mmz love for eternity (Part 8)

Chappy dedicated to the birthday girl Natasha. Nitu naa priyamaina chellala. This one is for you. Sorry for the late update and for the belated wishes. Wish you a very very happy birthday. Wish all your wishes are granted and desires fulfilled. Enjoy dear. Loveeeee u maa.

Enjoy reading……………..

Arjun was standing in the balcony seeing the night sky which is illuminated with stars. He was feeling content after a long time. His heart was at peace. He took a deep breath and turned around to walk in the room, but stopped in tracks when he saw nandini standing at the entrance of balcony. She was watching him intently. Arjun moved infront of her.

Nandu hugged him tight giving him her motherly affection in the hug and kissed his forehead and said” im so happy arjun. Dont know how much i missed to see you this calm instead of struggling within urself.”

Arjun just nodded his head” im gud aunty. And hope everything is going to be fine. I dont want to repeat the same mistakes again and loose someone close again.”

Nandu understood his inner turmoil and replied ” dont worry nothing can go wrong this time. Just have faith in god.”

They both walked into the room, they are now standing at the centre of the room and staring at a potrait which was hanging exactly above the bed and it was glowing with the moon light that was coming from the window glasses. It was a beautiful picture of a girl in her early 20’s playing with butterflies in a garden. It was beautiful scenery to watch.

Nandini said ” she is beautiful. Isnt she?”

Arjun observed the cracked voice in his aunt’s voice. He knew she was on verge of tears but was controlling so hard. He replied” yes she is. And why wont be she?? After all she was my choice.”

Nandu laughed at arjun’s cockiness , tears welled up her eyes and this time she can’t stop them. Nandu tried to cover by saying” Looks like something went in my eyes. I will come.” and was going towards the door. Arjun stopped her by holding her hand. Nandu coulnt control her anymore, she hugged arjun and was sobbing asking him ” why cant she have the privilage to be mother. Why cant god give her children?? May be im not worthy of them. So they always leave me. First it was……”

She was cut off by arjun ” Bua please. You cant say like this. If anything you are the world’s greatest mom. You practically raised me. So how can you say you are not worth it. So you are saying that im not your child. Right??”

Nandini shook her head indicating no. ” No arjun. You will always be my first child. And no one can change that. ” when arjun didnt say anything. She continued ” Ok. Fine . Im sorry. I will never bring that topic. Now please dont get angry on your bua naa. Please.” and she pouted.

Arjun laughed at aunt and shooked his head. She knew he can never be angry on her. She was his mother. She can see through him and get to know his thoughts through his eyes. She hold a great importance in his life. Then how he be angry on her.

Nandini was going to move when suddenly a voice from behind startled them both ” this is cheating. How can you do this maasi. I was the one who did all the job. And now see you are comforting this idiot. And he is enjoying this.” The voice was none other than neil’s.

Arjun rolled his eyes at his cousin’s antics. He asked” Neil i had a doubt earlier but now it is confirmed. You are the biggest dramaqueen here.”

Nandu chuckled at arjun’s answer. Neil shrugged his shoulders ignoring arjun’s words and pulled nandu into a hug. ” i really missed you so much maasi. But it seems you were not at all missing me.”

Nandu pulled away from the hug and said” Dont you dare say this again. You are all my children. I missed you all soo much.”

Arjun and neil gave her a group hug. Then she went saying ” It is night. And you should also take rest. Dont forget from tomorrow prerna will not allow you take a blink till the engagement is over.”

Neil laughed at her words nodding his head” its true aunty. Ufff mom is going crazy with all the things. The servants were marching throughout the mansion. She dont even know the date and she is hyperventilating. After dad’s warning she cooled down and went to sleep. I dont know what is going to happen on engagement day.”

Nandu and arjun laughed at neil’s words and neil too joined them. Nandu said” yes i know. That is the main reason i called everyone tmrw so we can discuss and plan the engagement perfectly. And neil you cant say that, this was her dream come true. To see you and sam get married. So nothing can be done in that matter.”

