MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 02)


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MMZ – I Love My Secret Admirer (SS – 02)

Nandini is resting in her room and gets excited thinking about her son Arjun, who is landing here after long time. Her happiness doesn’t have limitations now, even she tried to go to kitchen to prepare something for him but Samrat strictly prohibited her from getting down the bed. She sits restless and calls the chief maid through her intercom and instructs her Arjun’s favourite dishes and tells her to prepare it. She often gives the instructions to all the servants to keep the house clean which is liked by Arjun and tells some to clean Arjun’s master bedroom. She somehow manages to tell everything through intercom.

After an hour, she heard a car horn, she literally jumps out from the bed and running out to see, but stops when she sees Samrat coming out from his study room hearing the sound and looks stairs where Nandini blinks at him and pretend to be sick and getting down the stairs slowly keeping a sad face.

Samrat comes to her holding her shoulders and shouting softly, “Who asked you to come out? Why are you stressing yourself Nandu?”

Nandini, “Just an excitement Samrat. My son is coming and you are asking me to sit peacefully”

Both stops their convo and gets happy seeing Arjun walks in holding his luggage, he seems to be so annoyed and looks at Samrat & Nandini starring him.

Samrat descends down asking, “My Son. Welcome to India” he goes and hugs him but Arjun did not reciprocate much and still maintains the annoyance in his face.

Nandini gets happy tears seeing him and she too comes to him hugging him tightly saying, “How are you Arjun? You became so lean? Not eating properly or what? Don’t worry, from now I will make all your favourite dishes and get your health back” she kisses on his forehead and continues, “I missed you so much”

Arjun melts seeing her tears and hugs her asking, “How are you mom?”

Nandini smiles, “I am fine. Infact Very fine” she tells excitedly.

Arjun, “But dad told you are not well. And yes you look absolutely fine, so did he tell me lie about your health?”

Nandini blinks and Samrat jumps in the convo saying, “Her health gets well after seeing you. For a mother, her children is everything to make her health good or worse. Fine, you guys carry on, I left a meeting in the mid and I will continue that and nandini no work from you.” He warns her finally and goes in leaving Mother & Son alone.

Nandini gets him to the settee and adoring her son. Arjun looks at her asking, “Mom, y r u looking at me like this. I am your son and won’t go anywhere.”

Nandini, “Y r u getting annoyed with me? I am seeing you after so long, can’t I have the rights to adore my son for sometime”
Arjun looks her sad and says, “Fine..i m not annoyed with you”

Nandini, “Then with whom?”

Arjun, “That mannerless idiot”

Nandini, “Who is that?”

Arjun, “I have to ask you. Who is she?”

Nandini, “She? Who?”

Arjun, “The one who picked my call sometime before”

Nandini, “You called?” asking with her eyes open widely.

Arjun, “Great. You don’t even know that I called”

Nandini gets confused and tells, “Tell me everything. When you called and what happened?”

Arjun briefs her everything and with much annoyance asking, “Who is that girl?”

Nandini gets that he is talking about Radhika and now she is very much clear that why she ran away without waiting for him. She wants to laugh loudly but couldn’t having Arjun beside her and controls her laugh seeing his annoyance face.

Arjun continues, “I asked who is that mannerless idiot?”

Nandini, “Don’t say like that Arjun. She is my friend’s daughter and moreover she is a ideal daughter who has lots of manners”

Arjun, “You are supporting her this much, what she did for you?”

Nandini in her mind, “She did a big thing for me which I cannot tell you” and gets disturbed by Arjun’s voice, “Mom, I am asking you something”

Nandini makes an annoying face, “Why r u keep on asking about her? First shove all that thoughts and gets fresh. Go to your room, it is arranged as you wish and come down for food. I ll make it all on the table”

Arjun, “You don’t do anything, and ask..” Nandini interrupts him by joining her palms together saying, “I know baba…you come fast”

He sighs and leaves to his room. Nandini smiles seeing him and murmurs, “Thank you Radhika”

@ Mishra Mansion,
Radhika is munching her favourite snacks watching TV and suddenly she is choking and gets hiccups, she drinks water but still it is not stopping. Mala comes worriedly and pats her head gently and gives little more water, by now Rads eyes fills with tears because of this and the drama queen says wiping her tears dramatically by her finger saying, “Somebody is thinking about me”

Mala smirks, “Who knows they must be thinking or scolding you?”

