MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 05)

Hey dearies, so how are you all? How is our lil admirer doing? I hope you all like the triangle love story…okay there is lot many more to know how Arjun will find his admirer and how he will react after knowing Radhika as his admirer, and whether Rads will reveal her interest on Arjun? So please stay with me to know all this. Enjoy reading and pls let me know your comments

MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 05)

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Chapter 4

Radhika gets ready to leave, but she is so restless and disturbed thinking about the dream she had yesterday night. She looks her image in the mirror and gets lost in deep thoughts. Suddenly her mirage appears inside the mirror, “Hello, How are you girl?”

Rads blinks at the mirage without saying anything and the mirage continues, “Hey, don’t get scared. I am your Conscience. So what are you thinking about? Or should I ask whom are you thinking about?”

Rads, “I am not thinking about Arjun”

Mirage laughs, “See, I did not say anything but you only blurted his name”

Rads gets tensed and confused thinking about her stupidity and says, “What you want now?”

Mirage, “I don’t want anything, but your heart wants Arjun”

Rads gulps hearing this and nods her head vigourously saying, “No way, it will happen”

Mirage, “Why? It will not happen?”

Rads, “Are you mad? How can my heart asks for Arjun?”

Mirage, “Why you cannot? See Radhika, you attempted to make him fall in love but inspite of doing that you yourself fallen in love with him. Am I right?”

Rads, “Definitely not. I was just helping Nandu aunty to get his son as a normal person. I don’t have any feelings on him. And please don’t waste my time now”

By saying this she left from her room, leaving the mirage chuckles at her frowning state.

Radhika reached her office with lot of tension and barged into his cabin which is hers also, and shocked to find Arjun and a girl…the more shocking thing for her is they are in a very compromising position. Arjun was blocked against the wall and the girl leaning on his front by pushing her into him.

Seeing Radhika, Arjun pushed her from him and adjust his dress and glares the girl, Radhika murmurs, “Sorry” and goes out from his cabin.

She gets angry and coz of that tears flowing out of her beautiful dazel eyes, she goes out and waits at the door. After few mins, she hears a door open sound and looks at the way it is opened, the same girl comes out starring Radhika angrily, Radhika is about to enter inside but she blocks her way saying, “You should learn basic manners first. Knock the door before coming inside”

Radhika gets furious and reply her, “I guess, you should learn the manners first, you should be ashamed of yourself behaving like this in OFFICE. Before preaching others, first look at yourself”

Without wasting a second, Radhika barges inside the room and walks towards her cabin crossing Arjun’s. Arjun look at her and expected some weird look from her but nothing he gets from her. She silently goes to her place and starts her work.

Till noon, Arjun expected that Radhika will ask him something about the girl, but finds it surprised seeing her not bothering about his actions. And more over, he did not receive any flowers or chits from his admirer today makes himself more restless.

Radhika who secretly watching him, gets angry on him reminiscing the morning incidents and murmurs, “No letter or flowers today. That’s the punishment”

After sometime, peon gets a lunch for him and arranges it on the table, before he goes out, Arjun calls him asking, “Did I get any …. Any…bouquets?”

Peon, “No sir”

Arjun, “Oh..ok. You may go”

Arjun becomes so restless and takes out his mobile and checks the phone number from a visiting card of the same flower shop he went and enquired about any flowers delivered to his office address and get disappointed hearing the negative answer from them.

Radhika is astonished and surprised seeing the new side of Arjun, she couldn’t do anything but simply observing him. She goes to him saying, “Sir, Today evening you have to attend a business party given by Mr. Shinde for his successful deal of winning the Bid recently.

Arjun gives her an annoyed look and nods his head saying, “Hmm, you can leave now and get ready. Will come and pick you up”

Radhika is frowned saying, “Why me?”