Neil smiled showing his dimples and nodded his head. Arjun teased him ” Neil dont tell me you are blushing now. Oh god what is happening here.”

Neil shouted” shut up arjun. Bye aunty. See you in morning.”

Nandini gave a kiss to each on their foreheads mumbled good night and moved out of the room.


Neil and arjun were sitting on the couch. There was a silence surrounding them. Neil cleared his throat and said” Arjun you can let go now. I know you are holding so much.”

Arjun cut off neil saying ” There is nothing to let go neil. Im absolutely fine. ” and stood up to go.

Neil hugged his friend, his cousin, his brother tight wished he could remove and make him free from his all problems, but nothing can be done. ” please arjun you are not ok. You can never be ok till you dont let go the pain. You should leave the pain in the past then only you can move on.”

Arjun ” But neil i dont want to move on. Im happy as im. Im happy with my radhika. ” Neil shouted” Not radhika arjun. You are living with the memories of radhika. And it is killing us seeing you like this.”

Arjun stiffened at neil’s words. He knew it is true but he was not willing to accept it. He knew he has to leave radz behind but he is unable to do it. His heart and mind were attached to her so deeply it was hard to breathe without her. So he took the easiest way to hold her as much as he can and live with her memories.

Neil ” I know arjun it will be tough for you. Im not saying to forget her completely. But please stop living in your imaginary world. you can keep her in memories but you cant live your whole life in them.”

Arjun” May be her memories are enough to live. Why cant you see they keep me happy and they give me hope in my life to lead a new day with new light. May be this is a bubble but it gives me peace. ”

Neil ” Arjun i dont know what to say. But whatever your wish is im with you. We are all with you. Just dont be distant with us now. It is unbearable. ”

Arjun nodded his head. He was feeling good after sharing his pain. May be he needed this more than anything. He was a fool to leave all his friends and family and kept distance from them, but not now. He will never leave them again.

They both were standing facing each other, turned around at the sudden rattling of the door. sid was entering the room with a scowl on his face. It was clear that he had a arguement with naina and he lost it. Arjun and neil rolled their eyes at his sleepy face.

” Arjun can i sleep here bro. Naina threw me out of the room. Dont know what her problem is. She has not at all changed yaar.” he noticed neil standing there. Arjun was trying hard to hold his laughter but neil burst out laughing. After sometime three laughed at his state. They three shared a hug. They reminisced so many sweet memories, their childhood, their naughtiness and other stories.

Arjun squinted his eyes as the sunrays were falling on his face. He stood up stretching his muscles to loosen them as they became numb by sleeping on the couch. He opened his eyes and saw neil and sid sleeping on the bed entangled in the sheets , both were sleeping opposite to each other so that there legs are at others face. He shook his head as it was their childhood habit. He strolled to washroom to get ready. He took shower and changed into white button down shirt with black shaded jeans.

As he was entering kitchen he heard noices of some persons. He entered kitchen and saw nandini was preparing breakfast, naina was standing behind nandu. But the most shocking thing is, ash sitting at the kitchen counter savouring parathas and praising nandini about how good cook she is. He greeted the ladies and sat in a chair opposite to ash. Nandu asked arjun” so what do you want to have. Do you want parathas or your usual sandwich.”

Arjun was about to answer but was cut off by ash ” Aunty why would he eat sandwich. When we have world’s best paratha here. Arjun you taste them. They are so delicious.”

Arjun turned to nandu, nodded to her. Naina brought him a plate with parathas. He started eating. Nandu asked” so where is neil and sid. Did they wake up or not??”

Arjun shook his head as no. Nandu and naina chuckled knowing they wont wake that early. Nandu told naina to go and wake up both. Naina moved out of kitchen. Nandu after making some more parathas left them for calling anil.

Once they were alone , arjun said thank you to ash. Ash nodded her head first but asked why he was saying thank you still concentrating on the food. Arjun again said” Thank you for everything you have done. It would have been impossible for us if you dudnt brought us together. ”

Ash ” Arjun please. Of all people you know that i did this for my own selfish reasons. So there was nothing to thank. Infact i should be thanking you all, i still couldn’t believe that engagement is cancelled. I dont know what i would have done otherwise.”

