mmz love for eternity (Part 6)


Chappy dedicated to my super brainy shree. Well seriously she is the one who induced writing bug in me. I hope u like this chap shree. With lots n lots n lots of loveeee. Thank u sooo much sweetheart.

Arjun sitting on the bed placing his back on the headboard. Tonight its going to be a long night. He had just saw all his missing pieces once again. How he wished to run and hug as tight as he can. But that can never happen. And yes neil was right in this , it is all bcoz of his arrogant nature. He just closed his eyes and beautiful memories of his childhood ran across him taking him into a peace and solace.
Scene 1:
A 8 year old boy was being bullied by some bunch of guys who were practically into a fight with him. And the boy seemed to be at loss with 3 big guys against him. Why was he getting bullied he had no idea? And it was not his least concern at this time. He is just focussing on how to save from the beatings. He was send to the ground and they were piled up on him. The boy was struggling to get out of their hold. But he was unable to do it.

Suddenly he was freed and was breathing with relief as the weight seemed to be lifted away from him. A boy of his age had put up a fight with those senior bullies. After sometime another boy and a girl came running towards them. After lot of strain and fight the bullies left. The two boys and the girl are definitely a mess now. The boy who came to his rescue moved towards him and try to clean his cuts on arms and bruises on his cheeks. The boy was terrified by the sudden affection shown and just moves away. He was aloof and prefers to be lonely. But the boy who rescued him was persistent enough so there was no say in it.

A small girl came running towards the them with some box in her hands. She handed the box to the saviour boy and said” i knew u would need it. Why do u think u r some rambo guy, arjun”.

Arjun just give the girl a smile ” sammy i am rambo. U should have seen how i fight with them.”

The other boy” Ohh so only u fought with them. Then what did we do. Ohh he is always like this. Always taking our credit too. Right sanju.” and turned towards the girl who had lot bruises on cheeks and wrist.

Suddenly arjun moved to sanju examining the bruises and got angry instantly” oh see how many marks u r having here. Dont cry sanju. Next time we will definitely beat them to pulp. We will not leave them like this. And neil i came here first. So it is all in my credit for now. ”

The boy who was responsible for this chaos was making his way out of the playground when neil notices and tells to his friends that he is going.

Arjun runs after the boy, pulls him back and says ” We fought for u buddy. Least u could do was say thanks. But see u r leaving. ”

The boy ” Did i tell u to help me. I dont want ur help. Just leave me”.

Arjun ” well i dont need my friends to tell me to help them. so i came to help u without u calling me. And by the way im arjun. ”

That boy’s puffy eyes were full of tears on hearing friend from arjun as he was never had a friend all this time ” Im sid. Thank u for helping.”

Neil, sam, sanju came along from behind put their right hand as a fist infront of him and says” so we r now friends. ” and bumps their fists with each other.

Sid just runs to arjun, pulls him into a tight hug saying thanks for everything. And he wont ever let them down and he will keep him friendship alive no matter what.

It was the start of their beautiful friendship journey which they preserved from all odds and troubles of life. Yet one mistake made them fall apart. Lets find what the mistake is.

( ohh so much for 8 years old, hmmm. Well my niece and nephews r smaller in age but they give me all shocks in this world??????)
scene 2:

An elite pub which was filled with college students. They were enjoying their time. Arjun and radhika sitting in a corner seeing their friends doing gala performance on the stage with their stupid songs.

Radhika watched arjun laughing so hard as he had tears in his eyes. He was happy that she was sure of. Radz suddenly said” please be always this happy”.

Arjun ” i will be. Why r suddenly asking this. U know u r my happiness. And when u r with me. How can i not be happy. ”

Radz said ” just promise me arjun that u will never leave ur friends. I know u ppl wont show but u r each others shadows. U r like a fist of hand with all 5 fingers. If we miss one finger the fist cannot be complete. So promise me”.

Arjun was just staring at her not understanding why she is talking all this. But she started all her rambling after she found out how he felt when his mom passed away. And how these guys were there looking after him. He wished he could have not let her know about it at first place. She was being emotional now.

The other friends came to the table after their small singing competition. They listened what radhika was talking to arjun about their friendship. Radz was suddenly pulled into a hug from both sides by two handsome men. They both in unison shouted” How did u get lucky arjun. She is true angel dude. Never let her go. ”

Arjun was beaming with happiness at his friends words. He just nodded his head with a big smile on his face. Sam and sanju came with refreshments and commented by seeing the view infront of them ” why r we being abandoned for this hug. We too deserve it.” And pouts.

They all shared a group hug and promised they would always stay with each other like this.
Arjun opened his eyes with tears brimming from them. Cursing him for not keeping his promise for his love. He was angry on himself for making all this happen. He just wiped away his tears with back of his hand and determinedly spoke ” im not letting u down my love. I promise u i will make everything fine. ” ” i will never let go”
Day 2. Time 9.00 am

Arjun just got up and put some casual shirt and jeans, made his way to the garage. Nandini comes down running seeing him going out this early and she was sure he wouldnt go to his office.

