MMZ- Love you forever (Part 29,30)

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So here z the double dhamaka for this ff….Hope you all like it…

Part 29
Radhika was busy chopping the veggies….while Randhir was watching news….Deliberately he had put the channel where Arjun’s interview was going on….He wanted to read her face expression…

Radhika’s face had a expression of love and hatred both but above all her eyes resembled the day when she was begging Arjun to trust her….her eyes started pouring…Unknowingly a lips whispered, ” Sir…”

Radhir heard that but it was not the right time to confront her….she was already going through a lot…He casually asked,” Radhu, do you know Arjun Mehra?!”.

Radhika instantly got distracted by his question….She gulped down her tears…her pain….She didn’t wanted Radhir to be hurt knowing that she loved Arjun now but above all she hated him more and will never forgive him for that day when he insulted her character…. Doubted her purity…called her by that disgusting word in front of the whole staff…No she will never ever forgive him…he had broken her heart into million pieces and Now no power on this Earth can mend it…

She answering in a stammering voice,” Why will a commoner like me know the great Arjun Mehra?!… Don’t you find your question too stupid and silly?!”

Radhir snapped, ” I thought that the way you were gawking at the scene…. You have some…..”
Before he could complete Radhika cut him of in a harsh voice,” Randhir there can be no comparison between me and Mr Mehra….I am nowhere near him….I am a common middle class girl who has small homely dreams…. So Mr Mehra and I are poles apart….Can you please watching TV whole day long and do something productive….”

Randhir chuckled, ” Relax….Girl… I thought you’ll just bury me 6 ft under the ground….Look at your face… You seem like a fire ball burning in rage.”

Radhika gave him a you are impossible look and walked off….But Randhir had read the truth in her eyes it was no use hiding now…

He was lost in his thoughts just then the bell rang twice…he walked to the door and unbolted it…He got a surprise… His long lost friend Neil was standing with his hands inside his jeans pockets….

Both the friends hugged each other….Randhir called out for Radhika… He didn’t knew that Radhika and Neil had always stayed in contact when he was bedridden…. She greeted Neil with a smile but inside she was remembering all that brutal accusations which Arjun gave her after seeing her in Neil’s arms….Neil’s eyes were filled with guilt and repentance…How can he hurt the girl who helped him killing her inner conscience…. He turned to Randhir, ” Buddy its been many days since I didn’t had anything cooked by you.”

Randhir, ” Just give me an hour….you both sit….I’ll do some romance with my kitchen… ”

As soon as he went.. Neil made Radhika sit beside him and folded his hands in front of her….he hung his head down in shame of his deed….,” I am sorry Radhika…. I am the one responsible for your pain… I had teamed up with Sam to hurt Arjun….I had only send that video to him…I am extremely sorry for the insults you had to bear because of me.”

Radhika closed her eyed as Arjun’s harsh ruthless accusations echoed in her ears….that word ‘whore’ was constantly revolving back and forth in her mind….

Nothing z more precious for a woman more than her character….If you taint her character….you make her live in hell remembering your words everyday….

Radhika opened her eyes….they were red….swollen…puffy…Neil died thousand deaths viewing her face that time….He wanted to fall at her feet and apologize for his grave sin…When he was about to do that Radhika stopped him….She spoke in a low clipped tone,” Neil, I forgive you but we can never have that bond what we shared before all this….I can’t forget that day….But I forgive you.”

Neil begged, ” Radhika I don’t want to lose a dear friend like you…please don’t do this.”

Radhika wiped her tears and spoke in a calm yet firm tone, ” Neil, please understand that day I can’t forget….when my character was tainted by the man I loved so much….I felt I died that day….If not for Randhir that I would have killed myself that day itself…. I just can’t forget that day when he treated me so brutally….insulted my character….insulted my love for him….snatched away my dignity which I loved more than my life…..I will never forgive Arjun….I hate him and will hate him whole my life.”

Neil cupped her face and wiped her tears and whispered, ” Radhika I know your wounds are raw but I promise I will wait for the day when you’ll accept my friendship again….you are too precious to let go…”

She nodded and walked near the window to breathe in some fresh air….

Arjun was shirtless standing near the window….He had just showered…He had wrapped a towel beneath his waist…water droplets were trickling down his muscular chest to his V shaped waistline….He resembled a Greek God peeping out of his abode to have a look at the world… He had closed his eyes to remember her face….But all he remembered was that day when Radhika’s eyes begged him to believe her….he couldn’t even pity her in his simmering anger that day….He always came across girls who were so selfish and ready to sleep with any other guy who benefitted them….How he cursed himself for judging his Radhika with that same perspective….

