry…I m glad u shared your true opinion… Well even I wouldn’t have forgiven such a person because you know I m a hell stubborn and short tempered girl…I can forgive but I can never forget… I think trust z like a mirror once its broken then it can never be mended ever again… But since its a story so I had to give a happy ending as many would have been sad if I had ended it with a sad ending… Hope u understand… I believe…Author’s first priority z always the viewers likes and dislikes….di I m happy u shared ur opinion and even I agree with u….loads of love… Stay blessed??

  16. mindblowing……..

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks subha di?loads of love?

  17. _Ritu

    Amazing Supriya.. 🙂 all.d emotions were described beautifully…loved it.loads of love. 🙂

    1. Gummiebear

      Thanks a ton Ritu di?loads of love?

  18. Awesome, marvellous shot supu….very serious topic but your narration n flawless talent made it alive….love you loads my sweeeeeetheart muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

    1. Gummiebear

      Thank u Roma di?loads of love?stay blessed?

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