mmz love for eternity (Part 7)


Chappy dedicated to my dear sammy. Sorry i just knew your birthday now. Belated happpy birthday. Wish you get alll the happinesss in the world.

Enjoyyyy readiiing. I will be waiting for your comments. This is a short chapter.

A beautiful girl sitting on a chair infront of the vanity table wearing a beautiful, breathtaking red lehenga and choli with jari border, sequine design. The diamond jewellery adored her which is perfect fit with the dress. She is looking gorgeous in her bridal attire but the jitteriness, nervousness and happiness in becoming a bride is no where to be seen in her face. Her beautiful black eyes staring the reflection through the mirror lifelessly. She always wanted to wear this dress in her wedding. It was her mother’s last memory. Even it cant change her mood now. She was going to marry a stranger, it was her very decision so she cant blame anyone now. She is signing her fate with this unwanted marriage. Her train of thoights come to a halt when her cousin sis aditi entered the room with the dupatta in her hand.
Aditi” why are u going to marry him when you know you are not happy with this.”
The girl just sighed at her cousin. She was against this marriage and has tried to change her mind but failed miserably. She replied” leave it aditi. This is happening now and im ok with it.”
Aditi ” Ok. Wow. I didnt know u were ok with it. ”
When she got no reply, she placed the dupatta on the bed and stomped out of the room. The bride get up from the chair and strolled towards bed taking dupatta in her hands.
She was about to put it on her head suddenly there was chaos down stairs. She was about to move out the room to check what is going on. Suddenly the door opened revealing arjun. By seeing arjun she froze. She didnt know whether it was real or just she was hallucinating. Arjun seeing her state came forward and shook her shoulders calling her name.

Arjun” Naina are you ok. Hey say something.” Naina was brought back from her trance, tears started flowing unknowingly. She was engulfed into a hug by arjun. It made her relieved that it was mot justcher mere dream and was happening truly.

Neil cleared his throat and commented”:whats it with you guys today. Everyone is getting too emotional yaar. Its like watching soap opera. Please give me a break.”

Naina and arjun turned towards him breaking the hug. Naina smiled seeing neil. Neil opened his arms ” Hey barbie. Why dont give me hug too.”

Arjun rolled his eyes at neils cockiness. Naina nodded her head and ran into neils arms. Neil gave her brotherly hug and said” lets go. We are here to take you to your romeo.”

Naina was contemplating what neil was saying. Finally when she got she said ” but today is my marriage. I cant leave now.”

Arjun quietly replied” How can you get married if your groom is not here??”

Naina was about to question what he meant. But her cousin came running into the room saying ” marriage has been cancelled. Groom has suddenly disappeared.” and she was jumping in happiness.

Naina was baffled at the news but quickly recovered when she understood this has to be their work , she turned towards them and asked ” please tell me, this is not what im thinking.”

Neil and arjun quietly nodded their heads while grinning. Before naina could tell or protest anything. They just shushed her, pulling her out of the house.

Finally when they came out of the house. Nick was already waiting in the car parked at the front door. He stepped out of car waved his hands at the three persons approaching. Nick gave naina a long hug, motioned her towards the passenger seat to sit. Arjun and Neil moved to get seated in backseat. But they quickly stopped when noticed that naina is not moving.

Neil put his hand on her shoulder gesturing her to sit. Naina turned around and was walking in the opposite side towards the road. The three were confused and they couldnt understand what is going on.

Neil ” Guys. I think she doesnt want to come. Why is everyone being so stubborn.”

Nick ” Ofcourse she would be stubborn. She is radhika’s bestfriend. ”

Neil chuckled at this, arjun was scowling at nick. Neil ” ok. Now its not the time for this.” Turned to arjun ” you are the only one who can bring her back. She will not listen to us.”

Arjun just sighed and followed naina . When she was at arm’s length distance he called ” Naina please. Just stop it now. We are here to bring you . Lets go. Please.”

Naina stopped in her tracks, she was crying and she dont want arjun to see. Arjun noticed this ” It is alright to cry naina. Remove the weight from your heart which you have been holding till now.” and engulfed her into hug.

Sid and ash along with nandeesh were at the conference giving their already prepared note regarding the merger. Nandeesh was clearly unhappy at what is happening. But he cant go against their will now. Sid has clearly said he dont want this marriage to happen, he knew this sudden change has something to do with ash but he is not willing to fight with her now. The conference ended. Sid got a call, after receiving he moved out taking ash with him.

