MMZ- Love you forever (Part 32)

Her eyes widened in shock at his sudden proposal….She pushed him with all her strength but the force she applied only made him stumble a bit….Her eyes sparkled with fire,” Not even once you thought about me when you called me filthy whore, did you?!….not even once you saw in my eyes which were begging you to trust me….Not even once you hesitated to slap me in front of your whole staff….Not even once you thought about me when you tainted my character….And now you want me to easily forgive you and say yes to your spacious proposal….I am not some furniture of your house you can throw out today and take back tomorrow….No Mr Arjun Mehra…..I will never forgive you for what you did with me….you broke my heart and crushed it and Now nothing can mend it….NOTHING.” She screeched in ear-splitting tone.

She took a deep breath and calmly relied in a firm tone,” Don’t even think that I helped you out today because my feelings have awoken with new desires….I can’t see you in pain for anything in this world….And I will marry the man who trusted me the more than himself….unlike you.”

She gave him a one last long lasting look as if making his image in her mind and turned to leave….

Arjun was boiling with rage and his eyes were shady and dark with a hostile look on his face….He knuckled his wrist to control his simmering anger….How dare she compare Arjun Mehra with that jackass?!….How dare she say that she’ll marry that good for nothing man??..He z no match to me in any sense….She belongs to me only me…..His ego got bruised and his heart was flaming in jealousy….He smacked his fist hard on the wall to control his rage…

Radhika who had just walked few steps away from him halted in her track and turned back….Her gaze travelled to his knuckles which were bruised and blood oozed….She ran to him and caught his wrist and asked in a concerned terrified tone,” What have you done Sir?!….z it painful?”

Radhika had wounded his ego comparing him with Randhir and her further declaration of marrying him made his anger knew no bounds….He bitterly gazed at her and sarcastically replied,” This wounds are nothing compared to the ones you gave me today.” Than with a jerk he took back his hand and walked out of there.

She felt trapped between her commitment and her love….hurting Arjun was the last thing she’ll ever do to reduce her pain….But his harsh ruthless accusations would ring in her ears every now and then…..she couldn’t forget that day when his piercing sharp gaze shattered her heart and broke it into million pieces….Still she couldn’t pretence that every single broken piece only loved him off limits….she walked out of there with tears in her eyes and her inner turmoil made it worst for her to live with hurting him like this.

She found him leaning on the car and waiting for her….Though he was really angry still he was cautious about her safety and comfort…..She couldn’t meet his eyes so she just walked over to the car and opened the door and sat in….He got in without wasting a minute more…..His hand was covered with blood but still he gripped the steering wheel…..his scrunched jaw showing that it gave him a big sting….

Radhika couldn’t take it anymore…..she was staring at him begging him through her eyes to stop hurting himself….But his anger was at its peak to even look at her face….She shifted towards him and gripped his wrist and looked at him with a beseeching gaze with tears rolling down her cheeks…..He couldn’t see her tears so he applied the brakes and took a glance at her……She was sobbing and wrinkling her nose every now and then…

She lifted her eyes and requested him in a despairing tone with her gaze fixed on his bruised knuckles,” Please Sir….Let me see it….”

Arjun nodded not being able to see her dejected face….He had the breaching capacity to bear thousand of wounds like this But her tears and her pain was like a knife twisted in his dark heart….

She wrapped her fingers around his wrist softly and brought it closer to her….She tenderly touched the black and blue bruises and blew warm breath on it….tears prickled out of her eyes.

She queried,” Sir do you have first aid kit in car?”

He gave a positive nod,” Yes over there.” He pointed towards the drawer below music system…
She leaned down and pulled the drawer out and removed the first aid kit….She checked for the bandage and ointment and took it out. She took his hand and carefully applied the soothing ointment on his bruises…..She looked in his eyes which were watching her like hawk,” Sir….z it paining?”

He smiled seeing her deep concern and love which reflected in her innocent doe like eyes….He tucked her hair strand behind with his other hand and caressed her soft bubbly cheeks,” No….stop crying please….your tears give me unbearable pain.”

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and bandaged his wound and gave him a sarcastic reply with her eyes accusatory,” Still tell me how does it feel to kill me with your words?”

Arjun was extremely shocked by her wordings….he gulped her harsh words and replied in a sad guilty tone,” You don’t know what you are for me….I am sorry for whatever happened in past….I wish I can go back in past and change everything….But i can’t… know I have no control when I am angry….I really feel guilty that I always end up hurting you…. Radhika give me a chance….i promise I’ll rectify everything.”

Tears spilled out of her silent tired sleep deprived eyes hearing his heartfelt confession….she sobbed and whispered in a broken low clipped tone,” Sir…i would have given you infinite chances….you know why?!…Because for me my love z equivalent to worship of God…..But I can’t….I promised Randhir that I’ll never leave him alone….”