Rads makes faces and continues watching TV but Mala disturbs her asking, “You told you want to prepare for your interview and now you are sitting leisurely watching TV. I could have spend sometime with Nandu and would have met her son”

Again she gets choked listening the word Son and blinks at Mala. Mala too looks at her and raises her eyebrows asking, “What?”

Rads, “Nothing” and in her mind, “Mom, you are correct. He might me scolding me and that’s y I am getting this choke and hiccups”

Mala shakes her says, ”What are you thinking? Are you gonna prepare for your interview or not?”

Rads gets annoyed, “Mom, I already cleared the interview, only discussion is pending to confirm my offer. You don’t worry”

Mala, “Then why you lied to Nandu?”

Rads shrugs her shoulder saying, “Simply” and winks at her.

Mala is about to ask some thing but they gets disturbed by a call, Mala picks it up and screams happily, “Neil? How are you? How is the work there? When are you coming to India?”

Rads just turns her head back to see her mom’s smile and understands that she is speaking to her son. Mala speaks for some time and gives the phone to Rads and she responds, “Hello bro? You are enjoying there alone right?”

Neil, “Enjoying? Why won’t you say that? Even I offered you this enjoyment but you only rejected it”

Rads, “OK…don’t start again. When are you coming?”

Neil, “Probably by next week. So how are the things going on? What happened to your interview?”

Rads, “Almost confirmed, but still I have a discussion tomorrow to finalize”

Neil, “Do you need any help?”

Rads, “Yes, better not to involve in my career”

Neil sighs, “You won’t change”

Rads, “I won’t my dear bro”

Neil smiles, “Fine, tell mom that I will my night time. All the best”

Rads, “Thank you bro..i ll tell her. Carry on. Bye”

She disconnects the call and continues her munching and TV.

@ Next day, Rads gets ready impatiently and eating Mala’s head to get her dress, her clutches, her bag, her certificates and finally it lands on her breakfast.

Before she talks, Mala dumps the idly on her mouth and starts feeding her. Meanwhile Rads dumping her stuffs in her bag and while having food only she is walking to her DIO.

Mala keeps on feeding her till she starts the DIO . Finally all done, she gives a kiss on her cheeks and leaves.

Mala gives a heavy sigh saying, “Morning war comes to an end. I am pity on her boss now” she gives an impossible look at her daughter and goes inside.

@F in F office,

Radhika sits on the Reception Settee impatiently and looks at her watch and the wall clock again and again. She goes to receptionist asking, “When they will call me?”

The receptionist gives a tired look saying, “Every five minutes you are asking me this question. Mam, pls go and sit, I will call your name once I get informed”

Rads rolls her eyes and sits back at her place. Soon, the staffs around that place gets alert seeing their boss arriving. Rads lost herself in the magazine given to her and did not notice their boss.

She jerks when she hears a voice nearby her asking, “Radhika, you here?”

Rads lifts her head and gets shock and surprise seeing Samrat standing in front of her. Rads gets up saying, “Uncle, I came for an interview here. But you?”

Samrat smiles widely, “Well, people here say I am the boss for this firm”

Rads widens her eyes saying, “Boss? But I never seen you here, even in my initial selection process”

Samrat, “I won’t be involved directly in all that. Ok so what are you waiting for ?”

Rads looks at the receptionist at his back who is blinks seeing them and says, “I am waiting for my call to finalize my offer”

Samrat turns to the receptionist and asks, “It’s 10 already and why are you keeping her waiting still?”

Receptionist stammers saying, “Sir, Mam did not tell me to send her in until she calls”

Samrat signs her to go and turns to Radhika, “Come with me”

Rads just nods her head and follows his foot path and stops seeing him stopped looking at a lady who is busy in talking on her mobile.

Samrat looks at her assistant and tells pointing radhika, “Finish the discussion for her and get the appointment letter to my desk”

Radhika stands like a statue behind Samrat listening his bossy attitude and rolls her eyes looking at the assistant and gives a fake smile.

Samrat turns to her saying, “You go with him and I will see you after the formalities”

Radhika smiles and nods her head like a good girl.

She follows the assistant and they both get into some discussion and he is explaining her about her roles & responsibilities etc.

Radhika is happy with her work and more than that is she going to be with Samrat as her PA. Yes, she joins there as the Chairman’s PA.

The guy takes her to Samrat’s cabin and stopped by Bonnie Senior Executive asking, “What’s happening? Where are you taking her? And what’s the letter?” she snatched the letter from his hand and reads it & gets shocked.

Bonnie, “How can you prepare this offer letter without my information? Who gave you the rights?”