How he wished to pull her close….beg for her forgiveness….kiss away her tears and protect her from the world….But she didn’t even wanted to see him let alone forgiving….Her hatred filled gaze killed him…..shook his insides vigorously… How he hated himself when she pronounced that disgusting word for herself…. How he wished he could change the past….He just wanted to hold her in his arm…he wanted to himself in her insanely…. He touched his left side of chest where his heart resided and whispered, ” Radhika, I am really sorry please give me one chance. ”

Radhika stood waiting for the bus….She was thoroughly irritated…. This was the seventh job interview in last two days…Yet no success…She was well aware of the fact that why they were not ready to hire her….BS was a large multinational commercial company which was at its peak of success….So obviously every other company will wonder why she resigned… They’ll doubt her loyalty towards their firm…Even Arjun wasn’t ready to let her go to someone else….He was the biggest obstacle and she knew it…She glanced at her wrist watch….It was 2 pm…It was too annoying….

it was in the middle of summer season and the sun was just getting started with its mission. its rays sting like a million hot needles on her skin. sweat kept on running out her forehead and seemed to evaporate from the scorching sun when it hits her face making this time of year more unbearable. even the breeze is warm. every blow of wind is asking her to faint but she refuse to do so….She just wanted to reach home and take a cold chilling shower…The day was too tiring and exhaustive….

She was lost in her thoughts when the honking sound withdrew her attention… He had parked his car just few feet away from her… He honked again… She looked at his car once and turned away…He honked again but she behaved as if she didn’t heard anything or see anything…. His temper was rising… He decided to drag her to his car….But she started walking away….her POV, “ I’ll strain my legs walking two miles from here but I won’t budge to his demands.”
Arjun drove in a very mild speed following her….He teased,” Radhika, why you want to hurt those beautiful legs?!…your house z almost 2 miles away from here.”
She didn’t respond and kept walking in her own pace trying to show him that she was least affected by his presence…

Arjun was losing his patience…. He wasn’t the one to tolerate someone’s stubbornness… He was the one who bend people according to his will…But he had promised himself that he’ll to everything possible to win her back…But it was impossible to change in a day….

He got off and swiftly marched towards her….he grabbed her wrist and swept her off ground effortlessly…Radhika started protesting….yelling at him to put her down…throwing her legs in air but he had a tight grip on her….
He spoke in a soft naughty tone,” Radhika, don’t you think you have become light like feather?!…
Radhika furiously spoke,” Arjun sir just put me down…or else I’ll scream.”
He purposely brushed his fingers on her waist and spoke,” Here, you have lost almost 12 pounds here..”
She started hitting his broad chest with her free fisted hands…He just laughed in response… She wondered what he z made of….

Arjun finally puts her down when they reached the car….he blocked her way from escaping by keeping his hands on either side of her….he pushed her inside and locked the door…She started fidgeting with the doorknob…He chuckled, “ Radhika why are you giving pain to those delicate hands?!…Door won’t open till we reach our destination. “
He instructed, “ Radhika put on your seat belt.”
She eyed him with burning rage in her brown doe like eyes…He leaned on her making her lean more against the window…he buckled her seat belt and fired the engine…

Radhika angrily refuted,” Sir, why are you behind this WHORE now?!..She purposely emphasized on that word to make him feel her pain…

Arjun pleaded,” Radhika please don’t use that word?!…That word from your mouth kills me? “

Radhika spoke with fury in her tone,” Arjun sir, why are you dirtying your mouth reasoning with this whore?!”

Arjun blurted out in a raging tone,” ENOUGH!!!…Radhika if one more time you utter this word then…..”

She cut him off before he could complete, “ What you’ll do Sir?!…You’ll slap me or kick me out of the car?!”

Arjun turned his head to her and spoke in an intense tone,” Radhika if I hear this word again I’ll kiss you hard….even if you don’t respond I’ll kiss you forcefully…So watch out.”

Radhika shrieked,” Don’t you dare touch me Arjun Sir….you are a ruthless heartless monster and if you try to touch me without my consent then I’ll take my life.”

That one sentence brought tears in Arjun’s eyes….he couldn’t take it anymore… His world… His life without Radhika was so colourless….meaningless….Why she was hell bent on pressing his raw wounds?!….