Arjun with anger and fire in heart in an annoyed tone,” So he z more important than me?” He had extreme fiery look and a strange infuriating madness in his reddened dark eyes which were staring at her without blinking even once….He snatched back his hand and gripped the steering wheel hard with his wounded hand….He tightened his clasp more and his bandage ripped apart and fell down….blood flowed out with more rapidity….

Her forehead ceased with lines of worry and her pupils dilated in fear…..When she tried to say something….He warned in a calm firm tone,” Just shut that smart mouth of yours….Don’t test my patience right now…Don’t make me use my ways to close it….Forget about talking you won’t be able to breath too.”
She nervously gazed at him like a sacrificed lamb left alone ready to be devoured by a Griffin…She quickly averted her gaze when he glared at her angrily.

He pulled the car next to her building and turned to her and commanded in a hard raspy tone,” Don’t forget you are joining BS tomorrow….if I don’t see you there….I won’t mind to take an errand here and throw you over my shoulder and take you there.”

She enlarged her pupils in fright and despair like a small kid caught red-handed after doing some mischief…She composed her posture and calmly replied,” Sir…Don’t worry I always fulfil my promises come what may.”

Arjun with roasting anger in his tone gave a sarcastic reply,” Yah I know that aspect of yours better than anyone else that you can even jump off a cliff top to fulfil your so called promises.”

Her heart ached at his sarcasm filled taunts and she felt her heart will burst out any second….she struggled to not to cry and sob now as she was dead tired of unstoppable miseries which always hit her like tornado everytime….with enormous tears in her eyes which were ready to flow out like a stream…she almost begged him in a painful tone,” Sir please kill me once and for all and end of yours and mine suffering forever….stop killing me every minute of my life….i can’t take this anymore.”

Hearing her words….Arjun’s expression turned dreadful….his furious and angry eyes were staring at her without blinking a blink with a piercing gaze of love, care and resentment….She lately realised that she went too far and she shouldn’t have hurt him to this extent….After few seconds, her face strained with lines of fear….Out of guilt, she was not able to see in his captivating eyes for too long.

Eventually, Arjun broke the silence while controlling his extreme fury, he said in a bitter, sarcastic tone,” Yes indeed you are living one hell of life….”

She blurted out frustratingly,” Arjun Sir….I think giving up my life would be the best solution to all the complications of mine, yours and Randhir’s life.”

The way she said it, her tone annoyed him even further….He lost all of his control and his temper went out of the roof, his major weakness, his anger again took control of him before thinking further….He leaned on her and gripped her jaw piercing his nails in her satin soft skin….
She gasped and froze at her pace seeing his face just few inches away from her….The instincts inside her started screaming out to rush away from him before he crosses all the inhibitions between them.

She tried to fix her eyes over his eyes But miserably failed due to the intoxicating smell of his cologne which was blocking out her senses.

In a next swift moment, his palm went up and grabbed the back of her neck ruthlessly.

She clenched her eyes shut when a sharp pain ignited….His fingers tightly pressing over her neck flesh.

She tried to tilt her head a little to ease out the pain But all in vain….He had his hold rather tighter…Painful and ruthless enough to fill her eyes with warm tears.

He leaned little closer and whispers in a blank firm tone, his breath almost fanning her face,” I f**king don’t care about Randhir’s pain….I can go off limits to ease mine….you very well know that….so stop threatening me with your life.”

The very next second, her eyes snapped in his direction only to meet his dark eyes which were murderously staring in to her brown scared orbs…

Next, his lips smashed over hers in a force full kiss….She gasped and tried to push him away with all her strength in her But he pressed his finger more strongly over the back of her neck and his other hand finding it’s way to her hair softly roaming his finger through her hair, he nibbled her lower lip harshly.

Her heart constricted in her rib cage…..His tongue shoved inside her mouth tasting all of her sweetness and drinking like a drug….The kiss was nothing but a explosion of spark between them….She couldn’t control the urge to kiss him back with all her love….she moved her lips in sync mimicking his antics with a inexperienced fervour….her fingers threaded in his soft locks and caressed them softly….He cupped her face holding her in place firmly to dominate the kiss as she began to wriggle out of his clutch due to the lack of oxygen deficiencies in her lungs…..

But suddenly her commitment flashed in her mind and her heart got overwhelmed with guilt….She felt that she z cheating behind Randhir’s back and betraying him and breaking his trust….She pushed Arjun away and opened the door knob and sped out without sparing him a glance.

Arjun stared at her disappearing form until she was out of his sight…..He started the car and engine roared to life….He drove off to his house befuddled with guilt and regret.

Arjun entered inside his house and greeted Dm masking his pain and stormed to his room….He threw punches at the punching bag remembering today’s events….

He cursed himself for behaving like a desperate pervet in fit of anger….He felt he shouldn’t have kissed her against her will….But she did respond…Yes she definitely did….Because she loved him and a girl who values her ethics more than life would have never give in if she didn’t feel anything for him…..Then why she had to pull back and just leave him alone?!….His mind contracted,” Because she z bound to Randhir through commitment.” A fire ran through every nerve of his and he threw a wrathful punch at the bag with so much of strength and friction that it fell down with a thud….

