MMZ- Love you forever (Part 31)

Dm rested her head back and closed her eyes and a lone tear trailed down her cheekbone…she was feeling cornered…helpless and vulnerable…she had promised Radhika that she won’t ask her to forgive Arjun or force her to give in his demands….But the old woman couldn’t see her grandson digging his own grave….It seemed as if he was turning ferociously dangerous day by day….He had given up all pleasures of life…He had been lonely… devastated…desolate more than one month with no confidant to who he could pour his heart to….He had given up all the pleasure which he thoroughly enjoyed and that contained his life once ago….His condition resembled a wounded powerful helpless lion who had dropped his weapons in front of his own compatriots….Had he been a liable interactive person with no psychological issues of his own who could trust someone and consider someone truthful to share his pain with then she wouldn’t have swelled her head with his worries…He was repenting for his own dreadful mistake….

Her POV,” What am I supposed to do now???…I cannot see my Arjun shattered and broken but I can’t even revive his pain too….Whatever he did was terribly wrong and I can never justify his deeds to Radhika at any cost….i just wish tomorrow that psychologist brings a new dawn in my son’s life…”

She inhaled a lot of oxygen and lowered her body on the mattress and closed her drowsy sheepish swollen eyes to slip in deep slumber….

Arjun pulled the car next to Radhika’s building and honked to call her down….

Radhika understood that he had arrived…she had promised Dm that she won’t refuse to go with him as it was for his own good….And though she had decided to never go back to him and marry Randhir but her heart was weak in front of Arjun….she could die thousand deaths for his one happy life….she just wanted to give him this chance of living a normal life with no past demons throttling and snatching away his every night’s sleep….But she had overlooked this fact that life without her was a living death for Arjun.

She sneaked out of the house telling Randhir that it was her first day at her new job…He was sitting on the driver’s seat and scrolling z his phone and his facial expression was very much serious…As she approached nearer to his car…he snapped the door knob and pushed open the door without getting up….she had expected him to get up and open the door for her but he did just the opposite of it…she gave him a scornful smirk and got seated on the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt….

He drove off fast and furiously as if his anger about something was devilishly controlling the racing speed of the car…

She didn’t wanted to even look at him let alone talking But the lightening like speed was making her hell nervous….She couldn’t take it anymore….she felt terrified and her heartbeat rocked…her petite form squeezed in the seat holding the knob…

She turned to take a glance at him….He was least affected by anything instead his eyes were red…hard…flat and stony and anger was very much evident on his face….she hesitantly puts her angled fist on his shoulder and asked in a concerned tone,” Sir z everything alright??.” She grounded the words nervously like a prey shivering in fear awaiting her a fate to be savaged by her predator…

He jerked off her hand harshly without even looking at her face….he mouthed in a firm tone,” Just stay quiet….i am fulfilling my promise but that does not mean I’ll answer every question of yours….don’t make me do something which we both will regret later.”

She took back her hand and turned her head away to the other side and started looking outside the window.

But she couldn’t figure out why was he so annoyed??…And what affected him so much that he preferred to scream on her when he z supposed to be guilty about the extreme cruelty he inflicted on her that day….who pissed him off today???…Arg!!!….This man!!!…So difficult to understand him.

He pulled the car next to a clinic and got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance but didn’t even found it necessary to take her along with him….he turned and shot a glance at her….he yelled at her and his was a glowering mask of anger,” Aren’t you going to move your butt your upstairs now???….After all it was your idea to bring me here right???…”

She walked over to him and stared at him with dead fury in her eyes, “ Arjun Sir…..don’t you dare use that abusive tone with me…i have done no wrong to you…And if you are so disturbed and furious on something….i offer you to share it with me.” She spoke in a hard…determined tone and she masked all her care and concern with a expressionless stiff face.

His eyes scanned her face and body posture while his mind tried reading her facial expression…his gaze went on her grip over his arm and he felt content and his lip curve stretched into a small smile…

He asserted in a sad low clipped tone,” Do you remember what date it z???…”

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion,” It’s 9th of December…what about it???”

Then after a matter of few seconds realisation dawned her….It was the day sona had committed suicide…she lifted her eyes to look at Arjun’s face….he was staring at the blue calm sky arching his neck to look up…

He spoke in an mocked amused tone,” You know she use to cook up weird stories about the postures of clouds to pep my mood and make me laugh…I use to put a hard…serious….straight face in front of her but I use to laugh out loud alone in my room.”

Radhika took two steps close to him and rested her head on his chest and touched the place where his heart was and spoke looking straight into his eyes,” You have a lot of pain here, don’t you?!”