He warned,” Radhika, don’t you dare use such words in front of me….Consequences won’t be good…I agree whatever I did was the most shameful sin ever but did you ever thought why it happened?!…He paused and stared at her blank face…he continued, “ Radhika, if you had been honest with me from the very beginning… This all would have never happened… Why couldn’t you tell me how you knew Neil?!…If you had some misunderstanding regarding my past with Sona…you should have just confronted me upfront….Radhika, every coin has two sides….But you just judged me on Neil’s perspective about me….”

Radhika argued,” Sir, if I had judged you and never trusted you ever in my life then I would have not been sitting here in your car….Whatever the situation… I always believed you to be good…I knew it that you were not behind Sona’s suicide…. But when the time came for you to prove your love by trusting in me…..” She paused and spoke in pained voice,” You just insulted me in the most disgusting way ever.”

His eyes didn’t dare to meet her accusing ones…She pulled the window pane down and stared outside… She spoke in a low clipped tone which came out in whisper, “ Arjun Sir, you know what’s the difference between you and Randhir?!… If Tomorrow whole world will be against me still he’ll always be there for me and even if whole world will trust me on my goodwill…you will only trust your eyes and ears…”

Arjun clenched the steering hard…his eyes turned like burning coal…His pride was shattered… No one in his life had ever made him feel this worthless by comparing to some commoner…. He spoke in a frustrating tone,” Radhika….You think I am the worst man born on this earth and he z the best man born ever right?!”.

Radhika could clearly feel the hurt in this breaking voice but her own pain was so tremendous that she couldn’t think anything else other than the day when he ruined her….tainted her character… Killed her soul…Whenever she closed her eyes all she could see were his eyes void of mercy eyeing her earnest ones begging for pity…his accusations that day were so intensely bitter that whatever he was speaking now just couldn’t melt her heart….But when she gazed at him…her heart skipped a bit…Arjun’s eyes were filled with tears of repentance… tears of anger and jealousy… tears of regret and fear of losing the most precious possession of his life…
Part 30

Arjun pulled the car in the parking area of his house… When he turned to Radhika… She was sleeping peacefully angling her face on the window pane…her midnight black tresses covered her angelic face…Arjun’s heartbeat was caught in his throat…She seemed so heavenly…enticing….appealing…Her dupatta had fallen off her right shoulder… Her outfit had a low cut neck which was deep enough to emphasize on her tempting cleavage…He quickly caught hold off her falling dupatta and covered her almost revealing blossom…He smiled seeing her innocent face…His POV, “ Why couldn’t I see this innocence and purity that day?!..”
He shook her lightly and spoke,” Radhika, we reached.”
Radhika lazily lifted her eyes curtain and jerked off his hand swiftly,” You better keep your hands off me.”

That one line pierced Arjun’s heart…Still he answered,” Sweetheart… If I had to take advantage of you…I had the opportunity few minutes back…Radhika manhood z not depicted by force or intimacy without consent…I am not good but I am absolutely not a pervet.”

That words travelled from his lips to her heart and savoured down inside deep….She was trying hard to hide the crimson blush which formed on her burning cheeks…She deliberately hide her face in the dark cloud of her hair But Arjun had already noticed that beetroot red blush…

He leaned on her and tucked her hair strands behind… He buried his face in the crook of her neck and whispered on her skin,” I don’t have to even compliment you to make you blush…See that’s my effect on you…And one day you will give me what I want that too with your own will.”

He quickly backed off and spoke in a firm tone,” Radhika, DM wants to talk to you…Don’t worry it’s not about us…I don’t prefer taking sustenance from anyone in winning back what’s mine.”

Radhika eyed him with outrage…He was staring at her endlessly…His confidence had skyrocketed… He was smiling at her seeing her inability to get off his grip…It was painful for him too to drive her to the edge like this….But this was the only solution he could think of…She had been holding a lot since many days…She needed to pour out and he was the only person who could make her do this…He wanted her to heal her before claiming her.”
Radhika,” Sir…I’ll call DM and we can meet somewhere else…I don’t want to come inside.”

Suddenly Radhika’s phone started buzzing…It was Randhir….It was almost 6 pm now…She had left the house early in the morning…She understood that he must be worrying about her whereabouts…She was about to pick up just than Arjun snatched her phone…Arjun surveyed her with jealousy clearly evident in his possessive eyes full of madness…He howled at her in a ear piercing tone,” Tell him to stay at least 10 feet away from you…Get this straight…you are mine…only mine…Better don’t forget that…Radhika you know me…I don’t repeat my words…If you don’t pay heed to me now later don’t yell at me that I didn’t warn you…He won’t see the Sun the day your nearness with him ruins my peace of mind completely. “

For a while Radhika was terrified seeing his violent behaviour… But then anger started creeping in her nerves too…She blurted out in a raging tone,” You dare to harm him….I will kill myself.”