Arjun nodded his head smiling and they resumed eating their breakfast. After sometime arjun asked” so why are you here early this morning.”

Ash told him ” Oh that. you know sam n neil’s engagement. So nandini aunty thought it would be good if i give company as sanju is pregnant and sam is the bride, so naina will be alone in this. And i said yes as i would get to spend some more time with you guys.”
” you know they say ‘one shot and two birds’. So here im.”

Arjun chuckled at her answer but nodded knowing it was for the best. Ash continued ” so arjun can we become friends?. I know im a stranger to you
But we can get to know each other if we have to work together. Right?”

Before arjun can say anything Nick and sanju entered the house fighting. They stopped once they saw arjun standing infront of them. They gave hug to him and ash silently. Arjun was about to ask what happened, a knock on the door took the attention. He opened the door n as quick as that he was enveloped in a tight hug.

Sam n piyali entered the house. Sam shouted ” dad please leave him. He is unable to take breath. ” samrat rolled his eyes telling” come on sam. He is a man. He can hold himself. After all he is my nephew. ” piyali yelled at him and samrat loosened his around arjun.

Arjun took a deep breath, thanked piyali and sam. Samrat was now narrowing his eyes at arjun accussing him for not meeting them early. Arjun said sorry and gestured them to move inside. Nandini welcomed piyali and samrat heartily, gave a loving hug to sam kissing her cheek. Neil was strolling from the stairs and he grinned while watching the whole ordeal taking place. He commented” ok so the loving session started early morning. Uncle please grace your son-in-law too with a hug. I have been dying for this.”

All just rolled their eyes. Sam mumbled soon to be for which neil gave her a smug smile. Neil went to piyali and samrat touched their feet.

Sid suddenly blurted out sarcastically ” oh. The obedient son-in-law. Uncle and aunt are sooooo lucky to get him.” Neil hissed at him and mumbled shut up. Piyali came to rescue of neil ” we are definitely lucky. Who will miss neil. He is the best. “and patted on his back.

Sid mumbled ” yeah. Yeah. Who will miss him. ”

Prerna and sahil entered the house. Prerna was huffing with anger that all were enjoying here when she was going crazy. She shoot neil a warning glare. Neil pushed arjun forward saying it was his fault.

Prerna’s anger melted when she looked at arjun. He was again pulled into a hug from her bua. And sahil too hugged him later. Neil scowled at everyone saying” why are you all treating him like a teddy bear. And giving him hugs.” Sam threw apple at neil saying ” yes he is teddy bear. So what is your problem. ” Neil just shrugged his shoulders and focussed on eating apple.

Soon all entered the living room. Everyone sat. It sure resembled a busy restaurant with all the chatting and yelling.


Ok this is it for now. Uffff. I was trying so hard to give this on sunday but couldnt happen. Ok now time for my apologies. Yes i know you are disappointed no scratch that angry for making radz dead. But it is needed. And i know it is quite boring with all the people but please have patience for two more update. Then i promise you will enjoy rollercoaster ride. I know it was a short one. Sorry about that too. Next update will be on thursday.

Please comment and give suggestions. Please.

Precap : Nesam engagement.

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  1. natasha (nitu)

    tysm manha akka luved ur b day gift and very nyc chappy tank tank u tank u so much and luv u

    1. Thank u nituuu. Birthday treat acha lagaa. Loveee u soo much.

  2. Sreee

    Yes di….was short…but choooooo cute and sweet…muahhhh…and wnt rads return?…i know its a stupid question,what to do cant help….so di eagerly waiting for the rollarcoaster ride to start…yes, like a good girl i have even fastened my seat belt…so its upto u ,that how soon u hit the start button…..waiting for u…..bear no teddy bear hugs( not only arjun ,u too will get this from us?โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ )

    1. Thank u sreee. Aww hugs for me too. Oh thank u Darling. A big tight hug yo u. Radz ko wapas bulale . Theek hai sochti hu main. U will see. Wait for next one. Loveee u.