Nandini” where r u going arjun. Wait for some time. I can make u breakfast.”

Arjun hugged nandini mumbling sorry n thanks, pulled away running towards front door yelling” No need aunty. Just going to put an end to all this problems.”

She watches him speeding on the road in his buggati veyron and panicks about the situation. She decides something and calls neil informing arjun has left the house n see that he dont get into any trouble.

Neil ” aunty just relax. Everything is going to be fine. Im heading out now. I will call u once i talk to him.” And hang the phone.

Neil just prays to god that arjun is not upto something more troublesome. He knows where he has headed to. He makes a quick call informing sam and nick asking them to head fast.
Place: kapoor admin building

Arjun just rushes towards the last room in the corner as soon as the elevator stops. He gets to meet cassie, sid’s secretary. He just signals her not to get worried and knocks the door. The door is opened and sid is standing there with his eyes glued to arjun.

Arjun punches sid on his face straight, sid stumbles on his feet , landing on the floor at the sudden impact. A” wooooow” is muttered from afar. Ash is sitting on the chair turned towards the door with a surprise expression seeing arjun there.

Sid and Arjun just ignored her and they were again in competition of stare. Sid got up from the floor. Arjun again threw a punch on his face. Ash just shouted ” Arjun please dont beat him on face.”

Sid turned to ash wondering her sudden concern regarding him. Both of them asked “why? And this is our issue. Please stay out of it.”.

Ash just rolled her eyes and said ” please im not concerned of ur fight. U can fight all you want. Just dont beat sid on face. We have a press conference to attend. And i dont want to be in headlines tomorrow. So please.”

Both sid and arjun ignored her and they were soon immersed in throwing punches and kicking each other. After some time neil came running into the office room with nick just behind him. They stopped by seeing the site infront of them and mumbled ” miracles do happen. ” . Sam n sanju were trailing behind them.

Ash was the first to notice and she said ” Neil hi. come here” signalling to where she sat.

Neil went to ash taking the chair beside her and asks” so what is the score now.”

Ash after realizing what neil was asking and says ” Well arjun is leading. He is actually beating the shit of sid. Sid is just blocking and occasionally throwing few punches. :

Neil ” Hmmm. So it is good so far. ”

Ash” yess. But its very boring. Why dont we order some popcorn.”

Neil and nick chuckled at her. Sam n sanju are hiding their laugh. Finally both arjun and sid are tired and just sat on the floor breathing hard.

Arjun ” Idiot. What were u thinking?? Why didnt u come and meet me??. And why are you not fighting me back. I know u r angry on me. ”

Sid was just staring at his friend trying to believe that it is true that he is here and shouting on him. Ohhh how he missed him. And tears started flowing unknowingly. when he learnt arjun had left, he completely cut off his ties with the outer world and drowned himself into work that he forgot to live and smile.

Arjun move towards him” sid its alright. Im sorry too. Plzz ab toh gale lag jaa yaar. R u still angry with me. ”

Sid lunged on arjun engulfing him into a long bro hug. Neil jumped on the two making place for himself in the hug saying me too.

Arjun punched neil in stomach. Neil recovered and shouted ” Are you out of ur mind. What was that for???”

Arjun ” That was for calling me rude, arrogant, stubborn and one word. What was that??”
Ash shouted ” selfish”. Arjun ” yes selfish. Neil just wait and see. How i will take my revenge??” And hugged him. Soon everyone started laughing.

Arjun broke the hug move towards sam ” Heyyy my gummybear. Will you please forgive me. Sorry dear.”

Sam just ran into his arms holding his shirt crying at the mention of her nickname. Arjun next gave hug to nick who inturn patted his back.

Then he turned to sanju, seeing her, he turned to nick asking ” who is this lady here??”

Nick ” Arjun this is ur sanjana dude. How can u forget her.” And chuckles knowing well arjun was playing with sanju.

Arjun ” really???!!! Man i didnt recognize her. Dressed in gucci dress, prada shoes , long earrings, and most importantly loose hair. Really?? ”

Turns to sid asking” Do u think she is our lollipop sid. I dont believe it. ”

Sanjy just hugged arjun tight with all her might, convincing herself that he was here. Her brother was here and he was safe. Arjun then congratulated her for the baby and was in tears of happiness that he is soon going to be uncle.

sid asked” what congrats. N what baby. Can u please enlighten me???” As everyone filled him in with the information, he ran to sanju and lifted her from ground twirling her round laughing.

He put her down and asked ” Really??” Sanju just nodded her head as yes. He hugged her tight and shouted” Im sooo happy today. Thank god for this day.”