Radhika, Bonnie and the guy gets startled listening a voice , “I gave him. Any problem?”

Bonnie did not expect Samrat to be here and stands blank of not knowing what to talk.

Samrat, “Come to my cabin”

Rads and the guy goes to his room and he signed the appointment letter and wishes Radhika for her new step.

Bonnie gives her a sharp glare when rads comes out having the appointment letter in his hand.

She smirks thinking, “Ready to run behind this old man as his PA”

Radhika happily goes to her home and hugs Mala sharing her the happy news about her job and the tells her about Samrat being the boss there. Mala is so relaxed hearing it and dials Nandini to share the news.

Nandini gets happy seeing the caller id as Mala. She picks it up and responds cheerfully, “Mala? I thought of calling you and see you did”

Mala, “Haan, you always thought only, never did it”

Nandini, “Shut up. I want to ask something to Radhika”

Mala, “Before that I will say a good news. She got a job”

Nandini, “That’s a great news. Is she there? Give the phone to her”

Mala smiles and gives the mobile to Rads & leaves and she responds, “Hello Aunty”

Nandini, “Congratulations Radhika. I am so happy for you”

Rads, “Thank you so much Aunty and you will get more happy if I say another news”

Nandini, “What?”

Rads, “I am going to work with Samrat uncle as his PA in his F in F company”

Nandini excites, “Really? Wow that’s a great news Radhika. I am very happy and yeah I wanna ask you something”

Rads, “What Aunty?”

Nandini, “What you told to Arjun yesterday when he called to Samrat’s mobile?”

Rads bites her tongue and rolls her eyes.

Nandini smiles and says, “I can see your rolling eyes from here only. You naughty girl, you know what you are the first one to give him a blow like this. He was very much annoyed with you and keep on asking me who is that girl?”

Rads, “Aunty, You told him?”

Nandini, “I just told she is my friend’s daughter. Did not tell anything other than that”

Rads, “Thank u for saving me from your khadoos son Aunty”

Nandini wides her eyes but smilingly says, “Hmm khadoos huh? He is indeed”

Rads burst in laughter hearing this and says, “Aunty, pls get your son married soon, so that he can change a bit. Being bachelor will make him more khadoos. Let him handle some girl in his life..then we will see”

Nandini, “Marriage? I already spoke to him about this long time back. He is not even bulging for my wish. I even asked him, whether he loves anyone or not? But he said no for everything”

Rads, “Oh, that’s bad. How can he not fallen for someone?”

Nandini, “God only knows”

Rads, “Aunty, do you trust me?”

Nandini, “What question is this?. I have full trust on you”

Rads, “Then don’t worry. Your son will fall in love soon”

Nandini, “How?”

Rads thinks and says, “I have an idea. But I need your little support in all this”

Nandini, “Sure Radhika”

Rads, “Then don’t worry Aunty, you can see a change in your son’s behavior soon”

Both talks for some time and disconnects the call.

Next day, Radhika gets ready early and leaves to her office after eating Mala’s head again.

She meets the same guy who assisted her and gets to know her place just right outside the Chairman’s room. Rads is so happy for her new job and start knowing her work.

Soon all the staffs has been called to the conference room by Samrat, Everyone gathered and he calls Radhika first to center and introduces her to everyone. Then he points the person beside him and says, “He is Mr. Arjun Mehra, my son and from today he will be the chairman of this Firm. And Radhika you are going to be his PA from today”

Radhika is just standing blankly looking at him and gulps seeing him thinking whether he will find out her for that phone call.

Arjun extends his hand to her and waits for her to respond it. But she simply stands like a statue blinking at him.

Samrat pats her shoulder slightly calling her name. Radhika gets sense and shakes hand with Arjun.

Of all others, Bonnie gets the utmost shock seeing Arjun, the handsome hunk becomes the Chairman. She stares him lustly and her glare now moves to Radhika who stands silently with a pout face.

After having a formal introduction about the staffs, Samrat sends all to their places, Radhika runs out and gets lost in thinking.

Samrat gets Arjun to her place saying, “Arjun, here is your PA. Radhika, all d very best and hope you will get a good time here.”

He wishes everyone and leaves from there.

Arjun looks back to Radhika saying, “Shift your place right now” and moving to his cabin but stops hearing, “Why? Where?” from Radhika.

Arjun looks back again and asks, “I want to have my PA with me all the time” he pauses and looks at her fragile reaction and continues, “so that I can get my work done easily.