Arjun leaned on her and pulled her close holding fistful of her hair harshly…She winced in pain…her eyes started pouring…He instantly loosened his grip and wrapped his fingers in her dark locks gently…He pecked her forehead and wiped her tears…He spoke in a breaking tone full of pain,” I am sorry…I shouldn’t have said that… I can’t share you with anyone… NO ONE.”
Radhika pushed him away and furiously growled,” I am not yours….you have no rights on me.”

Arjun was huffing in enmity…But he didn’t wanted to be hard on her now…He calmed his burning heart with great difficult and spoke in a low yet a firm tone,” You are mine…from head to toe…every single cell of your body…Why are you hell bent on driving me mad and facing my fury?!….I don’t want to hurt you please I beg you stop provoking me Radhika…”
He continued in an amusing tone,” Radhika Get down unless you again desire to swing in my arms…DM z waiting for us inside.”

He got off and came next to the other side….he unlocked her side of door and opened the door for his ladylove… She was still in a shock state…his words were seriously scary…he was insane…She could feel the streaks of insecurities… His loneliness… His cravings for love… His longing for someone to care for him…His temper issues…She could only conclude that Arjun needed a psychiatrist…She decided to talk to DM about this maybe some other time without his hindrance…Arjun gazed at her blank face and spoke,” You won’t budge right?!”

He pulled her out and next moment she was in his arms….He held her possessively as if she’ll just seep away from him if he let her down…She started struggling but he didn’t pay heed…He gestered the watchman to open the gates…The watchman… Bodyguards everyone were watching them with awestruck expression… He gave an angry glare to each one of them…They instantly averted their gaze…Radhika was so embarrassed by his public display of affection… She wanted the earth to swallow her alive at that moment…she couldn’t meet anyone’s gaze…But Arjun was the happiest man standing there….He didn’t care who was thinking what about them….All he cared about was Radhika….His Radhika…

He urgently asked one of his escort to ring the bell…The door was opened and he entered inside like a king who just won a battle…DM was sitting on sofa sipping her tea….her eyes popped out seeing Arjun carrying Radhika in his arms that too in front of all his employed man…She hurriedly got up and spoke with her eyes opened wide,” Arjun why are you carrying her?!”
Arjun smirked,” You asked me to bring her here….I obeyed you.”
Dm,” Arjun that fake innocent look won’t work on me…I asked you to bring her but I never asked you to embarrass her like this in front of everyone.”

Arjun swiftly puts Radhika down…He turned to her and spoke,” Radhika better eat all your meals regularly… You have become so light that I can lift you with one hand.”

Radhika eyed him with immense anger and then threaded towards DM….DM took her hand in hers and spoke,” We need to talk….ALONE.” She was talking to Radhika but her eyes were on Arjun…She purposely emphasized on the word alone to make it loud and clear…
They strode towards the apex of staircase… DM took Radhika to a room and bolted the door….
After about a hour they came down…Radhika walked towards Arjun and said,” Sir I am ready to join BS….But on one condition…You will visit psychiatrist tomorrow.’
Arjun held her shoulders tightly and shrieked, “ What the f**k z wrong with you?!…I am not visiting anyone to get my character certificate for you.”
Radhika arched her neck to look straight into his eyes and replied with severe determination in her tone,” Then drop the idea of ever bringing me back to BS.”
Arjun took a deep breath to dissolve his anger and spoke, “ Fine!!!…I’ll meet psychiatrist for you….But you should keep your promise thereafter.’
Radhika,” I will…’
DM,” Radhika have dinner with us today.”
Radhika refused politely, “ No I can’t…Randhir must be waiting for me…I need to go home.”
Dm nodded and blessed her…She hugged her and whispered something in her ears audible only to them…Radhika gave a small nod…
DM,” Radhika I’ll ask the driver to drop you home..”
Arjun clenched his jaw hard,” DM what’s the need of driver when I am there for her.”
Dm,” You have done enough for today….Now have some pity on her and me too.”
Arjun walked away angrily…He couldn’t stand the thought of Radhika living with another man under one roof…But his brains had already chalked out a plan to drag her out of that house….

Precap….Radhika confronts Arjun…Chaos in BS on Radhika’s arrival…Arjun irked…Randhir hurt…Radhika confused…Sam’s whereabouts…

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