All of sudden he caught the nape of her neck and pushed her face deep in his chest and hugged her tightly firmly holding her in the dead grip of his large manly strong hands….she wrapped her arms around his neck and her fingers raked in his dark soft locks and caressed them gently….
She poke in a soothing assuring tone,” Arjun Sir….she has left you but z still present in your heart….she use to say that when people die….their life after death z of a bright star in the beautiful enticing sky….she z watching us from up there….And as far as I know her….she will never like you punishing yourself for her death….If after her Brother, she loved someone truly then that was you…”

She felt wetness on her shoulder….she pulled back and cradled his face between her soft palms….His eyes were red…swollen and puffy….his striking handsome face was so pale today….his cheeks had marks of dried tears…He turned his face to the other side…He put forth in a displeased low tone,” I don’t like you seeing me like this.”

She held his jaw and made him face her….her brown eyes held his dark ones like magnetic poles…she buried her face deep in his chest and grabbed his hands and swaddled them around her small waist….she rubbed his back to and fro and then detached herself from him after few minutes…”Will you give me something if I ask?” She sincerely asked with a breaching earnest how in her eyes…

“ Other than leaving you alone….i can do anything.” He honestly confessed.

“ You’ll try to open up….i know it’s really difficult….But for me you’ll try…please.” She spoke in a pleading tone.

“ Yes I’ll try maybe.” He said in a hard thick unsure tone as he couldn’t get himself to say something other than that.
And then apparently she felt his lips on her forehead which quickened her heartbeats when she felt him holding her face firmly in between his palms but alas she had closed her eyes despite being angry on him to death….But what could she do with her betraying body which would always fall weak to his proximity and those dark eyes whose unmovable stares made her feel like the most lucky woman living on this earth….Sometimes she wondered what had she inherited to always have him wrapped around her little finger….she wasn’t classy or elegant like the girls he dated previously before her….even the thought of him being with some other girl made her heart sink with pain and jealousy…..But it was not right to feel all this about him when she had committed herself to someone else….She knew that today or tomorrow she had to let go of him and then get hitched to Randhir….But she wanted to give back his real self before she leaves his life forever….He was not the devil of a man he would act like…..She would take his all pain away once and for all….And then give him a new life he deserve….But without her!!.“

Thank you.” She mumbled adversely and lifting her eyelashes to give him a look which had gratitude evident in her eyes…she knew it was really challengingly imperious for him to enclose that painful wounds of his to someone…

They entered the clinic together and he was ahead of her….The name plate read’ Dr Vijay Bose.’

He went to the reception and enquired about his appointment….he got the lead and direction towards the alleged person who was going to study his case and help him out….He find out it exceedingly amusing that how could a unknown person whom he never met can help him out or ease his pain….

But he had promised Radhika that he would meet the psychiatrist in return of her withdrawal of resignation….He was hell determined to bring her back to his company and his life….as long as she keeps her promise he had no other alternative to back out from his own….

He entered inside the doctor’s cabin and his expression softened after finding a elderly man in his late 80s standing up to greet him….He felt a bit awkward to receive such a warm welcome from a old man who was way more elder to him….He couldn’t comprehend words to say anything further….So he chose to remain quiet.

Radhika followed him inside and greeted the old man with a cheerful grin,” Hello Vijay Uncle….”

Vijay returned her greetings with a equally pleased expression on his old wrinkled face,” Oh Darling….its so good to see you here after a long time….what brings you here?!”

Arjun stood flabbergasted seeing that they knew each other so well and a small smile crept on his marble cut face when Radhika wrapped her arm around his bicep and formerly introduced him,” Uncle….meet Mr Arjun Mehra….”

But before she could complete Vijay cut her off with a adorned look on his face,” Oh Darling….are you kidding??…who does not know him….He z the man who z the talk of tinsel town…He z ruling the business world and million hearts too.”

Arjun felt a bit taken aback after being praised so much…He cheekily replied in a polite tone,” Thank you Sir.”

Vijay gestured him to take a seat and asked,” So young man….what brings you to me.”

Before he could reply….Radhika explained in a concerned serious tone,” Uncle….Arjun Sir z going through a lot of emotional trauma and the type of person he z….He can’t open up in front of anyone….So me and his dm forced him to see you.”

Arjun was dumbfound at her concern for him….she would mask her love and care with fuming anger and throw hurtful accusations at him….But deep down He was the one who she would see first after closing her eyes and imagining the face of that one person who she loved most in this world….who she wanted to see first in the morning after getting up from deep slumber and who she wanted to see last before retiring to sleep….

Vijay nodded his head and thought for a second and said,” Radhika beta….I will have to take his session privately…hope you don’t mind leaving him alone with me.”

Radhika got up and gave the old man a small obliging smile and looked at Arjun…She placed her palm on his shoulder and gave him a hopeful look,” Sir….please don’t get angry and try to reveal as much as you can….for me and Dm you have to do this.”