Arjun, “You are my PA right? Then you have to accompany me wherever I am going as part of our work”

Radhika, “This is not your work related party”

Arjun, “Not now, but Shinde soon will join in our company as one of the sponsor for the new venture. So you should know him and know other clients also”

Radhika annoys, “I am not interested to come to the party and all”

Arjun gets up from his seat saying, “I am just telling you, not asking you. Be ready by 6”

He is about to open the door and go out but stops & turns to her saying, “I did not misbehave with anyone in the morning. It was some mess happened and I was not responsible for that. Hope you understand”

Radhika gets surprised listening him and gets happy thinking that he is giving justification for her, but soon it wipes off when he continues, “Why am saying all this is, don’t just blabber all this to my mom…since I knew you both are talking to each other in phone daily like a lovers. So don’t spit anything to my mom. Mind it”

Radhika is jaw dropped listening him and smirks thinking, “Well Mr. Arjun, You always underestimate me and always teasing & insulting me. Today, I will make you go mad. You were so desperate to meet your secret admirer right. It will happen today but you will not know that”

In the evening, Radhika is getting ready anxiously, she feels tension thinking about her first out with Arjun and more than that she is tensed thinking how to make him meet his admirer.

Mala is watching her silently, gets worried seeing her facial expressions changing in every second. She comes to her asking, “Choti, what happened? You look so restless? Any problem?”

Rads, “Maa, first time I am going to the business party na….little tension”

Mala smiles, “You are going with Arjun only right. Then what?”

Rads thinks, “Hmm, that’s my tension Mala, how will make you understand”

Before she answers, they both hear a horn sound at their entrance. Arjun gets down from his car and waits for Radhika to come out. Mala comes to him and welcomes him inside, he hesitates but still goes inside to give respect to her words.

Arjun hesitatingly, “Aunty, Where is Radhika?”

Mala, “She is getting ready. From noon, she looks so tensed”

Arjun, “Why?”

Mala, “It’s her first time for these kind of parties. That’s y”

Arjun, “Aunty you were in US right? Pls don’t say that she never been to party with her friends”

Mala smiles, “Unfortunately that’s the truth Arjun. She never been to any kind of party. She hates that…whenever she gets a call from her friends regarding the party, she simply ignored it politely. She is something different and Precious…so please take care of her Arjun.” she finished with a proud smile

Arjun gets impressed saying, “She is my responsibility Aunty” and waits for her to come, soon Radhika descends down to hall with her elegant party outfit. Arjun is stunned looking at her for a second, and composes himself from his gaze on her.

Radhika also gets nervous seeing him and smile at him. She nods him and both leaves from there bidding bye to Mala.

Arjun opens the front door and sees her going to the back door, he stops her, “Excuse me, miss Radhika, for your kind information, I am not your driver”

Radhika makes faces and sits at the front seat beside him. He too sits and covers him with a seat belt and looking for her to do the same. Rads rolls her eyes and trying to pull the seat belt but her fate, it was not helping her at all. Finally Arjun leans towards her, and pulls the belt. For a second, Radhika’s heart skipped a beat seeing him so close and his perfume smell takes her breathe away from her, she immediately cringes her from him back.

Ardhika reaches the party venue and he makes her comfortable by introducing her to everyone there. She feels little comfort being with him and he too makes sure that she is not alone as he promised to Mala.

Soon Mr. Shinde greets everyone and starts the party. All enjoys each other company, meanwhile a Waiter comes to Arjun and gives him a drink with a chit. Arjun takes it and reads it curiously, as he expected, it is from his secret admirer.

Radhika who stands with other women in that party noticing Arjun’s each activity and smirks at him. Arjun reads the message,

“Hi Arjun,
So howz the party going on? You look so handsome in your Grey suite”

Arjun immediately looks everywhere in the party, he zooms each and every lady in that party, his sight crosses Radhika also but he couldn’t identify and continue reading the chit.

