MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 06)

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MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS- 06)

Arjun driving the car having Radhika sitting beside him. Radhika knows what Arjun is thinking and what is running in his mind. She smirks seeing his upset face and thought to tease him.

Rads, “Why you look upset?”

Arjun gives her one look and continues driving. Radhika rolls her eyes saying, “I asked you something”

Arjun rubs his forehead in one hand and continue driving in the other ignoring her question. Radhika did not want to leave this conversation in the middle, she again asking him, “Why you keep quiet? Can say something na?”

Arjun shouts saying, “Will you please shut up and sit?”

Radhika jerks and widens her eyes in shock looking at his angry face. Arjun looks outside and drives fast.

Radhika tries to keep quiet but her in born nature did not allow her to do so. She again started non-stop chant to him and says, “I saw a girl dancing romantically with you. But you were not so interested in her”

Arjun stops the car immediately and turns to her side, holding her shoulder asking her, “You saw her? How she looked? Have you seen here any time before?”

Radhika takes his hands from hers saying, “It’s paining. I don’t know who is she?”

Arjun starts the car again asking her, “Then you were saying about her?”

Radhika, “Sir, I just told that I saw a girl with you, but I did not see her face, in fact I was watching you only”

Arjun, “What?”

Rads, “I mean. Only your face was visible for me and I could see only her back posture. But you should have seen her right?”

Arjun, “No”

Rads rolls her eyes saying, “Then that’s not my problem….but why are you so curious to know about her? I guess there were many more girls danced with you and why you are so particular about one girl”

Arjun, “That’s none of your business”

Rads ignores his reply and continues, “I guess, she is the one who is sending flowers and notes to you…am I right?”

Arjun stops the car instantly and look at her with no expression. Radhika, who is waiting for his answer, raised her eyebrows.

Arjun too raised his brows and signaled her to get down. She turns to the other side and gets surprised seeing her home.

She sighs and gets down from the car. Arjun did not even greets her and drive fast from there.

Radhika runs to her room and falls on her bed reminiscing the dance she had with Arjun on the party. She smiles remembering his search on his admirer and how he was upset of not seeing her.

She murmurs, “Find Me Arjun…I want you to find me by yourself. I like this hide and seek game, by this way I can get to know what you feel about your secret admirer.”

Arjun reached his home and barges inside like a storm. Nandini gets shocked seeing him upset and angry, she tries to stop him but Samrat stopped her and signed her not to talk to him. Arjun locks himself in his room and throw the key somewhere in the bed, walks here and there in tension and murmurs, “How come I lost her? She was there and danced with me, she was in my embrace but I couldn’t find her. And this Radhika, one or the other day she is going to get black and blue from me, always irritating with her non-stop nonsense questions.”

He goes to his balcony and inhales the fresh air, he close his eyes and dream on a girl who hides her face in a mask and dancing with him. When he is about to take the mask, his dreams got disturbed hearing a knock on his door. He sighs and opens the door to find Nandini standing there with a confused look seeing him normal.

Arjun, “What?”

Nandini, “I should ask you, what?”

Arjun makes face saying, “Nothing”

Nandini gets more confused now, “Are you hiding something from me?”

Arjun rolls his eyes saying, “Nothing so. I am tired Mom…Good Night” he place a gentle kiss on her forehead and lock the door by making Nandini blank.

Nandini stands dumb looking at the locked door, Samrat comes to her saying, “I told you not to discuss but you were unable to control your curiosity right?”

Nandini, “There is definitely something Samrat. He is hiding from us”

Samrat, “Let it be, how long he can hide…one day the secret has to come out na. Will wait till then. You first control your eager to know what it is…Give him his space…let him come to us”

Nandini agrees for him and leaves from there.

Next day, Radhika reached her office, some happiness spread across her face; she greets her colleagues and enters her cabin, which is Arjun’s also. His seat is empty and there is still time for him to come.

Meanwhile, she arranges his desk neatly with fresh flowers, while doing so Arjun comes inside and looking at Radhika who is arranging the files.

He gives a least care to her and sits on his chair and indulges in some deep thoughts. Radhika went silently to her place and keep watching him without his notice.

To disturb each of their thoughts, someone knocks the door. Arjun responds, “Come in”

To their shock, Bonnie entered the room with handful of flowers and ear to ear smile seeing Arjun. Radhika is shocked seeing Bonnie after a long time, since she was in an official tour to other branches. She did no show her unlike reaction to her and look at other side.

Bonnie goes to Arjun and hands him the bouquet of flowers saying huskily, “This is for you; I ordered it specially for you. I hope you remember, we both met on the first day you came here, but unfortunately I had to travel to other branches for some meeting”

Arjun greets her and makes her sit opposite to him, she started luring him by rolling her eyes on him from top to bottom. Arjun, “So how was trip Bonnie, hope you had a good time and experience”

Bonnie, “It was fantastic Arjun. I really had a nice time there meeting our employees in different places”

Radhika is burning inside seeing their convo and stares Bonnie angrily. Bonnie, “DO you like the flowers Arjun?”

Radhika murmurs, “No, I didn’t like”. Arjun responds, “Yeah I like it”

Bonnie, “Only the flowers or the one who bought this?”