She walked out of the cabin leaving them both alone.

Vijay turned to Arjun and spoke in a confident tone,” You love her, don’t you?”

Arjun was startled by his sudden out of the box question…Still he replied in a honest truthful tone,” Yes I do….But how did you guessed it?!”

The old man chuckled,” Son…i haven’t gained this white grizzled hair yesterday….its not rocket science to guess love and hatred…moreover this two emotions are such that they can neither be hidden nor tamed.”

Arjun affirmed,” You seem to have a great experience with both…i guess.”

The cheerful look on the old man’s face suddenly vanished….And a pained expression replaced it…He said in a sad tone,” Yes I do…But both I feel for the same person….Still my love conquers my hatred for her….So I can’t hate her with my soul.” His throat went dry and his forehead ceased and he started coughing profusely….

Arjun handed him over the glass of water kept on the desk…He drank all of it in one gulp…

Vijay took a deep breath and said,” Sorry….some old painful memories never leave you and keep pricking you every now and then.” He stretched his posture backwards giving a relaxing position for his spine and spoke,” Arjun…look I know it’s really very difficult to open up in front of a complete stranger….But let me tell you sometimes loved ones fail to give good advice and same strangers seem to have a edge above….See I know how it feels to get lost in the dark haunted dungeon of past with no hope of rescue….i don’t want you to go through that living hell….So now the choice z yours….”

Arjun nodded and closed his eyes for a second to relax his mind and decided to pour all of his pain for his Dm and his Radhika..

Arjun clenched his fist and breathed in a lot of air in his lungs and said in a low weak tone,” I got abandoned by my own parents at the age of six…then I was brought up in the love and care of my dm…But somehow that complete detachment from my parents gave me a lonely painful childhood…i use to be alone in the huge mansion which I could never call home….Dm had to take up the responsibility of our business which was falling weak so she couldn’t devote her time to me….Then I was send abroad with a caretaker to complete my education….He died in a car accident while travelling along with me but he pushed me out of the car to save my life before a huge freighter ran over our car….”

He stopped in mid and tears brimmed in his glassy crystal eyes….” I was supposed to die…I was unwanted…undesired and had no one in my life to wish for my life But he had his own family who were solely dependent on him….”

He wiped his tears with the back of his palm and continued,” Then somehow I coped up with that too….But the guilt always remained the same like it was the day that accident took place….I drowned myself in my studies completely thereafter….I use to envy my friends who had a perfect family who would take pride on their success when they achieved something remarkable …I received a lot of awards and ammunition But the most heartbreaking moment was when I had no one to tap my back with a lot of pride in eyes and appreciate me when I came home…..Whenever I came home…..darkness and killing silence use to greet me…..So I started staying away from home….My Days were spend in college and nights were bestowed in some night clubs….pubs…loud parties where I couldn’t feel my loneliness…where I couldn’t hear my own heartbeats…..I lost my belief on love and commitment due to the ugly fights I witnessed of my parents in my childhood….I was anything but a heartless manipulative crude beast who had only one weakness…My Dm who I love more than my life….I met Neil and it instantly clicked between us….he became my most treasured friend…But I didn’t knew that he had a younger sister Sona who secretly had feelings for me…..I met her when I came back to India to take up my business and lift the burden off my dm’s shoulders…I gave sona a job in my company but I was completely unaware of her growing feelings for me….And then one night changed everything drastically…we got drunk together and end up sleeping together…After some time I discovered she was pregnant with my child…I had no idea how to face Neil….He was mad with rage when I confessed my mistake…I think mistake would be an understatement to the sin I committed….I was supposed to protect his sister while he was away But I only bedded her in my drunken state…..I wish she would have stopped me that day….But it was entirely not her fault….which woman on earth will not love to take it further with the man who she loved so endearingly?!…..she was not like other girls who were after my money and fame…..she loved me for who I was…..Most importantly she was Neil’s sister… I came up with the decision to marry her and give her child my name…..But Sam had to ruin everything….she emotionally tortured Sona and she jumped off leaving me severely guilt stuck…Her death broke my friendship with Neil and sowed the seed of hatred in his broken heart…I am responsible for his and sona’s nemesis.”

Beads of sweat crusted on his forehead…..His hardened jaw and red eyes showed how painful it was for him to talk about that part of his life which was the most painful regretful deed of his life…..No one had ever dared to even take sona and Neil’s name in his presence in his fear…..Last time when one of his employee with the name Sona had received a job in his company…..He had fired her but later shifted her to the other branch….He had turned more ruthless and devilish after that incident….Until one day when his eyes came in contact with the most beautiful baby brown eyes which belonged to the lady who stood leaning on the door anxiously waiting for him to come out.