  3. Sreee

    I mean will she return??….stupid typos ,u see…sorry?

  4. Sammy

    Okay so radz is dead ..that’s means its ash and arjun …well I am little sad but its okay ..we all are in when its about arjun arjunholic …chappy was amazing and indeed arjun is a teddy bear ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank u sammy. Wow arjunholic. Hmmm lets see hw much u like this arjun. Thank u again. Loveeee u Soo much.

  5. Shree

    Wow!! Loved itso much!! So much breakdown.. Sid is crazy!! Loved Naina for kicking him out… Arjun and Nandini.. Nandini and Neil.. Loved Neil and Arjun’s conversation… Ash seems to be nice.. Prernaia crazy.. lol.. so much planning.. so much hugging!! Arjun turned into teddy!! Neil the obedient son in law.. lol.. loved Sid’s sarcasm..

    Loved everything of today’s update.. precap is so exciting.. engagement.

    Post soon ya my intelligent senior..

    Love you ??

    1. Thank u my dear sweetu. Yep so many convos. I got confused who is saying what. Lol. Yaa i want to show nandu n arjun’s true bond. Not some manipulation. Like hw true mother she can be. Thank u for liking it. Neil n arjun that was my wish to see them so close that they share their pain with each other. So here it is.

      Sid crazy. Lol. So u should hav to wait for arjun’s craziness. It will be in peaks.
      Loveeee u sooo much.byee. tc.

  6. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Thank u kavina. Hope u r liking the story. Loveee u.

  7. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank u soooo much brin. Yep will update soon. Loveee u.

  8. Rossy

    M going n will not back again…coz I will be tired by beating u…u told from last two chapters rads is coming??? Where is she??? Don’t tell me ash will become rads due to surgery of face n due to accident. She forget everything…no….no…i should stop my imagination n stay with patience for another two chapters….

    1. rosee why beating me??!!???. now see u r giving me ideas. Lol. May be i will make ash as radz. What say. Surgery. Face change. Memory loss. Arjun finding. Arjun n ash marriage. How is it???!!!. K. Just wait n see. There is a surprise awaiting for u. Loveeeeee u soooo much my dear roseee.

      1. Jessie

        Aaaaahhhh… manha .. are u ekta kapoor fan???? Whn is ur nxt update..

  9. Jessie

    So u confirmed here tat she z dead..?? Arneil convo was emotional.. leg pulling..n chit chatting..everything keeps it on d go ride bt still Arjun’s inner turmoil kept me gloomed..hmm.. Neil trying his level best 2 make things normal..everyone showering their grief n sympathy disguised as happiness thro hugs..wah.. so emotional..
    Perna is hyperventilating?? lol n Arjun as teddy1 bear.. Neil’s comments r d best.. Ash is too realistic.. Are u gonna pair her with Arjun..ready for roller coaster ride dear!! Ready to scream!! TC.. Arjun’s dialog wit nandu abt Rads..”why won’t she be? After all she is my choice.” Superb.. it spks a lot..

    1. Jessie thank u dear. but no one showing sympathy dear. Its just that arjun has cut off with everyone n they r meeting him after long time. So sooo much showering of love n hugs. Wow thanks for understanding every part. Loveeee u. Rollercoaster ride is abt to start.

      1. Jessie

        Why no sympathy? When rads is nt der means ppl should feel bad for Arjun isn’t??? He has lost his love isn’t.. tellllll.. can’t see my Arjun. As cry baby n devdas..

      2. No sympathy bcoz. Arjun needs love not sympathy. He left in the first place coz of it. Now they r happy to see him back. But they sure misss radz. Actually radz was their fav Child. So all adored Her. But now they dont want arjun to see that they r showing sympathy. And moreover its been 3 years. So everyone moves on. But as they r true besties. These ppl couldnt move on. Hope i explained well. Thank u once again jessie.

        Haha. No dear im not ekta fan. That was for rose. To mess with her. Nopee no such scenes will be thr. I assure u.