Radhika again murmurs, “Will you jump from this building if I say No? Idiot..Idiot”.

Arjun looks at her without any reaction and replied, “You might have lot of work Ms. Bonnie, and you can go now”

Radhika controls her laughter seeing the pale face of Bonnie after Arjun’s reply. Bonnie pass a sharp look at Radhika who is suppressing her laughter, she blows a big sigh and went from there.

Radhika stares Arjun with a cute smile on her face and murmurs, “I like it”, suddenly Arjun turns to her side and she stumbled again of not expecting his look, drops the file from her hand and scattered the things on the table due to the sudden tension.

Arjun close his eyes tightly of unable to bear the noise created by Radhika, “Won’t you keep the file properly, always dropping some or the other things, don’t know how your mom is managing you in home”

Radhika, “She is managing me well, you don’t need to worry”

Arjun smirks saying, “Now I am pity on the guy who is going to spend his lifetime with you”

Radhika opens her mouth in shock saying, “How can you say like that?”

Arjun, “By experience”

Radhika, “What experience you have? You cannot judge me like this”

Arjun, “See, now also you are keeping on arguing with me unnecessarily, that’s y I said so”

And when she again opens her mouth to say something Arjun stops her, “Stop, enough for today, finish the file and send me. I don’t have time to do a word war with you”

Radhika makes faces looking at him and continues her work.

Till evening she forgets the surroundings and indulges in her work and that leads her to forget to send the flowers to Arjun. But Arjun did not forget and waiting for the surprise from his secret admirer.

He couldn’t stay silent after some time and gets irritated. He looks at Radhika who works seriously in the system and did not notice him.

Arjun, “Radhika” with little loud.

Radhika jerks hearing him and responds, “Yes Sir”

Arjun, “Where are the flowers?”

Radhika widens her eyes and gets tensed thinking whether he gets to know that she is the one sending the flowers to him.

Radhika stammers, “Flow…flowers…but..sir..why are you asking me?”

Arjun, “Because you are giving that to me right?”

Radhika starts sweating listening him and try to say something but his voice did not support her.

Arjun, “What? Why are you blinking at me? I asked where are the flowers which I received daily from that unknown person?

Radhika now sighs and breathes normally after understanding what he is asking and replies, “I will check”

She sits at her place and murmurs, “Thank god, I got scared thinking that he caught me. How can I forget to send these flowers to him? But one way I am happy that he is expecting the flowers now…well I am near to my victory. Let me share this with Nandu Aunty. She will be happy knowing her son is falling in love”

Arjun is dull after knowing that today he did not receive any bouquets from his special person, but Radhika enjoys his tension and eating chocolates.

After office, Radhika saw Arjun and Bonnie in the parking lot, where Bonnie is crying and Arjun is consoling her. He is holding her arms and helps her in get inside the car, Radhika’s body is burning inside seeing this and started biting her nails badly due to the angry and tension.

Arjun did not notice Radhika and drives off from there leaving the shattered Radhika behind. She murmurs, “I will find a way to punish you Mr. Arjun”

Nandini, who came to her friend home, is leaving by that time met Arjun and Bonnie in front of her house, she gets angry seeing Bonnie is so much close to Arjun, where Arjun is holding her by shoulder and went inside the house.

Nandini fumes in anger and leaves from there. Both Radhika and Nandini fumes in anger in their respective home and thinks to talk each other.

Radhika gets a call from Nandhini, and both started talking about Arjun’s behavior. Nandini told him what she is observing in him for the past few days and Radhika tells her, “Aunty, even I feel, he is falling in love with some one. But I don’t know who is that”

Nandini’s remembers Bonnie with Arjun and thinks, “Cha, How come Arjun’s taste gone so bad. How can he even think of Bonnie, she never leave any guys…always going behind the men. I will never accept for this relation”

Her thoughts gets disturbed by Radhika saying, “Aunty, better you ask him and look for the girl he likes. Make him a married person before that ugly duck do something”

Nandini, “Ugly Duck?”

Radhika bites her tongue and says, “Woh, aunty it is Bonnie. She is working on our office”

Nandini, “I know her, I will handle this. I will talk to you later. Bye, Good night”

Radhika, “Good night Aunty”

She falls on the bed thinking about Arjun with Bonnie which gives a disgusting feeling for her.

Nandini waits for Arjun who arrives very late and looks so tired, and left to his room before Nandini could speak something.

Nandini gets into thought about Arjun and goes to sleep after sometime.

Next day, it goes as usual, Radhika is not sending any flowers or messages to him since she dislike his conversation with Bonnie. But in the evening, Arjun gets a call from Samrat who asked him to come home soon and informed him to take Radhika also.

Ardhika reached home soon, and rushes to stairs where Nandini is lying in the bed and Mala sits beside her holding her hands. Nandini smiles slightly seeing Arjun and Radhika together and looks at Mala who doesn’t know what to say.

Nandini in low voice, “Mala, Can you agree my wish? I am asking your daughter’s hand for my son. Will you?”

Ardhika stands shocked listening Nandini’s statement.


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