Ash just watched them. Suddenly she remembered why she was there in sids office at first place. She called sid which got everyones attention. And continued” sorry all. I dont want to spoil ur mood. But there is something important you should know. ” Turned to sid and said ” Tonight is her marriage sid.”

Sid’s jaw tickled at the sudden information. Nick ” ohoo. Then we should act fast then. But who is the groom. Do u have any idea .”

Ash nodded her head and said ” yes. He is some Aryan Rathore.”

All of them shouted ” Aryan.” Sam asked” Are you sure. Aryan Rathore. C.E.O of rathore group of companies.”

Ash mumbled ” yes. Im sure. He is. Just check this.” and handed her tab to sam. Sam was staring at the photo, turned her head to sid and arjun and nodded her head.

Neil ” okk. So we finally get to meet Mr. Playboy” and chuckles.

Arjun was already on his phone giving instructions to jack. After hanging up he turns to his friends ” yes. Its time we meet him again.”
Ash was confused why they were concerned about aryan more now than the wedding. They all left the office.
Time 11.45 am
Place : arjuns penthouse

All the friends along with ash were sitting at the dining table discussing and eating their brunch. Suddenly they were all shouting at each other.
( lets see what they r fighting for)
Arjun ” shut up you all. I will be the first.”

Neil ” why is that. I will be first.”

Sid ” He is marrying my girl. Then i should be first. ”

Nick ” shut up. I will be first. Bcoz radz is my sister.”

Arjun” oh then i should be first. Radz is my love. And nick broooo please radz is not ur own sis dude. so i score more here.”

Nick ” Arjun, radz is more than that. So dont dare to speak anything now.”

Arjun put his hands up in surrender but said” whatever . But im first. And see u should listen to ur jeeju. Hain na saale saab”

Neil and sid chuckled. Sam n sanju were laughing at their banter. Ash was totally confused now. She couldnt understand what they were fighting for.

Sid” so its decided im the first. ” and jumped from his seat.

Neil and nick pulled him back. Then nick saw his wife laughing. He stared at her, jumped from his seat, moved towards her and said ” Now. Now. how did i forget my beautiful wife.”

All just stared at him. Nick continued” well being sanju official sister of you all three. I’m your jeeju. Aur tum mere 3 saale. Now i have the double shot here.And no one can deny it. So its decided im first.”

All the 3 glared at him and shouted noo. Sid turned to sanju ” why did u have to marry this idiot lollipop. Any one would have been ok. But Nikhil. Why??”

Sanju just laughed at their expressions and said ” Hey idiots. U were the ppl who married me off to him. I think u forgot it.”

All just mumbled we know it. Sam n sanju were laughing holding their bellies, with tears in their eyes. After all their gang of gabrus was back.

Ash just asked sam what is going on. Before sam could reply her the door opened and jack entered holding a man with other two of his colleagues trailing behind.

The man who was having a face mask and had his hands tied at back. Was unable to see where he was and why he was here.

Arjun just nodded his head to jack. Jack n his colleagues went out after leaving the man inside another room. Arjun told sam n the other girls to go to his room and talk their. They just nodded their heads understanding the situation.

Arjun moved forward towards the man, removed his mask and said ” nice meeting u again aryan. Its payback time dude. And know this payback is a b*t*h.”

Aryan squinted his eyes to adjust the light. He was untied now. When he noticed the persons glaring at him. He recognized their faces and his face paled as if he is having a panic attack.

Arjun brought his fist and landed it on aryan’s right side of face. Nick came running and shouted” Arjun why did u beat him. U cant cheat now. Its decided im first. Next its ur turn. Them sid n last neil. And thats the end of discussion.”

Neil yelled ” why am i last. U idiots always play unfair with me. ”

Aryan was beaten to pulp and he couldn’t fight against the 4 bodybuilders and when they r so angry on him. He had been punched on his face , stomach, had bruises on his face, arms. He was a mess now. Finally after a longg time beating him. The 4 just were tired and sat down.

Meanwhile the girls were busy talking with each other and sharing their stories. Ash got a call from mark indicating thats it is time to move to press conference.

She came out of room and informed sid about the conference. Sid just nodded his head turned to arjun. Both stared each other for sometime. Arjun said” k. U go on with the conference. We will take care of everything else. ” and hugged him.

Sid and ash left the building to get ready for the press conference. They had called a doctor for treating Aryan. Arjun, Neil and Nick were planning their next move.
Ohhh goshh. Finally. I hope u got most of ur answers from this part. All other questions will be probably answered in next update. Thank u soo much for ur lovely comments. I know this update will be boring and not that good but please bear with me. Waiting for ur precious reviews and comments.

P.s. My dearestttt romaaa diiii. Happy marriage anniversary. I wish u all the happinesss. Loveeee u sooo much.

Precap: New introduction and a shocking relevation.

Credit to: M

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