“Were you searching me? I know Arjun, i know that yu will immediately search me. Well, You are right, i am here in this party…with you…watching you. You cannot go out of my sight Arjun…wherever you go, i will follow….my heart will follow you. I told you that i will come infront of you once yu changed right…i feel some change in you. Before you leave from this party, i will come to you….Just wait for me. And the count down starts now…Bye Arjun ”

Arjun looks for his admirer everywhere restlessly, he started searching an unknown person in that venue. Radhika goes to him asking, “Sir, what happen?”

Arjun gets furious, “What? Why are you behind me?”

Rads, “I am not behind u. I saw you were restless, so i came to check your comfortness”

Arjun rubs his forehead, “I am very comfortable…don’t disturb me…Pls go and enjoy the party”

Rads gets sad seeing him ignoring her and thinks, “Ignoring the Real and Waiting for Reel. Brilliant”

Arjun often sees his watch, and when he is about to look at it again, the complete hall gets dark with a small lightings and they all gets an announcement from DJ, “Now the music starts. You can join your hands with anyone here to rock the floor”

All cheers the moment and starts dancing with their partners. Arjun stands in a corner waiting for his admirer. Suddenly Mr. Shinde comes and pull Arjun to the floor followed by Radhika. Ardhika looks each other, Arjun extends his hands to Radhika and calls her to dance with him.

Radhika feels nervous but dances with him by hiding her floating emotions. She feels the heat arises in her body realizing his proximity, she stares his face with lot of love, but his concentration is somewhere else, turning his head in all possible ways to search someone.

Rads smiles seeing him, “Sir, Are you searching someone?”

Arjun, “No No…i was just looking for my friend”

Rads, “Oh…Girl Friend?”

Arjun gives her an unbelievable look, “No”

Rads, “But your face says something else”

Arjun, “From when you start Face reading?”

Rads, “After seeing your restless face” she smiles seeing his frown face.

Arjun gets annoyed and already in tension pulls her to him close by her waist, tightens his grip and whisper, “Don’t test my patience OK? Keep quiet and Dance”

Rads forget everything and keeps gazing his face so close, which gives her a foreign feelings towards. Suddenly the song changes and DJ announces them to exchange their partners for every circle. Likewise, soon Arjun and Rads gets exchanged into others arms and continues their dances.

The dance gets over and all cheers for each other and enjoys the party. Ardhika sits on their reserved table after their dance. Radhika adores his cuteness when he is tension, Arjun gets annoyed of not seeing his admirer as per the message.

Radhika enjoys his annoyance and smirks seeing him, she excuses herself and goes to the corner hiding herself from his view. She writes something in a chit and gives it to a waiter and tells him to give it to Arjun. Then she immediately hides her somewhere else so that no one can find her.

Arjun gets the chit from the waiter and opens it to read eagerly.

“Hey Arjun, how was the dance? I really enjoyed it. Shocking? Or Surprise? Don’t be so shock, as i told you…i came to you and even danced with you. You are so sweet Arjun, i was in front of you but you were looking for me somewhere else. To be frank, i am so happy seeing your desperate to see me. The moment when i was in your embrace, i feel the heaven in your arms Arjun. I feel safe and secured, i wished that moment to be freezed. Arjun, I am your secret admirer you know that and now i have become your Secret Lover too. I wish you should find me soon, unless you find me yourself, i won’t come infront of you.

Bye Bye,
Take Care,

With love,
Your Secret Admirer

Arjun gets up from the table immediately and asks the waiter, “Who gave you this?”

Waiter, “A girl, was standing near the fountain”

Arjun runs to the fountain and looks for her everywhere, after sometime he comes back to his table and finds Radhika waiting for him.

Arjun, “Will leave Radhika” by saying that he walks front followed by Radhika who is watching him with love in her eyes and smile in her face.

Precap: Neil & Sam arrival. Nandini asks Radhika’s hand from Mala for Arjun.

How is the episode. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know ur views for the same.

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