His brains started hatching plans to break Randhir and Radhika’s relationship….But he didn’t wanted to stoop low in her eyes too….And his newly changed self wasn’t allowing him to go back to his old self….But as they Rome wasn’t built in one day…..So bringing out a complete transformation in oneself in a day was next to impossible…..And a person like Arjun who had spend half of his life in darkness had a strong influence of it on his mind….He always thought in the twisted way before the sober way….And right now For him nothing was wrong and right….All he knew was that Radhika only belonged to him and no one else….He could go to go any extent to bring her back into his life.

On the other hand, Radhika was drowned in the ocean of guilt….She pressed the door bell frantically waiting for response.

Randhir opened the door and was startled to see her moist eyes staring into his….She hugged him and incoherently blabbered,” Randhir…I am sorry….I don’t know it just happened in the heat of a moment….I wanted to stop myself But I just got carried away….I am sorry.”

Randhir gazed at her with a blank confused expression….He couldn’t make out sense from any of her sentences….He wiped her tears and cupped her face and cooed her like baby,” Hey….shhhhh…stop crying baby….please stop crying….I can’t see my baby’s sad face.”

He helped her inside holding her shoulders and made her sit down on the sofa comfortably….He offered her a glass of water which she gladly accepted with a small smile stretched at her lip curve witnessing his love and care….She gulped some water and took a deep breath to calm her racing heartbeats….He got seated beside her and asked in a soft concerned tone,” Radhu are you fine?!”

She gave him a small nod and got up but he caught her wrist and again queried,” Are you sure?!…what were you talking about near the door???….what you did that you have to apologise for??….”

Radhika couldn’t meet his questioning gaze demanding answers from her…..For a moment she felt like pouring out all her pain and cry over her best friend’s shoulder who had always been there for her…..But the next moment her inner self reminded of the sacrifices and favours he had done for her….He had almost lost his life once because of her mistake and now if she tells him that she loves someone else…..He won’t be able to bear that pain of losing his love once again…..She can’t be selfish now….Though every minute of her life craves for Arjun and life without him z like death….Still living with guilt of shattering her best friend’s dream would be worst than death….She kept her gaze down and stammered,” R..Raa….Randhir..I am sorry for being late….I spoilt our dinner plan.”

Randhir chuckled at her innocence…..He held her by shoulders and assured,” Oh you scared the hell out of me….you cried for this…..oh my stupid adorable naive doll what will I do with you?!….such a innocent you are.” He placed a chaste a kiss on her forehead and spoke,” We will dine together…..just give me a hour….I’ll cook something fast.”

She nodded and left for her room to change into casuals. But Randhir had read her gloomy eyes….And he knew her too well to fall prey to her lies….He knew something was not right….So he decided to find out the reason for her pain which she had been hiding from him since the day he recovered from coma.

The night was difficult for three of them….None could catch any sleep that night….The moonlight was spreading it’s magic and the stars sprinkled hopes like never before….

Arjun stood by the window watching the enticing night full of secret desires….He remembered the kiss with Radhika….a pleased smile crept on his face reminiscing the soft feeling of her kissable lips….her almond brown eyes which had cast a spell on him….

He had kissed many females till now and spent many nights with random females who he didn’t care for….It was a no strings attached deal between them whose sole purpose was to satisfy their needs…..But with Radhika everything was so different and truthful….He never knew a kiss can be this blissful with a girl who he loved….He had committed his mind, heart, body and soul to her…..Before her there was nothing which was everlasting in name of relationship and commitment in his life….None of his one night stand gave joy to his heart it only satisfied his lustful needs….But first time in his life he could hear his heartbeats while kissing someone…..As if his heart was pumping not blood but a portion which doubled his love and passion for her…..He fell on his bed and closed his eyes hugging her photo frame to his chest.

Dm walked inside his room to check on him…..she was well aware of the immense pain he was going through….she smiled seeing him sleeping peacefully for the first time in his life….She leaned on him and pecked his forehead lovingly and covered him with blanket….She carefully took out the frame from his grip and placed it back on the table beside the bed…..She stood there caressing his face and made a promise to him,” Aru…..I can’t see you in pain and to ease that pain out….I don’t mind breaking the promise I made to Radhika…..For me my first priority will always be you….I can do anything for your happiness…..Now I’ll play my cards very well…..I will turn the situation in your favour….I promise.”

So I stop here… tell me your reviews….I know all of you want me to reunite them…..I will soon…chalo love you all…take care.

I will update very frequently for three months….i feel light after penning down so this z a stress buster for me….After three months I promise to update regularly…pinky promise….lol.

So I just feel like dedicating a song complimenting the situation in this update….Bolna from kapoor and sons.

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