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Hello friends
Most of u might nt know me coz im a new registered member to telly updates. I am not a person who can watch serials as such but I definitely love reading them coz I can get to know the story line of serials.
I thought of writing a fan fiction after getting inspired by the various Fan Fictions I have read. So here’s a fan fiction on Manmarziyan.

A duplex villa is shown . It is painted with lemon yellow colour. As we move inside the villa we can see that the MISHRA Household is a very busy household.
If you go higher rounding u the spiral staircase to the room on the left, the door is covered with stickers oh thousands of butterflies.
Inside the room a young girl is wiping her hair with a towel and is wearing a red top and blue jeans in which she looks beautiful.
A voice is heard from downstairs “Radhika come fast for food … its getting late and you need to leave for college now”. Radhika grabs her handbag and picks a photo from her cupboard. She clutches the photo tight to her chest and tears start streaming down her face. It’s the photo of a guy she once loved and will continue loving forever. It’s the photo of ARJUN MEHRA.

After they ( Arjun and rads n her other two best buddies finished college 2 years back) finished heir college , arjun mysteriously disappeared one day. They reported his absence in every newspaper and every police station – but he was not found.
Many people had told Radhika to forget about Arjun and get settled in life. But as well know love has infinite power and Rads never gave up.
She kept that precious photo in her handbag and ran downstairs. She hugged her mom and dad and kissed her younger brother ( Samir) on his cheek and ran in a hurry to catch a cab. She took the cab to the train station only to be met with the murderous looks of her best college buddies – Neil and Samaira ( Sam).
They were the last ones to board the train and practically ran into their compartments. As they settled down in the train ( they were going to Delhi for their job . . . . . . . . . . . . they all 3 worked together in an office and also stayed together) Neil excitedly told the girls that he might have found a clue about Arjun’s where abouts.
Radhika practically jumped up with joy and her heart screamt arjun’s name a thousand times. She asked Neil to tell her immediately where Arjun was.
Seeing Radhika’s excitement Neil was upset. The only information he had found out was that Arjun was in Delhi. When Radhika learnt of this she was ecsatic.
Neil, Sam and Radhika reached their home and pulled out their bags. They kept everything in it’s place and had dinner. Each of them went to their respective rooms. Neil and Sam were fast asleep but Rads . . . . she just hugged the pillow and kept whispering Arjun’s name on her lips.
The next morning Neil and Sam went to office alone on Neil’s bike coz Rads opted to walk for walk. They tried to persuade her to go with them but she didn’t agree.
As she was walking on the dtreet sum boys came on motor bikes around her and started teasing her. Rads tried to run away but one of the boys held her dress and it tore. She started crying bitterly and scream for help.
Just then she heard the sound of a punch on one of the goon’s face and the next second she was covered in a young gentle man’s shirt.
She turned to look at who the man was but was too stunned to even speak. The man hit them so hard that she feared they would die. With every punch that landed on the goon’s face she heard the words “ HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER ?? HW DARE YOU ? “

The goons ran from there and when the man turned to look at her jaw dropped open. It was the man she had yearned to see from the past 2 years. It was Arjun Mehra.
Radhika ran to Arjun and almost jumped up to him. She hugged him tight and he reciprocated. At their moment their heart beat became one.
She then began hitting him on his chest and sobbing and smiling at the same time . She asked him a thousand questions and he stood silently. He then cupped her face in his hands and planted a kiss on her forehead.
Radhika stopped all her questions seeing blood oozing from Arjun’s hand. She took him home and did his first aid. She called up Neil and Sam and held Arjun’s hand throughout . She was scared to lose him again.
When Neil and Sam came home …. Together the three of them confronted Arjun and Arjun told them how he had been kidnapped by an underworld don for the past 2 years. That don had died and Arjun ran away from his clutches.
He removed his shirt and showed them all the scars on his back that were given by the whips of hat Don for doing work. Radhika continuously cried at this and then Arjun placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and promised he would never go away frm her again.
Neil and Sam called up all four of their’s parents and told them the good news of Arjun being found. The next morning all the 4 buddies are seated opposite a pair of 4 parents.
Parents : Do u want to marry her ? ( with stern face)
Children : Yes ! Sure …. Just fix the date
Parents : (Start laughing) . . . . Okay okay . . . . we have already contacted the priest
Tomorrow is an auspicious day …
Children : Yeah so let’s marry tomorrow it self

Guys I’m really sorry if you don’t like it but I really hope you guys like it maan. I have taken a lot of effort to do this.
Please comment and tell me what you guys loved the most in this and what I could improve. Thanks

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  1. Dharshini

    Nice one..

  2. Rossy

    Well…very good ?

  3. arti viswanathan

    Excellent episode Sameer n and u should write more of it dear…

  4. It’s was too short but it was nice overall…you could write more..but it was good…thanks

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, keep writing more stories. 🙂

  6. Gummiebear

    First toh welcome to TU….welcome to mmz page too dear…..update was good but I felt it was too short….u have potential and u can write more….will love to c more of u….but this one was lovely….Take care?

  7. Jessie

    Nice one samreen…I liked the hero entry of Arjun….

  8. Hey Samreen
    It is good
    I request u to ryt a OS on krpkab and write more ff’s of mmz

  9. awesome…..

  10. It’s very good. …lovely story. ..nice job…keep it up honeyyy. ..♡♡♡♡ 😉

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