Then his expression shifted to a frown and seething with anger and he said in a raging tone gritting his teeth,” Sam who was a girl next door and who didn’t got blown away by my charms like other girls….She was the only friend of mine for whom I wouldn’t hesitate to kill….she knew me better than myself….But even she had to cheat me…..she made me hurt my Radhika in the most cruel atrocious way ever…..I still don’t understand what came over me that day that I raised my hand on her…..I humiliated her and killed her soul that day….I know I don’t deserve her after what I have done to her….But if I lose her….i won’t be able to live with the feeling of losing her forever….its kills me to see her with some other man….even that thought makes me feel like destroying everything.” He said all of it in one breath and finally he felt relaxed after releasing all the pain….anger….hurt he had been holding for years which felt like ages to him.

Vijay smiled to him seeing the relief on his face,” Son…You are not a saint but you are not bad either…..You are like this because you are the same innocent love deprived seven year old boy in the body of 27 year old man…..all you need z someone’s undivided attention and love to heal your bruised heart….But young man you need to understand that love z not all about caveman attitude….Trust me it will only make walls between you and her….She shouldn’t feel your relationship to be a prison cell…So you will have to make a few changes in you for the ones you love….especially for your Radhika.” He teased emphasising on your more with a bemused grin on his wrinkled face.

Arjun nodded in acceptance and expressed his gratitude,” Sir….you are a wonderful man….No one dares to counsel me But you are something else….And Arjun Mehra always adorns confidence though I love submissive trait in girls….only girls.” He chuckled repeating his last two words in his mind.

Vijay laughed,” Oh Son…well it’s really hard to believe you have a sense of humour.”

Arjun in a arrogant tone,” Depends on the company….And I just said that I find you quiet intimidating in the very first meeting.”

Vijay,” Then why don’t you start calling me uncle….Sir sounds too formal.”

Arjun got up and the old man too stood up….He hugged him and the old man rubbed his back and gave a piece of advice,” Son….your real enemy z your anger….never let it have power over you.”

Arjun,” Uncle….i don’t know how you thank you for today….you did a lifetime favour on me which I can’t return ever.”

Vijay cuts him off in mid in a displeased tone,” You have hurt me by talking about favours.”

Arjun gave him an apologetic look and old man tapped his shoulder and said,” Take care of Radhika and yourself too.”
As Arjun stepped out of the cabin….he had left behind all the past that haunted him every night….Now the darkness of his life which he thought would stay forever was slowly leaving him….Though he wasn’t healed completely still this was the first positive step towards the new dawn that awaited him.

Radhika who had been waiting for more than three hours now was greatly satisfied to find Arjun standing in front of her and giving her his seductive smile which would make any female go crazy behind him….She couldn’t control her flowing tears which escaped her eyes and neither could she avert her gaze from his handsome face nor she could fight the urge to hug him tight…..So she leaped and wrapped her hands around his neck and He clasped her waist and lifted her off ground….His fingers caressed her dark soft locks which shadowed his face and hide most of it….his hand moved up and down her spine sensuously….And the feel of her soft blossom pressed against his hard chest hardened his manhood beneath….He broke the huge and said in a hoarse raspy tone,” Do you know what effect you have on me right now?”

She blushed like a fresh bloomed rose….she bit her lower lip in nervousness….He cupped her face and lifted her chin holding her jaw and commanded,” Look at me Radhika.”

She couldn’t bear his eyes boring holes in her body so she had her eyes closed tight and she was sure that her cheeks flushed the darkest shade of red…

He again repeated but his temper rising clearly evident in his tone,” I said LOOK AT ME, WILL YOU?”
She got scared feeling the rage in his tone….she opened her eyes to meet his icy cold ones.

His hand moved to her back and his fingers played with her dark velvet soft locks while his other hand stroked her cheeks gently….He tilted his head and brought his face impossibly closer to hers and whispered,” You know it’s really difficult for me to say words like thank you and sorry….But today I want to thank you for gifting me new life…you can say you have breathe life in me in true sense today….will you always stay with me and help me change myself and will give me the honour of having my name behind your name?!”
Her eyes widened in shock at his sudden proposal….She pushed him o

So guyzzz here I stop….wanna know Radhika’s answer?….well buddies next one z on its way…but it will almost take two or three days to update….i have a f**ked up test schedule and classes really give one hell of life….but somehow I console myself that suppu baby….just three months to go….well all I experience now z sleepless nights and drowsy mornings….but can’t sleep during days…so guyzzz I’ll update because I don’t feel sleepy so I type to distract my mind from scary negative thoughts about my board exams….chalo love u all….muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…tc.

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