Sid entered a park, not any park, it was special for their gang. It is where he first proposed naina. His heart was racing in fast ryhtm. He was going to see his life after long time. He was worried at her outburst and what if she cant forgive him. He cannot bear another heartbreak. While he was in his cloud of thoughts, he saw a figure sitting on the bench facing the lake. She was breathtaking in her wedding dress. There was a time when her very presence made his life. Her smile could lit up his downed mood. He cleared his throat to catch her attention.

Naina turned around to see sid was standing behind. She get up from the bench, started approaching him. He pulled her into a tight hug which assured him that she will not fight with him now by seeing how she relaxed in his embrace. He kissed on top of her head.

Naina” please sid. Never leave me again. I cannot leave without you. ”

Sid was taken aback by her words. He expected her outburst, how she despised him, how she will never forgive him. But here she was asking him not to leave. He was beyond ecstatic. He stilled contemplating the situation. When naina didnt receive any answer she moved back to see him and asked ” why are you not saying anything?? Dont you want me now??”

Sid said the words ” I love you naina. I always have loved you. And i promise you that i will never let you go. Not now. Not ever.”
Both sid and naina came out of the park to see their friends are waiting for them. In instant he knew that arjun has talked to naina and convinced her. Only he can do this now. He went to arjun, hugged him tight saying thank you for all the things he has done for him. Arjun patted sid’s back ensuring everything is alright now.
$ Fb before coming here $
Naina was sobbing loud while clutching his shirt tight in her hands. Arjun was trying to calm her with his own glassy eyes. Naina left his embrace to face him and asked him ” Why do we have to endure this pain arjun?? Was our mistakea that horrible that we are now suffering the consequences so terribly?? What have we really done to get all the heartvreaks?? Why couldnt we lead a normal life which we dreamt of??. ”

Arjun stood there staring at her. He has no answers. Hell he just realized how he was behaving all these days. Now how can he comfort her. Naina again continued ” Why do we have to loose her?? Why should she die?? Why should she leave us broken??”

Arjun pulled her into hug as tight as he can ” Naina please. It was not our fault that she left us. It was all game of destiny. May be we were not taking good care of her. So she is gone where she is being taken better care of. We cant change that naina. We never can. But we can make her happy by being happy. Please come with us. If not for us , for her. Please.”

By the time both were crying. whatever they say or do they can never forget her. His love and her best friend, soul sister. Nothing can bring back her. They needed their friends. But has left them. Now there is a second chance and they are willing to mend their relationships. Naina nodded her head which was still burried in his chest.

Arjun sighed and said ” common now time to meet the romeo. He will be probably loosing his mind thinking of you.” Naina chuckled sadly at his attempt to make her feel good.
Naina moved to sam and sanju, enveloping both into hug. She was happy to meet her friends. She turned towards ash , but she couldnt recognize her asked” Who are you?”

Ash was about to answer suddenly she got an idea. Neil observed the glint of mischief in her eyes, he shook his head knowing what she was trying to do.

Ash moved to sid, encircled her hands in his and said” Im sid’s fiance. We are engaged now. In two days we are going to get married. Right honey??” and gave sid a loving smile.

Naina narrowed her eyes at sid. Sam and sanju were silently laughing at sid’s distress. Nick and arjun rolled their eyes knowing this is going to hard for sid. Sid tried to remove ash hands, but she was clutching so tightly. ” Naina please she is lying. Dont believe her. ” Naina turned around walking away.

When he knew what is going to happen, he turned to ash ” Please ash. Im sorry. Extremely sorry. Now please help me out of this problem. Please.”

Ash patted his back , ran to naina, explained her it was just a joke and gave each other a friendly hug.

Neil who was watching all these smiling, found a hand on his. Sam moved towards him and said ” Yes”. Neil couldnt decipher what she was saying. He asked her what is it. Sam shook her head and told” The answer is yes. Neil , yes i will marry you. ”

Neil who had a confused expression, changed into a smile. He engulfed sam into hug, twirled her around shouting ” Yes. Yes.”” Thank you sammy. Thank you.”

Sorry my dear loveliess. Its long time now. And i know you are planning to kill me after reading this epi. But please have patience. Their is a biggg surprise. But before surprise lets have some celebration. Health is taking its toil. I dont know what i wrote. Just hoping it is good.

Precap : Nesam engagement. Arjun and ash bonding.

Credit to: M

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  1. Rg2015

    Hi yes u r right. Pls dont kill rads. And ash and arjun ??? R u going to make a triangle love story? Pls i hope not. Wat happened to rads is she alive? Pls tell give a hint????i really cant bear it.

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  6. Sammy

    Arjun and ash…now pls don’t kill me but Iam shifting them instead of ardhika ..and thank u so much for this bday gift ..i mean really it was small and sweet and I just red it so fast ..again manha thank u so much …love u dear and now waiting for your next update ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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