From now you are gonna sit beside me in my cabin”

He signs the infrastructure team to arrange the place for her and they started taking all the items and moving her place inside the cabin.

Radhika keeps pout face and follows them and finds her place just right beside him with 10 feet distance.

She makes her comfortable and looks around the room once seeing him looking at his mobile sincerely.

She jerks listening him, “Hope you get to know about your work details and I don’t need to tell you again right?”

Rads just nods her head, Arjun lifts his head and looks at her of not getting response.

He sighs saying, ”I want you to open your mouth and talk.”

He calls her and gives some tasks to her and informs her to finish it off in the first half of the day.

After an hour, Ardhika hears a door knock and he permits the person to enter inside. The office peon comes inside with a parcel in his hand saying, “Sir, it’s for you”

Arjun looks surprised, “For me? Who sent this?”

Peon, “I don’t know”

Arjun, “Ms. Radhika, can you open this for me”

Rads murmur, “Don’t you have hands or what? Huh”

She silently comes and opens the parcel, it is a beautiful flower bouquet with Red roses and there is a note for him too.

Rads takes the note and reads, “Fresh Flowers for a fresh new day. Good Morning”

Rads looks at Arjun who again gives her the same reaction and asks, “Who sent this?”

Rads turns the note to find the name but it is blank.

Arjun shows so much of annoyance in his face and says, “Throw it out”

Radhika and the peon blinks at him and she looks at him who gets scared seeing Arjun.

Arjun again gives them a sharp glare saying, “I said throw it out”

Radhika gives that to Peon and sends him out. She again goes back to continue her work.

Arjun in between stops his work and the quotes echoing in his mind, “Fresh flowers for a fresh new day”

He sighs and keeps continuing his work, where in Rads doing her work with a small smile on her face.

Precap: Arjun gets another flower bouquet next day and gets annoyed. Arjun finds Radhika is Nandini’s friend daughter and thinks to teach her a lesson.

That’s it for today. pls let me know your view on this chapter.

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      Thank u so much We 🙂 you made my day by your lovely words dear..i am o happy to read it infact i read it again and again. Thanks a lot. And very glad to know that you are also a writer..its superb yar you are writing articles in magazines n newspaper..thatt’s a great work dear…hats off to you and yeah i can understand the work pressure n all. Thanks again for making me happy 🙂 love you

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      Thank u so much Bhoomi 🙂 but dear first take care of ur health and then u do all this. U get cure first, take care of ur health. I don’t mind if you don’t comment till you get perfectly fine. Listen my words ok…be a good girl and get well soon 🙂 love you TC 🙂

      1. Bhoomi

        I will be a good girl.. Actually i fell from stairs and my leg got fractured ?…. It will take more than 1 month to get well…. Thank u di… Will take care…?? I can only watch tv or read ffs or play games on mobile??….

  31. Sathya di…wowww .!!!.. this Radz so naughty…loved her..making Mala run after her…and irritating Arjun…and his secret admirer…lol.. Arjun would definitely fall for her…
    Nandini so happy seeing Arjun …. that’s mother’s love… anxiously waiting for next..update soon di.. love you loads…????

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Aastha darling. ha ha ha yep she is very naughty and will make all mad. Arjun is not an exception. yep nandini yearns for his son’s love and she got it now. love you loads 🙂

  32. awww dont let arjun find her easiĺy…let her do.some.pranks for.a.while 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Neetz 🙂 mmm well you will know what our naughty girl will do in next chappy.

  33. Vasuraj

    Wowww sathya ka…. Its super cool update
    That bouquet quote s fabulous
    U did well ka…
    Arjun… Waiting to see him as a romeo

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Vasu 🙂 yep Romeo aattam pottal epdi irukum…:) poda vachidalama

      1. Vasuraj

        Vachidunga ka….
        M so excited?

  34. Jnana

    Hey!!!! How’s you???? I know who sent the boquet…….LA LA LA LA….. ?? how’s your work??? Getting addicted….. Next one fast……

    1. Sathya

      Hey Jnana..happy to see you back. How r u? am good yar. Ha ha ha everyone knows by now. Work is going good. okay…sure will do next soon

  35. Dhara

    Sathya Have you written it for SwaSan previously ??? I have a feel that I read similar ff for SwaSan also. I know the flowers were sent by Radhika only 🙂

    1. Sathya

      No dhara… This concept I m writing it only for mmz… N that I started recently…

      1. Dhara

        Ok. this is what I read on SwaSan. I was sure I read something like 🙁 This is OS 🙂

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