      3. Jessie

        Thanks a lot for explaining Manha..nw I got t.. 3 yrs without Rads.. sad..but eager 4 ur roller coasters rides..

  10. Rg2015

    Oh is she really dead? R u going to make it a love triangle pls tell me? Will arjun move on with ash?

    1. Radz is really dead ramya. Sorry cant do anything. Love triangle is impossible. Straight love stories r having so many prblms here. Arjun moving on. may be yes. May be nooo. Wait for next update. Loveee u.

  11. Manha darling rads is dead..u still can’t believe.. N i can’t see arjun in pain…I like the bond between arjun n nandu…How beautiful u penned it… Neil advised i like each n Every word of their convo..neil is really true frnd..the way arjun answer that hE wants to live in the bubble odmf rads memories..they gave strene to just touched my heart deep i can’t wait for arjun getting rads back…nesam engagement.. Excited.. I love this boys bond…bichara arjun..usko couch pe daal diya neil n sid ne..haha…it was truly amazing chappy..excited for u

    1. Thank u dips for liking all the convos. Yes arjun in soo much pain. He will get his happiness soon. But hav to wait for some more time. Boys bond. Lol. Thank u for liking. yess will update soon. Byee. Tc. Loveee u soooo much.

  12. Lakshmi05

    Manhaa episode is awesome with all hugging n teasing… Looks like Neil needs lots n lots of hugs…n arjun is really a big teddy bear…cute n handsome teddy bear.. Arjun n Neil’s convo is really emotional ….n u said to wait for two more episodes that means will rads comeback after that…. It’s not boring dear…I know there must be so many twists ahead…update soon.. Luv….

    1. Thank you hariii. yaaa neil acting jealous now. Lol. But he wants to ease the mood. So he says like that. But who will not like hugs. Huh. Soooo many twists. My head spinning thinking of them.?????. Loveeeee u sooo much. take care.

  13. awesome episode………..

    1. Thank u soooo much subha.

  14. Myra

    manha dear…….this is not done….it isn’t fair…….you are writing a ff on manmarziyan without radhika?….it aint no deal…….your writing is amazing and leaves us crazing for more but the only thing is that everyone has their pairs….Arjun is alone….please bring radhika and stop our hearts from breaking……please update soon….love you loads and am hoping to see radz in the next….please ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ohhh sorry dear for breaking heart. Dont worry i will not break it more. Just wait for some more time. Thank u for the comment dear n for liking it.

  15. Hemalattha


    1. Thank u hema. Hope u dont mind me calling that. Thank u sooo much.

  16. Sweetie

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  17. Manha dear episode was awesome..cute and calm..Arjun getting hugs..aww…nd Neil too want ??? but what Rads is dead.. ?? plz I cant see Arjun wid ash or anyone xcept Rads and me. ?? but seriously m missing Rads..anyways episode was hilarious…they kicked out Arjun from his own bed..??? lol..waiting for nxt..plz post soon..take care

    1. hmmm ritu so i can pair u with arjun. What say???? Thank u dear for liking it n commenting. Yesss it was hug day. Lol. Take care.

  18. S.v

    Manha what yaar ?? Rads memory is with Arjun ?? What has happened to Radhika…… Now when will she come…. Will she come ?? Now i cannot see Arjun and Ash ?? No way manha but i loved the way sid runs for the rescue of Arjun and Neil and the way they were showing their love towards all was soo nice but the only thing was Arjun and Radhika is only my fav. Plss………. make radhika to come back…………………. Love you lods for the update

    1. Sv dont cry dear. Ardhika is my fav too. But u have to go as per story line. so just wait. Will radz come. May be yes. Thank u sooo much. Keep liking. I will not disappoint u. Take care. Byee.

  19. Gauri

    Manha you killed Rads Grrrrrrrrrrrr … well tats my anger ๐Ÿ˜€ now about the update fantastic awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Now are there any chances of Radhika being alive ๐Ÿ˜› guess I am pesteruring you but I dont mind this is the biggest ques in my mind do answer

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